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[7/100 days of productivity]

today i did some core 4 work because it’s nicer than geology and I got a U in my core 4 mock :))))

I have absoloutely no idea what I’m doing and I’m so confused as to whether there’s even any point me trying and revising for my A-Levels. Everything is such a mess and I just wish I had something to aim for. I just wish I felt like I was actually doing something and ot just floating around pointlessly, wasting everyone’s time. I’m having a hard time justifying things at the moment. I’m working on it, but it doesn’t feel like enough.

I’ve had a week of ‘productivity’. I should celebrate that.

go me! *celebrates sorta*

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I doodled some stuff in my art stream last night- Animal crossing stuff…yea-
Today I revisited them and went a little further. 

I Guess this is random fanart too…again..

Alex - @jawesome-art
Ramon - @apocalypse-boy
Reace - Me
Meryl & Colin - @thetwobosses (first time drawing Colin, he’s oddly fun to doodle!)
Slim - @vinkumakkara ( sorry for the art spam-sorta >-> )