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o - Oh Ms Believer, by twenty one pilots, who i don’t listen to as much anymore but i still love lots (my friend and i always sing this in simple harmonies and i love it, it sounds very subtle and pretty)

c - Con Te Partiro, by andrea bocelli who is quite possibly one of the most wonderful singers in the world, bless his soul

t - The Party, by Regina Spektor  and sorry but this song is so stunning and beautiful and brilliantly written regina’s vocal control is insane and she uses her voice in so many ways and it portrays the mood and feelings in the song so beautifully and oh hey would you look at that i’m crying

a - Absolutely Smitten, by Dodie who we all know is the Sweetest Angel, a scientific fact

b - Beggars, by bombay bicycle club, which by the way is the greatest name 

b - Baby, Dream your Dream, from Sweet Charity (i saw this performed and i honestly almost cried)

i - If I Could Tell Her, sung by ben platt and laura dreyfuss, from dear evan hansen, and this song is so full of confused and muddled and tangled emotion and i am obsessed asdfgj

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Master sleuths + magnifying glasses

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I know of the Pocket Pyros, yes. My opinion on them, well.. I find them a bit unnerving interesting, to say the least. 

No, I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of the Blu Pocket Pyro. Perhaps, weary of them. Apprehensive about them. Distressed by them. Maybe frightened.. Not afraid, though.

I suppose I have actually yet to make the Red Pocket Pyros acquaintance. I do hope they are more agreeable than their Blu counterpart..

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Happy Birthday to my brightest Sun!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  I hope he keeps on making me happy for the next year as well~

Same Dynamic Couples Headcanons

-Omega couples arguing somewhat often but never having really serious fights because as soon as one of them realizes that the other is really upset, they shift into mothering mode and immediately start trying to make their mate feel better

-When Alpha couples argue it’s always a very loud and intimidating thing where they are both trying to make the other submit to them and most of the time it ends with the winner of the argument fucking and marking up the other because they feel the need to completely assert their dominance

-Beta couples arguing less than other same dynamic couples because they generally share a very close bond and find it difficult to do or say anything that could harm that bond

-Omega couples being insanely cuddly all the time and often enjoying cuddles just much as they enjoy sex, if not a little more so

-Male Omega couples always alternating on who gets to top, unless the couple has clear preferences on who takes on which role

-Alpha couples most often low-key arguing about who gets to top, wrestling around as a form of foreplay until one has the other pinned and impatient enough to agree to bottom

-Cute little Omega couples sharing all their clothes and often purposefully wearing each other’s sweaters just to stay close to their mate’s scent when they are apart

-Omega couples doing each others hair and makeup and filing each other’s nails and being so content to be able to tend to each other even in simple ways

-One Alpha getting sick and being too proud and stubborn to willingly allow another Alpha to take care of them, but their mate is also too stubborn to just allow them to suffer alone so they try to take care of them anyway. Attempting to feed them soup and impatiently trying to sweet talk them into taking their medicine because they know they can’t demand it without their sick mate becoming more resistant. And despite how frustrating they know it is for their mate to not allow them to care for them, they will be just as difficult when they inevitably get sick as well and it’s the others turn to play nurse

-Beta couples that enjoy people watching in crowded places and using their heightened sense of smell to try and figure out what people are feeling and then making up funny stories about them to make each other laugh

-An Omega couple hanging out with an Alpha couple and the Alphas low-key keeping an out to make sure no other Alphas try bothering their friends, and the Omegas knowing that their presence will keep other Omegas from approaching and flirting with the Alphas and making everyone uncomfortable. So it’s a really beneficial friendship for everyone involved

-When one Alpha is in rut the other willingly takes on the submissive role because despite having the urge to be the dominant one, they know exactly what the other is going through and they want to make things as easy for their mate as possible

-A kinky Omega couple whose heats have synced up so they hire an Alpha from an agency to “assist” them during their heat and happily take turns watching the other be fucked and knotted

Heres a Shou headcannon: Since he’s probably been around the world a few times, I like to imagine he uses alot of slang no one in Salt city understands. He’d probably try to teach it to the other three, only Teru would actually use any though.

Jean was cute in today’s episode, though admittedly he always is

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