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gif request meme: blindspot-fanatic asked → favorite brotp + captain america
Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”

  • Me: *listening to High School Musical soundtrack*
  • My trash thoughts: Dan and Phil like HSM
  • My trash thoughts: Remember when Phan sang HSM songs together on YouNow ?!?!!!!?
  • My trash thoughts: Breaking Free is pretty much the Phan song.. Remember TATINOf ?!????!!!!
  • Me: CAN I HAve a FuCKiNGg Break please ???
I love all of my mutuals

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but #procrastination.

Even if we’ve never really spoken I think all you guys are rad af and idk you all deserve the best. Hope you all have a great day xx


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a lookbook i perceive?

candy: hair, top, pants, shoes - thanks to @loniden, @cherrysimblr, toksik, and @theslyd

yuki: hair, hat (gtw), top, skirt in which i’m obsessed with, shoes, choker (bg) - thanks to @sevensims, @servobride, @rusty-sims, and @gucci5555



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i made one of them outfit memes except using the shitty clothing of the panda crew. so basically send me an outfit number (ex C1) and a character who doesnt usually wear that outfit and ill draw them in it yes

A1 - Maria, A2 - Rennird, A3 - Nori, A4- Kenzy/Wibkinz

B1 - Emi, B2 - Enneth, B3 - Hibo, B4 - Edgar

C1 - Kem, C2 - Kokoru, C3 - Fore, C4 - Moko

Don’t repost, but you can reblog to use yourself if u want! just tag me in the results, i wanna see all ur characters in these shitty outfits fdgfjfkg