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Hartwin, "Keep your legs together, this isn't Jamaica."

The sun is hot, and Eggsy feels sweat start to bead and run down his face from his temple. Eggsy shifts and his shorts cling uncomfortably to his thighs.

“Keep your legs together, Harry. This isn’t Jamaica,” Merlin murmurs over the coms.

The words are said offhand - Eggsy knows that Merlin is already back to sifting through the data that is coming in from the target’s computers - but Eggsy’s curiosity is piqued.

He glances at Harry from the corner of his eye, and watches as Harry every so subtly adjusts his legs to cross at the ankle instead of the wide spread they’d been in before.

Still staring out across the pool, watching their target as he pretends to be watching the women sunbathing next to him, Eggsy asks “And what happened in Jamaica?”

Harry clears his throat and keeps his eyes fixed on his newspaper. “A wardrobe malfunction that ended up turning the mission into an unexpected honeypot.”

“Well, I agree with Merlin then,” Eggsy says before leaning to the side to speak quietly in Harry’s ear. “The only person benefiting from your balls falling out of those shorts today is gonna be me.”

There is a choking noise over the coms, and Eggsy doesn’t stop the shit eating grin that breaks out across his face.

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