sorry for the shitty edit of this time otl


Then that means that last year… Rin-san was also a MAID ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

for the love of god I hope I didn’t miss anyone……  if I did: I am so sorry OTL. If I misspelled your url: I am so sorry OTL dlkofijuhgkjndfx

Anyways! I’ve been on tumblr for almost a year now and I never really had the chance to properly thank everyone for making my time here memorable, so this is my way of saying thanks. It’s my first follow forever and I’m going to be pretty busy from this afternoon onward so please excuse my shitty edit that I threw together in half an hour  _(:3 j L)_  it’s the thought that counts, right? //bricked And i don’t have the time to organise URLs into alphabetical groups, so again I’m really sorry for that orz 

Italics= my precious ; v ;

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Bolded a couple of names for a few reasons. Boa, Natsu, Suiren, and Aggy, thank you for being my best friends and for putting up with my idiocy and stupidity at school ; v ;

Kura-nee, Taka-nee and Prien for always putting up with my ranting and offering assistance when needed. Also, thank you for putting up with my screaming over anime/manga/seiyuu/everything aahahhahahaha //dives off cliff