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oh boy oh boy oh boy do u guys want some flower symbolism bc i sure love it


  • Laurel - ambition, success (hah), renown, victory (HAH)
  • Hyacinth - flower dedicated to Apollo, rashness, sorrow


  • Daffodil (single) - unrequited love, you’re the only one, the sun is always shining when I’m with you


  • Borage - courage
  • Baby’s breath - innocence, purity of heart
  • Aster - symbol of love, daintiness, trusting
  • Daisy - innocence, loyal love, purity, faith, cheer, simplicity
  • Sunflower - pure and lofty thoughts


  • Plum blossom - beauty and longevity
  • Orchid - refined beauty
  • Cypress - death, mourning, despair, sorrow
  • Rose (black) - death, hatred, farewell
  • Asphodel - my regrets follow you to the grave, the flower of death, the haunt of the dead

Ok, so you know the post about Vanitas and Noé arguing?

Building off of that, MAYBE, just maybe…

Noé got upset (the first time) because he’s seen that face before.

Noé compares Vanitas’s face when he’s angry at Noé for protecting him in Chapter 15 to the dead-eyed look in Chapter 11. Noé has identified this face, it’s the “i’m angry at Noé for protecting me (probably because I don’t want him to get hurt but not that Noé knows this part)” face.

So then, he sees something similar here.

It takes him a moment to recognize it.

And he yells, at first not in anger but in recognition of “that face”. The “don’t protect me” face. Or the “I’m trying to protect you” face.

Maybe this shows that Noé knows that Vanitas knows that there’s more to this story, and that he’s trying to save face-or protect Noé- by not telling it.

josai  asked:

Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~)

cj!!!! congrats on the 1k followers - you totally deserve all the love ♡

five things i like about myself…hmmm

1. i love giving people surprises and will go out of my way to treat them to a memorable present
2. i don’t really join much fandoms but when i do, i get so hyped up and make everyone around me hyped up about it as well i am on a mission to make my cousin fall in love with iwaoi, so far, it’s going well ;) 
3. i am not afraid of admitting my mistakes - learning and improving is more important to me than my pride
4. i am a good listener and i am your that friendo who will stay up with you to stargaze and talk about the universe and life
5. since i mentioned all personality traits above, i am going to mention something about my physical trait - i really like my hair ♡

This is my favourite screen from the entire anime


1) The pun in the caption 
2) The spelling of ‘Niliforv’ 
3) Otabek looks absolutely pissed 
4) Chris is looking at Viktor like a concerned wife
5) Viktor is pining so hard I can hear sad violins  


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D


Finished the shit-comic from this sketchdump because I still think it’s funny. :3c