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Owen convinces Claire to dance with him to "bring it on home to me" and tells her that the song reminds him of her (prompted by the starmora scene I can't get out of my head 😭) ❤

I knew that scene would translate to Claire and Owen sooner or later. Frankly, they don’t dance enough in fics… We gotta fix that!

Owen’s hand curled around Claire’s wrist, stopping her in her tracks, the echo of her heels on the parking lot pavement coming to an abrupt halt.

“Dance with me,” he purred, pulling her toward him.

Claire’s eyebrows arched, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she looked up at him, trying to read him in the pale light of the streetlamps lining the sidewalk some twenty feet away from them. However, his featured were hidden in the shadows, and the smirk she knew was there was something she felt rather than saw.

“Here?” She asked, glancing around the mostly empty parking lot, their car being one of only three occupying the space, the dark shop windows staring back at her, long closed until the morning.

The night was warm, the breeze blowing from the ocean a few blocks away tasting of salt, and the air was filled with the gentle whisper of the waves lapping the wet sand, swallowing the cries of the seagulls. The breeze ruffled her hair, throwing stray wisps in her face and tugging at the skirt of her dress. Above them, the sky was an endless black canvas, and handful of stars sprinkled over it glimmered like diamonds on velvet.

“There’s no place like here, no time like now,” Owen said, snugging her against his chest, one hand on the small of her back, leading her in slow circles.

Claire laughed, following him without missing a beat. “What’s gotten into you? You hate dancing.”

“Not with you, I don’t.” His hand closed around hers resting on his chest, and he brushed a light kiss to her temple. “This song reminds me of you, Claire,” he whispered, his breath soft on her cheek as they fell into an easy step.

There was music streaming from the open windows of the restaurant they’d just left, but it was only when Owen mentioned it that she recognized Sam Cooke’s Bring it On Home To Me, her smile widening by the moment, her mind flooded with the memories from so long ago they felt like they were from some other life.

It had been years, decades even, since she’d last heard that song, but her father used to love Sam Cooke. He owned most of his albums on vinyl, and many a Sunday started for Claire with watching him put one on, his face transforming, a dreamy expression clouding his expression, pushing away every other care in the world. She remembered her mother laughing as he twirled her around the living room, remembered watching them, contented and happy, until she and Karen were dancing, too, to the sweet sound of the low husk of Sam Cooke’s voice filling every corner of the house.

She allowed her eyes to flutter shut and rested her cheek on his shoulder, surrendering to the flow of the melody that seemed to have seeped right into her skin and was running in her bloodstream now. She could feel the warmth of his body through the thin cotton of his shirt, her heartbeat thumping against her chest, reverberating through her entire body, all the way from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, mixing with the rhythm of the song until she wouldn’t tell them apart.

“How is it about me?” She asked, tucking her face into the crook of his neck, and maybe they looked entirely ridiculous, dancing in the middle of the parking lot of a Friday night, and a small part of her was somewhat self-conscious about it, but the bigger part of her was so happy, so at peace in this moment that she wouldn’t want to stop even if the whole world was watching.

“Well, you are here and you’re my home,” he replied, giving her a sudden spin and then dipped her back so low the ends of her hair almost touched the ground, making her dizzy and knocking all wind out of her, before gathering her up and against his body again.

She gasped, and Owen’s smile grew wider.

“You’re full of surprises, Mr. Grady,” Claire teased him breathlessly, lightheaded with exhilaration, feeling like she could soar right into the sky.

He settled them into a slow sway, arm wrapped firmly around her, holding her close, their feet barely moving, and his hand roaming lazily over her back as Sam Cooke’s vice continued to float into the night. “Oh, you have no idea,” he murmured in half-promise and half-warning.

She lifted her face, found his eyes, willing the music to never stop. “Show me.”

His hand let go of her hand, his knuckles sliding under her chin and his mouth hovering over hers,“Hm, where do I start?”

what she says: im fine

what she means: turns out today wasn’t an amazing day after all, this isn’t going to be an amazing week or an amazing year cause…cause why would it be? oh i know because there’s zoe and all my hope is pinned on zoe who i don’t even know and who doesn’t know me but, you know, maybe if i did, maybe if i could just talk to her then maybe…maybe then nothing would be different at all. i wish everything was different. i wish that anything i said mattered to anyone. i mean, face it, would anyone even notice if i just disappeared tomorrow?

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Hey....I'm about to cry can u make me happy again?

oh my dear i’m so sorry!!! ok here we go i’m not sure what makes you happy but i’m gonna spam you with gifs of cute animals i hope it helps bc i love u and support you and cherish you and you deserve SO MUCH HAPPINESS AND LOVE AND TO NEVER CRY UNLESS THEY’RE HAPPY TEARS

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^^^ that one is me runnin around all excited about how awesome u are!!! ily!! 💜💜💜💜

SasuSaku Week Day Two: Saddest Moments

I chose the day Sasuke left the village as my saddest moment. There definitely were a lot of heart wrenching moments in the series, but I picked this moment because, not only did Sakura confess her love to Sasuke for the first time, but this moment also showed how hard it actually was for Sasuke to leave the village.

Sasuke called Sakura annoying and tried to push her away emotionally in order to leave without feeling any attachment or hesitation in his decision. But when Sakura wouldn’t budge, he saw just how much she was willing to do for him, how much she actually loved him, and he expressed his gratitude to her for the first time by thanking her.

It’s also the moment Sakura seems to hold to the most dear to her heart as well, as shown at the end of the war arc when she thought about Sasuke’s departure as she, once again, declared her love for him.

(Sorry to any of my followers who may not be big SasuSaku fans. I don’t mean to be spamming your feed with too much SasuSaku content, but I am just so happy to participate in SasuSaku week!!)

Remember kids, spamming E will make your Medic love you more! Also, remember to ask them about all the times they didn’t heal you, Medic’s love that!

Just read chapter 127 of Kuroshitsuji, and I feel like I was stabbed in the chest a billion times. I’m gonna be a weepy mess for dayz…

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Happy mother's day, space mom! 🌸🌺🌻🌼🌹🌸🌺🌻🌼🌹 I got you flowers 😊


omfg honestly my heart is breaking just THINKING about making lance suffer like that……. i hate langst so much but i legit get requests for langst/klangst multiple times a day so i’m gonna have to do it. ughhhhhh hahahah i’m so sorry pls if you want to spare yourself just blacklist the “langst/klangst” tags because i always try to tag appropriately!! 


omg i’m so glad i helped even a little bit!! best of luck as you continue writing!!

man idk hahaha it’s all good though, i’m just always paranoid that the spam of replies when i go through my inbox bothers people but i really hope that’s not the case. i’m not sure how making a different blog would help but its ok!! i’m alright continuing this way as long as everyone else is ok to stick around with me!! 

@hihereami this was from last night and idk how i didn’t see it until just now but THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU AND DON’T DESERVE UR NICENESS GAHHH

@icebr3ath (why tf can’t i ever tag ur username?????) THANK YOU MY LOVE YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGEL


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Uh, I need some help. Do you have any tips on fighting the Zora's Divine Beast? (Vah Ruta or something)

hang on to sidon for dear life

lol ok for real: have the zora shirt equipped, have shock arrows ready, use cryonis on the ice blocks–if aiming on the actual blocks is too difficult you can make pillars on the water instead to block them–, spam whatever button it is when heading towards one of the waterfalls so you won’t miss your opportunity to swim up one. When at the top just take aim and shoot. Sometimes you won’t be on the side you need to be and that’s when you can just use the paraglider to get to the other side and shoot whichever ones need to be shot. No matter where you land in the water, Link drowning is of very little concern as Sidon will almost always be there to get you

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So sorry for spamming your tags!! I tend to browse through blogs I like for way too long "^^ -Candaru

Oh my dear Candaru-anon, it is not a problem. I’m actually surprised you didn’t get lost in there since I have a ton of tags. I tag every post with stupid comments and I’m so glad to see you survived them. Be proud, my friend. Be proud.

Thanks for looking through my blog though! (ノ´ з `)ノ I’m glad you liked it!

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Dear Evan Hansen? :D

(send me a musical and ill tell you my top five songs!) / (bmc)

1) good for you
this is such an emo tio nal song!!! its the song where all the Shit Goes Down and evan is confronted about all the Shit he did!!! jared and alana!!! my Kids!!!!

2) waving through a window
okay so this is a highkey relatable song i cried the first time i listened to it aaa,,,, and tbh ben platt has such a gorgeous voice,,,,,, sdkjn

3) sincerely, me
just a really pleasant song to listen to!! its very bouncy and bright!! plus, evan and jared’s interactions lowkey remind me of me n my best friend so, hah

4) disappear
okay so this. this is such a Meaningful song. i just lay in silence for five straight minutes after hearing it for the first time and then immediately sent it to everyone i knew (i mean… my best friend. thats the only person i sent it to)

5) requiem
just such a!!! good!!!! song!!!! zoe murphy!!!! deserves!!!! better!!!!!! and laura has the voice of an a ngel fuck me up