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Hello angels! As I said some weeks ago, I’d make a new follow forever when I hit my goal, so there’s it!! 12 is my lucky number so I’ve been waiting for that to make this post. Thank you so much for being here inspiring me and making me smile every single day. Tumblr feels like home because all of you. 12k is much more than I actually deserve and I never thought I’d hit this, so thank you guys for following me. If I’m not depressed anymore it’s all because of you, who made me feel loved and accepted. Thank you thank you thank you! 


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Percival, one of the Knights of the Round Table, is the original hero in the quest for the grail. He is pure enough to be worthy to achieve the grail at the side of Galahad.

so i decided i would do follow forever for my fav blogs of 2015 (and it took me longer time than i expected because it’s already 2016) and i would like to thank you guys for filling my dash with amazing post and especially being as awesome and amazing as you are because you’re the best part of this website! :) i hope that every single one of you will have a truly great year 2016 and everything you hope to happen in this year will happen. i want you all to know that you’re hella awesome and worthy and you deserve the best! :) <3

there some of my fav blogs and if you think i forgot to mention you, just message me and i’ll put you there (which is likely because i made this follow forever very fast) :) fav blogs are bolded!

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thank again guys! :)


Heeey Guys!♥ 

So, this year is almost over!;-; and I decided to make this follow forever to thank all of you for making my dashboard beautiful everyday and make my day better with some of your messages♥ i love u all! and i really hope that next year will be an amazing year for all of u! and thank u too for almost 4k followers! i cant believe theres no many people that actually likes my shitty blog;-; ♥

I know i havent been as active as i were before, but ive been busy with some stuff so im gonna try really hard to keep posting graphics and colourings soon!

But anyways, i wish u all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope u get a lot of gifts and happiness these days cause u guys deserve it all♥

Oh and also, im sorry i didnt add all of you but its imposible;-; i follow more than 800 blogs, but this message is for everyone even if u are not in the list keep in mind i love u♥ and sorry for my english and the ugly graphic too;-; i tried my best:c 

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hey guys! advance happy new year..since I have 3 days vacation on my internship, I decided to make my 1ST FOLLOW FOREVER here in tumblr.. i think ive been following these people since last year and i wanna say you guys are really awesome if wasnt because of you my dash we be dull and boring thanks.

 i’m really grateful to all the people who send  me a message  and give me a really kind words..kamsa~

Thank you for all the people whos following me,liking and reblogging my post, its been a great experience being here on tumblr.. please don’t forget to support AFTER SCHOOL(including the graduates) and NU’EST(and other pledis artist as well).. thankk you guys and bless you!! 

  • bold- senpai | inspiration | fave..  
  • italic- friends <3…
  • normal- these are the cool people ive been following they are awesome unfollowing them is a loss.. without them my dashboard is meh. all of the are worth following










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i made that so called logo last year so hello venus is still included (but i still love them so i have no regret at all lols) sorry for the ugly graphics i sorry for the bad english XD


Graphics upgrade! 
Hey guys, we’re upgrading the character sprites to this new set. The old one was made a long time ago and it seems very unpolished (and just plain ugly in my opinion). I’m my own harshest critic and I’m almost never satisfied with my own work but I’m quite pleased with how these new sprites look and I hope you guys like them too.

The demo is almost done! I’m really sorry about all the delays, I recently moved from one side of the continent to the other to study (game design :D) and I’m still adjusting to my new life here, I apologize again for this demo to be taking so long but me and the team want it to be as good as it can be and I don’t want to rush too much and end up with something mediocre to show you guys.

But like I said, we’re close to finishing the demo! We’ll keep you guys updated and I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween month :D