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can u post the font you used on this? pls pls pls pls /post/150929298912

font psd // post
(colouring psd) / font settings

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Hello, how are you doing? With the end of the semester almost here I´m drowning in papers to write and I am sick of arial 11 I can´t even. I was wondering, what is your fav font for academic papers? I´ve been using times new roman and century schoolbook lately so if you could give me some suggestions that are kinda like those I´d appreciate it. Take care~ PD: I feel like Amy Santiago (B99) talking about fonts xD Sorry for the weird question.

Hi there lovely! It’s not a weird question at all! It can feel repetitive to use the same font over and over in your papers. I personally always use Times New Roman, because it’s what my university requires. I like how clean it looks :)

To answer your question, Times New Roman and Century Schoolbook are serif fonts, so here are some of my favourite alternatives:

I hope that helps! xx


Name: Izaya Orihara  (折原 臨也, Orihara Izaya)
Birth date: 4th of May
Occupation: Informant
Likes: Humans.
Dislikes: Shizuo Heiwajima, eyes of dead fish
Hobbies: Wreaking havoc in the shadows, people watching, teasing Shizuo Heiwajima

~The great Izaya Orihara is 21, forever~

Happy birthday, my precious problematic favourite!~ <3


JSAMN Character-a-Day Week  → 14th September: Emma Wintertowne

“She advised me last week that the Government ought not to send money and troops to the King of Sweden – which is what we have decided – but instead to lend our support to the Governments of Portugal and Spain and make these countries the bases of our operations against Buonaparte. At nineteen, to have thought so deeply upon all manner of things and to have come to so many conclusions about them! At nineteen, to contradict all the Government so boldly! Of course I told her that she ought to be in Parliament!“