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i loooooove how u draw victor's hair im Obsessed can u do a tutorial for it? he's my fav fav fav but his hair is so fuckin hard to draw

Yes! Victor’s hair is one of my favorites to draw! I made a little shoddy tutorial, sorry it isn’t very quality haha! :’D

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Since the release of Pokemon Bank Im gonna do a shiny giveaway, these are some of the pokemon I’m giving away, no camera so sorry for the shoddy quality.  All the pokemon being given away is EVERY starter from 1-5 Gen and a few Eevees, ALL SHINY.  Winners will be choosen at random with whatever pokemon they want Prizes as follow. 1st 3 Pokemon of your choice, 2nd 2 pokemon of your choice, 3rd 1 pokemon of your choice.

  1. Reblogs and likes both count, but people don’t spam this across your dash, not very nice for other people.
  2. I will be choosing one winner at random using an RNG.
  3. You don’t have to be following me but it will be nice.
  4. I won’t be giving out the winners so that way they don’t receive harassment.
  5. Winner will be contacted via ask, so please have your ask box open!
  6. Anyone who is following me though and WINS will get one extra pokemon since I love you all.
  7. Winners will be picked on Feb. 19th not sure the exact time of day, you will have 2 days to respond before someone else gets the prize.
  8. All Pokemon are nicknamable too, just let me know what you want them called!

And with that let the give away begin and best of luck to you all!


Studying colors for my elementary Arabic class! [sorry for the shoddy handwriting and photo quality.]
When learning new languages, I find it more useful to try not to “translate” the word to memorize/learn it at first; if it is a concrete concept (blue, library, sister, etc), I try to visualize the concept as I read/say the word. That way, when I go to recall it, my brain doesn’t have to take the time to remember the English translation first - it can jump straight from the foreign word to the concept. This allows you to think in the language, making fluency faster and easier c: [After I have them memorized that way, I allow myself to review from translated flashcards.]

So today, I wrote out the Arabic in the proper colors with my Staedtler pens! Once I have them down, I’ll switch to Quizlet to review over the next few days.


i wanted to post my new lip colors…. sorry for the half assed pictures and shoddy application and all around poor quality but i was super excited and i rushed.. anyways it’s santa baby lip tint from lush, sugar plum fairy from wet n wild, shocking coral from maybelline color vivids, and vamp it up from wet n wild…. Nice