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Reaper wasn’t actually insulted or hurt, he just wanted Geno to feel bad for him X’D

I was trying to post this on Valentine’s Day, but school kinda got in the way. Sorry bout that and the poor quality of this trash. I can’t draw kissing scenes for my life. I really tried tho :’)
Reaper - @renrink
Geno- @loverofpiggies


16-18.2.2017 - (days 36-38/100) + math research notebook

so i thought i’d show you guys my favorite notebook!! this tiny thing was meant to be a planner in the beginning, but it slowly turned into my dedicated math notebook. it’s small enough to fit into my pocket and i take it almost everywhere with me if i’m wearing my hoodie (´∀` )~♡ it’s nearly half full, but i have another one once this one is complete

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In Coffee Shop AU Sasuke purposefully writes customers’ names wrong because of his hate for his job. But the pink haired visitor was a little different. Also, bonus panel, Suigetsu notices Sasuke’s very specific change of heart and announces this accomplishment.

//Uggh I’m sorry for the poor quality photos. I’ve been having trouble with lighting where I’m staying but I tried to edit as best as the poor quality would allow. (´;д;`)

Okay so, @daveactualstrider has a coloring book tag in which they let people color in their lineart. I thought I should try my hand at it, because I had not colored anything in a while, and plus their art is quite nice. 

I hope you like it. :3c