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Logan Paul imagine

Logan paul imagine with prompts 2, 3, 52 and 53
53.“why did you choose me?”
52. “Please look at me”
3. “I love you”
2. “Can i hold your hand?”
It was currently 1:00am on a Thursday  night and you were sat up in logans apartment on his couch waiting for him to come home

You were the only one there at that moment because they had gone to get food and logan was on his way back from the airport

You decided that tv wasn’t working for you anymre so you turned it off and opned your phone

You sat there scrolling through instagram when you got a notification

“Amanda cerry has tagged you in a post”

You frowned and opened up the post

There was a pic of you and logan smiling and pulling faces in a collage you laughed and scrolled down

“I mean….i love these guy’s, they are a really adorable couple and all but, don’t spam my phone ever again you two 😂❤
@yourusername @loganpaul”

You laughed and opened up the comment section going to post a sorry when something caught your eye

There was a comment on there saying something horrible about you

You frowned and scrolled through the comments

‘Why is logan with her? He deserves better than that hoe’

‘Logans mine bitch. Back off.’

'Logan can do so much better!

'She looks ugly as hell!’

You frowned as a tear slipped from your face

For the past 2 years and 8 month’s you and logan had been together you never thought to read through the comment’s

Seeing them hate you, you wondered how logan never noticed seeing as he always goes through his comment’s

You sat there looking at your phone going through the comments that you didn’t hear the door open

You felt a hand on your leg and jumped hearing the familiar laugh of logan

You sat away from him and looked at the floor making your hair cover your face

“Y/n?…what’s wrong?” His voice came out soft as you felt him get up

You soon saw his shoes in your view with your head still down

You saw him bend down into a kneeing position

“Please look at me” his voice said softly

You slowly looked up at him and he frowned seeing the tears

His hand reached up and cupped one of your cheeks rubbing soothing cirles on it

You sighed and closed your eyes leaning into his touch

You stayed like this for about 2 minutes, him just rubbing your cheek as you closed your eye’s, he knew it was soothing for you

He soon god up and sat down next to you

“Can I hold your hand?” He asked quietly

You looked up at him already looking down at you giving you a small smile

You nodded

He took your faily small hand in his large one and intertwined them together

Sitting your hands on his lap he started rubbing cirles on your hand with his thumb

“What happened?” He asked quietly

You sighed looking down again

“You fan’s hate me….” you whispered

His thumb stopped rubbing cirles and you felt his other hand lift your chin up

“They don’t hate you, my real fans don’t hate you.  The one’s who are being mean are fake people y/n. You shouldn’t listen to them because they aren’t true” he said giving a little smile

You frowned and looked down again

“Why did you choose me?” You whispered

You felt his hand give yours a little squeeze

“Well because….”

“I love you.” He said

You looked up at him in shock and felt him untwine your hand’s

Neither of you had said the three words to each other before

You watched him as he got up and went to his bag pulling out a little box

He came and sat back down and looked at you

“Don’t worry im not proposing, but this…” he opened the box and in it was a rose gold ring with a medium sized diamond in the middle and small diamons around it so it looked like a rose

“This is a promise ring. It’s so i can let you know that i will promise to love you, to protect you, to be your best fried and lover, to be here for you when you need to me and to be your anchor. Its also a promise that one day i will marry you.” He finished slipping the ring on your ring finger

“I know we said that we would wait untill we were ready and at least 3 years into our relationship but….i know now. I know That i am so madly and truly deeply in love with you y/n.” He said holing your hands in his rubbing the knuckles

His head was down so he couldn’t see the tears fall from your eyes at his word’s

“I understand if you don’t love me or if your not ready to say it yet but…i truly am ready to be with you. Your the one i want to be with for the rest of my life” he said still with his head down

You put your hand up to his face and lifted it gently so he was looking at you

You could see tears starting to form in his eyes also

Wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him into a passionate kiss

“I love you too logan” you whispered as you pulled away smiling at him

For the rest of the night you stayed up talking about everything and anything wrapped up in each other’s arm’s


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In defence of Adam Driver’s wonderful “weird” face

Okay, something that irks me and has irked me - or since we’re being honest here - has driven me up the fucking wall, has been the internet assholes who just feel that the world has been waiting for them to say that they think Adam Driver is ugly or and that might even be worse, that he is too ugly to play Kylo Ren/Ben Solo.

See, attractivity is, as we all know, in the eye of the beholder. I am totally fine with people saying: “He’s just not for me”, “Don’t think he’s that good-looking” or “Meh” but what really nobody needs is people slamming a guy they personally don’t know, never met and probably never will and write downright filthy things about him on the internet to a point where he himself has said in multiple interviews that he stays away from all of it in fear of online hate.

And the so-called “Star Wars” fans (predominantly male in this case) who keep bitching about how he is too ugly or too “weak”-looking to play Kylo Ren..congratulations, you understood absolutely nothing.

And this is where the actual “in defence” comes in, because all of the above is just common sense.

Because in the scope of the movie and on a much larger scale, which I will get into later, it is very important that he looks exactly as he looks.

Adam Driver has a wonderfully open face, slightly out of proportion and objectively not “regular” from certain angles. If that is attractive or not to certain individuals is not in question here, as I said, tastes vary. But when you look at the character of Ben Solo who later turned into Kylo Ren, this face is pure gold.

Because even apart from his wonderful ability to use it (mind you, that’s what a face is actually for, to emote, to communicate) since he is a tremendous actor to boot, his face alone gives so much depth to the character precicely because it is not regular looking. YOU CAN SEE that Ben Solo has probably faced a ittle to a lot scrutiny growing up, maybe for his long face in general or his nose or ears because children are shit and would probably have picked on him.

(As glaringly and PREDICTABLY proven so spectactularly by those idiot fuckboys who immediately took to the internet to mock him. Wayyyyyy to prove a point, asshats.)

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I took three years here and these ones will be my only ones selfies bc i know i’m ugly..I just wanna say you how proud i am being black..I wanna thanks to my grandparents and my dad for this biggest gift…Now i’m going to celebrate this special blackout day cleaning up my home and singing “dancing in the street….HAPPY BLACKOUT2K15

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Jhope is so beautiful it makes me cry ugly tears every time I look at his face. I just needed to share.

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