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Chloe: Plus it’s easier to move around tight spaces and it’s a great way to get people to pet you!

Brooke: Yeah but having a tail shoved in your face when you’re reading isn’t fun!

Chloe: whoops


Deaf (A Luke Hemmings Oneshot)

Rating: PG, mention of sexy sex

Pairing: Luke Hemmings

Word Count:

hey look, lizzie actually wrote something for the first time in like a year as always, this is dedicated to maddythegiant, who’s my baby g.

But most of all I will never hear you say that you love me, so it’s almost as if you never said anything at all.

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I had considered writing a fic revolving around the beginning of their relationship and the slow escalation of the hatred toward their pred+prey relationship. It’d revolve more around Nicks misguided efforts to try to protect Judy from it, having struggled with his own guilt in having feelings for her to begin with and not wanting to have to have her go through it, too. The ‘never let them see they get to you’ mantra begins to crumble a bit once Judy is a target of criticism because of his presence; old burns come bubbling to the surface. 

He sleeps light in general so whenever the vandals come out at night to leave them their ‘messages’ he wakes up to find them there. Whenever Judy questions him when he crawls back into bed all heated from his ‘walks’ which is just him trying to wash away whatever it was they wrote with before she wakes up he uses the excuse ‘just another nightmare.’ Which he’d been pretty prone to having before they were together. 

Sorry for the super inconsistent drawings and sloppy handwriting. Still learning the characters @_@ Just a really rough doodle doo done in an hour or two. 

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Um, since you're taking requests, what about Marco lives in a haunted house and Tom is the ghost that haunts it and has a crush him?

I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved writing this! I thought the prompt was so cute! I loved this idea! I might even do some art based on it and if you guys want some more stories. This is adorable thank you for requesting it! Marco is supposed to have just graduated collage in this.


“Star, I’m telling you, I can’t stay here!” Marco said over the phone. “It’s just creepy!” He exclaimed.

“Marco! You’re overreacting.” Star’s voice came from the other line.

“Star I don’t think so… have you ever got the feeling like you’re being watched?” Marco asked.

“Yah, but when you look as good as I do you have to get used to it.” Star said.

“Star can you pleas-” Marco stopped mid sentence when he heard the same humming-noise come from the upstairs. “Star I have to go.” He quickly hung-up, not waiting for his friend’s response. Marco crept up the stairs. “H-hello?” He said meekly. The humming continued, but as he got further up the stairs it became more clear, and started to sound like some sort of song.

Oh my god! He’s coming upstairs! Tom said to himself, the ghost blushed brightly. His blush was blue, now that he didn’t have any blood. Did he hear my song? D-did he like it?

Marco rounded the corner on the top floor of his house, the look on his face was terrified. “I-I know you’re here!” He called. Star had been telling him he was crazy. But Marco knew there was something- SOMEONE else here. “Leave!” Marco shouted.

Tom froze. He wants me to leave? The ghost thought; hurt. He blinked back tears, the first person who could hear him in the two-hundred years he’s been dead… and he’s terrified of him. Tom let out a sad-mad cry. NO! Marco spun around.

“Who’s there!? I just heard you!” Marco shouted. Tom clapped a hand over his mouth.

You can hear me? Tom asked. But Marco didn’t seem to hear that.

“I know you can talk! I heard you say ‘No’!” Marco pried. “I want you to leave my house!” Tom flared up angrily.

This is MY HOME TOO! Tom screamed, he put his arms up and every single glass item (windows, picture frames, vases) in the room shattered. Marco screamed and ducked down, covering his eyes. Tom gasped and flew down to sit next to the brown-haired boy.

No, no, no! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you! Tom put his arm around Marco. Marco froze up, he slowly looked to his left, to see a three-eyed ghost. At that moment Marco let out the loudest scream Tom had ever heard in his two-hundred years as a ghost.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?” Marco shouted. Both boys shot up and took off to opposite ends of the room. Marco whirled around to scream some more at the humanoid creature… only to see it was gone. He was breathing heavily and slid to the floor. He put his head in his hands and cried.

“Please! Go away!” Marco cried. Tom was still standing before him.

Can you still see me? He asked out loud. His question was answered when he got no response.

Of course not.


“No mom, everything’s fine.” Marco said over the phone. “The house is wonderful, and I know it’s been in our family but… I can’t stay here.” Marco said to her. Tom sat down next to him, he felt a heavy feeling in his chest.

You’re leaving me?

“Mom… Why did Grandma leave this house? I mean… other than getting old.” Marco asked the receiver.

“Well,” his mother started “she was old she needed help. Her mind wasn’t as sharp as it once was. A nursing home was the right choice.” Angie said.

“What makes you think her mind was going?” Marco asked. He heard his mother sigh over the line.

“She… she was hearing things. Singing. And it scared her.” Angie explained. “She said she heard singing and…”

“And?” Marco pried.

“She said she heard a voice. She said she heard crying at night, Marco.” Angie finished. “After she told me that, I knew she wasn’t well enough to live alone. But she’s had this house for her whole life! She didn’t want to give it up. Please Marco, just give it time. You have a house! Most people at your age are getting apartments or still living with their parents. Be grateful!” Angie said (not meaning to be rude, just firm), and hung up. Marco scoffed.

“Yah… be grateful. I’m grateful you sent me to a haunted shit-hole!” Marco took a broom upstairs to the room where the glass had broken yesterday. He began cleaning up starting with putting in new light-bulbs. “I have to get out of here.” He said to himself. Tom had tears in his eyes.

No! You-you’re the only one who can hear me! Ever! I-I can’t be alone again! Tom began hyperventilating. Things in the room began to shake. Marco’s eyes bulged and he covered his eyes right before the light-bulbs burst– again.

I WON’T LET YOU LEAVE! Tom screamed, Marco heard this last part and at this point Tom became visible to Marco. Marco made a break for the door.

NO! Tom screamed, the door slammed. Marco pulled at it to get it to open, but to no avail.

“Please!” Marco sobbed. “Why are you doing this!?!”

You can’t leave! I won’t let you! Tom said through gritted teeth. He was floating in the middle of the room, with everything orbiting around him. I won’t be alone again! Tom cried. Marco looked up, a little less scared.

“Y-you’re alone?” Marco asked. Tom gasped when he realized what he had done. Marco slowly got to his feet. “You don’t… look scary…” He concluded. The ghost was around his age, he looked normal except a third eye, and everything about him seemed to be in a blueish blurry filter. Marco approached Tom; who made a move to run away. “NO!” Marco called. Tom stopped. “D-don’t go.” Marco pleaded. Tom blushed violently.

How can you see me… and hear me… now? Tom asked. Marco shrugged.

“I don’t know… Can people usually hear you?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

Just you… and your grandmother… but as soon as she started to hear me she left… that’s how it normally goes. You’re the only one to stick around this long. Tom explained. He was beginning to get very nervous around this cute boy. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a conversation; over two-hundred years ago, and he was having some social anxiety. But Marco gave him a reassuring smile. Tom’s face went bright blue. He was SMILING at him! Marco looked at the ghost for another minute and reached his hand out to touch him. Tom froze up and jumped away.

Don’t touch me! Tom cried, and disappeared.


Marco sat at the table with his head in his hands. He pushed away his bowl of cereal; suddenly not hungry. Why was this ghost on his mind so much? Why wasn’t he afraid anymore? Any did he feel so… sad, now that he was gone? Marco groaned and fell back onto the couch, he opened his eyes and almost screamed. In sloppy handwriting on the ceiling, the words “SORRY FOR RUNNING AWAY” was written in red ink. The logical reaction was to scream, a GHOST just WROTE something on his ceiling in what resembled BLOOD. But to Marco’s surprise, after the startle wore off, his reaction was a big smile.

“It’s okay.” He whispered. “I’m just glad you’re back.”


A week later Marco got out of the shower and saw the words, “REMEMBER TO CALL YOUR MOTHER” written in the steam on the mirror. Marco smiled.

“Thank you, I would have forgotten.” Marco said. He threw on some clothes and grabbed his keys. “I’ll be home at around five… make some sort of noise if you think you’ll be okay here until then.” Marco called. He heard some pots and pans clang together from the kitchen. Marco smiled. “Okay, I’ll see you then.” Marco closed the door behind him, but poked his head back in. “If you feel upset here alone, you can call me. I know you can’t talk into the phone… so if I hear dead silence in the receiver I’ll assume it’s you and come home. My number is on the fridge.”


“What’s your name?” Marco paused the tv show they were watching. Nothing in the house moved for a few minutes. “I… can you tell me? I really miss hearing your voice…” Marco blushed. Tom did as well.


Marco faintly heard this. “Tom?” He made sure. “Just make a sound if this is right.” Marco instructed. He was rewarded with a thump from upstairs. Marco smiled. “Tom… I really like that name. I don’t know if I’ve properly introduced myself, but I’m Marco.”

I like that name. Tom scooted closer to Marco

Marco heard this clearly. “Oh! I heard you fine that time. How come I can only hear and see you sometimes?” Marco asked.

I… Don’t know… I can’t control it. Can you see me now? I’m right next to you. Tom explained. For some reason this made Marco blush deeply.

“I can feel you…Will you stay?”



“How have you been, Marco?” Angie asked. She was sitting on the couch with her son, she had come to visit after seeing how upset Marco had been those weeks ago, Tom was watching the two of them from the opposite end of the couch; invisible.

“I’ve been fine! Really, I think I was just lonely… you know. Living on my own for the first time. But you were right. I have to appreciate what I have…. And I have a LOT to be happy about here.” Marco said. Tom could’ve sworn he looked straight at him. Angie smiled brightly.

“Oh thank goodness!” Angie cheered. “And how has your new job been? Have you… met anyone special?” Angie nudged her son, who blushed.

“Oh… wow, mom, I… I don’t think so. I didn’t find somebody.” Marco said. Tom felt the same heavy feeling in his chest.

I’m somebody. Tom said to Marco, he then remembered Marco couldn’t hear him all of the time. Why can you only hear me when I DON’T want you to!?! Tom cried.

“Well, that’s okay.” Angie assured. “I just want you to be happy, and I’m worried you may be lonely here alone.”

Marco smiled. “I don’t feel lonely, mom, trust me.” He assured.

“Well, okay then. I promised I’d stop by your aunt’s house while I’m in town, so I should go before it gets dark.” Angie said.

Marco nodded. “If you don’t want to drive home tonight mom, you can stay here.”

“I’ll be fine Marco. You’re a sweetheart.” Angie gave her son a kiss on the head. “I love you, dear, bye!”

“Bye mom! I love you!” He waved and closed the door behind his mother. “Hey, Tom, so I was thinking-” Marco started talking to Tom, but cut himself off when he turned around. He could see Tom clearly, standing with tears in his eyes.

“What’s wrong, Tom?” Marco right away jumped to defense.

Am I not someone? Tom asked tears fell down his face. Marco’s eyes widened. I know I’m dead but… I still… I’m- I can’t tell you why I feel like this but… I don’t feel dead when I’m with you I just-

Marco cut Tom off with a kiss.

“Stop, it’s okay.” Marco assured. Tom looked at him in awe. “I feel the same way.”

You… I-I can feel you. Tom was in shock he reached to hold Marco’s hand. Marco backed up.

“You…” Marco felt Tom’s hair. “You feel… cold.” Marco said. Tom looked at him nervously.

Is that bad? I don’t remember how I’m supposed to feel.

“No!… It’s perfect… you’re perfect.”


Okay I loved writing this too much! I may write more and I’m gonna draw my Ghost!Tom and Older!Marco. Thank you anon, for giving me this prompt! 

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Turnip: Mister Typhlosion sir, do you like to go exploring when you leave the garden? Have you been to a lot of places?

“I don’t explore as often as I used to.”

“But I’ve been traveling for the last two years…”

“But of all the places I’ve been…”

“This place is the best”

Plot Update: Typhlosion has been traveling for the last two years.

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TG: hot damn

and that is how Dave, his last words a reference to an overplayed song.

karkandy requested a Karkat but not anything specific sooooooo this is what they got :U 


Hyuuga started throwing basketballs at them. 

based off of the lovely lolygothica’s fanfic Captain’s Problem - very cute and funny!! 

1/? (to be continued maybe if I decide to draw the rest)

Part Two! the rest  

I don’t normally do this kind of “digging” thing, but when I see charts like this I like to figure out who/what is what if names aren’t provided.

Someone might have done a better version of this already, but this is what I could find with my slightly more than casual fan knowledge of everything in Overwatch.

Also sorry if my handwriting is sloppy. I tried to keep it neat.
Dark pink is corporations/companies/etc.
Light pink is people we know
And white is a wild guess as to what is in that particular hexagon.