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honestly watching Doukyuusei made me so happy I almost cried cuz I just finally got to watch an anime about two boys building a relationship together and falling in love. No ridiculous sex appeal, no creepy yaoi tropes to appeal to fujoshis; just a really pure and innocent love story about two high school boys


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- where are you going?
-   busan.
- for work?
-   yes.
- me too. i guess this is what they call fate.
-   they call it coincidence.

*note: 운명 (umyeong) meaning fate sounds similar to 우연 (uyeon) meaning coincidence

At last (2016)

Third and last artwork of the evening devoted to Civil War (sorry about the CW spam), after this one devoted to the first post-credit scene (Steve and Bucky) and this one showing Tony at the end of the movie.

This is totally how the parking scene went. *cough* Yup, I’m 100% positive. (Photoshop CS6)

Sorry for the "Splitting headache" movie spam

I just don’t like movies that basically wants to pump out terrible stereotypes that, in turn, make my life harder - or worse, more in danger than usual.

I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (old name: Multiple Personality Disorder). Movies like Split, where the main character is marketed as a homicidal monster simply because he has DID, basically sends out more dangerous myths and tropes that actually hurt people with DID. The average person sees Split and gleans from it, “this is what people with DID are like. They’re crazy and evil.” People who have DID and are scared to come to terms with that (or worse, don’t know they have it but can tell they have ‘something’) will see this movie and probably hate themselves more because they think they’re a monster that everyone wants to kill. Oh and they’re American so they *know* the chance of getting real help for their disorder is slim to none because of mental healthcare in America. And that if it’s availble, only Donald Trump can afford it. Like a three week treatment is $27,500 and you need *several* stints. Ask me how I know.

DID is a trauma disorder that is noted to develop before the person is 10 because of the acute amounts of trauma that child experienced. That’s not a monster, that’s just someone who is dealing with trauma. Very few people with DID actually become homicidal psychonauts. As in, a “sane” person is more likely to go on a killing spree (example: Dylan Roof. Not nuts, just very hateful) Most people with DID just want to hold down a job and make sense of what happened to them when they were kids. Ooooooh, how terrifying.

Basically, this movie needs the rating B for …

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(Evans again- I'm so sorry for spamming you with requests, you don't have to do this I just wanted to share this weird idea with someone) ok but imagine the main three + Phichit walking into s/o's room to find them sobbing uncontrollably- "What's wrong?" "YOUR LIE IN APRIL" so they watch the show to see what's so bad about it. Their reactions?

((I don’t think I have to say this, but this has heavy SPOILERS for Your lie in April))

Viktor is dead inside. This has destroyed his heart. He is never watching sad shows again. I MEAN, HE SAID SHE WAS IN HIS HEART WHILE HE WAS PERFORMING, HOW CAN YOU NOT CRY??? 

Yuuri doesn’t really get why you’re so sad. I mean, it’s just a show, right? True, it’s sad that she disappeared just like that, especially on the day of his big performance, but he’s not affected by it too much.

Yuri’s trying very, very hard not to cry. He really is. He’s not succeeding though. Of course, he’ll deny being sad, yet there will be silent tears streaming down his face. Then s/o decides to show him Hotarubi no Mori e.

Phichit is a sad, but not too affected. He’s watched a lot worse, trust me. He’s actually a sucker for sad movies, so he’s been through worse. He did cry a bit, though.