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SRB: First Sight

Part of the Sterek Reverse Bang 2017 

The Light in the Woods by ThisDiscontentedWinter (tumblr and ao3)

Since Jack desperately wanted to be a part of the Christmas celebration, Santa Claus found a role more suitable for the Pumpkin King, and let someone else have the night off.

KrampusJack or JacKrampus!

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DUDE! wtf?? i'm sorry that guy repost your art!! i knew it was yours the moment they posted! its an old drawing of yours on DA right? :o so sorry man!!! have you told jack about this???? i'm sure he'll take it down :(

Yep. i’m just gonna wait until jack realized it was mine and it got reposted by some douche.

but if he doesn’t realized it then… i’m gonna listen to Enya - Only time everyday.

Father, Look At The Stars!

Summary: Arata and Ayato fluff!

A/N: This was suggested by an anon a few days ago, who asked me to write one fic from every member of the family and since I love the Kirishimas/Yomos more than anything else in TG, I decided to adopt it (thanks nonny for the suggestion!). All the stories are not necessarily linked and can be read independently of each other. They don’t involve every single member of the family as well (eg. the siblings’ stories are about themselves rather than their parents).
Read the others here: Touka | Ayato | Renji (to be updated for the others)

Reposting this because I saw a lot of grammatical mistakes and typos in my earlier post. Since we don’t know much about Ayato’s behavior as a kid, I took the liberty in exploring it heh. I don’t believe in it, but the idea that stars are souls of those who have died is something I really like, for some reason? I think it’s really interesting. Anyway, also partly why Ayato might like high places. Because stars. Please do reblog if you enjoyed this fic!


“When’s Mother coming back?”

Arata pauses for a moment. He has been waiting for the question— it’s impossible for Ayato not to ask that any time they speak— but at the same time, he’s never prepared for it. His mind falls into shambles as he desperately reaches for an answer, forcefully refusing the images that were trying to surface. He chokes back a sob that is on the verge of spilling out, takes a deep breath and looks down to meet Ayato’s eyes. Ayato dark eyes are filled with curiosity, vacant of despair despite the question he had asked. Arata forces himself to smile.

“She’s… gone somewhere where she can’t come back from,” Arata says. Just how do you explain death to a kid? He’s tried telling Ayato that his mother is dead before but all he got in return was a pair of confused blue eyes and a “So when will she come back?”

“Can’t we go to her?” Ayato asks.

“Sure, we will… one day,” Arata replies. Hopefully not soon.

“I can’t wait!” he exclaims, grinning till his eyes closed. “I want to tell her lots of things!”

“Like what?”

“I went to the toilet on my own yesterday,” Ayato says, puffing his chest out proudly at his achievement. “So I wanna see her soon and tell her everything.”

I really don’t want you to see her soon.

“When we’re ready, we will go there… But it might take a long time,” Arata says.

“Is Mother very busy over there?” Ayato asks.

“She must be,” Arata says. He stands up and lifts Ayato up in his arms. “Do you wanna see the stars?”

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zevran is almost always alert, almost always watching - and especially watching you, sharp assassin’s gaze picking up your movements before you make them, standing where you just were or where you are just about to be, depending on what you need from him.  he calls you his warden, and you’re not sure but you think he might hope that you don’t notice the possessive, or might think it to be an antivan honorific.

you are naïve, perhaps, but not so naïve that you do not notice the softness in his voice that is part of no honorific you’ve ever heard.

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@msunderestimated podcast has been my monday-drive saviour for a couple months now and I wanted to make something for it that reflected the image I always saw in my head when it popped up rather than the current profile image.

Laura ( @hockeychickchat) and Amanda ( @lazyandg) you guys are amazing! I love you so much! Listening to your podcast is like hanging out with friends every week who are more educated, eloquent and hilarious than I am. I appreciate the way you discuss every sensitive topic or hot button issue with tact and thoughtfulness and I hope loads of others are enjoying you as much as I do.

If you like the Penguins, or if you like hockey I definitely recommend checking them out!

***I tried to make the hockey woman kind of racially ambiguous BUT in using the Penguins’ colours she turned out kind of white ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I had a previous version where she was blue with eyes and better, but alas, you win some you lose some. 


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