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part of chlo noir au

they only knew each other for a week, being stand-in heroes for adrien and marinette but they fell in love so quickly anyway. so it was hard for them to say goodbye

little do they know they’ll see each other again soon.. except they won’t know

(this is like a love hexagon just for these two)


Way too many puppy eyes…

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Give me your Sheith fic recs~

Hi! Here’s some I personally like (and I tried not to include too many that i see talked about a lot because,, well chances are you’ve read it already)

  • the whole town’s sleeping: Classic prekerberos and all the pain that comes with it. Very heartwarming though. It’s something I’ve read and reread a lot because I just love good origin stories for these two
  • Creatures and Cages: A bit of prekerbros, but mostly deals with the aftermath. Keith’s denial, lost messages to Shiro’s ship that never make it, all these words left unsaid–it’s super sad but compelling, I love it when people focus on that year when Keith was on his own. Also has well written ace keith, if you like that sort of thing like me
  • tonight i can write the saddest lines: fuck,, fuck man. this wasn’t okay. beautifully written? yeah. super immersive, kept me engaged? absolutely. But boy was it painful. Time and this story aren’t linear, but I love the way everything flows. 
  • The Guardian and the Dreamer: This is!! so cute and adorable!! Shiro and keith are both kids. well, i say keith’s a kid, but he’s actually just a really young spirit. Shiro is a human who ends up in the spirit world when he dreams, and keith decides to be his guardian. very sweet but also hurts my heart. has this air of childhood wonder and magic about it, feels like a good bedtime story. neat stuff 
  • Caught in the Tide: mer shiro gets captured by humans for research. keith is one of the guards who patrols his tank, but shiro ends up being really friendly and they grow pretty close. it turns out exactly how you think it will, but it’s still sweet and fun to read. 
  • Behind Locked Doors: Keith’s mind is overtaken by a parasite that feeds off emotions—and ends up confessing a lot of things that have been eating away at him all this time. Shiro does his best to help, and maybe open up more himself. You really feel for Keith, and it has this kind of bom quality of him divulging pieces of himself against his will. Nice bittersweet ending 
  • Skydream: Listen,,, this completely shattered my heart in every kind of way, but I’m not sorry I read it. I love it. Keith and Shiro are both harpies, but Keith’s wings are small and frail so he struggles with flying, especially compared to Shiro. He tries his damnedest though, because whether he flies or falls, he just wants to feel free 

There you go, I hope you find some you like!



[tries to imitate a Swedish accent] No, that sounds German. Alright, let me rephrase that. I can’t do any accents. I’m terrible at accents…I can’t do Canadian, Lithuanian, Swedish or West African.

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ok can you imagine little dan getting really excited about painting his nails and makes daddy phil help him because ??? quality content

I tried, but it’s still terrible…sorry

💎"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!“ Dan yells excitedly, running through the flat to the office where Phil had been editing a video.

💎"Yes princess?” Phil asks smiling at how cute his baby is.

💎"Can we paint my nails? Pleaseeeeeee daddy?“ Dan smiles brightly and holds out the sparkly pastel pink and blue nail paint

💎Phil smiles and thinks, he still need to finish his video but how could he say no to his baby boy? “Of course we can Danny.” Phil reaches out for the blue paint

💎"One hand blue and the other pink Daddy!“ Dan exclaims and holds out his left hand for Phil to paint, knowing it will be easier for him to paint his right hand.

💎Phil gently takes Dans hand in his own and opens the paint and carefully start painting his nails, getting the least amount as possible on his hands.

💎When Phil finishes Dan looks at them, face lighting up more with excitement, "Thank you Daddy!” Dan exclaims and takes the paint to do the other hand.

💎"Look Daddy!!! Pretty!!!“ Dan says happily when he’s finished, having made a small mess. "Oh no…” he says sadly noticing how he has paint around his nails too. “Fix it Daddy.” He demands sticking out his hand.

💎Phil giggles, “Okay Danny.” He gets a towel and begins cleaning around the nails, fixing the paint the best he can. “There we go princess.” Phil says once he’s finished

💎"Yay! Thank you Daddy.“ Dan leans foreword, careful of his nails and hugs Phil, "You’re the bestest Daddy ever.”


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just imagine the Gansey family one christmas (or something), and Gansey senior is like “okay kids, we’ve decided that this year we’re getting you both a new car! now I know I’ve taught you by example how to pick a quality vehicle, so I trust you two to choose for yourself.”

Gansey III: I want a terrible 40-year-old rustbucket of a muscle car. in BRIGHT ORANGE. 

 Helen: ….I want a helicopter

 Gansey dad: where did I go wrong.


a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p


Jormungandr, zie of the ever-shifting tides, serpent of the depths, Thor’s bane, child of Angrboda and Loki Laufeyson, ruler of the unknown secrets of the ocean.

My Jormungandr statue before final touch-ups and glossing. I’m posting it now as the gloss is supposed to cure for a couple weeks and I’m impatient to post photos of this since I’ve put so much time and effort into this devotional artwork. Materials used were sculpey polymer clay (literally the cheapest sculpey available from Walmart and I think it’s like 5 years old to boot), acrylic paint, and my finger nails to mold all those goddamn scales. Gloss will be mod podge.

Sorry for terrible photo quality. I tried my best with a broken camera. Info on decision making/thoughts below the cut.

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