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Into You (6/?)

Summary- The BAFTA after party does not go how you expected at all, but you can’t say that you didn’t like what might come out of it.

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The music, lights and amount of people was ridiculous. You had never felt more claustrophobic in your life, every where you turned, you were face to face with someone else. In fact, you had accidentally elbowed Tom Hiddleston in the chest as you got your drink. Which ended in you apologising looking like an idiot, and then when you realised who it was, you ended up fingerling over Loki.

You had lost Sean the second you arrived at the party, one minute he was there, and the next he was talking about some girls eyeshadow. Then he disappeared into thin air. 

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umm sorry if I haven’t been that active here lately and not uploading arts that often anymore, I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of things and some sad things also came up… but I’m okay now! (( sorry if I’m spamming weird/depressing stuff on twitter ahahah;; ))

I also have amasai on my wips too since a lot has been requesting it on the asks ! I will try to draw amasai more since I ship them a lot too also try to draw the other DR characters ! Thank you for continuing to be there!

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sorry for the spam! tysm for your work btw! headcanon when jikook introduced each other to their families (separately or tgt doesnt matter). Ofc they know all the members but theyre announcing theyre in love and in a relationship and how you think it would go honestly! *angst that turns to fluffy smut* maybe it doesnt go as good as expected and person A is doubting everything so person B has to show him how much he loves him no matter what anyone-even their families-have to say!

(thank you!!! and im sorry but im not good with smut, so this is pretty pg) (also nothing against jungkooks parents, sure theyre lovely ppl).

•jimin and jungkook had been together for almost a year
•theyd already come out to not only the members, but the company as well
•they all approved their relationship
•jimin and jungkook decided it was time to meet the parents, but not as bandmates.
•They made a trip down to busan during one of their short 2day breaks.
•they went to jimins house first.
•jimins little brother had been super excited when jikook came out to him, mainly because jungkook was his age, meaning they could both team up against jimin.
•jimins mom and dad were also supportive
•they said theyd always thought jimin had a thing for jungkook
•jungkook had laughed and commented how jimin had had a thing for him since trainee days
•he then later said “not like i didnt like him bsck all that time”
•jimins parents were shookt.
•after jimins family, they went across town to jungkooks the next day.
•jikook told jungkooks older brother first
•he went on for 10 minutes about how he already knew and had shipped them for years.
•then came jungkooks mom and dad.
•it was nerve wracking, especially since jungkooks dad had expressed dislike towards same-sex couples before.
•jungkooks mom was hesitant, but still extremely happy for her son
•junglooks dad was rather upset.
•his dad complained that if jungkook was going to be a f*g, he could at least pick a better guy.
•he also said that their relationship would bring bts down.
•jungkookd apologized roughly before he grabbed jimjn by the hand and left the house
•they could hear arguing as they walked away.
•jimin and jungkook went back to jimins house, clearly upset.
•jimins mom comforted them and told them to sleep or “work it off”
•they ended up making out on jungkoks bed
•when jimin took off his shirt, jungkook kissed him till his lips numbed, repeatedly telling him how beautiful he was
•jimin replied by telling jungkook how much he loved him as he took off jungkook’s shirt.
•jimin and jungkook ended up having sex, whispers of “i love yous” passed between them as they made love.
•jungkooks dad called the next afternoon.
•hell apologized and promised he would try to change his views, said he loved jungkook no matter his sexuality.
•jikook lived happily ever after basically

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im rarely on tumblr, but the few times that ive come on, your answers to your asks have always been at the tippity top of my feed, n tbh im always both terrible confused bc i never know what anyone is talking about, but immensely amused at them bc it's just???funny to me???! n idk. thank u for that. it rly makes my day. (heart emoji).

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