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So, looking through the Day and Night AU by @beanpots, I don’t see a lot of Yuri(o) and Phichit? Well, you know, why not do some myself? Since I did Viktor and Yuuri already, the other precious babies need time to shine! They’re a little less fancy cuz well, they technically aren’t as powerful, right?? Dawn and Dusk really have a similar set of colours though…Also I can’t draw people facing the left properly I cry I’m sorry Phichit!


HU + Text Posts Part 1/?

I was inspired by @dillywhatsgood (also congrats on 300 bby)

Yona ch.132 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 132 “The Five Stars” summary with pics - sorry for the wait!

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it’s been a while since i’ve done a new redbubble shirt design, and quite a few people have been suggesting this one!

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All my ocs big post

I have… A LOT OF OCS. So this is super long, sorry but this is the only way for everyone. I’ve also edited a bunch of stuff because I needed to update it a little bit.

Bug twins:

Renee- Renee is a kind, shy girl with a dark secret. When she and her brother were born, someone cast a curse on them to have them transform into monstrous buglike creatures. She has more control over her transforming and is able to go out into the public, although she still gets some stares because she’s, pardon the pun, rather bug-eyed, almost like she’s fighting to keep her eyes open. There is no way to break this curse, so the two just live with it.


B- Renee’s twin brother, he suffers the same curse as her, but his form is a little bit different from hers. He’s the more aggressive of the two and is very protective of his sister, as she’s all he has. However, if someone is kind to him, he will show kindness in return. He hasn’t handled the curse as well as Renee has, and tends to transform more often than her. For this reason he’s a bit of a shut-in and hides in their makeshift home.


Starling- my super-heroine oc. She has probably been on here the most regarding ocs, second only to Waste. She can fly, is super strong, can project physical shields, and can absorb the power of others for a short amount of time (which I decided only after making the different outfit style things.) She is a very calm person, only resorting to actual violence when the person she is fighting does not comply. Her main enemy, and later her main ally, is Waste.


Waste- Waste is an antihero of sorts who just wants to fix what has been done to him. He was in a lab accident, giving him his appearance. His hair is liquid, and very toxic. His breath is also a toxic gas, so he wears a face mask. He can control people who accidentally get some of his toxic hair on them. He is surprisingly nonviolent most of the time, only trying to find money so he can get equipment to fix his current condition.


Gentiana (Genny)- my weird puppet girl oc. I don’t really know where I came up with the idea of this. She used to be a ragdoll, but button eyes are difficult to use for emotions. She is a wanderer, and travels the world, mostly forests. She is a quiet and kind character. And incredibly happy all the time. Her name is based off the flower the gentian, which is also referred to as “gentiana.”


Ganella Goose- a lovely goose with a fun fashion sense, Ganella is the character I intend on making into a legitimate character for children’s books. She has her own little family that center around her stories. She’s based off a plastic goose my grandmother owned, and her personality is based off my grandmother. She is a loving character, who loves telling fun stories about her family.


Zonta Reid- my namesake and one of my first ocs. Zonta is a small hotheaded girl who has trouble with her emotions. She has the ability of telekinesis and has a hard time trying to control it, which doesn’t help with her unstable emotions. She has a crush on Markus, another oc that’s technically mine but is also part of the story Izy and I work on. Zonta is horrible about dealing with crushes, and usually acts a bit hostile toward the object of her affection. She usually feels bad later but is too proud to apologize. She’s also very self conscious about her appearance, and goes to great lengths to make sure she looks decent. She lives with her mother, and is an only child. She never knew her father.


Markus Jenks- A tall, quiet guy, Markus is, at first glance, a bit of a loner. This is actually the opposite. He has a large family, and he’s got quite a few friends himself, Zonta being one of them. He doesn’t brush his hair, and is almost the opposite of Zonta in that he could care less what he looks like. Unless Izy and I decide to change it, Markus has the ability of telepathy.


Ember- She used to be an Undertale oc I made forever ago. She’s small and hotheaded as well, but she’s a fire monster, so it kinda makes sense. Her best friend is my friend Arin’s oc Cal. I believe we also decided they were roommates.


Thistle- she’s purple, I made her randomly a long time ago to show my sister and she just kind of stuck. Chose the name Thistle because it’s a cute name and her color is similar to a thistle.


Trixie- I made this character way back in middle school because I wanted to show off to my dad. He really liked the character, and now I usually end up drawing her when I go to his house. Her name rhymes with nixie, that’s why I chose it. And it’s a cute name.


Esther- I created this character by complete accident. She was originally for something else, and I decided I liked the design. I haven’t done much with her since then, but she’s there. Chose the name Esther because it’s a pretty name (in life, her mother was a very religious woman and chose that name because it was the name of a famous female from the Bible, and that it possibly means “Star” and Esther was considered her mom’s lucky star.)


Rebecca Raccoon- Words cannot express how much I both love and hate this character. Back when I was way into the FNAF fandom, I got the bright idea to have my own little fnaf oc. Rebecca Raccoon is (of course) an artist animatronic. What her job is, is to paint pictures for the kids at the pizzeria. (also once when I was bored I gave her a fnaf world design and i recently redesigned it slightly.)


Blue Dumortierite Quartz- my gemsona. She started out as a completely different gem, then as another gem. She’s a defective gem who was made on Earth and has never seen homeworld. She grows sharp nails that can cut through almost anything, and her secondary power is psychokinesis. She goes by Dumo.


Doug and Parker Damons, and Alex- Parker and Doug are brothers! Every time I see Parker and Doug I laugh a little because they used to be a Darkiplier and Lightiplier, but I decided they’d be better as ocs. Doug doesn’t have a job per say, but he has… connections. Connections that have led to him being a bit scarred up. He makes sure the people he has connections with don’t hurt his brother. Parker is a cinnamon roll who works at a convenience store. The two live together in an old broken down apartment. 

Alex is Parker’s girlfriend, and the two could not be more opposite of each other. Alex works at a flower shop oddly enough, which is where Parker first met her, and the two were together ever since. She tolerates Doug, although she worries that his shady background could end up being potentially harmful for Parker. Alex also has a rather morbid fascination with the occult and horror in general, but doesn’t act out more than just watching horror films and reading up online. She seems cold when one first meets her, but she turns out to be a genuinely nice person.


Comet, AJ, and Orange:

These three form the Florescent trio! Comet and Orange were comets that took on a human form, and AJ was a human experimented on illegally that turned his blood into antiseptic goo and basically destroyed his eyes. Comet and Orange are together romantically, and AJ is their closest friend.


Lily, Dahlia, Ivy, Iris, Daisy, and Laurel (in that order in the picture): These six were all slasher monster survivors who have become nurses as a mysterious hospital. The only issue is that the patients are the very monsters who tried to kill them. They don’t like their job, but in order for the world to stay balanced, one (or in this case six) has to keep the order.



Nora- Nora is a film noir PI. Originally designed for my Design I class, Nora is only drawn in black and white. She’s tough, and good at what she does (think of the old film noir investigators but without the sexism). She works alone, and doesn’t feel the need to become romantically involved with anyone, ESPECIALLY clients.


Azurite- Basically she is…well, I still don’t know what she is, but she’s humanoid. All she really wants to do is fit into the small community she moved to in her adulthood, but, obviously, it’s kind of difficult.

She’s kind of awkward, but friendly. She tries really hard to be comfortable with herself but she has a lot of self confidence issues. She’s a little too friendly, and comes off as kind of a try-hard, so a lot of people worry she’s not actually as nice as she is. The only people currently that accept her completely are her adoptive parents. But with time she’ll have more people accept her.