sorry for the shit art spam

also sorry for all the dopetalk spam it’s been a very busy last few months
dw I’m still working on art stuff just most of it’s lowkey for furpoc2017 dealer’s den which I got so graciously accepted into. 

you guys won’t believe the kind of crazy shit I’ve been pulling to make this happen, ahha. I’m just so glad I got the opportunity and I wanna make this experience baller a/f. Here’s hoping!

@phil-the-stone can we consider this one as a “holding hands”?


HEY I’ve been working on this for a while please look at it

(It has a BACKGROUND I never do backgrounds)

The latest chapter of Killing Stalking (31) has got me ShOoKeTh Af and all I needed was to get it out of my system by drawing Sangwoo in his fabu suit, because I luv dis boi, but he makes me want to rip my hair out ;_;. Also trying use some more brushes, trying to challenge myself :3 and thank you all for following my blog and liking and reblogging my shitty art lol, I appreciate the nice notes!

lolol i tried to draw without my tablet on my laptop and it was a pain in the ass (>__<;) and as I’m lazy AF I left it at the neck IT WAS TO DIFFICULT TOO AT LEAST LEAVE IT AT THE SHOULDERS omg.. and it has a lot of mistakes I didn’t fix because meh… i gave up easy on this

lmao just look at my signature and at that ear and at the hair aaah xD

Soul didn’t deserve this lol I’M NEVER DOING THESE AGAIN wtf IDK WHAT I WAS THINKING

The 2ps Read Killing Stalking

2p America: Why does the killer dude have nice clothes and shit? I would rob him if he wouldn’t fucking kill me. And the kid needs to man the fuck up and beat the motherfucker! I wouldn’t let this asshole kick my- Oh shit, he’s sucking his dick!! See, this is why gets treated disrespectfully. The dude is literally is sucking his dick!

2p Canada: Crazy motherfuckers.. I want to feel bad for the scrawny one but he does deserve it.. I guess not to this level. I mean, look at him. He can barely keep himself at a healthy weight! This is some shit America would do. The fucker has a baseball bat and that stupid look on his face, like he knows he’s trouble but pretends to be a good.. *hates Sang Woo a bit for that*

2p England: That poor child! Someone save him! *gets more shocked as he continues reading* *starts crying* I just want him to be free! No honey, don’t crawl! You can do it!

2p China: Yeah, he’s fucked. No way in hell he’s getting out of there alive or without being dragged back inside. *continues reading* Ok, I’ve heard of kissing ass but..sucking dick is new!

2p Russia: *hates it* Why is there so much blood and violence?

2p France: What the fuck is?! Oh shit- *continues reading for boobs* This guy is so bipolar. First he wants to kill the guy then wants him to suck him off then kill him then never wants him to leave him. For fuck’s sake, make up your fucking mind..

2p Italy: Torture him more! That’s what he gets for breaking into people’s houses! (He starts feeling a little bad as he continues reading) This dude is so hopeless.. Also, how did the cop fuck up that badly??

2p Germany: R.I.P the country whore! (He loves that name for him)

2p Japan: (He secretly takes this as a competition and plans to make a better manga than this one) Is this a doujin of Shingeki No Kyojin? Fucking Korea..

2p Romano: Aw, they’d make a cute couple, if he wasn’t, you know.. He’s hot and crazy but that’s ok as long as he doesn’t hurt the child too badly *reads the part with Ji Eun* Bitch, you better lose the attitude before you end up like him! *continues reading* DID THIS MAN FUCK THIS BITCH IN FRONT OF HIM??? BITCH, I’M SHOOK!!!! (He laughs at the part where she gets a wrench thrown at her) Talk shit, get hit!

2p Prussia: *relates to Yoon Bum on an emotional level* I really hopes he gets out of there.. Or at least fix Sang Woo. I really like the art style and story of this, though it’s a bit nerve-wracking

2p Austria: This is hella sadistic, I love it!! The torture in here is perfect! I’ll have to take notes and use it someday!

Phan Rant

Here’s my thing about phan. I think it’s both a wonderful and terrible thing simultaneously. Unfortunately, a lot of demon phannies make shit up, or spam Dan and Phil, and other creators about Dan and Phil, and that’s just not on. This makes the rest of us look bad. But then there are awesome creators who write beautiful fanfics, draw incredible art, and make funny as hell edits and artful masterpieces of crack videos. At the end of the day, you can ship phan, hell, I ship phan. But let’s remember to not let it bleed out of our little community. Dan and Phil have both made it clear that they feel uncomfortable with the topic. They do so much for us, why not do this little thing for them?