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“Promise me, Steve. Promise me you’ll give her a life we couldn’t have.”

GIFTED AU where Mary is Steve’s and Bucky’s daughter. And when S.H.I.E.L.D learns about the gifted child of the supersoldiers, they try all things possible to take her away from Steve, who’d given up on all to give Mary a normal life that he had promised Bucky he’d give her before Bucky had gone under.


oh how i love all those subtle sugakookie moments in ahl


Happy Birthday Yuuri Katsuki O(≧▽≦)O
↳ “Low-cut, see-through shirts that make you-”


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your favourite headcanon for maknae!line?

  • Jimin’s mad because this kid just stole his yellow crayon and what the fuck is he gonna colour his sun now, purple?
  • so he confronts the kid because how dare he but his words (or lack of it because he’s a four year old kid) slips right out of his mouth when the kid turns and smiles at him because wow, who needs the sun anyway when there’s this bright gem in front of him
  • (and jimin’s pleased because the boy who’s name is taehyung (it’s too long for a four year old’s brain so he calls him taetae instead) does give his yellow crayon back in the end)
  • so vmin becomes the bestest friends
  • and taehyung’s a little scared he might frighten his new and favourite friend with his unique tendencies and tries his best to act normal
  • but jimin’s just like taetae i love you for you
  • and if they were teenagers taehyung definitely would have been like bro
  • but since they’re four year olds kids, tae just sobs and flings himself onto jimin because jimin’s his precious ball of joy
  • two years go past merrily and suddenly there’s the arrival of jungkook, smol jungkook who doesn’t know how to make friends
  • so vmin makes it their mission to give all their love to him
  • and there’s jungkook, who cried on the first day because he doesn’t want to go to kindergarten because mum what if the kids are meaaannn but really, he realises, he had nothing to worry about because instead of meanies like he had imagined, there’s two hyungs right beside him that plays with him and gives him extra milk and oreos because you have to grow up and become tall like us kookie
  • and it’s funny
  • because when they grow up
  • smol suddenly becomes toll
  • and you have jimin complaining 24/7 because he’s the hyung god damn it, why are these two brats taller than him he demands an explanation
  • and taehyung just laughs and ruffles jimin’s hair and sometimes jungkook would rest his head on top of jimin’s because “you’re just the right height hyung” which is more often than not, followed by “i’ll wear your underwear jeon jungkook, istg i’m not even kidding
  • and of course they’re fiercely protective of each other
    like taehyung gets called weird by some random stranger and lo’ and behold, you got a toll and smoll muscles coming at at the stranger and for all the cuteness jimin holds, that rage in his eyes borderlines psychotic
  • or some idiot thinks jungkook’s cold and arrogant (when really, the poor boy’s just shy) and tries to reel him up but it’s not jungkook’s fist that comes flying but rather jimin’s because fuck no he’s not standing still when the guy just insulted his jungkook and tae’s just standing in the bg cheering for jimin and throwing such painful insults that no one knows whether the stranger cried from taehyung’s words or jimin’s punch
  • and that one time where someone thought they could push jimin around just because he’s nice and one day, it goes too far that jimin gets injured and let’s just say people finally learned never to make jungkook or taehyung angry
  • but alas it’s time for uni and all three become a trio of glum bums
  • and they voice their worries to namjin who’s looks at a spot like they do in the office because when did they adopt three children
  • and in the end (much to jin’s utter frustration and namjoon’s amusement), it turns out vmin applied for the same uni
  • and hell no jungkook’s not gonna let them spend their time in uni without him so he makes them promise not to have too much fun and promises to join them
  • and so cue gross sobbing and tearful farewell
  • and no matter what they say, jungkook so did not shed a tear, he’s a manly man, he’s like iron man, iron man sunbaenim does. not. cry
  • of course he gets a little lonely but not too much because his hyungs skype him everyday and send him postcards and chat with him (so much that he practically ignores hoseok, his dance tutor, who whines about teaching ungrateful students like jungkook)  that it almost feels like they’re right here with him
  • and soon enough jungkook joins them and if people in uni thought vmin was boisterous enough, they were so so wrong because two suddenly becomes three and a prank once a week suddenly becomes twice and yoongi’s probably next door cursing at heavens and above
  • also when they first met at jungkook’s first day in uni, jimin’s like son did you get taller and jungkook just smirks maybe
  • and so toll becomes toller and if you’re quiet enough you can hear jimin silently fuming
  • but because of this, the others think taekook’s always looking out for jimin (which is true) but they don’t realise when it’s 1am and they’re all miles away from their parents home in uni that it’s not them having to protect their tiny hyung but rather, the other way round where jimin finds himself with two overgrown boys snuggling into his arms because jimin smells like warmth, comfort and home

A lot of friends are sad or angry or just not feeling good tonight. If I didn’t have the charisma of a lukewarm baked potato, I would try to help, but I know I would only make things worse. :(

Instead the only thing I know how to do is post some random, amusing gifs. They won’t solve your problems, but they might make you smile a little.


“also look at my shoulderpads!!”

“phil are u sure this is part of the show”

“ow, fuck–”

pope john paul 2: pope harder

hot men of Genesis are waiting to take your call! Dial 1-800-SEX-TONY


geddy stop trying to seduce me or not

the wild booty man strikes again (someone stop him)

Phil finally had enough of the dumb interview questions

“and then I realized how OLD I really am…”

butt dance in ur pants

the dinner party was a shameful disaster

and finally, hugs for mr grumpybutt (and for everyone else tonight. Hang in there, friends, it’ll be ok).


This moment we are all Muraoki-san - Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi ep.03


boardwalk empire meme | male characters 1/3
if you had a brain, you’d be dangerous.