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G-Dragon - The Evolution



vampire series • chapter three

A choking sound echoes from the backroom, followed by a loud clank of dishes and Seokjin doesn’t need to take a look to know it was Jungkook, knew the vampire smelt you as you approached the coffee shop and knew your scent only grew stronger when you pulled the door open and wind followed you in, wafting the lobby with the sweet smell of you. Your flowery perfume easily overrode the bitter stench of beans and Seokjin himself had the pleasure of catching a small whiff of the incredibly addicting fragrance.

Instead of making your way up to the counter, you keep your eyes glued to the shattered screen of your phone as you blindly stumble for the closest table positioned by the freshly-cleaned window.

Seokjin sighs and carefully places down the cup he was drying, drapes the cloth next to it and shoves at the swinging door to the back kitchen. He finds Jungkook standing over the coffee machines, the technology beeping loudly as every wrong button is pushed.

“Jungkook, what the hell,”

Seokjin stomps over and grabs the teenager’s wrists together, pins them against the taller boy’s chest and forces him to take a step back.

“What are you doing?”

“I need a fucking distraction Seokjin, she-“

Jungkook flinches when the hard thump of Seokjin’s finger flicks against his forehead. He frowns and rubs the spot, despite feeling no pain.


“Watch your language,”

Seokjin scolds and in turn Jungkook huffs in annoyance, decides to ignore him.

“She smells like… like rain?”

Seokjin peeks at the confused boy out of the corner of his eye, watches him rip his beanie off and scratch at his head before slipping it back on.

“Is it raining outside? She smells like rain, I smell rain and flowers and, what is that; ink? Day old ink, Seokjin, what am I smelling right now?”

“Can you wait her already? She’s been sitting too long, stop looking for a useless distraction from her and just go,”

Jungkook’s eyes widen in horror.

“Be her waiter?”

“What the hell did you do to my machine?”

Seokjin taps on the top of the coffee maker and gets an angry screech in response. He takes a deep calming breath, turning to a panicking Jungkook.

“Get out of my kitchen before I beat you. Go, go,”

Jungkook was more than strong enough to resist but he lets Seokjin throw him out anyway, long legs tangling together and causing him to fall to the tiled floor behind the counter. He quickly pops up, clears his throat out of embarrassment and locates you at the front of the store. His mouth immediately goes cotton dry, mind fuzzy and chest stiff at the sight of the tight fitting dress you wore. It was midnight black and squeezed at your every curve, heeled boots the same color reaching up a few inches below the hemline, right above your knees to teasingly leave an inch or two of glowing skin to his eye.

Your legs were crossed and bouncing beneath the table and your face was nearly fully buried into the magazine clutched in your hand. His heart skips a beat and thumps against his ribcage, causing him to suck down a painful breath before forcing himself to swirl around the counter and trips over his shoes on his way over to you.


He curses himself in his head multiple times for stuttering. He was with you for hours yesterday but he was finding it difficult to speak to you. Especially with the way your dress dipped so low in the front and placed your breasts on display as he stood over you. He nearly choked again when you looked up at him, your expression brightening at the familiar face.

“Jungkook? Hey!”

He smiles shyly and looks down at his red leather Nikes.


The sound of you swiftly closing your magazine snaps his gaze back up. You smile brightly and prop your chin on your hand.

“What’re you doing here? Do you work here?”

“What? No, no. Seokjin-”

“Your dad’s friend,”

He tries stopping the warmth from spreading through him at the fact that you remembered.

“Yeah uh, he owns it, I was just… um… hanging… out and,”

He bites his lip and you tilt your head.

“Saw me?”

He nods sheepishly.

“Am I interrupting?”

You jump to clear your other books out of the way, gesturing towards the seat across from you.

“No! Sit, please,”

Jungkook looks around first.

“Do you want a drink? I can have Seokjin make you something,”

You purse your lips in thought before reciting a request to him. When he turns and shouts your order loudly over his shoulder, you can’t hide the giggles that leave your mouth. He spins to you again with wide eyes and the corners of his lips turn up slightly when he sees your hands over your face, shoulders shaking with your laugh. Your eyes were sparkling and he thinks he better take that offered seat now before his knees gave out on him. He slips into the chair and quickly looks out the window at the sunrise to avoid eye contact with you, follows the raindrop trails as they slide down the glass pane.

“Isn’t it supposed to be hot today?”


You gain his attention and you nod at his top; another thick sweatshirt like the day before but this time pure white and greatly oversized, looking like it belonged to his father. He wore a matching white beanie and some black torn jeans, not the typical outfit for this time in the early months of summer.

“Oh, right yeah. I just, I’m allergic… to… the sun,”

He sees fearful realization flash in your eyes for a brief second before you mask it with interest.

“Really? Wow, that must be awful,”

“It’s a burden,”

He sighs, shifting in his seat.

“Staying so covered up all the time,”

He trails off and you chew on your bottom lip, your tongue briefly making an appearance before your mouth opens. He waits for you to say something but your lips press together again, your hands slowly reaching for your magazine.

“Can I get your opinion on something?”

“Of course,”

Jungkook replies without missing a beat, sits up straighter and leans his elbows on the tables surface.

“So I’m looking for an apartment right,”

His eyes rise from the book to your face, his jaw clenching uncomfortably. A war is fought in his eyes, blue threatening to shine through but sharp nails cutting into his palms due to his clenched fists bring him back.


“And I just don’t know if this is a nice enough place or not like, I’m having mixed feelings about a couple of different things,”

You flip the pages in your pamphlet until you land upon an ad for an apartment for rent in town. Many colorful pictures tagged with captions decorated the sheets and you place the book down, spin it around and slide it towards Jungkook.

“I love how spacious the living room is, the wood floors are great, the giant floor to ceiling windows leading out to the balcony are perfect too, but I feel like the walls being brick like, brings the charm down I guess?”

Jungkook looks at the picture your manicured finger was pointing towards and tilts his head.

“I think,”

You look up at him in anticipation and he takes a breath.

“Honestly, I think the brick wall brings the charm up, not down,”

“Wait, really?”

You gasp and take a second look at the photo. Jungkook hesitates, wondering if hanging out twice was enough for him to take certain actions. He goes against his brain screaming at him to hold back and carefully moves your hand so he can face the magazine towards you. Thankfully, you don’t even flinch when his cold fingers make contact with your own but the spark that passes from you to him has him yanking away all too fast.

“Look at the brick colors, they’re so light and sandy colored with the occasional dark block, plus with the flooring being that deep cherry wood, soft beige furniture, maybe almost white, would look incredible,”

When he looks up, you’re staring at him with slightly widened eyes, admiration there but so small even he couldn’t detect it.

“Are you a secret designer?”

You tentatively ask and it earns you an embarrassed chuckle and a glimpse of rose dusted cheeks.

“No, no. Seokjin’s sort of a freak about that stuff, I’ve picked up a few things,”

“I heard that,”

Jungkook and you both jump at the unexpected third party, simultaneously glancing up and sheepishly taking in Seokjin’s unamused expression.

“I didn’t mean it badly,”


He quirks his eyebrow and slides your freshly made drink in front of you with a contagious smile, gentle hand squeezing your shoulder in a friendly way.


“Thank you,”

He shoots a pointed look at the teenager perched in front of you before he makes his way back over to the counter to help another costumer. You stare after him for a moment and Jungkook uncomfortably clears his throat, causing your dazed attention to snap to him.

“Have a crush on him?”

“What? No,”

You take one last glance.

“He’s just, he’s intimidatingly attractive, and he’s hard to look away from,”

You shyly admit, swallowing thickly the same time Jungkook does.


“Is your entire family like that?”

He pokes at the inside of his cheek with his tongue, looks outside to look over the morning bustle.

“All of my brothers are very handsome, my father too,”

You whine.

“Remind me to never meet them,”

Jungkook watches you wipe your hands over your face out of the corner of his eye.

“Why’s that?”

Your palms loudly smack onto the smooth tables surface and you puff out air.

“Because if they look anything like him, or like you for that matter, holy shit,”

He turns to you fully.

“Are you calling me attractive?”

“Fuck yes,”

Your eyes grow dramatically.

“Wait no, oh god. I am so sorry; I didn’t mean to blurt that out,”

He purses his lips and shakes his head to dismiss you, drumming his fingers along the edge of the book. You follow his sight to his dancing knuckles.

“Right, the apartment,”

You take a deep breath before changing the page, thankful for the distraction.

“This other one is a lot smaller but it’s nicer, it also has the wood floors, the um, only one big window and the walls are normal in this one too but the building it’s in has a pool on the roof. Which I think is pretty neat,”

Your voice fades off to silence as Jungkook loses himself in the thought of you in a swimsuit, the image popping up in his mind. He thinks you’d look best in something red or pale blue, maybe black because the dark color looked absolutely stunning on you. He knew anything you wore would leave him speechless but before he could explore any other options, your voice breaks through his reality barrier.



He sucks his lips into his mouth and pretends he was paying attention the whole time.

“Your thoughts on this one?”

He unfolds his arms from under his chin and lays them out flat to frame the sides of the small table, his eyebrows drawing in as you push the ad closer. You copy his actions and stretch your arms out on the insides of his, your skin brushing up against the soft fabric of his hoodie sleeves. He looks over your touching limbs and hides his smile by coughing, his hand flipping the magazine back to you.

“Well, you’re right about the substantial size difference,”

You glare down at the pictures.

“But there’s a pool,”

He nods in confirmation.

“But there’s a pool,”

You take the first drink out of your cup and greedily swallow it down, loving the way it splashed on your taste buds and left a sweet caramel aftertaste.



Jungkook wonders aloud and you push the cup over to him without removing your eyes from the paper, your arm returning to its place against his. He lifts the mug and takes the smallest sip, the human liquid almost burning his tongue and making him jerk away from the dull taste. He quickly pushes it back over to you in disgust, lips smacking.

“I like this last one,”

You comment quietly, tracing your finger over the new photos he hasn’t looked at yet. You swirl the book around and move it closer to him, eyes trailing up to gage his reaction.

“This one..?”

He trails off, glancing up from behind his long thick lashes.

“Oh, this one is bigger than both of the last two. It has a second floor, an open second floor and from there I believe there’s access to the roof but not only that, it still has my cute windows and your brick walls and there’s actually a hot tub out on the balcony I think, wait,”

You lean forward and Jungkook’s airway closes up when the edge of the table pulls the front of your dress further down than it already was. Instead of staring, he turns away and looks at Seokjin, watches him smile and laugh with the costumers. To Jungkook it looked a lot like flirting and he’s surprised his dad hasn’t shown up to tear the place apart yet.

“Yes I was right, see,”

Jungkook turns back to you, eyes falling upon your exposed chest first before going lower to where you were pointing out a picture of a Jacuzzi.

“Do you like hot tubs?”

Your eyes flick up to his face for a second, thinking he’s just playing with you but when you see how serious he is you do a double take. You raise your eyebrow and lean back, prop your head up on your hand and in response Jungkook leans closer and does the same.



You ask, trying not to smirk at his obvious interest.

“Do you like hot tubs, Jungkook?”

“Me? Hmm,”

Cracking a smile, you scoff a laugh out beneath your breath; shake your head as he pretends to think about your question.

“It depends,”

This time you lean close too, squint at him when he replies. He looks over your face then meets your eyes.


“On, who I’m spending time with, because you see, if I’m with my brothers or dad, seeing them in nothing but shorts wouldn’t be my idea of a good time, but if I was with… let’s say,”


You offer yourself up and he’s genuinely surprised for two seconds. He quickly regains his composure and nods.


He repeats quietly, biting his lip. The way his eyes drag from your head down to your chest doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Probably’d like it a lot more,”

Your body gets hot at that, feels like somebody’s lit a fire beneath your chair and you try to hold off your smile as long as possible, but you break and drop your head to the table to hide it, curling your arms around you as a barrier while your shoulders shook. You shoot back up and lightly smack him on his hand.

“Stop flirting!”

He can’t contain his own wide grin, his head shaking.

“Not flirting,”


You run your hands over your warm face after whispering; willing the redness you know was there to disappear. You pick at the clumps of mascara on your eyelashes to avoid eye contact, cheeks still embarrassingly pink and flattered smile present.

“I hate you,”

Your voice is quiet, gentle and obviously playful. You drop your arm and lick your lips when you look at his smug face.

“You don’t hate me,”

You take a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, watching your arms slot together the way they were before and Jungkook’s very large hands wrap around the sides so his thumbs can comfortingly smooth between the creases of where your elbows bent.

“I don’t,”

You admit quietly and he gets a pleasant warmth bomb going off in his chest because of it. It’s his turn to be flattered and his gaze bounces around the shop again before landing upon you. You puff your cheeks out and look over the different shades of brown in his dark irises.

“Your eyes are very pretty,”

You compliment him and you could hear his swallow with how thick it was.

“Thank you,”

Neither of your voices exceed a whisper for reasons unknown, the sounds of clanking coffee cups and quiet conversations, beeping machines and the crunching of paper as newspapers are opened and flipped through, even the muffled noises of the early morning traffic outside dulled down around you both and blended together into silence.

Jungkook felt pain when you looked at him the way you were, mapping out his features with a strange interest. You wanted to comment on how full and pink his lips were, how nice they looked shining under the lights whenever he licked them, how erotic and suggestive he looked when his eyes were half-lidded like that, staring right at you like he would pounce on you in any second if you two weren’t in public, but nothing would come out. Your throat was dry and your drink was right there, but you couldn’t find it in you to reach for it to take a refreshing sip, soothe the scratch that tickled. You couldn’t find the strength in you to pull away from his touch.

Your phone blares and you jump in shock, Jungkook quickly yanking his arms back like you two were caught kissing at a time you shouldn’t have been.


You quickly answer your call and even though Jungkook can hear that it’s your boyfriend he pretends he can’t, scratches at the table laminate as a distraction from taking your phone and tossing it to the bottom of the ocean just so he doesn’t have to listen to Mark’s voice.

“Why do you keep doing this Mark? You can’t keep hiding if you’re-”

It seems like you’re cut off because you stop suddenly, tap your nails impatiently.

“Um no, I’m trying to see you as much as possible but you keep-”

You sigh deeply, your fingers rubbing circles into your temple.

“Mark, this is for you, we should be going together,”

Your voice is lower now; Jungkook can tell you’ve had enough of whatever your boyfriend was saying to you. Your eyes were closed and you rest your forehead in the palm of your hand.

“You’re the one who wanted to move, not me. This is your doing and you’re making me go alone? What are you doing right now that you can’t come? Are you with those damn boys again? In fact, are they the reason you haven’t been home all week?”

It is a few seconds of yelling on the other end.

“No! We’re having this conversation no- Mark?”

Your eyebrows scrunch and you glance at your phone screen before pressing it back against your ear.

“Mark? Holy shit he didn’t,”

You throw the device down in frustration and Jungkook stops it from sliding off of the table, slides it safely to the center while you exasperatedly rake your fingers through your hair.

“I swear to fucking God,”

You mutter to yourself, hiding your face so you don’t scream at the top of your lungs with so many people around. Jungkook frowns and sizes up your tense shoulders.

“Is everything… okay..?”


You quietly lie to him, hands dropping and revealing your face. Jungkook knows you’re lying, is trying to refrain from reading your mind and figuring out the problem himself. He respected you and wanted you to trust him, invading your thoughts wouldn’t gain that for him.

“Actually no,”

He acts on impulse, drops his arm and lays his hand up flat in innocent invitation. You notice it and the corner of your lips turn up slightly, but you don’t fully smile. You place your hand on top of his and allow his fingers to curl around yours, his hand completely swallowing your smaller one whole. His thumb gently traces over the curves of your knuckles and you train your eyes on the flashy watch strapped around his wrist so the upcoming conversation doesn’t sound as pathetic as it seems. You looked like you were about to cry and that was enough for Jungkook to want Mark’s head on a stick.

“My boyfriend, he’s been so distant lately. I don’t think it’s another girl or anything because he is so damn troubled, nobody else would know how to deal with him but his friends and me. It seems like they’re all that matter all of the sudden? He’s never home anymore and he has me do all of this stuff for him and it’s not like I mind doing things for him, it’s fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to thank me every once in a while,”

Jungkook squeezes your hand to urge you to continue.

“I’m sorry for whining to you about my problems, he just frustrates me so damn much sometimes. I swear he’s going to break up with me; that’s what happens when you guys act distant right? You make us resent you before you leave so you don’t-”


Jungkook’s voice is soft and you look up, almost burst into tears right there at his genuine concern; all of it for you.

“Jesus I’m sorry,”

You shake your head and try pulling your hand away, but he just grasps onto your wrist instead.

“We’ve just met yesterday and I’m asking you about apartments and crying to you about my boyfriend, what the hell is wrong with me?”

“Do you have anywhere to be? Can we go for a walk?”

When you don’t look up from your lap, fiery feud going on in your mind, he reaches across the table and carefully knocks a finger beneath your chin, forcing you to tilt your head up and meet his gaze.

“It will make you feel better, please,”

You blink, nodding slowly and he releases you to grab your phone and magazines, stands up and waits for you to lift your purse by your feet to join him. He pushes the door open for you and you both walk out into the foggy morning but Jungkook’s arm stops you from going any further than a foot from the entrance. You squint up at him, curiously watching him tug his beanie off and offer it to you.



“So your hair doesn’t get wet,”

You wave your hands, sweet as the gesture is.

“Oh, Jungkook,”

When you don’t take the hat he places it on your head for you, makes sure the ends are folded over the tips of your ears to keep them warm beneath thick material. He crouches down to meet your height while he looks over his work, his face only a few inches from your own as he tucks a stray hair or two up into the hem and out of your face.


He stands up straight and nods proudly, pointing at you.

“If you take it off I’ll bite you,”

The threat seems harmless enough but you can’t help but to think about it as you merge into the massive race of business people. There’s a hand as light as a feather falling upon your shoulder, abducting your attention away from the damp sidewalk.

“I was only kidding,”

Jungkook assures you gently and you nod. You knew that. His hand moves to your other shoulder, his arm firmly wrapping around you and drawing you into his side when a shiver noticeably wiggles your spine. He was cold but his jacket wasn’t and you find yourself pressing further beneath his cozy arm.



You lick your lips and lean closer, feeling nothing but care and warmth from his touches, security and safety. Things you haven’t felt in a long time.

“I just,”

He doesn’t force you to spit out whatever it was you were trying to say, stays out of your head and gives you the chance to tell him yourself.

“I’m just glad I ran into you yesterday, I like having you around. I like,”



“You like me,”

Jungkook finishes your sentence and you look up at him, thinking about his answer for a second. You snuggle back underneath his arm.


You settle for nodding, your mind not focused on how problematic your boyfriend was for once.

“Yeah, I like you,”

You feel a squeeze on your shoulder, a calming massage to say ‘I know’. The gesture encourages you to gain enough courage to ask your next question.

“Jungkook, do you have to be home anytime soon?”


He hums right by your ear while he thought.

“I don’t think so. Not for a bit, why,”

You don’t reply and he tilts his head in front of your gaze, smiling at you.

“Why’d you ask?”

You shake your head and he laughs.

“You asked for a reason, come on. Just tell me what’s up,”

“I don’t want to go look at these places alone,”

You pull out of his hold and he stops walking when you do. His face twists up in worry, his hand reaching out for you a few feet away from him.

“Are you-“

“Please come with me,”

You blurt out, tone laced with a certain desperateness you disliked. Your hands wring together as you nervously await his response. Maybe he’d think you were weird, you just met yesterday and now you were asking him to search for a house with you? It could be considered creepy but you hoped he felt as comfortable with you as you did with him already in the small amount of time spent together.

When he doesn’t say anything your heart races and you feel like you need to explain yourself.

“I just, Mark is out of town and being alone for this kind of stuff sucks you know?”

You trail off quietly, catching onto your own rambling. Jungkook was just staring at you and you didn’t know what he was thinking. But then he’s smiling at and relief is flooding through you.

“Come with me?”