sorry for the shit low quality of some of these


im ashamed but apparently not enough to stop me from posting these,.some bad furry doodles from twitter ,,,,,,,,,,,plz forgive me,,,

fun fact: if a certain character in Celica’s route is defeated in Echoes (in casual mode at the very least, idk about classic that shit’s way too stressful for my inexperienced ass lol) their ‘death quote’ still says that their name is ‘Masked Knight’ instead of, well… their actual name that you know at this point lmao

looks like some people might have messed up their switches juuuust a little bit :’’’D

… although i guess it’s better that than if it showed their actual name before you recruited them hahahah;;;

Aoi Shouta performing Innocent live in TSPOOK event 

Sorry for the low quality recording and for some reason it’s out of sync but yea lol i’ll try to upload my whole recording on youtube later

There was an interview half an hour before this, and also North Star and Zessei Stargate were cut off from the stream “due to copyright”. After those two, the stream was resumed and they showed Shoutan’s performances for Innocent, Zutto and DDD. I’ll upload the full performances until DDD later tonight and post it here. Needless to say I lost my shit and screamed at my laptop lol. 

Anyways enjoy~