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CONVERGENT - Chapter 5 (MagCon/Divergent Cross Over)

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You laid on your back, your two hands intertwined on your stomach like a corpse as you forced your brain into sleep. The Dauntless transfer dormitory was dead silent, darkness enveloping the cramped room.

The small uniform beds were in one line; Matt on one end, Al, the other Candor transfer, on the other. Everyone laid still so you guessed they were asleep. You were about to let a sigh escape your lips but a muffled sob interrupted you. 

Your eyes widened as your eyes shifted from side to side, not daring to move. Whoever the crier is probably didn’t want anyone to know he was crying. Images of your friends raced through your head and after about a minute, you were itching to know who the crier was. 

It started as a sob but now you could hear multiple sniffles at a time. You knew it wasn’t Carter or Matt because it wasn’t coming from beside you. Could it have been Aaron or Johnson? They were weak but you didn’t think they’d be that weak. Everyone was on edge, being pushed to the limit with a huge microscope above them, the Dauntless leaders putting initiates to the test. 

Crying hadn’t even crossed your mind and now that the anonymous sobs were stuck on repeat, you couldn’t get the thought of your own fear and weakness. You were homesick and you knew you didn’t know what you were doing in Dauntless but you didn’t have the guts to say no. You’ll die if you say no. 

You frowned, not wanting these thoughts crossing your mind anymore as you softly turned to your left. Matt had his back turned to you. Was he asleep?

You saw him stir and then subtly turn to your side, one hand under the pillow, the other by his head. He slowly opened his eyes, giving you a sad smile. He must’ve had the same thoughts. 

Through the dark, you could make out the curves of his lips, his angular jaws, one dotted pale cheek and the hollows below his tired eyes. He wanted peaceful sleep just as much as you did. 

Who is it?” you mouthed, not wanting to embarrass the mystery crier. 

Al.” you saw his tongue form letters silently. You nodded a little, a crease between your eyebrows as you tried to ignore his soft hiccup-like sobs. 


“Get up, lazy ass!” you heard Matt scream in your ear before something big hit your body, the impact making you grunt. Your eyes snapped open to see that Matt was about to hit you with his pillow again

“I’m up! I’m up!” you jumped away. You groaned once you moved your body. “I think you hit my bruise.” you lifted up your shirt to take a look.

All the transfers stopped what they were doing once they saw your stomach. You gasped a little. The bruise was the size of Carter’s head. You grimaced at the blueish purple skin, some veins standing out as you breathed in and out. 

After a few seconds, the transfers went back to getting ready for the training day ahead and the room was buzzing with energy again.

“And that’s when he’s faking it?!” Matt raised his eyebrows in worry. “I will beat the crap out of that mother-”

“Matt!” your eyes widened. “I’m fine.” you mumbled. “It’s not as bad as what the others have…I mean look at Carter, he can’t even walk.” you pointed at the boy who only had a towel wrapped around his waist as he limped to his bed.

Matt let out a snicker. “Nice swagger walk there, Carter.” 

“Wow, great joke, Matt! You’re so funny!” Carter limped to Matt’s side, slinging an arm around his shoulder, hiking up the towel around his waist. “No wonder you’re getting all the girls! Must be your Candor humor! Ha ha!” sarcasm laced his voice as he forced out a laugh. 

“Okay, okay. Easy on the sarcasm, Amity.” Matt rolled his eyes, slinging his arm at Carter bare back. The two boys grinned.

“You’re an Amity too, right, (y/n)?” Will piped up. The only Erudite. As he walked towards your little group, you saw that Al was trailing behind him, his eyes still a little swollen. You wondered if Will heard his new best friend cry last night. Did he feel sorry for him? Empathy, maybe? Must not have been much of it if he didn’t even bother to console him. Then again, neither did you. You could never be an Abnegation. 

Were.” you nodded a little.

“(y/n) was a horrible Amity.” Carter snickered a little. “I remember her mom forced her into a yellow dress and put those lip coloring thingies. She threw a tantrum, boycotting by staying put in front of her house, refusing to go to school.” 

Thingies? Really, Carter?” you gave him an “are you serious?” look. “Plus, I wasn’t the only horrible Amity. If I remember correctly, on the exact same day, you were sent home from school for bullying a kid.” 

The other transfer’s eyebrows raised in amusement. 

“Well then I guess you made the correct decision by transferring.” Will smiled politely.

“It was weird, though. My parents ‘punished’ me by baking me bread. It tasted weird too.” Carter’s eyebrows creased, shaking his head at his old faction’s antics.

“Really? That’s odd, my parents did the exact same thing.” you tilted your head in confusion. “Does the bread taste weird in other factions too?” you looked around, asking the other transfers.

“I don’t know what they put in your bread but Candor bread is heavenly.” Matt scoffed. Al laughed in agreement as they high-fived each other.

“Must be Amity herbs.” Carter shrugged. 


You took a deep breath as you prepared yourself for the torture ahead. The handle was warm against your cold hands, indicating that it’s been touched recently. Of course, you didn’t the metal to tell you that as you could hear grunts and screams behind the uniform double Dauntless doors. 

The Dauntless training room still knocked the breath out of your lungs every time. The musky scent of sweat, leather mats and overly applied Dauntless salve. 

Matt nudged your arm, gesturing at the line of mats. You nodded in agreement as you followed behind him, stretching your arms to prepare for the sparring Matt was asking you to do. 

“So, which drill will you be torturing me with today?” you gave him an easy smirk as you stretched your body further out. 

“I don’t feel like doing much damage to my body after yesterday’s fight. We’ll just do the usual fore-arm block.” Matt shrugged, stretching his own muscles.

Please,” you let out a scoff. “You won your fight.” 

“You didn’t have it much worse either,” he returned your look. “Do you know what punching does to your knuckles? They split open. Look!” he shoved his knuckles in your face.

You hissed as you grabbed them, shoving them back so you could actually take a look. You saw that his tinted pale knuckles were bruised and beaten; purple and red from the torn skin he never let heal. You grimaced. 

“See?” Matt gave you a smug look. You chuckled a little, playfully hitting his shoulder. You let go of Matt’s hands once you had that weird feeling. You know, the type of awkward burning feeling when you can literally feel someone’s staring at you. 

Your eyes creased as you whipped your head around, looking for the pair of eyes until it landed on Shawn’s brown ones. He was surrounded by a bunch of Dauntless borns you didn’t know. You gave him a small smile that you didn’t have time to see if he returned as you turned back to Matt. 

“I’m gonna go to Shawn for a second,” before you could finish your sentence, Matt gave you a look. “I’m just going to thank him for yesterday.” you defended.

“You’re going to thank him for giving you a bruise the size of Carter’s head? Really, (y/n)?” Matt pursed his lips in disapproval. You rolled your eyes, jogging away from Matt anyways. 

As you neared Shawn, the Dauntless borns around him nodded at him in goodbye as they walked away from him. 

“Hey there, Dauntless.” you gave him a half smile.

“Hi (y/n).” there was no hint of playfulness or banter in his voice like it did yesterday night. Your eyebrows creased.

“Turns out your fake one hit gave me a gigantic bruise…It’s like, as big as Carter’s head.” you laughed a little, trying to get rid of the awkward air Shawn was creating. 

“It’s not my fault you’re too weak.” Shawn’s tone was sharp, almost like Matt’s last night. It hurt. Your lips turned into a frown, your eyebrows knitted in frustration and confusion.

“Harsh.” your tone was just as clipped; not backing down. You weren’t just going to take his random rude outburst. You rolled your eyes as you turned to walk away but he grabbed your hand.

“Look, I’m sorry.” Shawn tried but you weren’t having it.

“Yah,” you nodded a little. “I should go back to training. Wouldn’t want to be too weak.”

Shawn gave you a pleading look but you were already walking away, returning to the mat where Matt was watching you.

“You looked a little pissed there. What happened?” Matt’s eyebrows were high in amusement.

“Nothing.” you shook your head. “He’s just being a typical Dauntless asshole.” 

Matt nodded, but his eyes were still squinted slightly in confusion. He didn’t have time to ask you about it as you were already in the stance required for the drill. 

You continued on like that for the rest of the day; sticking with Matt, ignoring Shawn’s not-so-subtle looks and you shaking your head once in a while in attempt to shake out Shawn’s words out of your head.

“You’re too weak.”

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