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Me:*has lots of on going au’s that need updates*
Brain: ok you finished exams time to update everything.
Me: but what about a Danny phantom au?
Brain: what no! Don’t start another au! Finish your current ones!
Me: *starts writing new au* sure I’ll get to it… eventually

so because i have reached another hundred i wanted to make this post to thank everyone who follows me, it seriously means a lot to me! ♡ especially my mutuals who i appreciate very much even if i don’t talk to all of you (which btw feel free to message me anytime if you’d like, i would love to talk! ♡) also feel free to tag me in stuff! (esp. seokjin related) 

my lovely mutuals🌸 (sorry for being too lazy to put this in alphabetical order):

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gosh I’m so cute SUPER EXCITED FOR THE FINALE even though you can’t see it in the pictures haha, but the weather has been amazing this week, I mean I can actually go outside in just a sundress? wonderful. if I look dead inside it’s bc I’m studying for my exams, nevertheless I’m going to try to watch live tonight (!!) I’ve been stressed all day help. getting more and more excited. qmskldjfqmlsklmkj

I also want to say: I love all of you so damn much!!!! I’m almost at 500 followers (how??), I got amazing compliments today, I started talking to so many wonderful people this season and idk I am so emotional I love all of you let me hug you one by one <333

going to tag quite some people so it’s going behind the cut

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 feel like we dont pay enough attention to the fact that ritsu’s character profile says he appears serious but he’s actually super jumpy

like… he’s friends with shou…. who seems like the type to enjoy messing with people……and can go invisible………………..this is not a good combination folks

Animal Crossing Mayor MegaAsk!

🎊- What’s your mayor’s favorite festival?
🔮 - Does your mayor believe in Katrina’s fortunes?
🎵- Does your mayor play an instrument?
🎶- Does your mayor sing?
🌟- What Zodiac sign is your mayor?
🕷- What is your mayor scared of?
👗- Does your mayor prefer Graciegrace or the Able Sisters?
🌙- What is your mayor’s favorite things to do at night?
☀️- What is your mayor’s favorite things to do during the day?
🌄- Does your mayor prefer daytime or nighttime?
☔️- How does your mayor feel about rain?
⚡️-How do they feel about thunder and lightening?
👤- Is your mayor human?
🎋- What is your mayor’s favorite festival?
☕️- How does your mayor take their coffee?
🍽- Favorite food?
🃏- Does your mayor like to play pranks?
💤- does your mayor like to take naps, and if so, how long are they?
💢- what really annoys your mayor?
📖- Does your mayor like to read?
🥄- If your mayor could have one really nice, expensive meal, what would they choose?
🍩- Favorite junk/indulgent food?
🍬- Favorite candy?
👋- Does your mayor have a lot of friends?
🗝- Is your mayor secretive?
🎨- Does your mayor like to do art?
📺- Does your mayor like to watch TV?
🕹- Does your mayor like playing video games?
🌈- Has your mayor ever seen a double rainbow?
🦋- Does your mayor like to catch bugs?
🐞- Are they good at it?
🐟- Does your mayor like fishing?
🎣- Are they good at it?
🦂- Have they ever been bitten/stung by a tarantula/scorpion?
💐- Does your mayor garden?
✉️- Does your mayor write letters often?
📦- Do they send gifts with their letters?
💰- Does your mayor save money more often or spend money more often?
🌶- Can your mayor eat spicy food?
🍒- Which of the native fruits is your mayor’s favorite?
🍑- Does your mayor have a childish sense of humor?
✂️- Does your Mayor dye their hair or is their color natural?
👕- Does your mayor make/design clothing?
🌸- How does your mayor feel about Spring?
🍁- How does your mayor feel about Autumn?
🌱- How does your mayor feel about Summer?
❄️- How does your mayor feel about Winter?
🎟- How often does your mayor visit other towns?
🛶- Does your mayor visit the island often?
⚱️- What does your mayor think/feel about the gyroids?
⚫️- Custom Question!

Of course, can be used for side characters and non-mayor characters! 🖤✨

rosikichan  asked:

3 para el ask!!! >:3c

Hey :D ♥ ♥ ♥

3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is. 

ASDadfasdf I can’t do it because all what I have drawn lately is for reverb, so I looked for drawings in my almost empty and extremely messy sketchbook lol and I found this

I drew it like 2 weeks ago, in traditional obviously u v u


Tonight’s cool down is my other fictional wife

THIS IS THE FIRST AND LAST TIME YOU’LL SEE SNK ART ON MY BLOG I PROMISE!! I just really wanted to draw her… I hope y’all can forgive me.

okay.. well.. I may as well actually talk about this

I got the intial news like almost a month ago now, but its only now that I have more details and I’m actually going to the first meeting tomorrow. Also i was just so nervous I didnt know how to talk about it until now.
So umm.. yeah! The long version under the cut, but in summary: I may be going somewhere soon, and for potentially 4-6 months. I may or may not have much access to the internet.
But this is hopefully gonna help my mental health, I hope. And I have this money in my savings now I wanna keep it as a ‘reward’ of sorts after I finish this, and I’m really hoping to be able to take a holiday to america and visit at least one of my friends, depending on how many states I’m able to cross on this budget. And hopefully I might actually be more prepared for such a big journey, and if its my reward then I’ll be able to not give up!! No matter what!!
So yeah more under the cut, umm:

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