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Hello everyone!

This is Part 1 of my fan-made comic featuring Chara and Frisk from the video game called “Undertale” made by Toby Fox. 

I have finally decided to draw a comic after watching a bunch of Undertale MVs. Making a comic has been a dream I’ve had for a long time and it finally came true! I am deeply sorry that I haven’t finished this sooner because I’ve been really busy with Uni and I’m still adjusting to the environment/ stress from it all. I do plan to make other comics as short as this one, but until then stay tuned!!!

Since the semester is over, I will try to put more drawings and more cosplay WIPs for you guys to see!! Until next time!!! :)

**Disclaimer: If you would like to repost this elsewhere, PLEASE ask for permission. I also give permission for video voiceovers**

Part 2:


this morning i was gonna play but this thing pops up?? and when i click “ok” it redirects me to the settings menu for some reason (where u can adjust the volume of bgm and stuff)

 is it asking me to update tje game or spmething?? pls help >.

Sorry for not getting to you earlier, I am limited to phone Tumblr only atm and it does not like showing me our inbox for some reason.

The message reads “Account usage is restricted. Please contact us from the settings.”
I’ve… never seen this message before. Are you an Android or iPhone user? If you’re an Android user, and are using QooApp, check for updates at QooApp. You should also check it QooApp itself needs to be updated. After that, clear your device’s cache, then try the app again. If you manage to get to the start screen, clear your game’s cache as well in the left upper corner (キャッチュクリア) and click start.
Get back to me with whether that worked or not. If not, I will prepare an e-mail for you to send to Tabistaff.

- Mod Ichi-nya ☆