sorry for the silly poses

I was inspired by watching this music video haha
I really like the song~
I’m not sure why I was looking up the song on YouTube, but the music video is pretty rad to me 
I guess I like drawing bright workout clothes…
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anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is silly lol but how do you think the members will pose with their girlfriend for a couple picture? ^_^♡

Shownu: I can see Shownu as the type to show what he and his girlfriend do together for an Instagram picture rather than selfies. Like them holding hands walking somewhere, eating out, or like this, playing video games together.

Wonho: I can see Wonho wanting to take cheesy pictures like these, looking lovingly into each other’s lives which only makes for the cutest candid pictures when the two start cracking up from being too posed. But this way, he wants to show off his girl, his probably stylish outfit, and obviously himself ;-)

Minhyuk: I think Minhyuk would definitely just take A LOTTTTTT of cute selfies with his girlfriend, his whole Instagram would be flooded of pics of you two, most of them like this. The focus being on you and him just being cute in the background with a pouty face, or a big smile and all.

Kihyun: For some reason, I can see Kihyun wanting to take more selcas in your guys’ downtime… for example, when you’re doing nose strips together. I can see him already captioning it like “My girlfriend is cuter than yours #couplegoals”

Hyungwon: For some reason, I feel like Hyungwon wouldn’t purposely like posing for couple pictures so you’re gonna have a lot of them like these, where he’s just looking somewhere casually and you snap a quick picture of yourself with him, with joking captions like “my bf is more into Pokemon Go than he is me :-(”

Jooheon: I feel like Jooheon would go for the artsy, ambiguous aesthetic type of couple pictures where it’s not blatantly you two but it’s very clear he’s with you. Especially with his headphones picture, I feel like that’s something you and Jooheon would do a lot together, listen to each other’s music.

I.M: I can imagine all of I.M’s couple pictures looking like this. Where his girlfriend looks good and all pretty, but I.M is looking all derpy with his face being squished but nonetheless, looking lovingly at you! Sometimes, he’ll even turn the tables and squish your face for a cute picture together.


“iwa-chan you meanie-! you did that on purpose!”


lmfao i was re watching haikyuu for the gazillionth time and since its the weekend i thoguht i could use the free time to draw more iwaoi stuff

While my husband was deployed, I must’ve repeated this poem to myself fifty times a day, or more. It is “Self-Pity,” by D.H. Lawrence:

“I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

______ _ _
(Sorry about the silly pose; this is a difficult place to photograph right-side-up.)