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23.4.17 //

Going back to college tomorrow!! Not sure whether to be happy or sad. I like the routine of classes but I also have a lot of mock exams and it’s only 3 weeks until my first real A level exam. My bullet journal spread this week is rather simple and I’m not that pleased with it but oh well… They don’t always turn out as planned.

🎧 listening to: Dream in a Dream by TEN


Gift for Naz: Iwaoi + Cheese & the Trap Quote ☆

↳ “Don’t worry about others and take care of yourself first. No one’s going to acknowledge you for your troubles. If you’re going through something hard, don’t keep it to yourself.”— Cheese In The Trap 

the-plotters  asked:

hi! uhh can you maybe link the cc of you're power couple? if u can't no need to (:

Sorry for late reply, it took me forever to answer, but sure!

ALYSHA (the blonde girl, i dont remember telling you about her name)

1. Glasses (the blog doesn’t exist anymore ??) 2. Hair  3. Sweater  4. Jeans  5. Shoes


6. Hair  7. Earrings  8. Turtleneck shirt  9. Jeans  10. Fishnets  11. High heels  

Thanks to all cc creators!