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Rajigaze 28.10 Reita & Kai Part 2


They made it Kais 32 birthday
K: do I have to hide my real age??

they’re playing the voice messages from the fans in between!

K: until 40 I want to stay healthy and continue hitting the drums! Without destroying my body, I want to be able to hit the drums behind the 4 other member!
Re: it’s okay if you destroy yourself lol
K: huh? eh? stop it! lol

another voicemail
K: so you’re playing these one by one in between?
Re: yeah
K:oh this one hour will be fuuun (for reita he sounded sarcastic I guess)
Re:you!(I didn’t really understood what he said he’s mumbling == but smth like) what is wrong with you?you can’t just throw away peoples good wishes! Everyone is celebrating you!(he really sounds angry here)
K: *giggles all the time* thank you!
Re: everyone went through the trouble of recording this for you, sending it to us and for these people you’re answering these feelings like a demon? This is too much
K: Nono! I meant to say that it makes me happy!Like- if this continues for a whole hour I’ll feel blessed! Like one hour (he stressed this)
Re:really you… I don’t want you to be reborn again

Re: today’s topic is Kai-kun I guess K: thank you very much!

Re: how are you doing it? are you throwing your drumstick, get the next one and throw it too, or are you first watching who’ll get it?
Re: eh? which?
K: I first look at where I threw it! If I reach for the 2nd floor I’m especially watching and thinking ‘yeah I did it!’

A fan requested Anti Pop bc she likes Kais 1,2,3,4 in the beginning
K: okay… should we do it live?
Re: eh?????After saying 1,2,3,4 the song should start? lol
K: lol after 1,2,3,4 there will be 1,2,3,4 again
Re: okay let’s try it?
K: eh? should we? really?
Re: let’s do it!
K: I’m going to do it, is it okay?
Re: yeah
K: Ok I’m going to do it!
Re: yes Kai: …. 1,2,3,4! …. *both start laughing really hard*
after the song
K: 1,2,3,4…..! After just hearing it, it sounds a little different, doesn’t it?
Re: ahh yeah it does. your voice was still young there
K: it was really, really different!
Re: that’s because Kai-san from now has money right? the one there didn’t have anything
K: ahhh because I have money now huh
Re: sorry, I’m really sorry haha

If they think that tax are good
Re: everyone knows about this, right? That Leader is paying taxes, but doesn’t has to worry about his money, right, this kind of image. But it’s wrong! The tax I’m paying is going straight to Leader! That’s why he doesn’t have to pay anything
K: *giggles* ah it’s like that?
Re: it is, isn’t it?
K: ah well yeah right? Something like this

K: what is my image becoming???? I really wonder what my image is becoming like…
Re: well the lamp blinked…(they have a lamp that blinks when it’s time to change the topic)

Reita is envious - he wants to have something like these voice messages too, so Kai had to promis him that he’ll do it for him next year

K: what I really want to convey is that you shouldn’t destroy your body with diets!
Re: I want to give an advice too! I mean it’s great to have a goal like 'I want to lose 5 kg’
but what’s more important than the kg you lose is how it looks on your body. That’s why it’s a little difficult to just watch the weight. For example if you get muscles your fat reduces, but muscels are heavier, so even tho you thought you lost weight you didn’t. But your body is getting thinner, right?
K: yeah
Re: because of this it’s difficult to say that you want to lose 5 kg right?
K: so it’s about the look right?
Re: yeah, that’s why I’d advise to watch yourself everyday naked in the mirror
K: ah that’s nice
Re: I’m doing 3 times a day
K: ahh, at that time, would it be okay for me to be there too? #
Re: ehh???
K: lol
Re: are you maybe saying that it would help like magic?
both: lol
Re:I want to say something that might get her angry at me,but… losing weight is easy.
K:you know, you just angered all woman in this world
Re: nono it’s what I’m really thinking but I’m trying my hardest to get more weight, and that is more difficult!
K: heee but isn’t it easy to gain weight?
Re: yeah well it’s easy with sweets and cakes and such- but without these it’s really difficult. I don’t gain any weight at all!
K: hmm weill that might be the case, right… so you want to do it for your health?
Re: yes
K: so that your muscles would come back?
Re: yeah! but let’s quit this talk here lol

they’re talking about random holidays- like the different prefectures should have different days off so it wouldn’t be so crowded everywhere
Re: and you know, I want to do a live on a saturday! For us we’re always doing lives on weekdays and many people can’t come right?
K: ahhh yeah I understand that…but I want you guys to understand something…Kusaka-kun ne…he’s always making us do lives on weekdays, and when we ask why it’s always: because it’s not livehouse! the people wouldn’t come!
Re: yeah… but well our Tour Manager alwas have contracts for 2or3 years, so after that,
K: because we’re rich…we ca do what we want,right
they were talking about opening a 'kai-hall’ obviously they would get money from artist to play there- but the lamp reacted again and didn’t let them continue this money talk lol

Re: Kais birthday seems to be from the 27th to the 29th October lol

Remember the Urge is Kais favourite Gazette song as it seems

a fan sang happy birthday for Kai and her voice was really good!
K: waaah great!!!
Re:we get quite some mails from oversea too,right?
K: yeah their Japanese is really good! But what I’m wondering….. can they listen to this show from oversea???
Re: in some way or the other I guess?
both: lol
K: really great
Re: it’s really great! I’m gratefull for this!

Kai wants his birthday to continue until Knotfest lol

Next topic will be: unexpected stories!

Next Pair will be Kai & Aoi!