sorry for the shit art spam

this is my valentines gift for my lovely @maumauxmau

Aaah I said i am satisfied but i struggle with judars shoulder and hakuryuus strange face a lot. (what are proportions and where have they gone??) >_< But I hope you like it anyway! 

So that’s how judar and hakuryuu gonna enjoy valentine’s day. Naked cuddling under a fluffy blanket <3  >D (do i need to tag this pic as nsfw?????)

I LOVE YOU MAU ! SORRY FOR SPAMMING AND TALKING SO MUCH OKAY? please tell me if i am a bother q-q I wish you to be happy and healthy and everything. you deserve it because you are a very precious and good human and I treasure you for that ! The world needs more people like you. 

And thank you for listening to me even though I am a blablabla and thank you for always asking how I am !! ^0^ and yeah… sorry (for what??) I don’t know. I always feel guilty no matter what I do. It’s part of my personality lol. :<

guys what the fuck this brush took me like an hour to make and it’s literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen??????

So great, in fact, that I whipped up this doodle real quick and I’m even gonna share the brush with y’all, if you want it B)

I’ll probably wind up using this brush for some little comic strips I’ve got planned in between pages of that big comic I’m working on. Hope you guys find some use for it, too!


(Sorry for spamming the captions and the tags ;v; )

erik is kind of a dick to pietro like 24/7 and i have this headcanon that pietro does the best impressions of their pissy father (sort of as a way of coping) and him and wanda laugh so much they can’t breathe.

also bonus comic:

Holy balls. I think this is kemfltnglmnc. Day Five of the OTP Challenge, sorry if I delay too much–I have school shit to deal with. Anywho, they’re kissing, that’s it.. No backstory unless you make one.

Also, I might be spamming these words a lot, but I’m suffering from an art block and it will be great for art ideas. The list of fandoms are listed in one of my recent posts.


For @lanxborealis and @angel-fieramente-humano
Ancient Egypt AU
I love it, decided to draw it and next thing u know got carried away and like huh? Let’s draw these two fancier
P.S ( I really wanted dipper in a wedding dress so sorry for non accuracy for the look )