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اهلا و سهلا انا سامي زين بطل الـ ان اكس تي الجديد سامي زين وانا فخور اكون اول بطل عربي في تاريخ دبليو دبليو اي شكراً للجمهور في كل بلاد العرب هذا مشانكم شكراً  

translated into English: Welcome, I’m Sami Zayn the new NXT champion Sami Zayn and I’m proud to be the first Arab champion in history of the WWE. Thank you to all fans in Arab countries. This one’s for you all thank you.


hate 👏 the 👏 character 👏 not 👏 the 👏 actor 👏

you can hate Felicity Smoak and I’ll help you make glittery signs proclaiming your hatred, but do not take out your anger on Emily.

you can hate Mon-El and Rao knows I’d cheer you on, but do not take out your anger on Chris.

you can hate OG Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance, (can’t agree with you there, sorry, I love her to bits) but do not take out your anger on Katie.

I fucking HATE (YES, H A T E) when stans of a particular character or ship end up bashing the actors who play characters that stand in the way of said ship or pose ‘a threat’ to said character (IM TALKING TO YOU, TOXIC OLICITY STANS HARASSING KATIE CASSIDY AT CONVENTIONS, YOU LITTLE SHITDICKS)



no need to hate on the poor people working 16-hour days to bring you quality television? (idc if you think the show is trash now- you can stop watching if it’s that bad)

fam, I am just seeing so much hate for the actors on my dash that it’s literally sickening…

hate the character, hate the writers for making said character an epic ass (*cough* Supergirl *cough*), but do not let me catch you hating on the actors who have literally zero say in what happens to their character

because they don’t have a choice

it’s their job

literally, their J O B

would you get pissed at anyone else for fulfilling their jobs to the best of their ability??

would you send the pizza delivery person who comes on time, every time, death threats and accuse them of sleeping with their superiors in order to get their job?


then why the fuck are you doing it to them?


Respect the profession. Outside of that, they’re all yours to hate and critique as you wish.



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egg-artz  asked:

Aradia in amber saftey!!! I think it fits her,,,

i had to use my ipod bcuz my dad wants me to shut my phone off at a certain time, and he wants to watch me suffer. so sorry for the low quality, (when don’t i have low quality) and i messed the skirt up but idc *again, colored pencils*. ARADIA!!!!!!!

Ashton gives you your first orgasm

request: Hi hi! Can u do one where you’ve never had an orgasm before due too ur lack of experience so Ashton (he can be like a bf or friend or someone u hate idc) gives you one and since you never had one before the pleasure was too much so you were trying too push him off and make him stop cause you couldn’t handle the feeling but he just held you down and finally forced you too orgasm HOLY SHIT I NEED HOLY WATER I BASICALLY JUST WROTE A SMUT MYSELF BUT IF YOU COULD DO IT THAT WOULD BE QUALITY

a/n: FIRST ASHTON SMUT WOOO i’ve had the busiest like two weeks of my life i’m sorry for slacking also this ask was hilarious ily whoever you are <3 x

word count: 1404


Ashton had pleaded you into having a movie night with him just like you used to in high school, and you agreed. With him being on tour and gone most of the time, you’d rarely get to see him. This saddened you as he was one of your greatest friends, and even though you hoped to do something more than just watching a movie, you agreed anyway.

You’d hoped Ashton would maybe want to go out to lunch and just catch up for a while, trying to get to know what you were up to and vice versa. A movie didn’t allow you to talk, but you thought it was alright anyway. At least you finally got to see him.

He plopped down on the couch next to you with another bowl of popcorn, and you smiled and cuddled into his shoulder again. The movie was about halfway done when things started getting heated, and the two characters were engaged in a full-on sex scene. You bit your lip and looked away as the girl was approaching her orgasm, and you could hear Ashton chuckle.

“Never seen an orgasm happen to someone else before?”

You rolled your eyes and turned to look at the screen again. “I’ve never even felt one,” you muttered.

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*gasp* art requests?!?!?

So um, could you maybe do one where its a screenshot or something of sans saying “that’s the face of someone whose died five times in a row” the draw frisk with a hilariously unrealistic expression?

via  caseadeacass

starring Friskolas Cage.

i started a gatchaman crowds insight x tokyo ghoul crossover like 3 months ago but forgot about it and realized photoshopping each character for half second scenes is the biggest demotivator… but i will get it done..

images are low quality on purpose