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Cranky || Peter Parker x Reader

@acrilic​: you could write like cute jealous!peter where you start spending a bit more time with another friend of yours and one day peter comes through your window cus he’s so done and wants to tell you that he likes you sm and he just starts rambling and you kiss him to shut him up efmldka i feel like that would be cute idk

Warnings: Swearing, angry teenager hormones™, prolly bad grammar, jealous & angry cinnamon roll Peter, kind of angsty??

Notes: i hope i don’t fuck this up :)) dammit this got too long. sorry for that. this is probably bs but heck it’s my first imagine. pls read it all it took like five hours and give me a shot :’) prolly going to write a series. enough talking,,, i hope you enjoy and ignore my self-loathing note. also give me your opinion on this! i would love to read all of y’all’s opinions.


Peter Parker and (Y/N). Two nerds, best friends, crushing on each other and too oblivious to notice. 

You had a Spanish exam the next day and you planned on hanging out on your house with Peter. You knew Peter’s little secret and you insisted him to come hang out with you instead of some bad guys that tried to kill him. You never could see him hurt, you couldn’t live with that in your conscience, that you could do something to help him.

Peter: (Y/N).
(Y/N): what
Peter: Sorry, but I can’t go to your place tomorrow… :( please forgive me.
(Y/N): you’re going to try and flirt with some cute girls with your suit, huh? go on, i forgive you dude. i’m your wingwoman ;) 
Peter: What? no…
Peter: Anyways thank you! You’re the best! We’ll hang out some other day, okay? :)
(Y/N): yeah, yeah. also please call me when you’re at the cafeteria, please i have no clue how to get there.

You lock your phone and stuck it in your pocket again, waiting impatiently for the class to end. After the bell rang, you were heading to the school’s Cafeteria. You were trying to guess where it was since it was pretty far from your classrom. Walking through several hallways and not finding anything, your eyes met with a cute boy, standing against the wall, looking through his phone and with his earbuds on and bopping his head up and down at the beat of the music.

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anonymous asked:

“Don’t be fucking rude Lucy heartfilia pls

Alcohol Is Not Lucy’s Friend, But Her Friends Are

Pairing: Nalu

Word Count: 2318

A/N; Sorry this took so long, been working on a few things at the same time and actually working lol! Enjoy!

“Don’t be fucking rude.”

“Oh my God Lucy you are such a meme!” Cana cackled, arm slung over Lucy’s shoulder as she tried to wedge her face between Lucy’s phone and her ear. “Besides, it’s girls night! That means no dicks!”

“Cana,” Levy sighed giving her a pointed look.

“Your dick is female, it doesn’t count. Now take your shot and spin the wheel of awkward sexual questions on your phone.”

“Does that mean Juvia’s beloved can join?”

“You know if you would just stop making everything about dick this would stop happening,” Lucy commented innocently, grinning at Cana’s disgruntled look. “You don’t even like dick.”

“Oh I like dick, just not what ninety percent of it is attached to.”

“Can you guys stop saying dick?” A tired voice asked from the phone. Lucy squeaked, shoving her hand in Cana’s face and pushing her so she fell backwards over the couch.

“Sorry Natsu,” Lucy sighed, glaring at her pack of giggling friends and making threatening gestures with her hand as she left the room. “You know how they are.”

“I did grow up with them,” he said dryly, Lucy hearing his smile in his voice.

“Then you should be used to the word dick,” Lucy teased, grinning at his scoff. ”Would you rather I say penis?”

“Oh Luce, you know I beat you at the penis game.” Natsu purred. Lucy was thankful that he was half a city away and not able to see her face, because that meant she didn’t have to suppress her shiver or stop herself from biting her lip at his deep voice. Yes, Lucy thought to herself, I’m sure you could definitely beat me with your dick.

Alrighty, that was a sign for her to stop taking every drink Cana offered her.

Time to stop being creepy about her best friend. “You wish,” she said instead of anything she might regret.

“Excuse you I totally won the round in the library yesterday!”

“Because I wasn’t playing,” Lucy huffed, smiling as she twirled a strand of hair around her fingers. “You and Gray started it, I just got kicked out alongside you!”

“Then maybe I was just imagining you screaming,” Natsu said, voice low and rough through the phone. Lucy’s heart stuttered, mouth suddenly going dry as her mind whirled.

“What?” she asked, clearing her throat awkwardly at how her own voice sounded. Thank God Cana was too busy climbing all over Kagura like some alcoholic cat.

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Chicken Soup - Requested

Sam Holland x Reader

Words: 1,406

Requested by: anonymous

“Can you do an imagine where the reader is sam’s girlfriend and he’s taking care of her when she’s sick? xx”

Hi there! Just a little story: I guess I wasn’t reading the request so well because when I was writing it, it was the other way around? Like it was Sam who was sick and the reader was taking care of him? I might post it idk? I THINK I’VE WRITTEN THIS HORRIBLY but, I hope you like it! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW. SORRY!

(Harry’s BTS vid for “Roses for Lily” fucked me up so baaaad.. They’re so cuteeee) (Sam pls take care of me)



The word was just three goddamn letters but it would take a whole lot more than three fucking letters to fully and appropriately describe the absolute discomfort you were feeling. You couldn’t smell, couldn’t taste, your entire body felt like it was being exposed to subzero conditions, and your head felt like Thor himself was taking whacks at it with his Mjolnir.

“I love death and dying.” you sighed as you hugged a pillow close to your chest

Your boyfriend and an absolute angel, Sam, was lying next to you on your bed. He’d been waiting on your hand and foot the entire day. He just shook his head at what you said and held your hand, playing with your fingers.

“Anything you need, my love?” he asked you, his deep voice was like velvet, rich and smooth. Oh, you just loved it.

“You’re so beautiful, Sam Anthony.” you told him in all seriousness

He tried his hardest not to laugh but the exaggerated lovestruck way you were looking at him was too much. Sam chuckled and kissed you on your forehead, he immediately felt your burning temperature.

“Christ, Y/N! You’re burning up, Jesus Christ, wait here.” he immediately shot out of your bed and rushed to your bathroom

“Wait, Sam, don’t leave meee.” you reached for him but your arms just met thin air

Your fever was climbing steadily, it was making you delirious. Or maybe not that delirious, at least that’s what the fishes swimming in front of you were saying. Beautiful, colourful fishes swimming in crystalline water right in front of your eyes.

“Pretty, pretty fishies.” you beamed, reaching a hand out to touch them

Sam emerged from your bathroom, a wet washcloth in his hand. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw you almost drunkenly poking thin air, dread filled his senses as he approached you.

“Love?” he called out to you apprehensively

He sat down on your bed and slowly shook your shoulder. Your glazed over eyes met his worried green ones, he gave you a tight smile. Sam was a little scared, he’d never seen you so out of it before.

“Sammy!” you squealed albeit weakly

“Hi, love. Hold still, please.” he gently placed the damp washcloth on your forehead

The cool sensation against your burning forehead made you sigh. The fishes swimming in your vision dissolved into your boyfriend’s anxious expression.

“Are you okay, Sam?” you asked him. Your initial delirium was beginning to fade, a disoriented feeling washing over you.

“Y/N, you’re the one who’s burning up here and you’re asking me if I’m okay?” he shook his head at you, placing a hand on top of the washcloth. Sam wished that the added pressure would just suck your fever away.

“I feel cold.” you mumbled weakly. The sound of your raspy voice just about broke Sam’s heart.

In the three years you two had been together, you never got sick. Three years and no sick days, you can see why Sam has grown accustomed to seeing you in perfect health. Whereas Sam, well, he occasionally had the sniffles, strep throat, that time he got the chickenpox was particularly difficult.

But you were the one who nursed him through all that, you took such good care of him (you just couldn’t control all of his scratching when he had the chickenpox so they left some scars on his face, but they blended in with his freckles). He always got better rather quickly. See, when you looked at it from that standpoint, you could confidently say that you were the one who always cared for Sam when he was sick.

Now though, you were sick and it was Sam’s job to take care of you, that was all he wanted to do really. He wanted to take care of you as well as you have cared for him.

“You know what my mum always makes for me when I have the flu, Y/N?” he tried to ignore the way his voice faltered as he watched a shiver pass through your body. Sam secured more blankets and wrapped them around you.

“Chicken soup, my love.” he continued, “It cures a multitude of ills and reaches deep into your soul.”

“Sam. What the fuck?” you may have been a little out of it earlier but there was no doubt in your mind that that statement right there, was just about the weirdest fucking thing that Sam has ever said.

“Too much?” Sam asked, smiling at you while stroking your hair

You nodded, rolling your eyes. He smiled wider, seeing you act like your normal self was comforting. At least you weren’t sick enough to dismiss his weirdness. He got up from your bed and bowed gentlemanly.

“My lady, I’m off in pursuit of chicken soup. I suggest you stay in bed and keep that on your head.”

The unintended rhyme he made caused you to giggle which turned into coughing fits. He rushed over to you to rub your back.

“Take it easy, Y/N. I’ll be right back.”

With a heavy sigh, he left your room. Why couldn’t you get better already? He hated seeing you in such a vulnerable state, he just wanted to hear you laugh, not cough until your chest ached.

Sam went into your kitchen and found a can of chicken soup in your cupboard. He opened it and jiggled the glutinous substance out of its can, the plop it made as it hit the bottom of the pot made Sam wrinkle his freckled nose. He stirred it around and added a glass of water, he was satisfied once it started to actually resemble soup.

He poured the finished product into a bowl and made his way back to you.

Thankfully, as he entered your room, you weren’t trying to grasp thin air again. Instead, you were sound asleep. How he wished he didn’t have to wake you up, but you had to eat and drink your medicine after.

Sam gently placed the bowl on your bedside table, he placed a tender hand on your cheek and pressed a soft kiss on your lips. Sleeping Beauty had nothing on you, you didn’t have to wait a hundred years nor did Sam have to fight some malevolent dragon. You had your own Prince Phillip right there, no curses, no spinning wheels required.

Your eyes fluttered open and you smiled at your knight in grey sweater.

“My hero.” you whispered, taking in the sight of him

“Oh no, Y/N. Is the delirium coming back?” he asked you as he helped you lean against your headboard, propping your back up with pillows

You watched as Sam moved around your room with ease, turning the AC temperature up, gathering wayward pieces of clothing strewn on your floor. Finally, he picked up the bowl filled with piping hot chicken soup and sat next to you.

He lifted a spoonful to his beautiful lips and blew on it carefully, the sight of it made you feel all warm inside. Once the spoonful had cooled down to match Sam’s standards of appropriate soup temperature, he held it out to you.

You took a grateful sip, letting the savoury flavour linger in your mouth before swallowing, it felt like a soothing salve on your scratched up throat.

“Good?” Sam asked, noticing just a bit of colour return to your cheeks. He felt like he could give himself several congratulatory pats on the back.

“Yes. Very.”

He couldn’t help but grin, words couldn’t even describe how good Sam was feeling. “I told you chicken soup cures a multitude of ills.” he told you, holding out another spoonful to you

You took the spoon from him and put it back in the bowl. Moving closer to him, you placed your hands on both his speckled cheeks. Did he even know what a great job he was doing?

“I think you’re the cure, Sam.”

How you still managed to make him blush like a schoolboy, he will never figure out.

“It’s the chicken soup, my love.” he tried to brush off the butterflies in his stomach but the rosy tint in his cheeks could not be ignored.

“It’s you.”

“You silly girl.” Sam pressed his lips against yours, letting his warmth spread through you. The euphoria you felt as he kissed you was slowly but surely defeating any sickness you felt.

Oh, he was definitely the cure.

Dating Minghao (svt)would be like...
  • so this was a request for svt even tho i usually do bangtan scenarios but hey the t in svt stands for talent so why not
  • minghao is one half of the blessed china line 
  • junhui and jeonghan are my biases but thats not the point
  • minghao would have this really cold front to you before you started dating
  • he would never say he hated you but it felt like it 
  • but actually he was just shy and didnt want to make a bad impression 
  • fate worked its magic you two were a couple
  • in the first month or so, he’d be really scared of you or doing something wrong to screw it up and it’d be really obvious too
  • but after that he wakes you up at 3 am to complain about his members or smth
  • despite his cold aura he’d be the shyest baby 
  • if you pointed it out he’d turn it down so quick
  • he is thughao remember children
  • he would go from yelling at the members to hugging you in 0.0001 seconds
  • aggressive hugs
  • like yall would be in a grocery store and you would be lookin at the 100 types of beans and suddenly a giant puppy is hurdling you at 500 miles per hour
  • and then squishy hugs aw
  • he would give the squish hugs when hes overcome by how much he loves you
  • or when hes had a bad day
  • he’ll just drop his bag and w/o a word just pull you into a hug and sigh
  • if he cant be with you at the moment he’ll send you a text like ‘hey babe its weird not having your annoying presence next to me’
  • but you know its just him being like ‘i miss you pls come back’
  • sometimes if he wants something he’ll pull you into his side and pepper your face with kisses and say in this cute whiney voice ‘jagggiiiiyaaaaa’
  • he wouldnt call you jagiya that much actually
  • he would give you pet names like ‘snot face’ or ‘shampoo instructions’
  • this is cliche but roasting each other all the time
  • ALL
  • THE
  • TIME
  • svt really about to kick your asses to mars and back because yall would be chilling on the couch and suddenly minghao goes
  • ‘this selca you posted looks ugly’
  • and thus the war begins
  • but in all honestly he thinks you are the most beautiful thing on earth but he’d never say it
  • not if he knew you’d hear it
  • but he tells you if he thinks youve fallen asleep 
  • also he would do anything for you
  • in a subtle way
  • its not that he doesnt care or is this big mean cold guy who is actually a softie (lmao but he sorta is)
  • but hes just s u b t l e
  • he’ll give you gifts every now and then and its the same the other way around
  • its not even really gifts it more of just ‘hey i found this while shopping today you want it?’
  • also 
  • apart from the whole cheesiness aspect of it he doesnt need to boys screaming about how theyre gonna throw up bc cute or how they wish they had a gf
  • speaking of the boys and girlfriends
  • minghao would be so quick to shut them down if they showed any sign at all of wanting to date you
  • ‘y/n looked really nice today! you’re so lucky mingh-’
  • ‘yea thats true seokmin im the luckiest and im the only one for her and-’
  • yes hao we get it 
  • he would try to teach you some words in chinese but it’d go two ways
  • 1.) he tries to teach you some dirty words and tell you to say them to jun
  • or 2.) he tries to teach you and then just laughs at your attempts
  • unless youre fluent in chinese then you’ll insult each other in two languages :)
  • or dirty talk or something idk what do couples do
  • he wouldnt tell you he loved you often
  • it was more of an occasion thing but he’d make sure you knew you were loved and appreciated 
  • even while roasting you 
  • sorry roast made me think of a toaster 
  • my friend told me about this toaster vid where the toast flies out of the toaster and ok we’re getting off track ignore this
  • his kisses would be really loving tho 
  • soft bby
  • he’s only soft for you 
  • remember hes a man of subtlety 
  • if he gets days off he’d totally fly you two to some where and empty his account bc he’s gone alot and wants to spoil you
  • in those cases his subtlety flies out the window
  • just like the toast in the toaster
  • anything you do he’ll freak out inside and praise you but he’ll be like ‘nice job babe!’ on the outside
  • but you know he’s your personal hype man all you need to do is ask and maybe give him your best attempt at puppy eyes
  • yea basically he’d be a cute bby but also a cold baby who just loves you alot

A/N: i feel like i did terrible im sorry @jungkxmh i love you -peanut 

Supernatural, No-Homo-Style (You’re welcome, SPN writers)

Okay, listen. I’m not someone who tries to tell other people how to go on with their creative stuff, but this is just – an idea. So the thing is, I understand how terribly hard it can be to write a story without homoerotic undertones. They just – happen, you know. All these parallels and carefully crafted scenery to underline a certain subtext, man, just – I know that feel, bro. All my stories? Never supposed to be Destiel. Dean just comes barking in, screams “I’m queer, dude” and then I just – well, anyway. Not that Dean is queer, of course, why would you ever think that.

So what I want to do is: I want to offer you guys, SPN writers, directors, producers, you name it, a way to no-homo your episodes efficiently so no one can tell you that you want us to ship Destiel because that wouldn’t be true, right, right? And man, I know a lot about bro friendships, I watched The Wild Soccer Bunch when I was ten.

Because I’ve noticed that some people – without any indication in the subtext or even text whatsoever – started picking up extremely on the romantic undertones in Dean and Cas’ relationship specifically in the last two seasons. So I’ve looked into this plot and I just found a few teeny tiny things that were of course completely unintentional but could make some weird lunatics think that this is something the writers actually think of.

So let’s start, shall we? Very important in every bro™ relationship: don’t make the entire plot of a season rest onto the special bond between you and your bro. I know this is an easy mistake to make because let’s face it, Cas is awesome, but some people might read into this and think “Man, if he can resist his strange ‘love’ for Amara by looking at Cas, maybe that means he loves him?” and hahaha, what a crazy thought, right? So yeah, rookie mistake no. 1 but man, that can happen to everyone. Instead, maybe make him have concern for his bro but at the same time not be able to overcome his mind control because of his lo broness with Cas. It’s really easy and then the director doesn’t have to put some suggestive shots into the episode where Amara figures out how much these two bros bro with each other and uses that revelation against them!

Also, speaking of this? I know, heart imagery is great and when you only have a cast of male white dudes it gets hard to portray it without homoerotic undertones, but yeah, it’s still a bad idea to have the main villain hover over the heart of one bro and then get a magical connection to the other bro through this heart. I mean, I get it, keep your friends close and your bros closer, but some people might think that the heart imagery connects to the feeling of love and that would be ludicrous, right?  A good alternative would be to simply scratch this whole plot line. Maybe make Dean doodle some hearts while talking to Amara if you want heart imagery so much because hey, she’s a FEMALE and she’s RIGHT THERE so by every television standard they HAVE to copulate!

Next – the pining and caring for Cas. I mean, is that really necessary? Cas is a big boy. He can take care of himself. And Dean, you should really just listen to Sam when he says that Cas will be okay and you should make the smart choice instead of the heart choice (and there it is, the heart imagery again! I KNOW heart rhymes with smart – but here are a lot of others things that you could have used instead: fart, cart, bard, pop tart – you’re welcome to use them! Let Dean make a fart choice next, guaranteed no homo™ and also fart jokes are awesome and funny and original!)

Why not have Dean have a roll in the hay with Mildred? Man, that woman was badass! But having her insist that Dean was already pining for someone else and watch the sunrise together, an imagery that has been associated with Cas consistently, that just was plain bad writing. I get that you wanted to write you out of a corner because Mildred was coming onto Dean and that it wasn’t supposed to make us think of Cas at all but next time just so the full route and let Dean have his way with the ladies, he loves it because he’s a LADIES man and he loves the LADIES or the fellas I don’t judge wait what Dean shut up!

And all these talk about Cas and Cas and where is he and Cas and Caaaaaaas (shut up Lucifer)? It’s great talk, really, but maybe replace it with a significantly less gay word: BRO! Why care for Cas when Dean can care for his BRO?! There’s no reason against it! And if it’s not necessary for the plot, maybe don’t make Dean talk about his bro at all. You gain precious minutes that you can instead use for the brother bond you value so much! (What, you say, you want to end this co-dependency? DON’T! Then you may have Dean ready to enter a healthy relationship and man, people could think this relationship could be gay, urgh)

Next mistake: the scene in that barn? Don’t get me started. You started so good, SPN writers! You had Dean say a really bro-like thing, “don’t worry, I’ve had worse” - good on you, Dean, that was very manly and very good at ignoring the glaring (and oozing) problem right in front of you. But then of course someone had to turn it around and put this silly “I love you” in there and repeat it. Your script probably just fell into a printer and got copied twice so they thought “ah, heck, now we’ve got to say it twice and make it sound like the first one was specifically for Dean, and let’s throw some suggestive camera angles in there while we’re at it” so maybe next time, I don’t know, try to keep these rogue scripts in check. You don’t want anyone to think that Cas actually loves Dean and only Dean.

And also, I know, bros love bros and they love their quality time with each other, but still, bros don’t just leave the room when they talk to their bro and the phone and then sound suspiciously like they forced themselves to have a completely different conversation when they re-enter the room. And maybe, because you all just love the Sam-and-Dean-codepency have Sam talk, too! Let him interact with his bro! People could think that the fact that Sam has a completely different dynamic with Cas means that Dean’s love for Cas is more than just family and that’s obviously not true *cough* who would think that *cough* Lucifer maybe *cough* and every other villain on the show and a few friends too *cough*

… I’m sorry, I got something stuck in my throat. So anyway, let’s get to the next point: I LOVED that scene in 11x23 where Dean told Cas that they’re such BROS and Cas means so much to them as BROS and I really hoped that means we could have some BRO action in Season 12 but no! Somehow Cas still didn’t feel like he belonged because apparently being a BRO wasn’t enough for him? He still wanted to prove himself to Dean specifically with no talk about Sam? I know, guys, guys, I know you want drama in your show, we all know this, this is SPN, but next time, tone it down a notch. You may just want to have drama where Cas is part of the family as a BRO and everyone accepts that and he too and he doesn’t have to get PERSONAL GIFTS by Dean to maybe show him that he belongs and still not getting it because something is still missing -  because then people might think that this something missing is something absurd like LOVE and not in a platonic way.

Oh and the last thing: 12x23. Boy where do I start. I mean I loved that you had separated them the last episodes (because people may think that they would start to kiss or something like that if you left them alone for a few minutes) but was it really necessary that Dean just stopped functioning as soon as Cas died? He could have instead, I don’t know, have a few pimples that he needs to squeeze and that’s the reason why he couldn’t face Jack with Sam together. I get that this was all great foreshadowing because Sam and Jack do have a weird connection but really, don’t make the mistake to pair Dean off with Cas again and make them look like they share a special connection! Pimples, man, I tell you. They’re almost as original as fart jokes and very heterosexual, trust me, I never had them and I’m as queer as can get. 

So please, enjoy this free advice on how to no homo your episodes efficiently because just throwing in a few hook-ups with waitresses now and then just isn’t the FULL no homo experience™ because some weird people still think that Dean could be something like, I don’t know, bisexual, and we all know that bisexuality doesn’t exist and even if it did, Dean couldn’t possible come out at this age because that’s just unrealistic, amirite???

Thank you for listening.

fallen angel! hwang minhyun


minhyun x you


floff n angst

other members: woojin | daniel | to be cont..

  • “i can’t believe i’m finally in my own house!” you said excitedly to yourself as you unlocked the door to your new place
  • it was the first time you were completely on your own
  • you were ecstatic to say the least about not having to wait forever to use the bathroom or having your hard-earned snacks stolen by your roommates or etc.
  • the place you bought already had basic furnishings so you spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting up decorations, putting away groceries, setting up your internet you know, all the necessities in life
  • after a long day of putting everything away, you were happy to be able to get ready for bed
  • thrilled, you quickly throw on your new comforter, climb inside, and pull out your book to read to help you get drowsy-eyed before sleeping
  • as you opened your book, you finally could let out a relaxed sigh
  • that is, until you were interrupted by the ceiling above you suddenly giving out
  • the plaster and drywall crumbled around you, kicking up a thick cloud of dust that made it hard to see
  • as the dust settled, you saw a
  • ??? man ???

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Awkward Attraction (Part 1 of ?)

Pairing: Roan / Reader

Warnings: Sarcasm…. (i think that’s it for part 1)

Request:  Hey! Could I make a request? The reader is one of the original 100, and they meet while Roan is king, you can decide how. And the reader is often underestimated when people first meet her cause she’s very happy, blunt, fun-weird, laughs VERY easily (and has a loud, kinda weird laugh), but is a seriously killer fighter, and very clever. It’d be fun if like the first thing she’d say to him was “Omg, you’re so pretty”, or smth. Smut would be awesome, but like proper romance as well❤️2nd pers, pls

AN: I’ve turned this request into a little mini drabble type series so they won’t be very long but hopefully they’ll be amusing. I really liked the idea but just found I couldn’t write a longer piece. Hope Anon who requested is alright with this!!

@angelaiswriting @georgiagrl1990 @selldraug @angryares @coffeebooksandfandom @im-hurric4ne

You did not want to be here, left behind in Polis to ‘supervise’ a king, whatever that meant, along with an ice nation tribe that pretty much exclusively wanted to kill all of your people.

“I don’t see why I have to be here Abby” you grumbled trotting alongside Clarke’s mum. You wished silently that people would remember your legs were nowhere near as long as theirs as you needed them to slow down so you could keep up. “It’s not like I could do much damage against the whole ice nation army”

“Clarke didn’t want you to fight them Y/N. You’re here to watch them”

You snorted “Abby we both know I will make a truly terrible spy” she couldn’t help but smile at your statement. “Which makes me repeat the question, why am I here?”

Abby stopped outside the throne room. The tell-tale sounds of steel clashing together was coming from inside.

“You’ve never met the King before?”

“I haven’t had the pleasure no”

“Y/N please just try and be… just try…”

“And be normal” you filled in dryly. Abby smiled at you giving your shoulder a quick squeeze.

“You know that’s not what I mean”

You shrugged off her hand “don’t worry I’m on my best behaviour”

Abby just sighed sadly pushing open the door to the throne room revealing a man and a woman training. The man must be King Roan although he didn’t look much like a King at the minute with his long dark hair pulled roughly away from his face wearing only a black vest and sweating at the effort he was using to fight.

He’d been near fatally shot only weeks before and was obviously recovering fast, not fast enough though because the woman swung hard and the King fell to one knee groaning and pressing a hand against the wound on his chest.

“Roan let me see”

Abby went over to him as he got back to his feet, the pair of them also noticing you for the first time. The girl obviously didn’t care but Roan’s eyes met and held your own. A strange shiver went down your spine as you walked up to Abby with him continuing to stare at you.

“He’s so pretty” you whispered to Abby making her sigh and Roan’s eyebrows fly up in surprise. “Sorry that wasn’t what you meant by normal was it?”

“No Y/N decidedly not normal”

“Ooops” you smiled at Roan completely unperturbed by Abby’s annoyance. You dropped into a curtsy at Roan. “Your Majesty so honoured to meet you”

“Y/N” Abby hissed pulling you up “Not the time”

“Who are you?” Roan demanded ignoring Abby “I’ve not seen you here before”

“Y/N. My name is Y/N” you smiled awkwardly at him “Clarke very kindly left me here to do god knows what while all my friends go back home”

“Y/N” Abby’s voice was warning you that you were already in trouble and shouldn’t push it any further.

“No Abby let her speak” Roan cut in once more “Wanheda left you in Polis?”

“Yup indeed. I guess your majesty she thinks you could do with a babysitter. Although the one you have already seems quite effective”

You looked around Roan to see the girl staring at you like you had two heads. You were getting used to being stared at like that.

“Echo” Roan filled in beckoning the woman forwards.  “My other babysitter is called Echo”

His attempt to match your humour made you giggle as Roan just continued to watch you in fascination, completely unsure what to do about you or with you.

“I’m going to go find something more interesting to do” you’d spoked mainly to Abby as with another cheeky smile at Roan you left the throne room.

You were still able to hear Abby apologising for you and then to your surprise Roan sweeping away her apologies. You could feel his eyes on your back as you left and that shiver that had been running up and down your spine only intensified. Interesting indeed, King Roan Kom Azgeda may require more thought than you initially anticipated.

Never mind what Clarke had left you here for you had your own reasons to hang around now.  

The family’s girl (Batfam x reader) Part4

Here it is, Part 4 of the family’s girl. @hamsterforlive and @miissu, i read your coments while writting the part 4, i thought I’m going to surprise them! ;)

We’re 109+ little wing! OMG I never thought so many people would enjoy my writiing! I thank you soo much!


Part1 Part2  Part3 Part4 (you are here!)  Part5 Part6  Part7



You felt your blood flood your cheeks as mister’s Wayne piercing glance looked at you.

“Hello. You must be Miss (l/n), Tim talks a lot about you.” Mr Waynes hand grabbed you and pulled you up. Tim, who was about to help you up, stopped dead in his tracks as his cheeks reddened.

Damn, why couldn’t his family stop saying he only talked about you.

But you did, Timmy.

I know. But I don’t want them knowing it.

Too late.

“Come, miss (L/N), Alfred has our dinner already served.” Bruce grabbed your hand and leaded you toward the dining room where Alfred was serving dinner.

You sat between Damian and Tim, with Dick and Jason in front of you.

“I hope you enjoy my (f/f). Master Tim said it was your favorite.” Tim hited his head against the table as you looked at him surprised, his family with an amusing smile and Bruce… Bruce just sipped his wine like it was normal.

“So, (y/n). Where are you staying?” Steph asked you and before you could respond Dick answered for you.

“She lives in front of me! We’re neighbors!! “ He said with a silly smile.

“Yes, I meet Dick when he helped me moving in.” You smiled.

“Ohh sooo chivalrous Dickiebird” Jason mocked.

“Stop it Jason.” Dick said.

“Ow! Grayson, why do you hit me with your foot! Do you wish to start a war?” Damian said.

“Sorry, Dami. I was trying to hit Jay.”

“Sooo mature, Dickiebirdd” Jason mocked once more.

“THAT’S IT!” Dick said.

“OW! GRAYSON. YOU STARTED IT” Damian said before hitting Dick with his food.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Jason laughed until Dick shoved his face in his food.

“FOOD WAR!” Shouted Steph.

Everyone except Tim, whose face was red of hitting it with the table surface, You who was looking at them weirdly but amused and Bruce who was just chilling there, sipping his wine. He suddenly asked you

“I hope their incessant questioning isn’t overwhelming you.”

“Oh no, I-“

“She’s overwhelmed, you are underwhelmed. Why isn’t anyone just welmed?” Dick asked before being tackled by Damian and his battle cry, spoon in hand.

“Please (y/n). Don’t let this change your opinion of me! I’m sorry! Pls don’t stop talking to mee” Tim said giving you the cutest puppy dog eyes ever. Even when Damian splattered his plate of (f/f) on his face, he didn’t tear his eyes from you.

“Don’t worry, Tim. I won’t stop talking to you and this is rather amusing if I say so myself.” You grabber your handkerchief and wiped Tim’s face clean. Now his face was red for another other reason.

He smiled at you dazzling. His brother, who were a little jealous of you ignoring them for Tim, grabbed his food and splattered Tim and you.

Tim’s eyes became murderous.

“THAT’S IT! YOU CAN HIT ME, BUT YOU CANT HIT MY LOVE-I MEAN MY BEST FRIEND” Tim tackled Dick, who was in front of you and soon Jason and Damian became involved somehow.

Meanwhile Cass was eating peacefully, Luke and Babs facepalmed and Steph recorded it.

“Send me the video, please.” You whispered in Steph’s ear. “It makes good blackmail” You smirked at Steph’s surprised face that soon turned in a smirk.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.”

This continued for a while, with Alfred trying to stop the batboys but the fight didn’t stop until a tiny little piece of (f/f) smudged in Bruce’s face.

Then all became quiet.


Spooky quiet.

“…” Bruce hand wiped his face as he bat glared at his children, who looked at scared as f*ck.

“I’m sorry, miss (l/n). My sons can be rather…childish. I hope you excuse their behavior.” Bruce looked at you seriously and you swallowed.

“You can call me (y/n), mister Wayne.” You smiled awkwardly.

“If you wish.” The boy returned towards their seats as Bruce started eating his food.

The dinner went quietly since then. No one dared to do something else no wanting the Batman’s anger unleashed.


Tim and you were sitting in the couch, talking animatedly.

“Oh my god, (y/n). Bruce likes you! You are the first girl I’m friend with that he likes!”

“Really? He looked at me rather…angry”

“Nah, don’t worry, babe. He always looks like that.” Jason said as he sat next to you.

“Your cute…” You whispered.

“Thanks doll” Jason smirked.

“…Did I said that out loud?” You blushed. Tim glared at Jason, looking at his longer hair and clothes.

Would you like him better with shorter hair, dyed white and with leather?

“Am I cute too, (y/n)?” Dick bounced happily, searching for your attention.

“You are not, Grayson. You are more like an unavoidable annoyance.”

“Ow Dami…” Dick frowned sadly.

“You are cute too, Dick…” You said to make Dick stop pouting.

His face lightened, cheeks reddened.

“Hmph” Damian humphed.

“I think you are cute too, Damian. “ You smiled at him, your hand brushing his short hair. He slapped your hand away, blushing.

“I’m not a child! Don’t call me cute.”

You laughed at his tsundereness.

“Do you think I’m cute too, (n/n)???” Steph said tackling you on the couch.

“I’m sorry for her behavior.” Cass said, grabbing Steph away from you and sitting herself next to you.

“I like your case” She said, pointing at your (f/t) mobile case.

“Thanks! I like your dress!” You smiled at her as Babs approached you.

Babs and you started talking about what you were studying, the bests methods to study and on, boring all the bad boys except Tim, who sometimes interfered in the conversation.

“Oh, talk about something else! Not school. School is for weekday. Not weekend!” Dick said childish. Babs smirked and said nonchalantly.

“Did you know, Dick here had a crush on me when he was young? He did the weirdest things for getting my attention”

“Really? Tell me more” You said as you saw upcoming blackmail material. Jason became interested all of sudden in embarrass his older brother. Dick face exploded in a blush so violent, it seemed he was going to die.



“I had the best time of my life!”

“Really? You don’t think my family is weird?” Tim asked.

“No, they’re….extravagant but not weird!”

Tim’s face relaxed.

“Besides I love them! I’m going out with Steph and Cass on Saturday, then I’m meeting Babs at her house, she is going to teach me a thing of two for my (least favorite class)! Then on Sunday, Damian is going to show me his art-“

“But he never let’s anyone near it! Not ever his father!” Tim said.

“Dunno, he said he show me and his pets. He say he’s got a lot!”


“Then Jason and I are going to meet for dinner on Friday!”


“Tim, are you alright?! You look like you are about to faint!”


“Tim, relax. It’s not a date. We’re meeting because we got a lot in common. Also, don’t kill your suit, it’s not alive. And you look dazzling in it.”

“I do?” His face came closer to yours.

“You do” Your lips were about to touch, finally when.

“(Y/N) I’M GOING HOME! DO YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME??”” Dick’s face got in between you two.

You blushed.

Tim thought about 1000000 ways of killing his obtrusive big brother.

“I’m going to take her home” Tim said with a smile as scary as the Joker’s.

“But Tim, If she can come with me why bother Alfred, because, you know, you don’t have a driving license.” Dick smirked.

“But I do! And I got my baby right there and I have a spare helmet for you,(y/n).!”

“…” You didn’t know what to do. “ I don’t want to bother Alfred more, he’s got a lot to clean for your little fight earlier…”

Yes  Dick thought in his head, highfiving himself

NOOO Tim said in his head, He’s going to woo her.

“Okay. Sorry Tim, do you want, maybe, meet me tomorrow to have lunch with me?” You said, scratching your head awkwardly. Tim’s whole demeanor changed. Eyes sparkling, smiling lovingly.

“There’s nothing else in the world I want to do more…” Tim said.

“Okay! See you tomorrow!” You kissed his cheek and bounced towards Dick who pouted in jealousy.

But now was his chance!


You’re so smart, Dick! He praised himself in his head

You bid everyone goodbye and before going Bruce stopped you.

“Wait, (y/n).” You stopped dead on your tracks.

“Yes, Mr. Wayne?”

“Call me Bruce.” He winked. And you know now why everyone calls him a playboy. You smiled, cheeks flushing.

“Bye, Bruce” You waved.

“See you for the charity ball next Sunday. Bring a date.”

“Wait what?”

But before you could say anything more Dick had already snatched you away.


You were hugging Dick’s waist for dead life as he speed his bike like he was racing someone.

But really

He just did that so you would hug him like your life depended of it.

“CAN’T WE GO SLOWER?” you shouted.

“NO” said Dick, speeding more.

“AHHH, I’M GOING TO FALL!!” You hugged Dick tightly, your helmet on Dick’s shoulder. Dick’s smirking face was covered by his own helmet.

Dick: 1  Damian: 0  Jason: 0  Tim: 0



“ YOU ARE AN IDIOT, DICK GRAYSON!” You hit him in the head. He smiles at you, but soon his arm grabs you shoulder and leads you to your home.

The ride in the elevator was tense, as Dick planned his next move.

Once the two of you were in front of your home, Dick backed you against your door.

“Dick, what are you doing-“


Dick face approached you.

His chapped lips nearing your soft ones.

Breaths mingling.


To be continued…

Select your gem; Vernon’s Route? [Yes/No]

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Humor 

Word Count: 4644

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various Seventeen members

Summary: Inspired by Mystic Messenger. You find a dating app way better than tinder, and slip face first into the diamond life, specifically with the gem that is Hansol Vernon Chwe. 

It started much like any student would do to pass time in their perpetually mundane lives. Finagle around the internet for a couple hours, and anyone can end up finding some pretty weird stuff. My best friend offhandedly mentioned some phone app a few days ago, saying that it helped her get over her last breakup. I admit that she was slightly crazy as she described the contents of said program, and I accepted her insistence with a grain of salt. I had no idea how an app could correlate to her last relationship, so that’s how I spent my restless Friday night, downloading an app.

Slip into the Diamond Life. Weird. My phone started to glitch uncontrollably, and I felt a strange vibration pattern from its weight, bothering my palm as it shook in my grasp. The screen glowed an eerily pleasant shade of lilac and rose, and I felt a strange sense of foreboding, as if I was getting into something that’d probably consume me in the best possible way. An address book popped on the side screen, and in faded sky script, the notification gestured to a list of users.

Select your gem.

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Indecisive - ( Pt. 1)

Yoongi Angst | Taehyung x Reader

PART 1 | PART 2 (coming soon)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader | Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, BTS x Reader, series

Author’s note: SECOND FANFIC AYYYYY. I’ve been writing this one since….. this summer maybe?? lol idk im lazy af and i still have other stuff to write. RLLY GOOD STUFF TOO. ive been into angst stuff lately bc i love to break my heart over n over again :’))) thats my kink guys!!! getting my heart broken!! haha jk im srry i will sto p anyways. I love yoongi with all my heart,,,, but i also love taehyung with all my heart so i was like WHY NOT AHAHAHA bias vs bias wrecker ok now i’m overdoing this author’s note thing im srry pls enjoy btws i posted this without rlly reviewing it so YEAH LETS GET IIIIIIT

“Ew, what kind of face is that?” a low voice asked, looking at the screen on the phone you were holding up, the front camera facing you and raven haired male that sat next to you as you took a selfie. You had your face scrunched up, eyes rolled up to the point where the only the whites of your eyes were shown, you clicked the camera shutter.

“What’s wrong with silly pictures?” You pouted and turned to your date. As he looked back at you, he scoffed, “you call that silly? That’s more ugly than it is silly.” His tone was serious but you knew his humor consisted of roasts.

You couldn’t help but laugh and playfully hit his shoulder, “Okay, okay. We’ll take a good one.” Your hand still in position, you smiled at the camera showing teeth, while the young man smirked. Click. “There we go.” You cooed. The lights began dimming, indicating the movie was about to begin so you put your phone away.

You were amazed by the fact you were able to ask Yoongi out on a date to the cinema. You weren’t sure how to go about it but you asked your best friend, Taehyung for advice, he seemed weird about it but eventually he said to just go for it. You and Yoongi were good friends to begin with but you felt something else go on between you two (a lot of sexual awkward tension to be exact). For a while, neither of you acknowledged it, knowing it could possibly ruin your friendship, and that’s something the neither of you wanted.

Deciding to see a romantic comedy, Yoongi was first against it, but it was the only thing you could stand watching. Horror wasn’t your cup of tea, so Yoongi let it slide. To your surprise, you heard Yoongi laughing along beside you. Looking at him laughing, you couldn’t help but smile too.

Then, a sudden burst of happiness hit you. It was weird–it would happen from time to time and it’d come at the most random times. The feeling was strong and passionate that just couldn’t be ignored.

“Hey, Yoongi…” you began, but you stopped. Yoongi’s phone was vibrating in his pocket. As the screen lit up, his eyebrows knitted together, “ahh, what can I do..” he flashed his phone at you, “it’s Suran. I’ll be back.” Answering his call in a low whisper, he got up from his seat and walked while crouching, trying not to block people from veiwing the movie and walked outside of the movie theater.

All of your firey passion was gone in an instant. Your heart’s content was quickly replaced with sadness. ‘Why am I being like this..? It’s not like he’s leaving.. Ohmygod. Am I jealous?’ You felt frustrated about your own feelings. ‘No! I can’t be. They’re both my friends.’

Holding a burdensome conversation with yourself, a voice whispered into your ear, “I’m so sorry,” it was Yoongi. Making you snap out of the lonesome quarrel, you turned your head towards him, “Suran is… in need of my help. I have to go. I’ll see you later.”

To your understanding, you nodded, “alright. No worries, I hope everything’s fine..!” and with that, he rushed back out.

Trying to keep your cool, you sunk into your seat, ‘they’re both my friends… then why am I feeling like this?’ you could only ask yourself that same question over and over.

‘Next time, maybe?’ you asked yourself. The autumn night breeze blew your hair, chilling your cheeks and runny nose. The hoodie you wore under your jean jacket kept you warm. After Yoongi left, you had been in a sour mood and decided to leave without finishing the movie. You felt like you needed to take a walk, and that’s what you did. It felt nice to have some time to yourself and sort out these senses.

Getting home, you plopped down onto your bed, spreading your limbs out. Staring at the ceiling, you contiplated whether or not to text Yoongi. And after many debates, you finally decided yes. Pulling out your phone from your purse and clicking the message app, you picked Yoongi’s contact.

YOU: Hey, how is Suran doing? Is everything okay?

After a few minutes, you recieved a reply.

Yoongi-nie: Hey, everything’s fine, I guess. her boyfriend broke up with her so she needed my moral support… how was the movie? sorry i didn’t stick around long enough to see the ending. did they end up together?

YOU: oh no that’s terrible. HE DIDN’T DESERVE HER. HE’S AN ASS. I got her back, tell her that. and the movie was good. :) you lied guess we gotta redo this lil date so you can find out for yourself! haha

The reply from Yoongi took a little longer than you had hoped.

Yoongi-nie: Date? i didn’t know this was a date… i thought we were only hanging out….

What–. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Your heart was pounding hard against your chest.

YOU: Oh, hanging out? lol then do u want to go on a date sometime with me…?

At that point, you felt like your heart was going to beat out of your chest. Turning your screen off, you screamed while throwing your phone to the other side of your bed. The anticipation and anxiety began to build. “WHY DID I DO THAT? JEEZ, FUCK. OHMYGOD. NOOO. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK–” Ding! You received a message.

Quickly crawling to the other side of your bed, you flipped over your phone and rushed to unlock it.

Yoongi-nie: No. Sorry. I don’t like you like that. I always thought I treated you like my annoying little sister, but I don’t want to keep leading you on. I’m sorry but I don’t feel that way.

Your heart sunk. It was the end. Honestly, you didn’t know what you were expecting. Your life isn’t like the romantic comedies. You weren’t going to get the boy. It happens.

YOU: Ahhh. Okay. Sorry, I misunderstood. I probably made you feel uncomfortable. Thanks for telling me the truth, though. I really appreciate it.

Yoongi-nie: Are you okay? I don’t want you to be depressed or anything.

At this point, your heart felt destroyed.

YOU: OMG. Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. I just need some time if that’s okay.

Yoongi-nie: Take all the time you need. Again, I’m sorry.

YOU: Don’t apologize. It’s okay, seriously. Goodnight.

Yoongi-nie: Goodnight.

Recieving that last text, you set your phone on silent and played music. You didn’t think playing your favorite songs could make you feel so sad.


The next day felt draining. Although you didn’t have work, your morning wasn’t as enjoyable as it could’ve been. Doing what you usually do on your day off, you jumped into the shower. Since you had no plans of going out, you only changed into comfy sweats and a t-shirt, and tied your hair up into a pony-tail. Next, you cleaned your apartment while listening to music that blasted through your speakers. It was a good distraction until you heard a knock at the door.

Turning down the music, you took a look at yourself in the mirror that hanged in the hallway before the front door and moved away misplaced strands of hair out of your face then opened the door.

It was Taehyung wearing his baggy tan hoodie and ripped blue jeans. He had what seemed like bags filled with food in his hands. “Good morning!” He smiled. You were able to keep it together since the night before and all morning but for some reason, seeing your best friend’s face made you break into tears. “Taaaaaehyuuuuung..!” you sobbed.

The brunette’s smile was wiped off with concern and confusion, “woah, woah what happen?” He closed the door behind him and placed the bags onto the table before wrapping his lengthy arms around you.

His warm embrace made you cry into his chest even harder and hug back. All that was heard were muffled sobs. “There, there.” he said softly, stroking the top of your head. He was patient with you, he always was. And it was rare to see you cry, Taehyung knew you were a strong when it came to your feelings. Stress, frustration or even just sad movies never made you cry.

After a few minutes of ugly sobbing, you stepped back, letting go and looking up at him through your blurry vision. Taehyung looked back into your eyes and only chucked, “well that’s a sight for sore eyes.” cupping your cheeks, he wiped away your tears as you sniffed. “Are you ready to tell me what happen?”

The only response you gave him was a slow nod. Tired of standing at the door, the both of you moved the conversation to your living room, where you told him about your heartbreak.

You sat at one end of the couch in a little ball while Taehyung sat at the other end. “Ahhh… this is so embarrassing…” you sighed, rubbing your eyes and sniffed.

“Why are you embarrassed? These are your feelings. There’s nothing you should be embarrassed about.” Taehyung comforted.

You sighed once again, “ah… why did I have to fall for Yoongi? I should’ve just fallen for you instead. We’re practically married,” leaning your head against the leather cusion of the couch and giggled.

Only a corner of Taehyungs lips lifted, “that’s food for thought.” He leaned over and patted the closest limb he was able to reach, which was your foot, weird but it still felt comforting, “I don’t know what else to say but to move on–things like this happen. I don’t want to sound like a jerk and tell you this but it’s the truth,” he sighed, “and I don’t want you to keep bringing your hopes up for them to be suddenly broken down again.”

Taking a deep breath and rubbing your eyes before combing through your hair with your fingers, you looked at him, “aghhh, you’re right. I have to get over him…. and I’ll start by eating that food you brought–where it at?” you got off the couch and quickly walked to the table in the hallway where Taehyung left the bags.

Opening the bags, it felt as if the food itself was glowing and shinning on your face. Was there a choir of angels singing? Who knows but you could hear them loud and clear. All you could do was mischievously laugh to yourself, “oh, Taehyungie. You know me so well.” The bags were filled with all of your favorite snacks and drinks.

“I thought we could watch some movies and chill all day while eating junk food,” the owner of the low and husky voice popped in, watching you drool from the hallway.

You looked up at the direction it come from and smiled, “Taehyung, you have perfect timing.”


Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: Could you do an extended please where you find out that your pregnant so youre going to leave the joker. He walks in on you packing your things and he asks why you’re packing bc he knows you aren’t going on a vacation for a new more weeks. And you look at him and tell him your pregnant and hes excited but confused to why you’re leaving. Could you make it really comical and fluffy towards the end

Your name: submit What is this? 

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

Looking at the stick in front of you, you were starting to feel sick again. Of course, you weren’t sure whether it was actually the nerves or the morning sickness. It was official, you were pregnant. Instead of feeling joy and excitement, your thoughts were consumed by the possible reactions of your boyfriend. As far as you knew, the Joker had no plans whatsoever to start a family. Not now, not ever.
Luckily, Mr. J was still at the club, so you had a little time to think about what to do now. Even though the prospect of raising a child on your own scared you, it was the best idea you could come up with. The Joker wouldn’t want the baby, but, although you had only known about your pregnancy for a day, you already loved your baby. And the more you thought about, the prospect of becoming a mother made you feel happy.
You grabbed your suitcases from the back of the cupboard and began packing.

Completely engulfed into the task at hand, organizing your essentials, and packing them into the suitcases, you didn’t hear the door to the apartment unlock, nor the footsteps that followed. The sudden touch of your boyfriend’s arms wrapped around your waist from behind, made you jump lightly.

“J?! You’re home early.” You try to cover up the shocked tone in your voice, but it doesn’t sound too convincing. The Joker lets go of your waist, taking a few steps to the side, to look at you. “Well, I thought I’d surprise you by coming home early…”, he trails off, the half-packed bags catching his attention, “Kitten, what are you doing? Our vacation is still 3 weeks away.” 

“Ehm well, I thought I’d get started early.”, you chuckled nervously but of course, he wasn’t stupid. “Y/N, tell me what’s going on? Are you…are you leaving me?”, he asks, the hurt clear in his voice. 

Slowly you turn to face him, “Yes.”, you whisper, quickly wiping away that’s rolling down your cheek. “Why?”

“I’m pregnant.” There you said it. He probably would have no objections to you leaving now, right?

“That’s great news doll.”, he smiles brightly, and picks you up, spinning you around. You put your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself as he sets you back down gently. The Joker’s smile turns into a confused frown, apparently stumped by your lack of enthusiasm. “Doll, is everything alright? Is that why you were leaving? Because I feel like I’m more excited about this than you are?”, he asks, concern lacing his voice.

You look at him completely dumbfounded, “J, I-I thought you wouldn’t want to have a baby…”
“And where did you get that idea from?” You glance at his eyes, which are staring expectantly at you, then turn away, “I just thought, you know, it’s not really…your thing, or something…”
The Joker breaks out laughing, “My thing? Doll, you really have a way with words. You really shouldn’t overthink ‘things’ too much. You know, you could have just asked me if I wanted to have family.”

Mr. J can tell that you’re still a little shaken up by the whole situation, and walks towards you, wrapping you up in his arms, “Kitten, I know I don’t say it often, but I love you. And I’m sure this kid won’t be half bad either, I mean it’s 50% made of me, so, duh!” He grins, showing off his silver teeth, making you smile as well.

“So, you’re really not mad?”, you ask, double-checking whether he’s serious about wanting this baby. “Mad? No, just a little hurt that you’d leave without telling me but I think I have a big enough ego to handle that.”, he chuckles, “Although I wouldn’t object to you making it up to me somehow…” The Joker winks at you suggestively. 

“You are unbelievable!”, you say, shoving him playfully. “I know, it’s one of my best traits.”, he says proudly, before pulling you into a passionate kiss. 

When you finally part, you’re both slightly out of breath. “We’re really having a baby then.”, you whisper, leaning your forehead against his. “Yes, we are. Well, you are. I already did my part.”, he sticks out his tongue, to which you only reply by shaking your head.
“We were having a moment here, J. There I thought, I was only having one kid to raise.” Mr. J looks at you slightly offended, “Hey, that’s rude, kitten.” You grin at him, finally feeling more relaxed with everything. “I would say I’m sorry but I’m not, soo…”, you laugh, as he sits down on the edge of the bed, pouting.

“Just so you know, doll, J junior and I will be teaming up against you, no one likes a party-pooper.” - “A party-pooper? It’s really hard to believe that you are Gotham’s most feared ‘villain’.”
The Joker’s pout forms into a dark mischievously smile, “Then come over here, and I’ll prove to you how evil I can be.” 

Although you have no intention of going along with his play, you still move to stand in front of him. “I have a better idea. Your child and I are craving some pancakes, maybe you could make us some?” You smile at him, with a puppy-eyes look that he simply can’t resist. “Fine, if that’s what my kitten, and little J want.” He gets up, placing a kiss on the top of your head, and walks past you towards the kitchen. “Come along then. But just so we’re clear, I will not be waking up in the middle of the night to satisfy any of your weird future cravings.” “Whatever you say, love.”, you say smiling, knowing exactly that he most-definitely will be getting up. After all, you’re his queen, and he’d do anything to see you smile.

anonymous asked:

RFA + minor trio react to MC being a total party animal or just really hyper loool

Aww my first HC request. >\< I hope I did this well enough. Sorry that some are longer than others.. I’m probably going to go back and add on some more. My ask box is open so feel free to send whatever your heart desires! …

Party Animal/Hyper MC


•This poor boy, you wore him out so much.

•You would always plop yourself in his lap during his LOL matches and flash a smirk at him, while he grunted trying to push you off so he could focus.

  • “Let’s go out honey~” You would say.
  • “But we went out last night, and the night before that!” He whined.
  • So you simply crossed your arms over your chest and huffed. “I’ll just go by myself then..
  • Before you could storm off, he had grabbed your wrist and let out a groan. “Fine, we can go out. But let’s not stay too long, please? I have class tomorrow.”
  • He would literally do anything to make you happy, he’s too pure. Just make sure you give him all the cuddles he needs when you guys get home late that night~


•Loved how active and outgoing you were. It was a trait she admired about you and something she wished she had.

•I feel like she’d be able to keep up for a little while, not being able to say no to spending time with you.

•But would eventually burn out and explain there are nights where she simply can’t do it. She feels terrible about it but it’s the honest truth.

•So instead of going out into public, y'all just stay home and get turnt to broadway music lol. That was enough for the both of you as long as you were with each other.


  • Despite his hectic rehearsal schedule, Zen loved to go out! It gave him a chance to flaunt his looks when he wasn’t on stage.
  • Sometimes if you guys were out at a nightclub, you guys were the life of the party.
  • Just the ultimate couple tbh.
  • But there are times where he would rather just stay in with you.
  • Sometimes you guys would throw your own parties in your guy’s apartment with just you two. Playing Just Dance, doing karaoke, and stuffing your face with food.
  • You guys would even create your own little musicals.
  • He also loves to go out on a private date with just you and him, because the paparazzi can be too much sometimes. 
  • You two just always have fun together, whether you’re out in public or at home. He loves your energy.                                                                         


  • This CEO isn’t much of a partier, but he loves to travel with you. 
  • Questioned your sanity at first. “How is she always so..energetic?
  • Nevertheless, there would be some clubs he would go to you with, but would much rather enjoy the nightlife with you only.
  • Most of the time you would take him to fun “commoner” rollerskating, or a carnival!
  • He grew to actually really like rollerskating? I feel like he would be a pro at it, and just be gliding across the rink like it was nobody’s business lmao.
  • Oh, and when you introduced him to cat cafe’s.. his mind was blown and his heart was full.
  • I must open one up in Elizabeth’s name.. it could have rollerskating as well. I could develop rollerskates for cats so they could do it with the guests.
  • This guy loves you and loves exploring and trying new things out with you!!


  • This guy honestly loved to party as much as you did, when he wasn’t being a distant little shit.
  • Just like Zen, you two would be the center of attention I feel like. You both were just obnoxious and hyperactive.
  • Y’all usually caused a scene wherever you went because of your shenanigans. 
  • Once you guys got kicked out of Walmart for doing the floor is lava challenge and Seven jumped into the thing that holds all the bouncy balls sending them flying everywhere, while you jumped onto a stack on packaged toilet paper making the whole thing topple down.
  • Seriously guys what the fuck is wrong with you we can never take you anywhere without causing a mESS


  • The last party he went to he was fucking brainwashed.
  • This little guy would be so anxious oh GOD, please be gentle and go easy on him please.
  • Sometimes your hyper-ness would get on his nerves and he would give you one of his ~death~ glares in hopes to get you to stop. 
  • But you don’t and you just keep on rambling and being a weirdo.
  • How did I fall for someone like this she’s just like my brother if not even worse why do i do this to myself-
  • At the parties you did get him to go to, he would just sit in the corner with a dead face like the emo child he is.
  • A drink in one hand, a cigarette in the other as he watches you bust out ridiculous dance moves in front of him in an attempt to lighten his mood, but all you got was an exasperated sigh.
  • imissmyreligiouscult
  • When he’s had enough he would say “Let’s go.” in a blunt voice and if you refused he would pick you up and throw you over his shoulder and exit the building, ignoring all your complaints. 
  • To be honest, he would much rather just cuddle with you and talk about random shit.
  • He enjoys private intimate moments with you where everything is just calm because his life has been so hectic from day 1. 
  • He thought you were adorable and loved how full of life you were.
  • He would much rather just be in your arms or vice versa.
  • He would never admit that tho.
  • little btich


  • When you said that you liked to go out..he didn’t know you meant..nightclubs and wild parties. 
  • I really don’t think you guys would ever go out and party like that!! Maybe once in awhile but definitely not frequently.
  • And you would be perfectly fine with that because this guy is the love of your life alright.
  • Instead of going out, you guys would like to bicycle together! (THIS IS IF HE COULD SEE OK OMG IMAGINE V TRYING TO RIDE A BIKE IF HE WAS BLINDJKS)
  • You guys would bike around the park or to the zoo or whatever!
  • Have little picnics with each other beneath a cherry blossom tree and feed the geese in the lakes. Despite the sign that says DON’T FEED THE GEESE.
  • Would take many pictures of you and the scenery. 
  • You would also do mini photoshoots of him!! He always says he likes to capture art BUT YET HAS NEVER TAKEN A SINGLE PICTURE OF HIMSELF WTF
  • This dude loves to spend every second of his days with you, would often take you on his trips~


  • This guy wasn’t going out to no damn party where there would be drunk people, sweat and vomit everywhere ok. 
  • Only time he would go out is to get discounted cleaning supplies from Walgreens-
  • “Wait, what?”
  • “Bowling?”
  • “what is that wha t”
  • So you take him to a nice bowling hangout
  • Uh MC why do I have to change my shoes???? they don’t go with my leopard print. im not taking off my gloves either its not happening
  • omg shut up and just do it vanderbaby
  • he’s scoffing as he puts on the shoes, upset that it’s ruining his ~style~ 
  • “So..I have to slide this ball at the pins and knock them down?”
  • Can I pretend the pins are Seven?
  • After telling him yes he’s literally chucking the ball down the damn aisle
  • keeps his cool tho, pretends like it’s not even his fault, makes up excuses
  • “it’s rigged, they slicked the alley with some type of liquid so that’s why my balls keep missing.”
  • did u just say… my balls
  • “god MC shut up you act like you’re the best but honestly you suck just as much as i d-”
  • Gets super competitive suddenly, and eventually once he gets the hang of it he beats your ass then pretends like he wasn’t even phased
  • like no he wasn’t even trying man it was just natural, he didn’t become a special agent for nothing
  • like he would subtly rub his win in your face and console you like you were ACTUALLY upset 
  • it’s okay maybe next time honestly i wasn’t expecting to win im just as shocked as you, ya know
  • god vanderwood just shut up and take me home
  • anyways he doesn’t mind going out with you, he enjoys it actually but he wont admit that to you either 

anonymous asked:

Yo there! Long time fan here I check your blog every day! Can I make a scenario request for shinsou and kirishima (separate pls) talking with their crush and long time friend about taking their relationship to the next level? What kinds of nice things would they say if their crush is super scared of becoming more than friends because of past experiences. Sorry if its weird i got out of something serious recently and I'm really scared about finding love again. Thanks so much!

Yo lovely! =D And it’s not weird at all really. (if you didn’t want me to say anything to this just ignore what I wrote next) Take your time when it comes to relationships. Let yourself heal first if that is what you need, take your time and breathe, recenter yourself and see what it is that you want and need. It’s okay to take your time and to do things at your pace, to find someone who loves and respects you and lets you do things in your time. It’s also okay to take a bit of a risk if you want, to jump into the cold water and see if things work out. Do what feels right for you and don’t let anyone push you into something you’re not ready for. Take care lovely <3 Also, I very much hope I could write this soon enough and that you’re going to like it!


He carefully listens to his friend’s worries and they tell him a bit more about their past experiences.

“I…” They pause and their shoulder slump a bit. “I’m scared.”

Shinsou itches to reach out and take their hands into his, to reassure them and to make them look less sad and worried. Instead, he inhales and he resolves that he won’t touch them unless they’re going to invite or accept it. He’ll do his best to respect them and talk it out properly.

“I can’t decide those things for you.” He finally says and drags a hand through his hair. His crush looks up and he gives them a small shrug, his face serious. “You know how you feel and if you’re ready for something again or not.”

He swallows and glances aside. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed or sad, but…” He looks at them again. “I value you, as the person you are and as my friend. If you want to date me or not doesn’t mean we aren’t friends. I care about you, I like you and I like spending time with you.”

His friend sighs and they rub a hand over their face for a moment. “I would…the thing is, I want to try, I just…”

They break off and Shinsou thinks about it for a moment, before he slowly offers his hand, palm up.

“Then it will be your call. You want to try dating? Okay, we’re going to do it at your pace. I want you to feel like you can trust me and only you know what makes you feel that way.” He holds their gaze. “We only take the next steps when you’re ready, when we’re both ready. Be it dating or hand holding or anything else.”

His crush exhales quietly and slowly reaches out as well, their fingers brushing his. They still look torn though and bite their lip.

“And what if…what if I want to stop? What if it doesn’t work out?”

Shinsou gives their fingers a gentle, reassuring squeeze. “You want to stop, we stop. You think something isn’t okay, you can talk about it with me and we can see if we can fix it. I only ask you to be honest with me and to let me know how you feel.” He inhales silently. “I can’t be brave for you, but if you let me know what you need, I can be here for you. The rest is something you need to decide.”


There is a small frown between his eyebrows as he listens to his partner and he finds himself feeling secretly upset that someone treated them in a way that made them scared of getting into another relationship.

When his crush finishes, they look torn and sad and hurt and Kirishima has to fight down the urge to pull them into a hug and try to soothe their fear away. At the moment though, they need to talk this out to decide how they’re going to proceed, no matter how hard it is to sit still and not reach out.

“I love you.” Kirishima finds himself blurting out and then rubs a hand over his forehead. “And I love you as my friend too. I want you to, to feel safe with me. I want you to be able to trust me and to relax and have fun with me.”

He looks at them, his expression open and not hiding what he feels. “And you know what makes you feel like you can entrust yourself to someone else, so that would be your call. If you want to give me a chance, that is your decision. If you don’t want to, this is the last time I’ll bring this up and we can return to being friends.”

Kirishima inhales and finds himself nervously fiddling with his fingers. “This is all new to me, I don’t know what to do and I’ll do my best not to mess anything up. And if you decide I’m worth a shot, we’ll do it at your pace, okay?” He gives them a small, encouraging smile before he looks serious again. “I don’t ever want to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Or that you’re not ready for.”

His friend sucks in a shaky breath and they bite their lip for a moment. “I’m scared it’s going to end badly.”

Kirishima is quiet for a moment, trying to put his feelings and the jumble of thoughts in his brain into words.

“We don’t know that until we try it.” He finally says. “I know that I love you and that I don’t want to hurt you and if I ever do, you let me know and I’ll stop right away. And if you notice that this isn’t going to work out between us, I won’t be angry if you break it off.”

Swallowing, he offers his hand and when his crush slowly takes it, he finds his chest flowing with tentative, loving warmth. “I can’t make your decisions for you.” Kirishima says, his voice quiet now. “I can only be here for you and be honest and true to my words. The rest is up to you.”

Can’t I Be Both? (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

Warnings: cursing, fluff

Prompt: 36. “Can you just be my best friend right now and not the guy I just confessed my undying love to?”

A/N: Yes, I realize I made the same joke in another jared fic but I really love the smash joke okay?


“(Y/N), which game?”

You turned from the rack of video games to face Jared. He was holding up two games. One was Kirby: Planet Robobot, the other was Fire Emblem Echoes. You looked at the prices and debated.

“You’ve been wanting Fire Emblem for a long time.”

“Yeah, but there hasn’t been a Kirby game that wasn’t fun.”

“But I heard Echoes was really hard. So hard, not even you could beat it.”

“Yeah right. I’ll beat it. Just you wait.”

He put the Kirby game back in its spot and took Echoes up to the counter.


You sat in Jared’s car and buckled yourself in. It was Saturday afternoon and you were so happy you could spend it with the one and only Jared Kleinman.

He was a new friend that you made earlier this year, but you both realized it didn’t matter how long you knew each other. You both knew you were born to be friends. Just the way you two spoke to each other, the jokes, the memes, the intense competitions in video games made you fall in love with him. Hard. And very fast.

You can recall the exact moment you fell in love with him.


It was during Calculus and you were so bored listening to your teacher. Your teacher had sat you next to Jared at the beginning of the year, and you’ve been friends ever since.

You were confused on one of the problems of your worksheet. You looked to your right and realized Jared was finished. He was finished just after 10 minutes. This boy was really smart. You sighed and got his attention,

“How the fuck do I do this?”

He offered to just give you the answers, but you knew you would have to learn how to work out the problems for the upcoming test. He looked to the ceiling and groaned loudly,

“Why do I have to help you?”

“Because I will fail this class and I won’t get into Yale and I will never achieve my dreams and it will all be your fault.”

He rolled his eyes and slid your paper towards him. He took his pencil and made sure you were watching him. You soon found yourself from looking at the paper to looking at him.

You watched as he ran a hand through his hair and how hard he concentrated on the problem. His brow furrowed and every now and then he would look at you to make sure you were paying attention. He noticed you zoning out and he cleared his throat.

“Um, okay so then you’re going to- (Y/N)?”

He poked your shoulder and you didn’t move. This time he placed his hand over yours. You moved your gaze from his face to your hands. You couldn’t help the blush on your cheeks and how it became a little bit harder to breathe. You looked at him again and pulled your hand away.

“Sorry, I’m listening.”

He chuckled at you and you felt your heart skip a beat. God, his laugh was really adorable. His face was adorable. HE was adorable. You shook your head and watched him explain the problem. Not that you were listening the second time he explained it because all you could think about how warm and big his hand was. You really wanted him to do it again.


That was 3 months ago and the crush had only blossomed way beyond your control. You watched his hands on the wheel. You noticed how every now and again he would slightly grip the wheel and release it. You saw the veins in his wrist and you wonder how they would look on your body-

“(Y/N), you’re zoning out again. Are you sure you don’t have any form of ADD? You zone out a lot. I can’t even keep count at this point.”

“Shut up. The reason I zone out is because you’re so boring.”

He put a hand to his chest and feigned hurt on his face,

“I’m boring!? Me? Jared Kleinman? I think not.”

You caught sight of his hand again and you swallowed thickly.


You arrive at his house with his new Fire Emblem game, two boxes of pizza, two 2 liters of soda, and a shitload of candy. You and Jared were having your monthly sleepover party. You always had to convince your parents you were at Zoe’s studying. Good thing Zoe is a really good friend and will lie to your parents for you.

Zoe always insisted you had a crush on Jared, even though you did, you still denied it. You can’t have a crush on your best friend. Crushes on best friends never worked out. You tried to push your feelings towards him away. You were hoping that the feelings would eventually just fade away.

Oh boy were you wrong.

As soon as you sat on the floor of Jared’s room, you felt so at home. His room smelled just like him and it intoxicated you. You were also aware of how close he sat next to you. He handed you a controller and you felt his fingers brush yours briefly.

You were blushing again. Except this time, he noticed.

“Are you hot?”

“I like to think so.”

He rolled his eyes and stood up to turn his ceiling fan on. He mumbled to himself,

“I like to think so, too.”


He sat back down, but you could’ve sworn, he sat closer this time. Your knees were touching.

“I said you’re going down.”

“That is definitely not what you said.”

“Shut up.”


You drop your controller in triumph. Jared rubbed his eyes and was pouting.

“I let you win.”

“Yeah right! Is that a tear in your eye, Kleinman? Oh man! I can’t wait until monday, then I can proclaim to everyone that I beat you at your own game.”

He stood up.

“You better watch your words, (Y/N).”

You ignored the flip in your stomach and challenged him. You stood up and took a step. You were so close to him, your noses were almost touching.

“Or what?”

Just then, he picked you up and threw you on his bed. He hovered over you and you tried to sink into the bed. You locked eyes with him and you swore you saw him glance at your lips. But before you could say anything, he started to tickle you.

His hands ran up and down your sides and you couldn’t stop laughing. You desperately tried to push him away, but to no avail.


He kept tickling and you kept laughing. After your face had gone completely red, Jared lifted himself off of you and laid next to you. He propped himself up on his left arm and watched you regain your breath. He was smiling at you.

You wiped a tear from your eye. You stared back at him and sat up. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it. You watched him fiddle with the sheets and you saw his hands again. You bit your lip and looked at his face.

Neither of you were saying anything. You were both just enjoying the silence. Just then Jared laid down on his back and closed his eyes. He seemed content. You watched the rise and fall of his chest. You couldn’t help how cute and peaceful he was.

Before you could stop yourself, your lips touched his. He snapped open his eyes and pulled away from you. He quickly pulled up into a sitting position and stared at you with wide eyes.

“Shit- I-I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.”

“W-why did you do that?”

You were embarrassed. You definitely weirded him out and now he isn’t going to want to be your friend after this.

“I… I just really like you… like a lot. I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad…”

He moved from the bed and towards his window. You didn’t want to lose Jared as a friend. You saw the controller on the ground and moved towards it. He was facing away from you and was looking out his window.


He turned around and saw you sitting on the floor, holding his controller out towards him. You didn’t make eye contact. Instead, you just stared at your lap.

“Then, can you just be my best friend right now and not the guy I just confessed my undying love to? We can just forget this ever happened and go back to normal.”

“Can’t I be both?”

You looked up at him in confusion. He sat down in front of you.

“(Y/N), I’m not the emotional type. I don’t always express the way I feel emotionally to other people. I’ve liked you since that day in Calculus when you asked for my help and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since. You are just everything I could’ve ever dreamed of, but I didn’t want to lose you as a friend. I never said anything because I know I will never be good enough for you.”

You put your hand on top of his and smiled. You cupped his cheek and he made eye contact with you.

“Jared, you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.”

He crashed his lips with yours. It was rough and passionate. You sank into the kiss and grabbed a nearby controller. You pulled away.

“Wanna do a round of smash.”

Jared looked at the controller and back to you. You saw a smirk form on his lips.

“Hell yeah. I would love to smash. And I’m not talking about the game.”

You giggled and he kissed you again. You didn’t really get around to much more video game time, but you were more than okay with that. You were glad that you had one night each month to spend with your, now, boyfriend Jared Kleinman.

Man, were you thankful for traditions.

anonymous asked:

What if yurio , phitchit and victor were texting there crush and there crush said something really cute or a really cute selfie and they just got completely flustered and just mt and don't respond so someone replys to there crush for them because they haven't sent anything back in like ten minutes and the person who responds basically just embarrasses them more by saying that they got really flustered (sorry if this doesn't make sense

Ah, it’s been such a hectic week what with it being the beginning of a new semester, but I’ve been feeling so down, and this is so cute, I really just have to do this. I’ll do my best, darling, I think I get the gist of it!

-’yuri!!! yuri, im @ the pet shelter atm and there’s this wonderful grouchy kitty that reminds me of u look look look’
-You ruthless cutie you
-Yurio already can’t handle you
-He was just texting you during his break, with a small serene smile on his face
-Just leanin against the railing of the rink, doing some leg exercises
-The creases between his eyebrows are practically non-existent, you make him so happy
-It’s the sweetest thing
-But the minute you send that text, he stands up straight as if he’s been whipped across the back
-Oh no
-Yuri looks over his phone to see Mila, smiling sllyly down at him
-”Who are you texting, Yuriii?” she croons
-he tries to ignore her, hunches his shoulders and is just about to message you back when you send a selfie
-holy shit if you didn’t kill him before, then you damn well did now
-There you were, a big delighted smile on your face, with the most crotchety looking cat on your lap, leaning against your hand that was petting it’s head
-Yuri wheezes, this boi literally fuckin WHEEZES, and leans over, clutching his chest
-he’s like the old man meme

-that one
-Mila blinks, chuckling, before taking his phone in his weakened state to see what’s gotten him in such a ti-
-oh my god
-Even she’s enraptured in the fucking ADORABLENESS that your selfie is
-meanwhile you’re waiting eagerly for your boyfriend’s reply, which… is taking a while….
-A half hour damn near passes before you get a text
-”Hi, Y/N, this is Georgi. I must say your selfie is very sweet and cute. I can’t handle it, but you know, Yuri is the one who can’t handle it the most. He’s currently wailing with Mila over how adorable you are! Haha.”
-fucker is the only one trying to keep his cool, bc honestly, he’s crying too
-you lethal weapon
-yuri later tells you he killed georgi for embarrassing him he didnt he just poured his coffee on his new scarf

-You’re always snapchatting Phichit about one thing or another
-You don’t usually use your face, rather, you just take photos of the thing you’re doing at the time
-But Phichit loves you and your cute face!!! He could kiss it all day!!!
-Anywho, he’s out with Yuuri, and while his friend is looking through ice skating magazines, Phichit’s checking through his notifs
-And he sees you’ve replied to his snap!!
-He asks Yuuri if he wants to be in a selfie with him and of course Yuuri knowing Phichit, he didn’t have much a choice
-So Phichit taps the notif, and goes to your chat
-Opens your snap, la dee d-
-Ooooooooooohhhhhh myyyyy gooooo-
-He blinks, and screams when the counter goes out, this boy literally fucking SCREAMS, HE SCREECHES
-It’s you, holding up a hamster cookie, with the biggest smile on your face, looking so proud
-The caption read ‘Just cooked up a batch for u, look how good it looks?!’
-Phichit is leaning against Yuuri, who’s also seen the snap
-”Aaaw, how cute!” He says
-Phichit grabs his friend by the shoulders
-”Yuuri.” He says in the most grave tone Yuuri’s ever heard, “That wasn’t just “cute.” Let me tell you a thing or two over just how precious my s/o is.”
-He literally goes on a goddamn tangent
-And Yuuri thought HE was obsessed with Viktor, CHRIST, PHICHIT
-It’s like he was saving this speech over how adorable you are for this specific moment
-Yuuri’s listening to him, smiling and humoring him
-Phichit replays the snap, screenshotting it before just waving it in front of Yuuri, looking so happy
-But Yuuri’s tired now, a fucking HOUR passed, and you only have a notif that Phichit screenshot your pic
-This boi fuckin snatches the phone from your boyfriend, and before he can react, texts
-”Y/N, your cookies look gr8! This is Yuuri btw, sorry for the delay in reply, but Phichit went on a speech over how cute u are! Lol pls tell him to stop, ppl are staring.”

-Viktor’s always been passionate about how cute you are
-He squishes your cheeks, kisses your nose, gives you eskimo-kisses, blows raspberries on your tummy, nuzzles you CONSTANTLY when he gets overwhelmed, he just adores you
-Viktor Nikiforov is entirey infatuated you, it’s adorable in itself
-So he’s just texting you, when he SHOULD be practicing with Yuri, because… th… that’s his goddamn job…. Viktor,…. you fuck…..
-Yuri’s shouting at him and of course, this guy is clearly ignoring him, giggling to himself as he chats with you
-’lolololol Y/N, when will u get here???? it’s nearly lunch time!!! i miss uuuu~’
-’im on my way!!!! u should be practicing, geez’
-Fuckin Viktor chuckles, and does a little footwork,then checks his phone OOOOH GREAT JOB HOTSHOT
-He skids to a halt after that
-Viktor speeds his way towards Yuri which autmoatically makes him regret speaking because now he’s gonna go off about you
-Instead, much to Yuri’s surprise, he’s… actually kinda quiet
-It’s weird
-His eyes are wide, and practically glimmering
-Viktor’s cheeks are normally at least a little rosy due to the chilly temperature, but now, they’re a bright jolly red color
-One hand is covering his mouth, as if in shock, and now Yuri’s a little unnerved
-”What the fuck do you want.” He grumbled, a little off-put
-Viktor slowly holds up his phone to show Yuri a photo of you, posing in front of a poster of Viktor that was apparantly up nearby the ice rink
-You have the back of your hand on your forehead dramatically, but you’ve got a clear mixture of pride, love and amusement on your face as you grin
-Beneath that was a text, saying “Can’t believe my beautiful boyfriend is actually made out of paper…….”
-Yuri blinks, and grunts
-He’ll admit, it was pretty cute, but he didn’t really…. give a shit…..
-He looks up and sees Viktor’s cheeks pulled up in a smile behind his hand
-It takes at least an hour and a half when you get a response and it’s from Yuri
-’hey this is yuri can u maybe pls take ur shitty boyfriend away so i can be at peace’
-Thanks yuri

Accidentally On Purpose (What Happens in Vegas?)

Pairing: Michael J./Reader
Warnings: Swearing, hangovers, varying states of undress, nothing bad or explicit, there’s some confusion and wtf??? but it’s all good and happy in the end I promise (PG-13? I guess? How do I determine ratings)
Word Count: 4,925
A/N: Aaaaaand now for something completely different. Hi everyone!
This is a Vegas trip AU, and, like everything else I do, is 100% because of @chefgeofframsay. Also, it features “I don’t know how to title things and Petrichor was a mistake because typically I’m super fucking bad at titling things” so I apologize for the title. If you have an idea for a better one, pls let me know 
I take prompts/requests now! (see here for details).
Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

You woke up slowly, to a pounding headache.

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Steve Harrington Analysis

Or, in other words, all the little under-appreciated and overlooked things that Steve did that prove he’s already a better person than the “rich, popular, playboy” stereotype makes him out to be even before his redemption arc (plus those aspects, too).

Note: This in no way is meant to drag down any other characters (except for Tommy and Carol they can choke but I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement on that). I love Jonathan so so much and if anything said about him in here sounds offensive, it was not my intention. He, like Steve, is still growing and maturing so they’re both bound to make mistakes along the way (which they both have). This analysis is just to simply highlight some of Steve’s moments that show he isn’t just a one-dimensional character since some people in this fandom dislike him and only focus on his negatives. Ok, anyway, here we go… 

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ride :: a. jensen

summary: you hadn’t seen your girlfriend for a while due to the fact that she’s been acting weird and distant lately but one night she decides to make it up to you.

warnings: smut duh, oral [girl on girl], fingering, thigh riding bc damn and orgasm denial bc audrey’s a sneaky hoe

note: this is my first time writing smut so bare with me pls :-) and there may be typos also my writing isn’t that good [heres another lame excuse, english isn’t my first language]

“Hey, i miss you. I haven’t seen you in, well, a long time I would say since you know, you’ve been kind of distant. I don’t know if you’ll even hear this but I just wanted to ask how you were and if maybe we could do something together. Only if you’re not busy.” I said into the phone, letting out a breath that I didn’t even know I was holding.

 I had called Audrey, hoping that she would pick up, but as always it went straight to voicemail.

Putting my phone down on my bedside table I laid down on my bed. It wasn’t comfortable at all ever. Not having Audrey with me made it feel empty and cold. But it was also the only place I wanted to be at right now.

Suddenly I felt something hot and wet on my cheek. A tear. I had started crying. At first they were just small tears but later on I started full on sobbing. Anger and worry were going through me. That’s all I had been feeling for the last few days.

I was angry because Audrey wouldn’t talk to me, she wouldn’t explain were she was going or what she was doing.

I was worried because for all i know there could be another killer out there. Ever since Noah mentioned an accomplice, that’s all I could think about.

I just didn’t want anything to happen to her. I couldn’t be able to live with the thought of her being dead and the fact that I couldn’t save her.

My head started aching and I decided to go to sleep, but my nap didn’t last long. Maybe twenty minutes. A soft tap on my window had woken me up.

Groaning I stood up. The sunlight blocking my eyes as I walked over to the window to check who or what could have caused the noise that woke me up from my sleep. Also the only sleep I had had this week. I guess i just finally lost my energy to stay awake or care.

I opened the window and there she was. Audrey.

I was happy and of course angry at the same time.

She had an apologetic and slightly sad smile on her face “Hey princess,” she said, her voice deep and slightly raspy “I got your voicemail.”

I didn’t know what to say. Was this real. Was she actually standing there or was this a dream.

Feeling like my conscious was just trying to mock me because of my weakened state I just stood there. Not knowing what to do.

Until she spoke up again “Look, I’m sorry. I know what no mater how many times I’ll say that, it won’t be enough. But I miss you and I just want to spent some time with you.”

Finally I said something, but I don’t think that that’s what she wanted to hear “Audrey, what are you doing here. It’s three fucking am” she could hear the anger and pain in my voice.

I love her and she knows that but she just can’t not talk to me for a whole week and then wake me up in the middle of the night. Pretending as if nothing happened.

But, oh how much I had missed her. I missed seeing her, hearing her voice, feeling her hands on my skin. I missed having her body above me. I missed making love to her. I just missed her.

And that’s what made say something that she probably didn’t expect due to the fact that I was mad at her. She knew how I was when I was angry. I would ignore her until one of us apologized, but this time it was different. I craved her touch and I needed her so badly.

“Climb up” I said, now sounding a bit more calmed down.

A wide smile spread on her face and there was this slight shine in her beautiful green eyes. She walked over to the vine that was next to my window. Finally she reached the top and I helped her come in.

Without hesitation I embraced her small figure. She put her head in the nape of my neck and I did the same thing. I just wanted to smell her. I missed this smell. The one that could easily put me to sleep.

“I missed you so much princess,” she whispered in my ear. Her voice cracking at the end.

I just stood there. Silent. With her in my arms. I never wanted this moment to end but Audrey pulled away making me think that our hug ended until she pressed her soft lips against mine. Now holding me closer than before.

Oh how I had missed her lips and kissing them. They fit perfectly on mine. Everything did. Our hands. Her head on my chest and how I could rest my chin on in whenever we hugged. We were like a puzzle.

The kiss got a little heated and she picked me up. Her hands below my butt as she was holding me by the back of my thighs.

I wrapped my legs around her waist as tight as I could. Too scared to let go, afraid that I would loser her.

Audrey brought us over to my bed and laid me down. She climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck. Some were soft, like she was scared that if she did it too hard I’d break. But some were the complete opposite. They were harsh and I would definitely have lots of dark purple hickeys on those spots.

She continued on planting wet kisses on my jawline and behind my ear as she went down a little further. Now biting the skin and on the space that was between my boobs.

“Audrey” I moaned quietly which made her let out a groan. Both of us were still wearing clothes and I didn’t like that. At all.

I gripped the hem of her red cropped sweater “Take it off baby.” She did as she was told, along with the tank top she was wearing underneath. She also did the same thing with me. Audrey was wearing a black lace bra and me, well I wasn’t weren’t anything. My chest now fully exposed to her.

“Fuck,” she whispered and immediately cupped my right boob as she started playing with my nipple on the other one. Twisting it between her rough fingers.

I let out another moan but this one was louder than the last one.

She started sucking on the sensitive nub “I missed your body so much princess. Pleasuring it and hearing you moan” Audrey whispered.

“Me too,” i replied with a weak smile.

She started going lower until she reached the hem of my pajama shorts. Putting her fingers underneath the waistband and pulling them down in a slow and torturing way. I wanted to say something but i couldn’t. My voice had been trapped inside my throat.

When she finally pulled them all the way down she threw them somewhere, not caring where they had landed.

Audrey then placed a kiss on clothed clit, sending intense pleasure through my veins by just that one simple gesture.

“Fuck princess you’re so wet,” she said as I grabbed her hair with one hand and the other one pulled my blanket between it.

She pushed my underwear to the side and flicked her tongue over my clit “Fuck, babe don’t tease me,” I breathed out.

Audrey then took it into her mouth and started sucking on it as I pushed myself against her head while arching my back and slightly lifting my hips. One of her hands gripped the right side of my waist and pushed it down. The fingers of her left hand in between my folds, pushing one finger in.

By now I was a moaning mess. Screaming her name and she did the same. Letting out a throaty groan which sent vibrations to my pussy “F-f-fuck audrey, that feels so good,” I could feel her smirking against me.

She put another finger in, curling them inside of me. Going deep as she was looking for my g-spot. When she finally found it I squealed. Immediately slapping a hand over my mouth trying to quiet down my loud moans.

My reaction made her put another finger in and she started thrusting them in. Going faster every second.

I was on the verge of my orgasm and she knew because I started pulling on her hair which I always did when I was about to reach my high.

But before it happened she pulled her fingers out, smirking at me while she put one finger at a time in her mouth. Licking my wetness of off them “You taste so good princess. I missed that so fucking much.”

“You did not just do that jensen.”

Her grin growing wider, if that was even possible “Oh, but i did.”

“Fuck you,” I whispered back to her.

“No, because you’re about to do that.”

For a second I was confused and she noticed “I want you to ride my thigh princess.“

She didn’t have to tell me twice. Immediately I grabbed audrey by her shoulders and pushed her down on my bed as she sat up and leaned against the headboard.

“I think you’ll have to take this off,” I whispered while i put her earlobe between my teeth and slightly pulled it.

“Fuck [Y/N], if only you knew how much love it when you get like this.” She said while looking me in straight into my eyes.

This time it was my turn to smirk as I put my hands behind her back, unclasping her bra. I did the same thing with the straps that she did with my shorts.

“[Y/N] baby, Is this some kind of payback?”

I leaned my head down and sucked on her bottom lip “maybe.”

“Well, I deserve it.”

I ignored her and started sucking on her neck leaving love bites on it as I unbuttoned her jeans. I pulled them down, which was kinda hard since she always wore super tight ones. But she helped me by lifting her waist up. My mouth went to her left breast as I took her nub in between my lips and I started sucking on it until i pulled and released it.

When they her jeans were finally off I placed my bare wetness on her thigh and started grinding on it. My eyes went to the back of my head as I closed them shut. Resting my forehead against Audrey’s. She put her lips on mine and kissed me as hard as she could. She placed her hands on my hips, pressing her thumb into the sides. Definitely leaving bruises. She started rocking them back and forth as I moaned into her mouth “A-aud,” I tried saying her name but I couldn’t. The pleasure taking control of me and my voice.

This felt so good but I was the only one being pleasured which wasn’t fair, so I put my hand inside her underwear and on her clit. Rubbing two fingers in a finger eight motion, slowly but hard.

“O-o-h my f-fucking god, fuck princess,” she moaned as one hand left my waist and went behind my back. Pushing me further into her and starting to leave scratches on my back.

I pushed two fingers into her, which was easy due to the fact that she was wet. Wetter than all the other times we had had sex. Going as deep as I could I looked for her g-spot and when she let out a scream I knew that I had found it.

“Audrey babe, I’m so fucking close,” I managed to say which was a surprise.

She kissed me again “Me too princess, count with me.”

“One,” we said in unison as I pulled my fingers out and thrusted them in deeper than before.

“Two,” she pushed me further down, pleasure running through me and it felt like electricity.

“Three,” we both screamed as we finally reached our high.

It felt like an explosion inside of my. A burst of butterflies. This was the best and most intense orgasm both of us probably had.

I got off her thigh as she laid both of us down. Taking me in a tight embrace.

We just laid there, no one saying anything. The room was silent. But the comfortable kind of silent. The kind of silent where you just enjoy each other’s presence.

Suddenly the silence was broken by Audrey “I love you [Y/N]. I love you so so much,” her voice was soft and quiet. It was so comforting.

“And I love you,” I said as we then both fell asleep.

being best friends w/ kenma kozume
  • okay so y’all know this boy’s quiet and doesn’t like talkin to people
  • so he plays his 3DS between classes and at lunch or whatever, and during lunch he always connects to Mii Plaza™ to get those puzzle pieces
  • but like, every time he logs on there’s always one person logging on the same time he is and like that’s always one puzzle piece he can count on
  • and since they’ve met so many time you can send those personalized messages, and they either compliment him or send mEMES
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,????
  • who dis??????
  • the reason he doesn’t know who is because they have it as a nickname!! 
  • bc who uses their real name on internet connected mii’s c’mon y’all,,,,,,
  • so eventually he goes on a lowkey hunt bc who can be the kind meme
  • he really, really wants to meet them bc they seem so unique???
  • like wow
  • a chill internet meme 
  • #amazing
  • but seriously lowkey hunts
  • because he’s gotta conserve his social energy for volleyball because the kids on that team are wILD
  • then after volleyball one day he sees you with a 3DS walking out of the school and wHIPS OUT HIS DS
  • he looks at the mii
  • then at you
  • then at the mii again
  • and he’s just like,,,,, “it’s them”
  • kuroo overhears kenma mumbling to himself and he looks at the mii and then at you and he’s like,,, “go to them, my child”
  • but kenma doesn’t know how to approach you so nO
  • so kuroo just grunts and starts walking towards you and kenma’s just like “stOP pleasE kuRoO DON’T-”
  • kuroo starts talking to you and let’s be real you’re kinda intimidated because he tol and he’s got a resting w*tch face 
  • you just bLAST your ds behind your back because hashtag closet gamer 
  • he introduces himself and he’s not that scary but you’re like wow a person approached me out of no where?????
  • caught ya off guard yikes
  • now you kinda hAVe to introduce yourself because it would be pretty rude not to but then you kinda screw it up because you’re still confused about this situation??????
  • “oh,,,,,, hey-o i’m (Y/N) but like people call me by this weird nickname most ofthetimeandimeaniguessigobymyrealnamebutnotreallycallmewhatever—”
  • “but,,,um,,,,,,,,i’m (Y/N)”
  • and it’s like he ignored your weird speech about your name because he just smiles and says nice to meet you
  • “so my friend over there thinks you’re (nickname) from the Mii Town™ or something,,,,,”
  • “it’s actually Mii Plaza™”
  • “so are you them or–”
  • “i meme i guess”
  • “oh my god it is you”
  • you just kinda shrug and it’s lowkey cocky because you know your memes are top quality
  • “but for real, please meet my friend. he always slips in this on Mii - which i guess is you - on everyone one of our conversations,,, ‘oh, (nickname) messaged me something similar yesterday’ ‘would (nickname) do that, ah if i ever met them irl i’d probably intimidated…’ ‘you’re coughing? wash your hands, (nickname) told me that they got sick, a bug must be going around. i hope they’re feeling better.” 
  • and you’re just really amazed because a person that you’ve never met in real life wANtS to mEet YoU and cARes aBouT YOU. 
  • so you’re just like,,,,,, “please let me meet the soft floof.”
  • and you can’t believe yourself because you just said ‘soft floof’ out loud.
  • you don’t even try to cover it up because they’re gonna have to know your #trupersonality sooner or later
  • before you know it you’re walking over to kenma and soon realize this is a bAD IDEA BECAUSE HOW DO YOU COMMUNICATE
  • y’all just stand there for a while until you start to introduce yourself and you screw up agaIN
  • “hey,,,,,,,,,,so i’m applepi – wAIT NO I MEaNt– you – you are applepi,,,,,,,uh anyway my name’s (nickname) AKA (Y/N) — hOld on nO my nAME iS (Y/N) and my alias is (nickname)”
  • and at this point you’ve kind of just accepted your fate 
  • right as you were about to blast your ds pinged???? and you’re like “sorry gotta check this, this could be vvv important
  • and it was a friend request from applepi!!!!!
  • a smile immediately forms on your face because you thought that you donked up so hard just a moment ago 
  • after a while kuroo kinda just leaves and you two are sitting under a tree messaging each other through your ds’s talking about the newest video game releases, sometimes you would draw something for your response and it would be so fricking c*rny that you would hear kenma chORTLE 
  • when y’all were done talking and had to go your separate ways and you were home, staring at the ceiling and suddenly you were just like,,,,”dat boi,,,,,,he was kind,,,,,,i wanna be super friends w him.
  • EVENTUALLY y’all would open up more to each other and start talking irl (though you guys still talked through ds bc why not?) 
  • it was a long process but you guys eventually started hanging out after school hours. 
  • sometimes you would wait for him after his practice just so you two could have a break from studying and school and stress and sports by going to a coffee shop y’all found a lil while back 
  • y’all would get your favorite drinks and just kind of enjoy each other’s presence and play animal crossing so y’all could exchange furniture and clothes and just have a dandy time
  • but one time you were so caught up in beating this one boss in Rune Factory 4™ (if you’ve never played it, pls play it, it’s a vv nice game n you can date cute boys n girls and fight and farm and it’s pretty #notspons) and kenma just wanted to trade and visit your town in animal crossing but you were like “not until i beat this boss i nEed to accomplish this. this is my one goal in life right now”
  • you eventually get frustrated, and passive aggressively shut the device like nope, and you just sigh and take a sip of your drink
  • and he just sighs and takes ur ds and beats the boss with complete ease and you see the defeated sign pop up 
  • you look at him,
  • then back at the ds
  • then back at him
  • “you, my friend, are a god”
  • “the boss wasn’t that hard-”
  • “listen, i never said i was good at video games”
  • “are you gonna try and beat it by yourself when you get home?”
  • “bingo.”
  • and he smiles that smol smile of his because you’re such a dO R K
  • if there’s any disagreement between you two, honestly y’all wouldn’t get into a full fledged fight, y’all would talk it out 
  • but let’s be honest
  • you guys wouldn’t get into real fights
  • the most fighting you would do would be you probably calling ‘hacks’ on him for being a better Pokemon™ trainer
  • when you’re sad or down, let’s be real, kenma wouldn’t really know how to handle it, so he’d do his best to make you feel better by offering to bring over junk food and your fave movies 
  • he’d also offer to listen about what’s going on in your life, and if you decided not to tell him, he wouldn’t pry, he would respect your privacy and ask if there’s anything else he could do
  • y’all would have a nice time when you were feeling down and you would fall asleep on the couch he’d look away from the movie to see you sleeping (snoring or not)
  • and his heart would go doki doki
  • “shoot, i’m In Love™ with them”
  • after that things wouldn’t be real awkward because kenma know’s how to #hidehisfeelings but of course, a thing or two would slip out, and he wouldn’t even add like “because you’re my friend”
  • and of course blush on occasion
  • overall, y’all are gr8 chill friends (and potential partners ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) who enjoy each other’s presence, play ds together, and meme together
  • you know what they say; friends who meme together, stay together
  • but he would lowkey meme and roaS T you at the perfect time 

(a/n): i regret nothing. i was gonna add more but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-admeme jin


A/N: This is a little thank you to the Inuyasha fandom for being so kind and awesome and loving, and also all of my (108) followers, who are just as kind and sweet and wonderful, thank you for my first milestone on this blog. ;____; I thought this would just a little ficlet, but as far as my thoughts have gone…. It’s going to need a lil more than that. *winks*

As Sun always says, HAPPY READING!

Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome

Rating: PG

Genre: Romantic / Comedy

Words: 1,281

Eighteen… nineteen… twenty!

“Ready or not here I come!”

Her hair blew in the direction of the wind as the fallen leaves followed its course. Her footsteps were heavy, yet gentle - slowly and quietly dominating all of the forgotten leaves. 

“Hmmm, where could he be?” she pondered as she lifted her little finger on top of her chin and beat on it like a drum. She continued her walking; looking through the peepholes in the neighbors’ fences and sneaking up quietly behind the neighbors’ dogs.

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