sorry for the sketch y style

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How about some more David/Gwen art? I love your style and I think the ship needs more attention :3

Damn I drew something nasty!

Sorry tho for this shitty sketch. I wanted to make it canonical at first but then got so tired aahhh…. So i cleaned this sketch a bit and that’s what came out.

- G-gwen, wh-hat are y-you doin’?

- Do you want me to stop?

- N-no way…

Art (Request)

Hiiiii! love your writing! I wanted to request a, artist harry prompt? Something like you are a waitress and he comes to your restaurant and sees that you’re drawing and you two start talking about art? Thank you so much in advance!


Working in a coffee shop was certainly not what you would consider to be your “dream job”. Sure, you enjoyed interacting with your customers – especially the regular ones who came in every single day – and you definitely enjoyed coffee, though your two free cups a day was starting to get a little repetitive. But you always found yourself dreaming about doing something else. Specifically, you dreamed about running away to someplace like Italy and spending your days sitting on a balcony, painting the scenery while enjoying a glass of wine.

You were thankful that your boss was supportive of that dream and didn’t think twice when you spent every free second of your break sitting at one of the tables, scribbling away on a sketch pad. Today was no exception. You were on your second break and also second coffee of the day. Your head was bent over your sketch pad; brow furrowed in deep concentration. You were attempting to draw an interpretation of a photograph you had seen several days earlier and, so far, weren’t having much luck. You were still learning the ins and outs of what made a really good drawing, and people especially were not your speciality at this point. As luck would have it, the photo you were trying to copy was almost primarily made up of people, so you were feeling the frustration of having worked on it for several days and getting basically nowhere.

“Don’t worry too much about getting the hands right. They’re always the toughest part.”

Your head shot up when you heard the low voice directly behind you. You came face to face with a tall, curly-haired, green-eyed man who was watching you with a smile.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

You gulped, unaware that your heart had been pounding a lot faster than normal. You attempted to give him a smile back, but you were suddenly feeling very self-conscious and your first instinct was to cover your drawing. As much as you enjoyed sketching, you typically didn’t show people your work.

The man seemed to sense your nervousness and ran a hand through his hair before coming to stand in front of your table, rather than behind you.

“Don’t cover it up, your drawing is really good.” He said, motioning to where your hands were over the page.

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hi everyone!!! my name is clarence!!! im a mentally ill masculine-identifying individual!

so , lately i have been in a bit of a money rut. not a lotta places nearby are hiring rn, and i dont have wa working vehicle to get to farther places. not onl y that, but i have three pets that need taking care of!!! so, im opening sketch commissions!!! sorry if this is poorly put together, as i ve never done commissions before..,


these are the examples  and prices!!! 

sketch: $5-$8. a simple sketch drawing in the above shown style!! prices may vary depending on difficulty.

sketchy lineart: $8-$10. im not very good at lineart, so its kind of a sketchy lineart?? i guess?? prices vary depending on difficulty!

colored sketch: $10-$12. its a sketch but colored! sadly my shading isnt best so the coloring style is what is shown above! prices vary depending on difficulty!

any extra character is an extra $3-$5  depending on difficulty!

backgrounds are an extra $5-$8 depending on difficulty! (please dont expect anything super fancy sorry!!!)

will NOT draw: mechas, non-con/rape scenarios, underage nsfw.

will draw: basicaly anything else! OCs, furries, cartoon characters, non cartoon characters, nsfw (may charge extra!)

my paypal is (also please feel free to donate if you have the spare money!!!)

please reblog this, signal boost, anything!!!

thank you very much for your time!!!


So much post office bounty in my PO Box this week!

First photo:

  • The sad tree card, tiny matryoshka, royal owl patch, and wrapped gift (I’m opening it tomorrow!) are from @clockways. I have to admit I may love the Tiny Matryoshka the best :D
  • The squeezy-mouth plastic canvas toy, sheep button, and bauble-y tree are from @freakishlemon. I love those squeezymouth things (I used to make them as a craft!) and I ate the chocolate kiss inside immediately.

Second photo, clockwise from top left:

  • The Rijksmuseum research room from @alltangledupinblue – now I want to visit the Rijksmuseum!
  • The cynical reindeer from @lillian13. Owls and supersolders are a terrible combination. :D
  • Cross-stitch style deer from @capt-spork. Sorry to hear about the splint, but your handwriting is fine!
  • Christmas Crackers from @jeyradan and Giles; that pun was AMAZING, and thank you for the little sketch. :)
  • The owls and Christmas tree come from @jonothetonedeafsidekick – I love the owls!
  • Foxies and a snowfox from @howshouldibegin. I DID love the stamps, thank you. :D
  • Winter pattern with moose from Sage (didn’t get your username, sorry!). It’s a terribly cute pattern, I really like the card design.
  • And in the center, lovely musical birds from @arukou-arukou. Always happy I can entertain!

Third photo:

  • The blue and white card, stickers, Avengers confetti, and Starbucks card are from @jadesymb – glad to see your family is thriving!
  • The penguin card, owl, owl towels, Iron Man magnet, Cap socks (omg), bandaids, and Target giftcard are from @junker5 . OMG CAP SOCKS.

I got a few wrapped gifts that I’ve put under the tree, so there will be more tomorrow!