sorry for the selfie really

Someone added the tagย โ€˜silly homorobosโ€™ to one of the comics and the image of Zenyatta taking selfies with Genji immediately hit me xD

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@vitaminniedk @thesoonyoungs and @sassyminghao tagged me to make moodboard with only photos on my phone; @dokyuml @darlinggyu @svtjuns and @babieseok tagged me for selfie tag; since i already did a selfie tag not too long ago, i’m just gonna combine the two tags.  i know this moodboard kinda sucked but let’s just pretend that me and jihoon went on a disney date okay

i’ll tag: @booseuksoon @jeonu @woozihacks @lilchubchim @soonrongs @spicyjunhui @vernkn @hansolmates @mingyou @heoni @soonyongs @cafewoozi @plantsoo @dinosgf @manzae @jeremysoules @joshsua @starryjunhui @soonhosh @jshuahong  @momjeonghan @hoshsi @jcshuahong @bultaerone @baekyone @blondshua @minghaon @mingkeymouse @the1the8 @honeyjeon @wjhs @angelyoons @jisoonyoung @nsfwoozi @dinope @dotkyeom @7unhui @jeonwoooo @wonuthewhale @the-little-giant-maknae




2016 aka the year i became a filter ho ✨

 I was tagged by these babes!! @littlebyuns @wingsalbum @spankmebaekhyun @dazedjongin @junmyeonsexual @xingme @ooomybaek @baekhyunloveblog who are all super gorgeous?? u guys really how?? 💘💘💘

 okay so i’m gonna tag a bunch of you guys!! 
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Yaโ€™ll have already seen my Rin cosplay buttttt I wanted to try my hand with my other cosplays!ย 

Notes below! (If you care to read ^^โ€™ )ย 

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anonymous asked:

Omg you're stunning ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•


look what i found !


I apologize for the unasked for and probably unwanted selfie interruption, but today is the first day of spring, the weather is beautiful, and I’m getting to spend my break outside, so I’m celebrating with snow app and random pictures! Sorry?? 😶 I’ll let my blog return to its regularly scheduled GOT7 posts now~