sorry for the worst rant ever


This. This subtle change really makes me feel sorry for Hiccup. I mean, at the top, he looks kind of braced for a lecture or something and then, if you look carefully at him when Stoick calls him ‘the worst Viking Berk has ever seen’ it just breaks my heart. His eyes are on Stoick as he works himself out of the barrel and you watch his face just…fall, right near where Stoick says that. 

And Stoick didn’t MEAN to be mean in that shot. In fact, he was trying to convey pride in his son in that scene. And I get it, he genuinely cared about Hiccup. But sometimes…he tore that poor boy down without even REALIZING. I mean, in this scene, if you watch Hiccup closely, he goes from being out-and-out terrified of Stoick’s rage to being relieved because the man doesn’t know about Toothless and then when Stoick calls him that (the worst Viking Berk has ever seen) he stops and blinks for a second. I’m sure Stoick was trying to compliment Hiccup - his every action pointed that way, in fact. But Stoick is going to have to learn he can’t just throw seemingly harmless words out there like that, because, although they might not matter to him, they matter very much to his son.

To be honest, I think the most talented and best youtuber is Shane Dawson because he is so fucking talented he can pull a joke that is funny as fuck and he can direct his own movie and create hilarious videos. he’s so inspirational like he always make inspirational video with message in it that i could literally cried, he is SO against suicide and he did a video about it and changed many lives. He’s a great actor too. but i know he might always talk about dick jokes but at outside hes genuinely great guy i once met him at vidcon he literally just pull everyone for a hug even they didnt ask for it. Hes the coolest human being ever. He can also write a song and sing it like what the fuck is there anything that he can’t do omfg i think hes the only youtuber that I didnt regret watching because funny and super talented this guy deserve an oscar, oh did I mention that he’s hot too?

The Worst Finale... EVER

The finale left me feeling sick and cold inside. I hated the ending with such a deep passion that it made me really rethink the entire Korra series thus far. And what I have concluded is that it was nothing more than fan service and attention-grabbing tactics. There was ZERO reading comprehension on the writer’s part. No resolution for many key conflicts. Why wasn’t Book 4 about Korra reconnecting the past Avatar lives? Who was Suyin’s father? Why was Suki never mentioned once? What happened to Sokka? Why was it all about the shippings? Why weren’t there any red herrings? No foreshadowing? No justice for the villains?

There was zero conclusion. Too many answers left blank. The Last Airbender did a terrific job by leaving very few questions unanswered. Korra felt rushed and as if they were desperately trying to promote an agenda for popularity and brownie points. The tone of the whole series of Korra, minus Book 1, has been discordant and unorganized compared to the Last Airbender’s. The writing was poorly done and poorly executed. It was very hard to sympathize or identity with many of these characters, while even the Cabbage Man and the Foaming Guy in the original series have stolen our hearts. Honestly, how many of us even remember Yakone? Crickets…

There was only one couple I supported, only one that I truly believed and observed to be truly, honestly CANON. I always saw Korra and Mako reuniting. They balance each other perfectly. I never saw the perversion that was Korrasami as canon - EVER. I only ever saw them as sisters and frankly, I’m disgusted that the writers did this to such a great story. It’s ruined the whole show for me. Now, I only consider Book 1 of Korra to be canon and legit, because how can anyone in their right mind think of anything else in the series as good writing and loyal storytelling? 

Thanks for nothing, Bryan and Mike. Congratulations. You won your popularity and gained unprecedented attention to The Legend of Korra, but at the cost of your integrity. Shame on you.

RIP Korra.

it’s really bothering me how some ppl are accusing others of being happy that zayn’s gone just bc they’re trying to make the best of this situation like ppl are making posts saying “this is a new chapter!!” bc things are going to be different now and they’re trying to be positive about the boys’ future and other posts are like ”the boys need more support now more than ever!!!” bc this is harder on liam, harry, niall, and louis than us like liam said that this is the worst thing they’ve had to overcome and they were worried they would lose their fans…… like if ur just stanning for zayn from now on then those posts are clearly not for u so don’t worry about them but i honestly don’t understand how some ppl think those posts mean “yay! zayn’s gone!” like you can support 1d, you can support zayn, support both or neither, i don’t give a shit, but can we just chill bc honestly.. tbh….. this is already too stressful to be arguing….  

Worst month ever

Sorry for not posting much over the last few weeks, as the title says I’ve been having the worst month of my life. I’m going to vent on here so If you have a phobia of long text posts then carry on scrolling and I’m very sorry. 

I’ve been at Uni over the past few months and it has been mental I’ve had at least two deadlines every week ,if not more, and it’s getting to that time of the year where I have absolutely no money at all. Short bit about my parents… I promise it’s relevant.My Mum has recently lost about 7 stone, going from obese to athletic and turned her life around, at the same time my Dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease and so he’s getting older quickly while my Mum is getting younger and this has caused loads of problems between my parents with my Mum not being happy she’ll have to look after my Dad whilst she’s enjoying the young life again. About 3 weeks ago I got a phone call from my oldest brother to tell me that police are round at my home back in England because my Mum called the police on my Dad for reasons which are quite complicated and would take ages to explain, but all I’m saying is it was totally unreasonable and not justified and there was no threat or malice involved on my Dad’s part at all. The day after I’m told that my Mum has left my Dad and has moved out into a flat. Bear in mind that I am really struggling with work at this point and trying not to drown in assignments, I now have to listen to my parents phoning me up and complaining about each other every day. I try and push this all aside and get on with my Uni life for the time being and I’ll worry about all of that when I get home.Before I had dealt with any of my other problems, a week or so later I got another phone call from my Dad telling me my Granddad his died. I was really quite close with my Granddad, he was the one who got me into reptiles and animals and although he had been ill for a really long time this came a shock to me. So I came home from Uni for Easter and desperately needed this time to relax. I came home with my girlfriend and we went to Comicon together, and it was honestly so so nice and one of the best day’s I’ve had in a while (I’ll put up pictures later) and we came home nice and happy ready to relax for the evening. A few hours later there’s a knock on the door and there’s someone at the door telling me that my Girlfriend’s car has been broken into and they’ve smashed the window and nicked the Sat-Nav. I am still stressed, I live in a broken home, my Granddad is dead, the world is full of criminals and I have no job or money. On the plus side I have an awesome girlfriend who doesn’t mind geeking out with me at Comicon. If you’ve made it this far send me an inbox and I’ll moan at you more ;) 

Hey Guys

So this is going to be a long personal note, it’s not really a rant but sort of about my day. If you’re not into that kind of thing, just scroll down, the last paragraph is sort of a message for anyone else, whether you’re having a bad day or not.

So today is my birthday, but I feel like this is the worst day / birthday I’ve probably ever had. I’m usually a pretty happy person and being an only child, I really have the best birthdays but today I’ve just been feeling like total crap. One of the worst things ever is that today is a Saturday and I don’t have to go to school, and so usually I get a shit ton of wishes and presents and this year it feels like no one cares or gives a fuck about my birthday because they don’t have a chance to come up to me and give me a present and do the implied HEY REMEMBER I’M BEING NICE AS FUCK AND GIVING YOU THIS PRESENT RIGHT NOW kind of politics. Maybe this sounds bitter and whiny as fuck, but I’m feeling like no one cares and it sucks. Early this morning, my best friend and her mother came over to my house at midnight and wished me happy birthday, my best friend sleeping over. We had a great time, but I’ve been sick these few days and I just. I had to wake up at 7:30 am though, to go for school for my extracurricular activity practice, and it was horrible. First of all, the only person I could have had fun with wasn’t there and I was other people. The extra-cur is guitar, and I feel like I’m not very good at it, and the competition is coming soon and I feel like I’m going to get kicked out of the competition team, and I’m sick and I can’t practice and it’s putting so much pressure on me, and my friends who were there didn’t even come over to see how I was feeling. Not their fault, really, but I just wished sometimes people would care. I feel so whiny, if you’re still reading this, I’m so so sorry, I love you.

Maybe one of the other things, is that usually I would go out with my family on my birthday, but this year my dad’s not around (working overseas) and I thought I would be okay but I’m not and I miss him so much and I just feel like absolute crap.

I feel like this could be my best year yet, I’ve finally found some things that I’m really interested in but this birthday’s been bad. :( I’m sorry dear reader, it’s not your fault I just needed to get it all out you know.

My chinese tuition teacher did make it all better though, she let me cry it all out and it’s probably because at this age, my hormones are just everywhere and school is a load of pressure. But that’s it about me.

Here’s for you: wherever you are, whoever you are, whether you’re having a good, or a bad day, remember that you are you, and you are the most important one of all, try not to give up yeah? If you want to escape, only do it if it’s an alternative positive option, and NOT giving up. Stay strong, I love you, even if I don’t know you, there are many people everywhere who don’t know you and care for you. You can send me asks if you’re having a bad day, I promise I’d try my best to reply and help. 

Have a great day, 


I was at a family party a couple of months ago and one of my aunts was trying to prove a point to her daughter and was like ‘Isabella you loved high school right?’ And I was just like…no…middle school and a really good part of high school were the worst years of my life so far… now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been but tbh high school was hell

airanichidevi said: Yep. KR is fashionable AND feminist. Like…why would you ever go for fatphobic, elitist, gross SK.

one of the worst arguments i ever heard about why you shouldn’t pit KR against SK is because kangana is “self-serving” and how sonam kapoor is advancing women forward by funding and filming women centered films. like????

are we just going to conveniently ignore the fact that sonam kapoor has the money and the industrial clout to actually accomplish these things? and that when kangana ranaut speaks out against shit like this, and especially against women like sonam kapoor who uphold the exact same standards that SPECIFICALLY shut out people like kangana ranaut, it’s not about “pitting women against each other” but more about having an honest discussion about calling out the specific bullshit that women do to each other in bollywood?

like. don’t fucking pin this on kangana ranaut. she has every damn right to shit talk people like sonam kapoor as much as she likes. especially considering some of the more atrocious things that sk has said about other people.

that feel when you just give up registering for class because the plan you had completely fell through and the introductory class for your major is full because they only have one section and 15 spots, and so you’re getting increasingly frustrated and angry and then give up and say screw it and wait for a time when you’re less stressed and have less going on and so you can actually think about what classes you can take instead that will still allow you finish your degree in time

California is wonderful.

EXCEPT for one person.
My youngest aunt. Di Ut.

She is the worst family member that I have. Worst. If I could divinely smite someone off the face of the planet, it’d be her.

My blood boils when I hear her voice. I have traumatic flashbacks to every instance in which she ever wronged me.

Sure, I wasn’t a smart kid. I did stupid stuff when I was young. She, however, is a grown woman. Before I ever wronged her, she treated me like utter trash. I can not summon the willpower or the grace to treat her with respect.

This side of me is so ugly. I recognize it too, but I can’t get rid of it. It’ll be something that lives in me forever. I’ll always be silently wishing for her death, a financial catastrophe, or some ungodly disaster to affect her.


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she left and it hurts.

Fuck. I’m so sorry… I can’t fathom my girl leaving me so, I’m so sincerely sorry. Losing someone is the worst pain I have ever endured. I’ll give you my number if you want? You can text and rant to me.

I made a terrible mistake last night. I watched Fifty Shades of Grey because I was curious to see what was all the fuss about. I wanted to see what Tumblr ppl were talking about.

I think it’s the worst movie I’ve ever watched, no kidding. And it’s not “only” the misogynistic nature of the film that makes me think like that.

The writing is god damn aweful. I hardly ever read fics, and I can honestly say that I’ve read much, much better. Who the fuck decided that this shit was good enough to become a book and then a movie? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a man.

I mean, really. This movie is so corny, with all the wrong, outdated cliches. I thought I was going to vomit at one point. It’s everything I hate about writing. I kept rolling my eyes the entire time and complaining about it to poor themagicm​ (sorry for your suffering). Where the fuck is the plot in this movie?!

The acting was not good, either. I haven’t googled it at all, so idk who the director is, but they did a terrible job. idk if Dakota Johnson is a bad, charmless actress or she was just directed like it, but… really bad. really.

On top of all this, even the sex scenes were dry and uninteresting. It might be due to the complete lack of chemistry between the actors, or the fact that I’m not into bdsm. I guess I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Bottom line: I want my two hours back :(

ps: why is it ok to show vaginas in movies but not penises??? fuck it.

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It makes me so sad when I think about what happened to Yamato, like the writers just completely fucked him over. Hardly anyone ever addressed the fact that he was kidnapped. No one tried to save him and its so wrong!!! I have a hard time believing kakashi wouldn't say a single thing about it. Sorry for the rant I just started watching Naruto last year and I just hit the part where he got captured lol

oh anon you poor thing that’s the worst part of the whole thing and he didn’t even die, he got forgotten by everyone which is even worse tbh…

tell me about it, i could write you essays on how much wasted character potential there was in our fave tree boy, and that he was pretty pivotal in character development in naruto, sakura and kakashi tbh (but that’s fine hahahaha let’s just brush him under the rug since none of that development matters now)

i know that i can’t really excuse the fact that kakashi did nothing about it, but it hurts me even more to just think that yamato would have had to tell himself that no one was ever going to help him because there was a war, and more important things happening… and he was there all alone for weeks…

MY SON NO YOU HAVE SPARKED MY ANGER ONCE MORE ABOUT THE ENDING AGH but it’s okay anon, we’re all in this together and if kishi doesn’t care about yam then we’ll have to do all we can to appreciate him and treasure that precious lil tree boy for all he is <3

Why was I ever friends with people I couldn’t comfortably be myself around? Like what? Honestly, if you are friends with people that make you feel awkward or uncomfortable with being who you are, DROP THEM. You don’t need them, because they aren’t your real friends, and you are morphing yourself to fit in with them, and that shit is the worst. I would rather be without friends, then with friends and be alone because I am not myself. I have no friends, but for once, I am just me, and I am learning to really truthfully love myself. I am learning to like to spend time with myself, to be comfortable going out and doing things by myself, to be who I am and not be ashamed of it. I think that once you are comfortable with yourself, you will find your real friends, because they will except you for who you are. There is no better version of yourself then the real you. You are a beautiful important person, and people should see that, and love it. <3

Glee Finale

So… They said they were going to wrap EVERYONES storylines up… They really just meant Klaine and Rachels…

I’m sorry if I offend anyone with my opinion but that finale was shit, if I’m been completely honest.

Rachel wins a Tony Award and thanks Jesse and dedicates it to Mr Schue??? I’m sorry, but FINN put her on that train, he put her dreams and happiness above his because he knew thats where she needed to be… and he doesnt get one mention?!?!

Glee should have ended at the end of season 3, with Rachel and Finn heading to New York together, Rachel with NYADA and Fin at NYU studying in teaching.

It was a huge slap in the face and I’m so glad that its over now, because the cast can now really prove themselves and create other memorable characters that we will come to love…

What a motherf*cking day

Wow, I’m tired as ever and my ankle is probably at the worst point of a sprain. Might need to see a doctor Sunday, but hopefully not (if I can distract people. I’m not careful even if I try).
As far as I know, the show went well. The only problem was having to call an ambulance for an injured stage crew member and also having to tend to cast while they panic instead of focus on their jobs as actors/actresses. They act like they’re gonna die because he’s hurt and can’t continue. Yes, I know you care. now grow up and worry about it later.
Then there was the cast member who came close to losing consciousness. We opened they bay door to let the cold air in and help her breathe, but jfc. We don’t need thirty motherfucking ensemble members crowding in the scene shop! Back the fuck up and let the woman breathe. She needs cool air, not suffocation by warm bodies. Go do your part on stage and get out of here!
Two more people came close to vomiting and passing out, and everyone was a mess.

This is all because we did two shows today and didn’t get any sleep. I should probably try to get some rest now, but first I’m going to cry hysterically because I hold everything in instead of acting hysterical while everyone else loses their shit on opening night.
Goodnight all, and sorry.

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I agree with you. However, there was a bit of a "I'm better than you, so listen peasant" vibe. It's a turn off and effects the openness of others towards you. I am not confusing your attitude with just anger - just anger is fine. That sass thou. .

God forbid I post something on my own blog, right? A post where I rant about Truth. Not my truth though. His. So if you got that vibe off of it, it’s probably because you yourself need to revise your life. I know I have to do the same. I’m not even gonna play the “oh gosh I’m so sorry I’m the worst sinner ever please forgive me leave me in my dirt” card. I’m a sinner, yeah. But at least I know what team I’m fighting for. Which is more than what others can say. But God forbid if I offend someone with the Truth. I’m not speaking to some hipster agnostic kid here, Anon. I’m speaking to those who claim to be Catholic. We’ve survived for over 2000 years while fighting for the Truth. It’s hurt and offended people throughout the ages.

It’s a turn off for radical abortion supporters to talk about what really happens in an abortion, but should we stop speaking the truth? Standing for the truth almost got a bunch of pro-lifers severely hurt and/or killed the other day. It made martyrs out of men in the Middle East. It hung God on a tree. I’m pretty sure someone can handle doing a double take on their own life.

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Hi :) I'm really sorry, I don't usually do this, but I just need a space to rant in right now and you're always so understanding so here goes. I'm having the worst week ever in terms of classwork and I just know it's not all going to get done, so I've been willfully ignoring some of it so I won't have a panic attack/stress-out which'll stop me from doing any of it. Plus, over the past year, I've had really bad social anxiety due to some messed up experiences with friends.

As a result, I’ve just got to the point where I struggle to keep in touch with any of my rl friends by text or facebook because I’m just so worried they’re going to shut me out like my other friends did (irrational I know, and I hate it, but I just can’t change it no matter how much I try). So I ended up talking to my parents on the phone and the subject of my class work came up. Basically my parents raised some of my worries about my work and the way they did it led to me having a freak-out.

Then the conversation turned into my whole ‘not contacting people thing’ and my parents basically said that I’m shutting people out and if I don’t stop soon, all my fears will come true about people hating me. I don’t know what to do now. I just feel so empty and I want nothing more than to just get my life back on track, but I just can’t. I don’t have anything in me left to care and I want to, I honestly do, but I can’t make myself. I’m sorry for the rant: I just needed to talk to someone.


Never apologize for ranting, lovely, I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to answer this earlier.

Schoolwork can be really exhausting and when it’s piled on top of a social life and home life and all the rest, it can get even worse.

Honestly?  You sound depressed.  Like, clinically, not just randomly sad.  I think you need to talk to a professional, the sooner the better.  The exhaustion, the fear, the feeling empty and hopeless inside?  Those are all symptoms of depression, and that’s not something you can just battle your way back from without help.  You need help, and that means a professional, someone who is trained in how to deal with these issues and can give you coping mechanisms, a safe venting space, and possibly medication to help get you back on an even keel.

Don’t blame yourself for this, okay?  The ugly and unhappy thoughts aren’t you, they’re an imbalance in your brain’s chemistry, and they shouldn’t be the measure of your self-worth.  You are good and worthy and deserving of love, and the more you believe that of yourself, the more others will believe it of you.

Hang in there, and please, please, talk to someone, okay?  ((((HUGS))))


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“People are pieces of shit. Someone dumped of a Rottweiler puppy in my…”

WHAT? that is probably the worst thing anyone can ever do to their pet. if you can no longer have the animal for any reason at least have the fracking decency to find a new home for them?????? some people confuse me. omg renae sorry for this rant lol

EXACTLY. I was furious. I did all I could do and I’m pretty positive the guy from animal control is just going to keep him. This freaking happens all the time here!

About 2 months ago someone threw, literally, 2 pitbull/boxer mix puppies out of their truck onto my Dad’s property in the country. They were almost dead. My Dad immediately took them to the Vet. They both recovered. My Dad kept one and my cousin took the other one. Now they are both happy, healthy dogs!

This is the 6th dog (3rd puppy) I’ve found crying in my yard or trying to get in my backyard for shelter and food the past few months.