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since the adventure zone finale is tomorrow i thought i’d post all my doodles so far. most of these are me trying to figure out my headcanons (ive drawn so many fucking taakos adfghsg) i love them all so much tho


Original mini cards made for the preorders of the Wendigo comic-books, they are all sold and sent. I have scanned all of them (a hundred. yes. 80 were made for the preorders, 20 for the sale of the remaining stock) but I will spare you, this is only a selection of the most unusual requests. Besides them I drew a TON of Wendigos, Wills and Hannibals. Description list below:

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Y'know, it’s awfully convieniant that they got rid of Cat Grant before Mon-El showed up and then brought her back as he was leaving and they never met.
I doubt Lena would say anything because let’s face it, we all know all she’d want is for Kara (Her only friend) to be happy, even if it meant tolerating Mon-El’s abusive ass.

Emotional abuse is just as bad as actual abuse and just because he never hit Kara, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. Also, fuck Mon-El, he took a perfectly good TV show with a feminist message and RUINED it.

The day Cat Grant says something nice about Mon-El and Kara’s relationship is the day I know the show has passed the point of no return and not even Lena “Queen of the gays” Luthor can bring me back.
Fingers crossed he was just a stepping stone for Kara to realise what she doesn’t want in a relationship.

occasionally (lets be real more than occasionally) there’ll be a part of an episode that just blows me away, where im just really in awe of griffin’s storytelling and acting capabilities. there were many lines in this episode that really struck me but you know what my favorite one was? it was john’s line, and it was so… cold, and calculating, and menacing, and it literally gave me chills. 

‘i feel… sad.’