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Overwatch Puns

How did Symmetra study to make her weapons?

She did a bit of Light Reading

how did Widowmaker draw tracer like one of her french girls?

She Traced-her

How did Reaper escape his death?

He Reaper-sitioned,

why didnt junkrat use his ult?

he was Tired out

How did mercy ask pharah out?

She winged it

Lucio wins 

He Beat his opponent 

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but anyway lets pretend bert and reiner are dorky boyfriends and not miserable trash who committed mass murder at the age of 10

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I think your art is, so? good???? like Wauw! definitely Topp Klass *wink* *wink* *wink* (sorry, I'm a super awkward potato who loves topp dogg, puns, and just want you to be happy, because you're funny, do nice art and I just, just wish you to be happy)

oh my god??? this is so heckin cute??????? 

You’re cute little potato thank you for the topp dogg puns and the compliments you are so sweet  (*´꒳`*)

Sometimes I wonder if Dean Winchester would have found a way as deep into my heart as he has if Jensen hadn’t been the one to bring him to life. For sure and without a doubt I’d have fallen for the guy, who lost his childhood way too early and who yet still managed to preserve some kind of childlike innocence despite everything he’s been through - from archangels to the Darkness to the Mark of Cain. I know I would have felt drawn to this character as I simply feel more fascinated by troubled characters, the “anti-heroes”, the ones with a heart of gold and issues the size of the Empire State Building. But I think the reason Dean Winchester resonates with me as much as he does and also as deeply is not due to the general interest for these “types of characters”, I think most of it is due to Jensen and his performance.

Jensen is the one who “made” Dean imo. Not Kripke, not any of the other writers - they gave the raw material, Jensen took that and made Dean his own. He transcended so to speak, took on a life of his own. All the small things that make Dean so Dean, the things that Jensen just did and does that were never scripted, it’s those things that shaped and still shape Dean as a character. Of course I couldn’t imagine anybody else possibly playing Dean except for Jensen - truly I think him and Dean were kind of meant to be, and I know this sounds awfully silly. :) But I think one of the most beautiful things about Jensen’s acting and him playing Dean is that kind of from the get go, me as an audience member always felt this character to be so well-rounded, so real.

And I think partially that is due to how Jensen at this point and after 11 years, though I think it’s been this way for a while - doesn’t “act” Dean, doesn’t “play Dean. He becomes Dean. It’s like he’s slipping into the character, wears him like a second skin, talks in a different voice, carries himself differently - but none of that seems to take conscious control and action anymore, but comes super naturally (sorry, that was a really bad pun, but I had to ;P). And that’s always the thing that blows my mind most about Jensen and Dean. I have been lucky enough to have seen him up close and even though of course him and Dean share the same body and all, for some reason they don’t look the same at all. And I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true. Jensen is more delicate, takes up “less space” for lack of a better word than Dean would and yet, in an instant this guy can disappear and you find Dean in his place. A friend of mine once asked for a photo op with Dean instead of Jensen and I kid you not, for those 30 seconds of picture Jensen was gone and there was Dean Winchester. Of course the same man, the same body, but truly so much so different and so distinct. And it has such a massive effect in that moment, because it doesn’t feel “fake”; if you know what I mean. And that I think shows best why I probably would have loved the character Dean Winchester regardless of the actor, but probably never as much as I do now. That is entirely due to Jensen.

And I think the reason Jensen’s peformance captures me as much as it does may be because I feel that the moments and scenes that end up in the episodes contain true emotion, nothing artificial. Jensen disappears for that time and to the surface bubbles Dean Winchester. And I for one am extremely thankful that Eric Kripke chose Jensen to portray Dean Winchester, because truly they never could have found anyone better.

Because who needs to study for tomorrow’s unit test? Certainly not me! :D

My head canon is that Super is super clumsy while working at first but he never actually gets mad he just acts all super cute and keeps trying and eventually he’s a super awesome worker and eventually learns to cook and make super yummy coffees and is all awesome and all the regulars love him. 

And even though he’s a pacifist he’s still super kick-ass at fighting so if anyone tries to fight him to, like, rob him or something he reluctantly but casually makes you land flat on your face and is all “I’m sorry!” and acts all super cute.

I have so many head-canons for this guy but I won’t write them all ‘cuz I’m tired and I actually do have a test to study for >3>

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If you are bored, why don't you write something on Hank who hear the thought of Cat when he pretends to be Supergirl. He figures out that she likes Kara a little more than an assistant and tell to Kara to make a move...

“Are you sure this will work?” Kara stops pacing and wrings her hands out nervously. She turns wide eyes to J’onn, who just barely refrains from rolling his own.

“I’m sure,” he repeats for the fifth time. “Let’s start moving, we still need you back at the DEO,” he reminds her, nearly dizzy with how fast Kara was pacing.

“Right,” she takes a deep breath and lets her shoulders drop. “Right, okay. You be Kara and I’ll be Supergirl and Cat will be…Cat.” She shakes her head and starts pacing again.

I’ll be Supergirl,” J’onn reminds her. He can play the part of a young superhero, but getting Kara’s fidgeting and nervous mannerisms is something he’s frankly too embarrassed to even practice.

“That…makes more sense,” Kara whispers to herself, still pacing and wringing her hands like a child. J’onn is close to picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder.

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it should be no surprise that Plagg chose Adrien as Chat Noir. leave it to him to find the cheesiest person in Paris to wield his Miraculous.

and it just makes a lot of sense, you know? as a model, Adrien’s got to have quite a bit of experience………………

on the catwalk


I’m still at school and incredibly bored, so have a bunch of morbid stationary puns


Ed paused, taking a sip from the curry he was currently mixing in the pot. He was having trouble deciding if he needed to add more spices to the dish and or it had enough. This is why he didn’t cook that often…

He had to admit with Kaye now living with him, she was making most of the meals. Of course he would want to help out not wanting her to do everything so she was showing him, more teaching him how to cook. He did feel like he has improved, but he still didn’t feel as if it was enough.

Ed glanced at the clock, half wondering what time it was and when Kaye would be returning home. She should be home soon, hopefully she will like shrimp curry….