sorry for the sketch y style


hi everyone!!! my name is clarence!!! im a mentally ill masculine-identifying individual!

so , lately i have been in a bit of a money rut. not a lotta places nearby are hiring rn, and i dont have wa working vehicle to get to farther places. not onl y that, but i have three pets that need taking care of!!! so, im opening sketch commissions!!! sorry if this is poorly put together, as i ve never done commissions before..,


these are the examples  and prices!!! 

sketch: $5-$8. a simple sketch drawing in the above shown style!! prices may vary depending on difficulty.

sketchy lineart: $8-$10. im not very good at lineart, so its kind of a sketchy lineart?? i guess?? prices vary depending on difficulty!

colored sketch: $10-$12. its a sketch but colored! sadly my shading isnt best so the coloring style is what is shown above! prices vary depending on difficulty!

any extra character is an extra $3-$5  depending on difficulty!

backgrounds are an extra $5-$8 depending on difficulty! (please dont expect anything super fancy sorry!!!)

will NOT draw: mechas, non-con/rape scenarios, underage nsfw.

will draw: basicaly anything else! OCs, furries, cartoon characters, non cartoon characters, nsfw (may charge extra!)

my paypal is (also please feel free to donate if you have the spare money!!!)

please reblog this, signal boost, anything!!!

thank you very much for your time!!!