sorry for the silly post

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]

Grandma from Soul contract :D

Please, can we give a moment of appreciation to grandma of Duanmu Xi from Soul Contract? Ha haha I mean… she is such total shipper of  Duanmu Xi x  Yang Jinghua and their the best supporter. ;) I mean…:

- She totally accepts Jinghua and is so happy Duanmu found him. :D She welcomed him so warm. :D

- And teheh she even wants to help in arrange their “marriage”. ;) 

-She was really so happy and moved for the fact Jinghua became Duanmu ‘s soul image. :D awwwwww. :D

-And she is still sooo moved after some time, haha feels don’t wanna leave her. :D 

- And look.. she really acts like such loving and supportive mother-in-law checking how her son-in-law feel. :D 

-And makes sure they get along. :D

- Hohoho she is even interested about more intimate parts of their life together. :D Like really hahah I wonder, what she menat here. ;) Buhahaha.  (I’m like 100000 % sure she knows, Jinghua is not just soul image for her grandson… She knows her grandson soooo much so haha she knows that Jinghua must be cute little beloved lover for Duanmu :D)

-and look here… she knows they are together ;) HAhaha. I love her soooooooo much. :D 


But the one Tsuyuri cares the most is you.


So… look what Gabo Ramos (the latinoamerican voice actor of Wander) tweet on Valentine’s Day

Translation of the tweet: “ha ha I #huglikeWander. I hope you like my new character from #WanderOverYonder on #DisneyXD How do you guys hug?”

I don’t know what you think but I think this is kinda funny XD 

(I believe he’s becoming Wander now… I even added a Wander hat XD)

How to take care of sick boyfriend? Guide by Abeno Haruitsuki

 When your boyfriend will get sick in underworld you must immediately:

1. Go to other world to bring them necessary components.

2. Before this don’t forget to make sure they will feel warm and comfy  (you can throw at them nonchalantly your own clothes ;)) 

3. Back soon. And don’t forget ice creams. 

Bonus: Ashiya asking for ice creams. ;) Abeno  didn’t forget ;) tehhehe . ;) 

@yu-gi-ow okay but consider this…if Yugi solved the puzzle when he was little wouldn’t Atem be stuck wearing smol yugi’s clothes?

this is somehow related to this post


EB: here’s to hoping 2017 won’t be nearly as bad as 2016 was!

TG: god i hope so

So when you ask someone who is their favorite shoujo heroine….

some will say


and others




and many many many more wonderful cuties… But we all know ;) if you read Daiya no Ace that the shoujoest from them all is one and only Eijun Sawamura of course. ;) 

And if anyone had any doubts lately Terajima-sensei make us remember this in not subtle at all way. :) Hahaha. With this baby’s cute love struck face no. 176853637302837271342 that he made seeing Miyuki *cough cough* his love interest for who he left his lil hometown and moved to place when they can be together ;)  *cough cough*.  

I’m so so so sorry for this post ////////////// but couldn’t resist after new level of shoujo from Eijun in last chapters. ;) 


Arashi talked about the dash from NHK to Tokyo Dome for Countdown during the MC on the last day of the AYH tour.

It almost became a broadcasting incident since they really weren’t sure they could make it or not at the time. Previously, Fuji TV staff (broadcaster of Countdown) had rehearsed the route from NHK hall to Tokyo Dome over and over and they made it in plenty of time, so they were confident that the journey’s possible. They even told Arashi to leave the outfits at the Dome but since Arashi are worrywarts they asked to leave the outfit in the car (the two tweets differ on whether they actually got to bring it on the car with them or not) But when Arashi tried the route that night, they got stuck about 2 traffic lights before Tokyo Dome. Nino: ‘There was some sort of lane inspection or something’. The staff told them that TOKIO has already started Sorafune which is part of the medley Arashi will be singing in. They were also told that it’ll take another 3 minutes to get there. And they were like, ‘no way, there’s still two traffic lights to go through’. So Matsujun shouted: ‘We’re getting down!’ and the rest of Arashi: ‘Roger!’ . They got down and did a 400m dash to Tokyo Dome wearing Aiba’s blouson. People on the streets and fans waiting outside the Dome saw them, and went ‘It’s Arashi!’, ‘Good luck!’. Sho: ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!’. No fans nor security guards tried to stop them and they made it just in time. So if you ever feel like watching Countdown again, they weren’t kidding when they said they made it.

So yeah, this is Arashi come New Year’s Eve. All to make us (or maybe Johnny’s execs) happy.

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Umm...Why do you call Travis Trent?

Because I’m stupid anon, and for some reason my brain was convinced it was Trent even after I googled it to be sure… that’s what happens when you queue things really late at night I suppose!