sorry for the shitty scanning


Scans of all the DR Kirigiri novel illustrations for anon!

I left out the covers since those are pretty widely available online already. Vol. I is the only one with anything more than a single insert illustration in the front of the book, which is why illustrations from over the course of four books fit into a single image post.


Kogami & Tsunemori illustrations from Newtype Magazine Feb 2015 Issue

This is probably like the worst picture in the history of mankind but Idrc because I haven’t drawn Cas in a while and I wanted to do my fav version of him again (the only one I ever draw) from @riseofthefallenone ’s fic Out of the Deep or Beneath the Surface, it doesn’t really matter.

Future Trunks + Tropes (part 1)

Beware the Nice Ones

Break the Cutie

Combat Pragmatist

Cool Sword

Hurting Hero


Keep the body, take the mind: How to Make a Slave by Willie Lynch (1712)

I’m sure a lot of you have read this, but I don’t think that it’s nearly as widespread as it should be. Lynch stated that his methods listed would be able to “control the slaves for 300 years.” While we are no longer “slaves,” it’s insane how relevant this is 300 years later. I love the unity that I see in the black tumblr community, but I wish I saw more of it in real life. I know it’s kinda long (sorry for the shitty scan), but it’s worth every word. Please read this,