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Do y’all remember this?

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Part 2:

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ITS SO SHITTY OMG but goddamn does it feel good to have completed prolly the longest animation I’ve ever done?? Wish I coulda done more to it but my computer is terribly laggy. This was basically a screenshot redraw gone wild haha, also sorry for the shit video quality?? maybe ill upload a higher quality version, if anyone wants.

Over the Garden Wall is very important to me; its basically if I were turned into a 10-episode long miniseries haha and its helped me through a lot!! So here is a nod to my favourite cartoon ever. Enjoy!!!



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Reputation Secret Session

Okay. So, I’ll like to begin this soliloquy by saying that NO, I was not at the session. So maybe what I’m about to say won’t matter to you or maybe it will. But anyway. I’ll just say what’s on my mind.

Here goes

So .. Taylor invited these people over for a SECRET session. She selected them carefully (by hours and hours of stalking) and basically made them promise her that they won’t give away anything (ANYTHING) about the album. (Except for the fact that it’s better than RED) Anyway, these unbelievably lucky folks got to spend more than 4 hours with Taylor and her family and that’s something we all wish for! Okay true. But does that give us the right to be mad at the fans who were invited? Hello? But like, THEY WERE CALLED. They didn’t go uninvited and omg if you ask me, we should be beyond happy for them!!! I mean, how many of us get the chance to see our favourite human being, tell them we love them in person and spend quality time with them? Being jealous is okay. It’s normal. But attacking someone? Or harassing them into telling us what they did at the session and make them divulge the information that’s supposed to be confidential? I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s the most shitty thing you can possibly do.

They cannot tell us anything. Please respect that.

Like why’s that so hard for some people to understand? Taylor trusted these fans with something she’s worked her butt off for and now y'all just want someone who attended and made Taylor a promise to spill the beans and break her trust? Please, don’t do that. You’re not just ruining this for yourself but for everyone else too! Many of us have waited 3 years for this new music. This album is way too important for some of us. For Taylor.

Things we all need to be doing:

  • Stop trying to get the deets.
  • Respect this album. Respect the fans’ promise to Taylor.
  • Stop posting things you know about the album.
  • If you attended the ss and are being repeatedly questioned by media outlets OR other fans, REPORT THEM/BLOCK THEM/IGNORE THEM. DO NOT TELL ANYONE ANYTHING.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, NO ONE OWES ANYONE AN EXPLANATION. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t tell your friend about the details, they’ll thank you later. You’re being a good friend by not spoiling it for them.
  • Be stoked cos Reputation is out in 26 days! OMG (Time flies like paper planes *wink wink*)

Also, If you invitees continue to spill the beans, Taylor might not do this again and the rest of us could miss the chance to meet her.

Thanks for reading,

Love ya! Xx

@taylorswift we can’t wait for reputation and I honestly can’t express how pumped I am for it!!