sorry for the selfie really


(Well after seeing @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic  as patton! (Aka my new faaavourite thing)<3 I heard she required a Logan? Here’s my shitty attempt at @thatsthat24 Logic.) (Yes I tagged him.. why not ‘-’)

Logic’s not sure what to where for this ‘Meeting’. The blue? (He knows its Pattons favorite..) or the Black? (His personal favorite) Jacket or no?. He cant afford to take so long on such minor decisions! He refuses to run late. 

Let’s just hope he looks nice either way…

( Also new hair? it might not be obvious.. its blue now though.. I feel so me??… that sounds weird but wow I’m actually happy. ) 


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u ever get in the mood to drop some selfies but u can’t cause u haven’t taken a good selfie since before the beginning of time so u gotta recycle some old ones????


I am screaming. I didn’t know if I could pull off Kobayashi but here I am


boys can look like me (he/him)

happy trans day of visibility to all of the closeted trans kids out there, may you always remember that you are great, loved and important!


i know i just did a selfie tag not too long ago but my cami baby @hansolmates  tagged me again for this lol so sorry guys you have to see my face again 😂 i was at disney today and i had churros matching with mingyu 👀👏🏻

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@vitaminniedk @thesoonyoungs and @sassyminghao tagged me to make moodboard with only photos on my phone; @dokyuml @darlinggyu @svtjuns and @babieseok tagged me for selfie tag; since i already did a selfie tag not too long ago, i’m just gonna combine the two tags.  i know this moodboard kinda sucked but let’s just pretend that me and jihoon went on a disney date okay

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As long as we’re together, does it matter

where we go?

(Road trip with Yongguk moodboard  - better not let him drive yet though)

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