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why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing?

happy release day, 358/2 days (05/30/09 in japan) + happy birthday, me!

Seven′s Late Gift [707 x Reader]

No spoilers.

Warnings: Fluff, flirting, one innuendo


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hello, i decided to make a follow forever because it is almost the end of the year, and because i hit my first goal, +3k a few days ago! i’m very thankful for everyone, not just my mutuals, but really everyone who have followed my every days and supported my works ( & blog ). 

i would like to say thank you for those wonderful people i met here and who’ve became my friends.  i hope we are still going to be friends years later, because i would be really lost here without some of you guys! 

also sorry for this poor quality graphic and drawing, i just really didn’t know what style i wanted to make this follow forever, so in the end it turned out to be like this lmao 

anyways, i wish everyone a successful new year, and i hope you are going to stay with me in 2017 too. thank you!!!
love, dorka! ♡

italic - blogs who inspire me the most /// amazing people  
♡ - people i love a lot

a - e

@anorable / @ackermanss / @alabastas / @akatsukijg / @amelin-art / @ackerthugs / @alenwlker / @allenswalkers / @albarnhs / @auqario / @alpakappa / @akaashiskeiji / @aolistia / @apric0 / @bushidoblues / @bluejjong / @bifloris / @changmln / @cieled ♡ / @cldstrifes / @celeste-rei / @d-a-z-a-i / @devanshe / @daifei / @daichis / @de-k-u / @deadlychim / @donbiki / @drawsomethinghanna  

e - k

@evngelion ♡ / @elven-lcie / @elisabeth-jammes / @erenyaygaaa / @frankchastle ♡ / @faises / @genoza @geniriot / @henliilau ♡ / @haasegawas / @hyungvon ♡ / @huskyvocal / @hiiitoka / @haisesasakki / @hannahhat / @harukie / @iwaizumis ♡ / @iosakisaka / @illuhmi / @jaegerbombastik ♡ / @jinki-and-his-bitches / @jizokusuru / @kanekin ♡ / @kanekski@kawarou / @kurooa / @kuroushi / @kunekida / @kurovo / @kuotarou / @kvet / @kaysans / @kanekiiro / @kaaneki 

l - q

@mamurasm / @milcs / @miyukiz / @monstrux / @mochipanko / @micaelis / @meowingunicorns / @miyeuki / @mintgu / @mangyeong / @nikiforv ♡ / @nikiphorov / @nozakis ♡ / @nicolasis / @n5fw / @neap / @nerdpcy / @ntasume / @nikifurov ♡ / @nikiforovic / @noctorn / @ohreigen ♡ / @oikawa / @oikawawas / @plisetskyuri / @plisetskis / @plisetski / @plisetsukih / @plisetskys / @puppetdwarves/ @puerteas / @pixelyte / @pixieyvi / @phant0mkid / @q8a

r - u  

@raives / @raamstein / @ruihai / @rocktnsky / @reeigen / @reigenns / @spirition / @shirayukii / @sachcell / @swimmingharumaki / @setsunae / @sesukes / @sinran / @sievra / @softjimns / @souhaitant-fleurs / @spaxe ♡ / @sassaki-s / @shouseins / @shingcki / @shikatani-kun / @tovbio / @trueka / @themightynyunyi / @tobeiru / @tendertofu / @tovsei / @taehhv ♡ / @tsukih / @tsukii / @tsune-ko / @tr0st / @ukina

v - z

@viknikifolov / @vityasnikiforov / @vsaltea / @w7he / @wtfleur / @xatsushis / @yuuris ♡ / @yuyukah / @zmxj / @zoludyk / @zakurio

0 - &

@130jeon / @25th / @8ay / @9snsd


What’s better than waking up on a Monday morning and realizing that you have reached 500+ followers? ✺◟( • ω • )◞✺

Omg yes, I just reached this wonderful millstone this weekend!! I decided to do a follow forever for this wonderful community and my friends out there ^^

Also, sorry for the really poor graphic, I officially declare myself the worst graphic maker. >.>

Mutuals are bolded, thanks for following me you nerds :”) ilysm.


@apricot-studies, @academla, @areistotle, @academiix, @athenastudying, @arystudies, @bandaidsdontfixbulletjournals, @briellestudies, @boystudy @brbimstudying, @ballpenned, @cmpsbls, @clevergirlstudying @cutestudystuff, @delthenerd, @elkstudies, @etudiance, @eintsein, @educatier, @ennui-for-me


@fuckstudy, @focusign, @flaheistudies, @getstudyblr, @grangergrades, @genspen, @hermionegoals, @highlightcrs, @hermione-study, @intellectus, @izzystudies, @journalsanctuary, @jhonstudies,


@katsdesk, @kimberlystudies, @kimching232, @kimstudying, @kahlostudies, @lycheestudy, @legallychic, @latenightstudy @lifeinatextbook, @milkystudies, @mediocrestudyblr, @mochi-studies, @nanastudies, @nerdyign, @nahstudies,@nag-aaral, @obsidianstudy, @ohlookimstudying, @omgstudytime


@prettylittlestudies, @post–grad, @productiveflower, @reviseordie, @studydiaryofamedstudent, @studyign, @studyfulltime, @studyrelief, @studyrose, @studying-hbu, @studyingmeow, @somestudy, @studytext, @sootudying, @studie-s, @studistrict, @studiyng, @studywithmaggie​, @studypetals, @studyplants​, @studywithinspo, @studykouffee​, @studybreakdown​, @studyquill​, @studycxlture, @studypool​, @stillstudies@tbhstudying​, @theorganisedstudent​,


@universi-tea, @uglystudies​, @vestiblr​, @vegan-studies​, @way-to-study​, @xiotetudes​, @yolandastudies​, @yunistudies

Each of this studyblrs contain original + beautiful + unique contents. And if you haven’t checked them out yet, you totally should now!

Thank you so much for having me studyblr community! <3

Hoping to continue inspire more and more people,

Taylor x

Alright, hello friends! I’m finally going to be posting a follow forever!
(ノ★ヮ★)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s been five years and I’ve only just gotten to doing it, so yeah, good job Esme! This is to show my appreciation for all of you, and just to say that it was a wonderful year of growth and that wasn’t without your help, so thank you all so very much.  Please ignore the poor quality of graphic. Dylan’s pitiful white boy dancing was 100% worth the blurriness. 

Side note: I’m sorry if your name isn’t on this list. I follow 1.5k people, and it would be much too difficult for me to go back and look through them all. In order to save time I geared a lot of my search to the past year or so. If you feel that you should be on this list, please please let me know! I probably will agree, I just may have missed you on my search.

First, a list of some of the beautiful babes that I have been speaking to over the past year or less. Y’all may not consider yourself part of my squad but I 100% do:

@allisonagrnt @maliawerecoyotes @liemdunbars @domssherwood @kimpossibles @ginnyweasiey @ohmyweasleys @banshuman @allisenargent @scottmccalle @bellamyblak @savingsciles @sebtianstn
@bobbimorxmas @grontward @stydixa 

People I would definitely like to get to know better  (mutuals mainly included here, the people that I hope to one day become mutuals with will be bolded):


@10divergentmockingjays // @ahumanandahale //@allihsonargent //  @allisonmccalling //@bansheemrtin // @bellarkemas // @bobbigriffin // @bravenry //
@cadeswater // @chimerapack // @cloudsandground // @codiychristian // 
@codychristian // @czwrny // @darhkswan // @destinyisle // @derekshvle // @drkhales //@derrekshales // @dyllinski // @duhliamdunbar// @eichenlydiamartin // @femmefatalty // @fuckyeahstydia // @gamecube// @generalhansolo // @halestilinskis // @haydxnromero // @hollanddroden


@jinglebaellamy // @kaladandkar // @kirayukimurra // @kirayukimura //    @kirughyukimura // @kingfinnick // @kitsunaye // @kkiitsune // @laurelance // @leofitzsass // @liaamdunbaar // @liamdubnars // @liamdsnbar // @liamdunbvr // @liamsdunbar // @liaydan // @liaydenvsleeps // @llydiastiles // @lvdiamartyns // @lydiahs //@lydiamarntin //@lydiamrtn // @lydiamrtun // @lydiamxrtn // @lydiasdeputy // @lydiaskiss // @lydiastilinks // @lydiastlies // @lydiastilinsik // 
@maliasfur //
@maliasliams // @martinskki // @martinsti // @masons-flight-attendant // @mason-hewitt // @matthew-casey  // @matthewmorduck // @nbscotty // @nogitsunaye


@perfectstydia // @qrounder // @qvkeward // @romerohaydns //
@sciras // @scisaacs // @scottmccall // @scottmccaall //
@scottmcfluffy// @scottslydias // @scsttmccall //  @selenamaris // @shelleyhenign // @shelleyhennigg // @silveragrent //
@snowballstiles // @snowflakelightningbolts // @snowyallydia // @sprayeberry // 

@stilesbanshee // @stxdiah // @stydiaah // @stydiaokaybye // @terminal-argent // @theaisms // @theodoreraeken // @tomfeltin // @truegryffindorforever // @univcrse // @viktorskrums // @wherecoyote

 Special shoutout to my irl bae, Rachel (@jinglebellsamy) who is the true mvp and eternal sunshine of my life. And also to all of the network members that I’ve had the chance to talk to!

Many of you may have noticed I have been making my gif’s a smaller size of late,  Sorry about that, I am just sick of dealing with Tumblrs poor performance when it comes to uploading gif’s even when they meet posted size restrictions. Fortunately Imgur is kind and lets us post descent quality and sized images so if you like the teaser, take a look at the real thing here:

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’ve finally gone back and rewatched the Fortune Nookie scene to see if I could really make sense of it. While I’m disappointed as hell that I felt compelled to go back and frame-by-frame study what was going on here in order to come to these conclusions, at least SOMEONE involved with the production of this scene knows us well enough to expect we WILL go and do stuff like this in order to get a full reading of what the hell is actually going on here.

Not sure if anyone else has already done this, but for anyone who knows me, my screencapping abilities basically consist of borrowing caps from Home of the Nutty, or pausing my tv and taking pics of it with my phone. I know I know, I’m so freaking high tech. Pffft.

Warning below the cut, where I try to figure out how Cas ended up at Fortune Nookie (ew), but the warning is more for lots and lots (there’s a buttload, actually) of my terrible photographs than the actual Fortune Nookie content. Here we go!

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SO MANY TEARS AND FRUSTRATION (even then till the end it wasn’t a “ah yes steady pace’ I was wrestling it to the ground sobbu)

My nonexistent graphic design abilities are still piss poor so forgive me (I tried my best…) It’s based off those old cheesy posters and I JUST HAVE A BAD SENSE OF HUMOUR I’M SORRY

Graphics Requests

I need a lot of practice lol

Here’s how this works:

You can request:

  • url graphics
  • general fandoms (I have a ton)
  • particular characters/ships
  • honestly whatever
  • screencap edits or graphics

And give me inspiration from:

  • song/quotes/poetry
  • colors
  • objects
  • seasons/episodes
  • themes
  • again, honestly whatever
  • be as vague or specific as you want

It’s first come first serve, and I can’t promise I’ll do everyone’s but I will try my best. I’ll tag you in the finished post!

I use GIMP because I’m too poor for Photoshop. Update!!! I just got Photoshop! It’s wonderful. 

You can see my graphics here and my screencap edits here, also everything I’ve done here.

Have fun :)

UPDATE: I have a million requests so I’m not taking anymore at the moment, sorry!!