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Out of love, I tried to build with someone who was a user. I fell in love with the “potential” instead of being realistic. It cost me £10k but I learnt vital lessons too.
Out of friendship, I tried to build with someone who I grew up with, once the money came in, they completely changed. Minor. It’s resolved. Holding grudges is long.
Out of blood, I tried to build with family members, their work ethic was poor and they felt entitled to everything I worked hard for.

6 viral lessons I learned:

1. Don’t feed into other peoples sob stories. It’s none of your business. Don’t carry someone just because you feel sorry for them. If they don’t have the qualities that are needed to create a strong team - then you shouldn’t work together.
2. You shouldn’t have to force ambition into anyone. It’s not your job to mould anyone. If you’re training someone, make sure you either get paid or equity of their business. Don’t give out your gems for free.
3. Do not go into business with family or friends.
4. Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you to evolve into a better person. Stay clear from those who drain your energy.
5. Let people’s actions speak for themselves. In business it’s foolish to trust blindly. If something is sacred to you, don’t allow anyone to have access to it. Don’t share your sources with anyone. Don’t speak on anything until it actually happens. Be vigilant and cautious.
6. Go into business with people who are transparent. People who aren’t materialistically motivated and people who’ve fallen in love with the concept/ eat, shit and breathe your business.

- Meggan Roxanne

I was really trying to work on a new project and this is kinda the end result of all my efforts from that day…


That time Hinata tried to burn Oikawa, Asahi tried to apologize, and Iwa-chan got mad

Thank you sooo much to the anon that made me notice this pearl of a scene!! This moment is hilarious

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In Coffee Shop AU Sasuke purposefully writes customers’ names wrong because of his hate for his job. But the pink haired visitor was a little different. Also, bonus panel, Suigetsu notices Sasuke’s very specific change of heart and announces this accomplishment.

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Reaper wasn’t actually insulted or hurt, he just wanted Geno to feel bad for him X’D

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Reaper - @renrink
Geno- @loverofpiggies


16-18.2.2017 - (days 36-38/100) + math research notebook

so i thought i’d show you guys my favorite notebook!! this tiny thing was meant to be a planner in the beginning, but it slowly turned into my dedicated math notebook. it’s small enough to fit into my pocket and i take it almost everywhere with me if i’m wearing my hoodie (´∀` )~♡ it’s nearly half full, but i have another one once this one is complete

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Day 2- Musical Fairytale World

Scarlet Cape and Bigby Wolf are two misunderstood characters to their respective fairytales, Bigby is often described as a big brutish wolf who blows down houses, eats grandmother’s, and is an all around baddy. The village prides itself on having bared the most beautiful daughter in all the land, Scarlet. The village coos about her beauty, mannerisms, and how delicate she is. Like that of a flower. But what the people don’t know is that they are both quite the opposite.


The Hogwarts houses for Pride

Slytherin - Gay, Bisexual and Transgender 

Gryffindor - Intersex, Leather and Genderfluid 

Ravenclaw - Pansexual, Asexual and Lesbian 

Hufflepuff - Bear, Genderqueer and Polyamorous

I know this is super late but I finished these just after Pride month ended and was probably going to post them next year however @l0vegl0wsinthedark motivated me to post them anyway. I’m sorry about the poor quality on a couple of them, the original size of the image is different in all.


Rainbow gals in the Speakeasy Tonight world

Since I felt particularly inspired by the latest crossover, I tried to show some appreciation in my own way 💕
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Ziam AU - Popstar!Liam & Pianist!Zayn

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