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remember my love when we’re apart by tiedbows

my ultimate sheith playlist (equal parts tender and emo)

the postal service - such great heights // fall out boy - sugar, we’re going down // the boxer rebellion - if you run // run river north - shiver (cover) // shawn mendes - never be alone // vance joy - fire and the flood // little green cars - the john wayne // ruelle - war of hearts // the cab - intoxicated // dashboard confessional - hands down // no doubt - running // run river north - somewhere // gavin degraw - belief // bon iver - skinny love // howie day - collide // of monsters and men - king and lionheart // snow patrol - set the fire to the third bar // coldplay - in my place // the fray - look after you // relient k - must have done something right // bleachers - i wanna get better // the all-american rejects - there’s a place // daft punk - something about us // angels & airwaves - saturday love // brandon flowers - crossfire // keane - somewhere only we know // rudimental - lay it all on me (feat. ed sheeran) // utada hikaru - hikari // coldplay - violet hill // run river north - seven


When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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Another dream-based AU thing I wanted to draw that kinda got away from me haha. Stan still ended up getting burned and it turned him back for some mysterious reason.

overwatch starters

 i play to win.  
❝  this is my curse. ❞ 
❝  wait for me! ❞ 
❝  your mother would’ve been proud of you. ❞
❝  let us hope for a different outcome. ❞ 
❝  sorry it’s such a mess in here. i-i wasn’t expecting company. ❞
❝  this is going to make you feel better. ❞
❝  the true enemy of humanity is disorder. ❞ 
❝  a steady blade balances the soul. ❞ 
❝  this is just like old times. ❞ 
❝  even here i feel an outcast. ❞ 
❝  think you can do my job, do you… ❞
❝  all eyes on me! ❞ 
❝  ooh, this is my jam. ❞
❝  got your aim from your mom, i see. ❞
❝  i’ll feast on your soul. ❞ 
❝  cheers, love! the cavalry’s here! ❞ 
❝   our paths cross for now. as to the future, we shall see. ❞ 
❝   we could’ve built an empire together. ❞ 
❝   ah. just setting foot here sets my soul at ease. ❞ 
❝  this time, stay down. ❞ 
❝  can i get your autograph? ❞
❝  why are you so angry? ❞
❝  ever get that feeling of déjà vu? ❞ 
❝  i am a different man now. i am whole. ❞ 
❝  over my dead body. ❞ 
❝   i’m on top of the world! ❞
❝  i’m patched up. ❞ 
❝  kids today with techno music. you should enjoy the classics, like hasselhoff. ❞
❝   what’s wrong? don’t you recognize me? ❞ 
❝   aren’t you warm wearing all that? ❞ 
❝  can’t stop, won’t stop. ❞
❝  i’ll race ya! ❞
❝   mock death at your own peril. ❞ 
❝  this time, i will finish the job. ❞ 
❝  death is an illusion. ❞
❝  look at this team! we’re gonna do great. ❞
❝  i am beyond redemption. ❞
❝   it looks like we will be working together. ❞ 
❝   you’ve rescued me again. ❞ 
❝  i will not be defeated so easily. ❞
❝  treasure? s-sure, i don’t know anything you’re talking about. ❞ 
❝  so this is what has become of you? a pity.❞
❝  you’re so amazing! you inspire me. ❞ 
❝  i miss him greatly. ❞ 
❝  there is nowhere to hide. ❞ 
❝  whatcha’ lookin’ at? ❞ 
❝  woo, nothing’s gonna stop me. ❞
❝  that was your dream, not mine. ❞ 
❝  what you call freedom is an illusion that causes more harm than good. ❞ 
❝  hehe, there’s something on your dress.. ❞ 
❝  you have been judged! ❞
❝   i have the upper hand this time. ❞ 
❝  traitor! ❞
❝  you will never amount to anything! ❞
❝  i’ve got my eye on you. ❞
❝  lot of memories of this place. they weren’t all bad. ❞
❝  the heart of a man still beats inside of me. ❞ 
❝  stay out of trouble. ❞
❝  step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. ❞
❝  one shot, one kill. ❞
❝  don’t think i’m happy about that. ❞ 
❝  now this place? makes me wanna be an atheist. ❞
❝  our world is worth fighting for. ❞
❝  you haven’t aged a day. what’s your secret? ❞
❝  ooooh, shiny! ❞
❝  oh, did that sting? ❞
❝  heroes never die. ❞
❝  where does it hurt? ❞
❝  you’re just a no-good bully. ❞
❝  i’m a one-man apocalypse. ❞
❝  you should look somewhere else. ❞
❝  you said you would arm wrestle me. nervous? ❞
❝  i learned that from my brother. ❞ 
❝  i hope nobody saw that. ❞
❝  on a scale of one to ten, how is your pain? ❞
❝  i’m not a miracle worker. well… not always. ❞
❝  this was once my home. no longer. ❞
❝  sorry! sorry, i’m sorry. sorry. ❞
❝  i remember being here. it was good for my tan. ❞
❝  wish i’d practice my japanese more, konichiwa! ❞
❝  you need a time out. ❞ 
❝  you might not want to tell your friends about that. ❞
❝  guess we know who’s really on top, don’t we? ❞
❝  with every death, comes honor. with honor, redemption. ❞
❝  a punishment for your crimes. ❞ 
❝  i will be on my best behaviour. ❞
❝  you think there’s something worth stealing in that temple? ❞
❝  people should be free. ❞ 
❝  you were never my equal. ❞
❝  death walks among you. ❞ 
❝   last i checked, i didn’t ask for your opinion. ❞ 
❝   you can’t be serious. ❞ 
❝   they’re back. ❞ 
❝   armor? how positively primitive. ❞
❝   now this is my kinda city, everyone’s free to live as they choose. ❞
❝   you need a time out. ❞ 
❝   die! die! die! ❞ 
❝   to think i would have to work with a street ruffian. ❞ 
❝   death comes. ❞ 
❝   one of these days someone is gonna to put an end to you. ❞ 
❝   that which doesn’t kill you…makes you stronger.. ❞
❝   well. you sure take to this bad guy thing easily, don’t ya? ❞
❝   aren’t you supposed to be dead? ❞
❝  i’ll tell you my secret if you give me your coat. ❞
❝   sleep. ❞
❝  never liked you much. ❞
❝  never leave a teammate behind. ❞
❝  together we are strong. ❞
❝  you won’t get rid of me that easily. ❞
❝  i don’t even think children are afraid of you. ❞
❝  i taught you everything you know. ❞
❝  it’s hard to just sit around knowing there’s someone out there that needs to be blown up. ❞
❝  i’ll put an end to your sad story. ❞
❝  you havin’ trouble keeping up? ❞
❝  i have destroyed more of your kind than i can count. ❞
❝ it’s a perfect day for some mayhem. ❞
❝  we’re all soldiers now. ❞
❝  give me your best shot. ❞
❝   you knew exactly what were you doing. ❞
❝   knock me down, and i’ll keep getting back up. ❞
❝   you always did have a high opinion of yourself. ❞
❝   i’m not a young man anymore. ❞
❝  still trying to play hero? ❞
❝  i sometimes wonder if your height is why you’re always in such a bad mood. ❞
❝  this is no place for children. ❞
❝  the world could always use more heroes. ❞
❝  looked in a mirror lately? ❞
❝  Me one, bad guys zero. ❞
❝  i’m gonna have to shoot you down. ❞
❝  this old dog has learned a few tricks. ❞
❝  another one off the list. ❞
❝  i love your glasses, so cute! ❞
❝  if at first you don’t succeed…blow it up again! ❞
❝  that’s for my family back home! ❞
❝  i’ve got you in my sights. ❞
❝  i’m the one who does his job. i’m thinking… you’re the other one. ❞
❝   you weren’t given those guns to toss them away like trash. ❞
❝   i will protect the innocent. ❞ 

I’m Tired. Aren’t You Tired?

For @darth-maul-official because FUCK YOU LEON YOU MADE ME SHIP THIS OW OW OW MY HEART

Obi-wan stared down the blade of the lightsaber at his oldest enemy. He looked it. Maulโ€™s patterned skin was worn and weathered, the deep, terrifying blacks and reds muted by age and washed-out by the bright blue light.

He certainly didnโ€™t look the terror he had been on Naboo.

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I Miss You, Daddy.

ย  Summary:ย Phil has to go away for a few days. Dan misses him in his absence and sends Phil a video of him teasing himself. When Phil gets back home, he has a surprise in store for Dan.ย 

Authorโ€™s note: So @ninallthatjazz gave me the idea for this fic and Iโ€™ve had about 80 heart attacks because I love it so much tbhโ€ฆ Thereโ€™s a link to a video in the fic, which is obviously nsfw fyi. Interactive porn adventure. We did that. (2k words ayyy) I know itโ€™s been a while since I posted, sorry about that! I have like 40 crises a week and they arenโ€™t always conductive to fic writing yaknow?ย 

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Saudade (Part 3)

pairing: Jungkook | reader I Yooongi
✥ genre: angst (Soulmate!au meets Hanahaki!au)
✥ word count: 4.293
✥ warnings: none
✥ author’s note: Hellooo, Toombler! Sorry i havent updated in a while, also my plot is, uh, non-existing… I dont know where i’m going with this. Please, please, pleeasee if you like it, just leave a Lil’ ole’ message or comment, reblog, heart it or simply, just acknowledge it. Let me know if you guys want a fourth part to this! xxx

Series: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Saudade;                                                                                                             ↪ The feeling of intense longing for a person or place you love but is now lost


The light fell as a blanket of a hazy orange upon the greenery. In their glow, the nascent leaves of spring lay papery and delicate, drinking in the energy the trees craved. The air had the gentle heat of the new season – not warm or cold, but tepid. On the ground laid the wetness of a recent rain shower, soaking into the dark mud. You imagined yourself alone until you stopped to really listen and look. You were not alone at all, yet the solitude you could achieve in nature felt like a running faucet that drained away from your stress.

All winter long you’ve been marching, but today you’re taking it slow. Today, you’re letting the soft virescent hues dwell on your retinas that are so accustomed to the brown on brown under a sky of gray.

Tousled black ribbons of your hair whipped about your face as you stood with your arms outstretched – painting the blank canvas in front of you. You watched with an unwavering gaze as the fiery red orb of light slowly sank beneath the horizon. Threads of light lingered in the sky, each mingling with the rolling clouds, dyeing the clouds first orange, then red, then dark blue, until all that was left of the sunset was a chalky mauve.

You felt yourself slowly detach from the troubles in your life as you continued to run your paintbrush across the canvas. You never thought that there would be so much beauty in the world.

Hours had passed when you had set aside your paintbrush and noticed the sky above you had melted into stygian darkness as several sequin-silver stars winked down at you, illuminating the atramentous curtain of sky. Suddenly, the clouds parted and you found yourself looking at a lustrous, argent disc casting brilliant rays of moonlight onto the dark grounds. Sighing in content, you folded the easel into your bag and slung it your shoulder, proceeding to walk down the hill.

You stopped in your tracks when you heard the faint music of your ringtone, the phone slightly buzzing in your back pocket.

Stifling a yawn, you fished out your phone and lifted it up to your face. In front of you, an unknown string of numbers pulsated in a faint white light – the number wasn’t one that you recognized, so you ignored the number, believing it to be a wrong dial.

Well, that was until it called back not two but three more times. Rubbing at your eyes as another yawn escaped your lips, you answered the call. “H-hello?”

“Hi, we’re from Infires night club. Your friend has asked us to call you in case he can’t get home. He might have drunk a bit too mu–

The lines between your eyes scrunched up. “Sorry, I think you have the wrong numb—“

“He said to call you.”

You paused. “Who is he?”

“Jeon Jungkook.”

A shiver tumbled down the knobs of your spine as you felt the hairs rise on the back of your neck. You were standing in the middle of the park, frozen in shock.

“You’re the first number in his emergency contacts,” the stranger continued.

You cleared your throat, your mind whirring from the information you had just received. You needed to end this call. “D-do you know what an emergency constitutes? In my book–it’s death. Is he dying?”

There was a pause as if the person on the other line was assessing the situation. “He’s not dying but he could be.”

“Then you can put him in a cab and send him to the address in his wallet or to the hospital if you suspect alcohol poisoning. Whichever you prefer.”

“But he said to call you.”

“And I’m telling you–I’m not his friend. I’m not his caretaker. I’m certainly not his driver and I’m not his emergency contact. Put him in a cab. He can find his own way home. Better yet, dial the emergency contact number 2, probably his girlfriend, Hyojin.”

Another long pause. “We did that, but there isn’t a ‘Hyojin.’ You are all three numbers.”

You opened your mouth to respond but immediately closed it after hearing the man speak. Your brain formulated no thoughts other than to register that you were shocked. You closed your mouth, then looked at your toes before glancing back up to look at the phone again. As stupid as it was, an inkling of hope burned within you, but as soon as it caught fire, you promptly extinguished it. This was definitely out of his character – so far from what you knew of him.

You cleared your throat and felt the shock wear off as your stubbornness fed into your voice. “I am not coming to your night club to get Jungkook. Call a cab. Take whatever money in his wallet to pay the fee. I don’t know who this is. Goodbye.”

You hung up and let out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding. The air felt colder than before as it ran through the thin material of your sweater, luring heat from your tired muscles until they could rest no more. It caressed your skin until it stole the pink blush and replaced it with blue. With your current state, you couldn’t afford yourself to become entangled with him again because you knew that it would break you more so than you already were.

You feared that not even you could put yourself back together – not again.

But against your better judgment – you’re unsure and completely bemused as to why you were standing in Infires night club, staring down at a passed out, drunken Jeon Jungkook.

The dance club in the dead of night was still fervent with booming music and blinding neon lights. The building was thriving with life whereas the rest of the town was in the comforts of sleep. Young women wore glimmering dresses that barely covered their thin legs. The cloth hugged their hour glass bodies as they slinked up against interested parties and melted into the modern beats.

You followed the short man in front of you as you weaved in and out of dark hallways full of strangers pressed up against the wall, doing things that should be done in privacy. Coming to a stop at a room in the back corridor, your attention was fixated on Jungkook. You didn’t hear the employee, who later introduced himself as Namjoon, say that Jungkook was unwilling to move from his seat unless you came to take him home. Typically, you wouldn’t care or even flinch at the slightest towards this kind of call. Initially, you didn’t and really didn’t want to but you couldn’t help it. You still loved him.

Jungkook was lifeless on the ebony leather sofa. The table before him was littered with drowned drinks and empty bottles. Red and pink hue lipstick stain the clear glasses but the only person in the room left from the party was Jungkook. Only him, alone as ever. In this particular state, you could relate to his feelings. You could empathize with his thoughts and his struggles.

“How long has he been like this?” you asked and took a step closer to Jungkook, pushing down the trembles that are hitched inside your throat.

“Since 10:00 PM. He ordered drinks for everyone, danced for a good hour with some women, invited them to the Dope room he reserved. It’s the same every weekend except this one–he said to call you. We usually do put him in a taxi to take him home but it’s different this weekend.”

Ignoring how your presence had changed Jungkook’s presence, you turned to face Namjoon, “Dope room? Is that some kind of dirty pseudonym –“

“It’s similar to a VIP room. Whatever drinks they want, our resident mixologist, Taehyung can create on the spot.”

A personal, one on one bartender. Perfect. Like the world needs more of that. “What did he order?”

“Death in the Afternoon back to back and a few glasses of Sazerac.”

“A few?” I folded your hands, confounded by how these establishments were run. They allow patrons to completely empty their wallets, drink literally to their death and force innocent bystanders to pick up the mess. “Sazerac–one cube of sugar, four dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters, 2 ounces of rye whiskey, and a layer of absinthe on the inside of an ice cold glass. Did he request a whiskey with 100-proof?”

Namjoon’s eyes widened, surprised that you had some knowledge in mixing drinks, not to mention drinks with some of the highest alcohol content that a person can humanly ingest. Jungkook was drowning himself, trying to distract himself from life. But why?

“Yeah, Rittenhouse.”

“And you let him drink more than one of that?” you didn’t let him answer. It wasn’t Namjoon’s fault that Jungkook made egregious decisions that led to this outcome. “Sorry–I don’t mean to take it out on you. I’m just–annoyed.”

Namjoon tucked his hands behind his back, slightly tilting his head in curiosity, “you said that you didn’t know him and that he had a girlfriend, but here you are,” he took a step closer and slightly narrowed his eyes, “are you, by any chance, his girlfriend?” He looked rather muddled by the collation of Jungkook and yourself. It seemed like a practical joke putting Jungkook and you in a room together. You two didn’t add up correctly. You two were a miscalculation.

You scoffed and stared down at the sleeping Jungkook. Even while drunk, Jungkook still possessed a beauty that greatly surpassed your own looks even if you tried to appear better. His worst was far better than your best. “Does it seem like I’m his girlfriend?” The thought was more painful when voiced out loud.

“From my experience, a man only drinks like this when it’s about love.”

Closing your eyes, you let a small groan escape and tried to make a headache forming inside your head disappear. You didn’t question why Jungkook’s love for Hyojin was making such a large dent in his life. “I did not cause his broken heart nor am I here to mend it.”

“Then why are you here?”

You glowered at Namjoon and with each word, you implicitly stated, “Because you kept calling me.”

He sensed your irritation and left you with Jungkook. You craned your head sideways, wondering how you were going to get the boy home. Sitting next to him, you turned down the volume of the music in the room and focused your eyes on the door. You could leave. You could leave Jungkook to his own devices so that when he’s awake and sober, he could go home by himself.

But you stayed.

“You finally came,” his scuffed voice sounded moments later.

You kept your eyes fixed on the door, “can you stand?”

Jungkook shrugged, his whiskey-colored hair falling over his unhappy eyes. “What took you so long?”

“I didn’t feel like making the trip.”

“Not…that,” he slurred, his eyelids drooped as his eyebrows slightly pinched together.

You turned your head slightly to face him, viewing his perfectly structured form. “What do you mean?”

Jungkook caught your gaze, his eyes melting into your own. It was the first time that you looked directly into Jungkook’s eyes after months. His eyes were the color of honey. These were the eyes you remembered from your dreams.

“Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“That you still love me,” he said, looking directly at you. “I need to know.”

You hesitated.

Jungkook reached out and touched your face—barely skimming your cheekbone and brushing away a bit of your hair. “Is it true?”

“…I-I’ve changed,” you gulped. “A-and you’ve changed.”

“That’s true too,” he said quietly, shifting in his seat. You looked at the faint little scar on his face, resting upon his left cheek, and something hitched in your chest. Jungkook let out a bitter laugh as he went to grab the unfinished drink resting on a table in front of him, “after a while, it all starts to taste the same.”

You grasped onto his arm. You put aside the slight shock from the touch as it sent electricity throughout your body. “If you had any ounce of self-respect left, you will not take that drink, Jeon Jungkook. It’s not going to change anything.”

“Do you still love me?” Jungkook repeated, sounding more desperate this time. You could have cried; you could have pressed your face into his chest and breathed in, and pretended that nothing had changed, that everything would be perfect and whole and healed again.

But you couldn’t. You knew that you couldn’t.

“W-we’ve grown apart, Jungkook. You’ve chang—.”

His eyes flashed with confusion and then replaced with irritation. Jungkook stumbled before he shot up from his seat, resting his hand flat against the wall. “Bullshit.” He pointed to himself, “I haven’t changed. I’m still your Jungkook.” He paused, his finger now pointed at you, “the same Jungkook whose blanket you used to keep in your bedroom under your—”

“Don’t,” you said, getting up as well. Your voice broke on the word.

Jungkook continued.

“I’m still the Jungkook that always beat you in Scrabble,” he let out a sarcastic laugh, “but that was because you always let me win,” he inched closer to you, swaying a bit before you reached out to steady him. Immediately, his hands found your waist and he pulled you closer, leaving a small gap in between.

Jungkook leaned his face closer to yours, his voice dropping an octave. “Remember that night when we were up on the roof. The sky was beautiful that night, wasn’t it?” he stared into your eyes, “remember how you said that—”

“Don’t,” you whispered as you tried to pull away from his grasp. Immediately, Jungkook’s hand pulled you closer to his pine scented body.

“When it started to get dark you pointed to the sky, and you told me there was a star for everything you loved about me.”

“Stop,” You pressed your hands against his chest. “Just stop. No more. It’s done, okay? That’s all done now.”

The same fiery glint in his eyes intensified. “Y/N—”

“Stop!” your voice rang out sharply as you tried to push him off of you. “I’m over you, do you hear me? All of that—what we felt, what it meant—that’s done now, okay? Buried. Blown away. I’ve moved on.”


You managed to slightly wriggle your way out of his grasp, but as soon as you pulled back, Jungkook pulled you back into him, flush against his chest, his hands locked behind your back. You could feel the rapid beating of his heart under your palm as they were lay flat against his chest. For a moment, you wondered if he was just as affected by you as you were by him.

He isn’t yours, a voice echoed in your head as an image of Hyojin flashed in front of your eyes.

You heaved a sigh and tried to pull away from your head, angling it upwards to face him. “I don’t love you, Jungkook. Do you hear me? I never loved you.”

The dim coloured lighting from the ceiling above highlighted Jungkook faintly red and furious.

“I don’t believe you,” his voice was small as his grip tightened around your waist. 

You continued to stare at space in between Jungkook’s eyes. “It was a lie. Okay? It was all a lie. Just… craziness. Just forget about it. Forget it ever happened.”

Jungkook said nothing, his arms dropping from your waist to hang loosely beside him. He simply stared first at his own light, hovering in the air. Then, at you. He looked pale and almost frail, like he was suddenly a much, much older person. You took a step back, almost turning around when you felt a hand grasp your elbow.

Please,” he begged. “I don’t know how I stay on my feet, why I don’t shatter into dust right there, why my heart keeps beating when I want it so badly to stop. Please don’t do this, Y/N.”

You felt your throat close as you opened your mouth to respond. Instead, you pressed your mouth into a thin line and looked at him, his eyes now tinged with sadness. You gently pulled your arm from his grip and turned around, stumbling through the room as tears blurred your vision.

The sound of falling glass broke the silence that had filled the room. Instinctively, you turned your head around to catch Jungkook standing a meter away from you, kicking away a shard of glass across the room. You noticed how there weren’t any traces of tears, not in his eyes or in track marks on his reddening face. Instead, his eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, and hard.

Jungkook trod closer to you. “Are you seriously in this much self-denial, Y/N? Do you actually believe yourself when you tell me that you don’t feel anything? Especially after what’s been happening between us?” Jungkook was shouting at this point, “Why are you doing this?”

It was your turn to glare at him, “Why am I doing this? You know why, Jungkook! You know that this,” you gestured between the two of you, “will never happen. You’re with Hyojin – my sister!” tears rolled down your cheeks, pooling onto your bottom lip, leaving behind a distinctly salty taste. “So, why do you keep doing this?”

"I’m doing this because I fucking love you, goddammit!” his voice rang throughout the room.

Your heart stopped. For a pure second, your chest seized and all the blood flowing in your veins paused. “N-no –“

“I’ll break up with her,” he swiftly cut you off, “I’ll break up with Hyojin.”

“W-what?” You gaped at him, “Why the fuck would you do that?”

Jungkook took a hesitant step forward. “Y/N,” he paused, “I’m in love with you. And I have been – for a long time. This might seem like a strange thing for me to say given the fact we aren’t speaking to each other. I’ve decided that it’s possible to love someone for entirely selfless reasons, for all of their flaws and weaknesses.” His hand tucked away a strand of your hair behind your ear, “you are everything I am and everything that’s running through my veins.”

You finally crumbled. You were tired of running away from what you felt. You were completely and utterly exhausted.

“Stop it, Jungkook. Please. Just stop it,” your voice wavered as you felt a fresh wave of tears prick the corners of your eyes. “Stop making this so difficult.”

Jungkook simply looked at you.

“Forgive me,” he said in a hard voice. "My heart is breaking over here. I’m doing the best I can.”

Behind you, you clutched the brass doorknob with both of your hands, resting the crown of your head against the wooden door. You closed your eyes. “You were the hardest years of my life and I’ve never been so happy. What does that say about me?” a small, bitter laugh escaped your lips, “I’ve fallen for the one person I shouldn’t have. For Hyojin’s one true love. For the boy who will, indefinitely, break Hyojin’s, heart.” You opened your eyes, “for my best friend.” You took in a breath, looking directly at him. “It has to end here. Now.”

His eyes flashed with panic before his hand shot out to grab your wrist. “I’m not going to let you walk out on me. Not again, especially not if you still might…love me.” He spoke again, his voice thick with emotion, “If you leave without me tonight, I’ll just follow you. You can’t stop me, Y/N. How are you going to stop me?”

You shrugged helplessly, feeling your head pound with an impending headache that was surely going to ruin the rest of your day. You were absolutely exhausted. “…I don’t know.”

“Then stay. Just, please…stay.”

You furiously blinked back tears, “that’s not enough, Jungkook,” you sighed wearily. “You don’t know what you’re saying. Y-You’re drunk. Completely wasted.”

“But that doesn’t change the truth, Y/N. I still love you. What will it take you to stay? Do you want me to get down my knees? I’ll get down on my knees – for you.” Jungkook dropped to the floor – and you dropped with him.

“Jungkook,” you wept, “stop this and get up.” You couldn’t stop yourself from crying anymore.  

Soft hands cupped your face, his thumbs brushing away your tears. “How about I give you three reasons? Morning, day, and night.”

You closed your eyes.

“Stay, so every morning when I open my eyes, you’ll be the first thing I see. Stay, so every day when I’m with you, I can show you all over again exactly how much you mean to me. And stay, so every night when you lay your head down next to mine, you’ll know, you’ll know just how much you’re loved.”

The two of you just stood there, looking at each other, while his hands caressed your face, saying nothing. But, it was the kind of nothing that somehow meant everything. In his eyes, there was no trace of what had happened to you earlier. 

“Do you love me?” Jungkook whispered once again.

“I never stopped.”

You dropped your gaze from him. Immediately, thoughts of Hyojin, her love, her patience, and goodness plagued your mind. You thought of everything you had sacrificed just so you wouldn’t end up betraying her like this. You took a deep breath. “But it’s more complicated than that.”

Jungkook gently removed his hands from your cheeks and placed them on your shoulders rubbing his thumb in tiny circles. “Please. Please don’t tell me that you’re going to run away again,” he pleaded.

“…I don’t want to…” you told him.

Jungkook immediately pulled you flush against him, his hand running through your hair as the other wrapped around your waist. You heard him sniffle. In turn, you threw your hands around his neck and rested your head on his shoulder, letting the pain of the past few months flow out of you.

“So you’ll stay?” his voice dangerously hopeful.

You pulled your head back just enough to leave an inch between you two.

“I’ll stay.”

An ear-splitting grin stretched across his face as his eyes brightened up enough to light up the room. Then he kissed you: light and perfect, his lips just barely meeting yours, a kiss that promised renewal.

“So what now?” you asked him. The day felt as though it was merging into a dream.

“You take me home.

Isaac Lahey Imagine- Because Of Me (Part 4)

Part1    Part2    Part3

Author’s Note- This is the final part to this series and it means a lot because part one of this series is what encouraged me to write after receiving so much positive feedback. Sorry if it’s not the outcome you wanted, but read to the end x

“He saved me” you smiled weakly but genuinely into your mug of hot chocolate. “I know” Lydia smiled, rubbing your shoulder, before sitting down opposite you. After the whole being kidnapped thing, you had been staying at Lydia’s and Scott’s so they can keep an eye on you 24/7.  It was sort of an inconvenience, but you didn’t mind, you knew they were doing everything they could to keep you safe. “Are you glad it was him?” she asked. You thought for a moment, about the other guy, the guy you had completely forgotten about the second your eyes met the ones filled with concern upon your rescue. You nod your head and another smile spread across your face as you took another sip. “Why are you guys up so early?” Kira asked, rubbing her eyes as she stumbled into the kitchen. “She’s love struck” Lydia joked. “I don’t blame her, she’s got the fairy-tale ending” Kira continued as you hid your blush behind the sleeve of your sweater. “I wish I had a price charming to rescue me” Lydia added. “You guys are loud” Malia claimed, also stumbling into the kitchen. “How you feeling?” she added, still smelling the blood from the cut on your leg. “I’m doing great” you said dreamily. Malia smiled in return and sat down at the dining table with you all. “Should I make breakfast?” Lydia asked. You all nod in agreement. “What do you guys want, the usual?” it wasn’t an uncommon event, for you all to sleep over together. “Egg on toast for Kira, a bacon sandwich with brown sauce and black pepper for Malia and a waffle with extra golden syrup for Y/n” she listed off, walking off into the kitchen. “You’re seeing him today, aren’t you?” Malia asked with a smirk. You looked at her quizzically before slowly nodding your head, confused as to how she would know. “ Your heart is doing summersaults, it’s quite distracting really” she added after noticing your confusion. “Ohhh right-“ you trailed, too caught up in your own thought of how you would soon be reunited with him. After eating your breakfast, the three of them dragged you upstairs to hep you get ready.

“Are you sure?” you questioned, looking in the mirror. “Yes!” the three of them shouted excitedly. “I feel sick” you groaned, with a worried smile. “You’re just nervous” Kira told. You heard a loud knock on the door, which made your heart feel uneasy in your chest, You took a deep breath and nod, before you all trailed off downstairs. They walked into the living room, to give you your privacy while you carried on to the front door. You hesitated for a second, before opening it. “Brett” you breathed with a smile. “Are you ready to go?” he asked. You nod and linked your arm with his as he walked you over to his car. You walked over to the passenger seat as he climbed into the drivers. You took a minute to take In the familiar setting of his car, the way it smelt, the way the cold leather seat felt on your skin, even the marks on the windows from where you would draw on them when they fogged up. “How’s your leg?” he asked as he began to drive. “It’s getting better” you shrugged, not really phased by it. You got out of the lab with your life and without being one of the dread doctor’s grade A science experiments, that was enough alone to be thankful for. The car came to a stop when you reached a set of red lights. He looked at you with a small smile, “You made the right decision” he claimed. You gave a small but genuine smile in return and looked down at your hands. “Omg I love this song” you suddenly said. Brett laughed and turned it up, being reminded of the first time he heard it. You were completely wasted at a party and dancing on a table with Lydia because you were the only ones that could get drunk, when you both slipped and ended up falling onto Stiles. You were both so drunk you had no idea that you were slowly crushing the life out of the poor boy, you were laughing so heavily it took Brett, Liam, Malia, Scott and Kira to drag the pair of you off of him. You lip synced to the song, with a lot of hand gestures. When the song ended you both let out a laugh, as you pulled up to the place. You looked at each other briefly, before both climbing out of the car in unison. You walked through the trail in the Beacon Hills woods, in the day time it was one of the most beautiful places to go, especially of a spring morning. You stopped for a second and turned to face Brett, “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” you asked. “I’m sure” he nod. You pulled him into a long tight hug.

You carried on walking until you reached a familiar spot. The two of you would take a tent and stay the night, there was a slight patch of burnt grass where you would put the camp fire to make roasted s’mores and cook hotdogs. You’d often go there in the summer with the pack. You sat on one of the logs that had all of your initials engraved onto it, you run your finger against them all, soaking in all of the memories that each of them held. You came across ‘SM’ and underneath was the initial ‘AA’. You smiled at the thought of the old days. You felt him sit beside you, before pulling you into his chest. “I’ve missed this- I’ve missed it so fucking much” he breathed into your hair. You smiled, before looking up into his eyes. “I love you” you said honestly. “I love you too” he said, kissing your forehead and twirling your hair with his fingers. “Can we put the fire on please? I don’t have wolf heat like you” you whined while still smiling. He stood up and threw you over a blanket from one of the rucksacks with all of your camping equipment in, before starting up the fire. You wrapped it around you and looked around, it was your safe place, your happy place. Brett breathed onto the window on the passenger side of his car, he read the words ‘Thank you for the memories x’. He gave a small smile as he reminisced for a second, before he pulled out of the car park of the Beacon Hills forest trail. You looked down at your phone after seeing a message pop up, ‘It’s been good Y/L/N, but you cant deny love x’ You let out a small sigh and smiled as you locked your phone and shoved it into your pocket. “Isaac” you called. “Yes beautiful?” he returned, looking back at you. “I’ve missed this too” you told. He stood up and walked over to where you were sitting. He leant down so you were eyelevel with one another. You searched into his bright blue eyes, at his dilated pupils, before glancing down at his lips. He gave his signature smirk before pressing his lips to yours. You grabbed onto his curls to deepen the kiss. It felt like forever since the last time you had felt his lips, but yours melted naturally into the shape of them. You slowly broke apart, leaning your forehead on his. “Why did you come back?” he asked. “People who are meant to be together, find their way back. They may take a few detours- but they’re never really lost” you whispered in return. “I’m sorry for making you feel the way you did- I’m sorry I pushed you away when you needed me the most. You made me feel things I’d never felt before and I was scared but I promise to never leave you for the rest of our lives” he placed your hand on his chest so you could feel his steady heartbeat. “I guess sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together” you smiled. “Now come on, lets put the food and some hot chocolate on, for when the sun sets” you added, it was something you loved to do together. It was a perfect day, a perfect night with the perfect person. Isaac had his flaws and so did you but you couldn't deny that you were completely and utterly in love with one another. There was no point wallowing in the past, looking to the future and forgetting to live in the present. He made you happy and that’s all that you ever wanted. Allison taught you that, and it’s something you’d never take for granted.

One Year Later

You ran down from the stands after the Beacon Hills team won their lacrosse match. Isaac caught and spun you around as you reached him. He placed you down and you placed a sweet kiss on his lips, “Well done babe, you were on fire” you claimed, half referring to how well he played, the other half referring to how sexy he looked all sweaty and red. He gave a small laugh, smelling your chemo signals as Liam came up from behind and poured some water on him (it was a tradition of theirs after a win) Kira and Scott soon approached the three of you. “No wolf powers, well done guys” he congratulated the natural win the team had made for the first time in a while. “You did good” Stiles spoke, walking over. He high fived Liam, Kira and Scott and looked at Isaac. He prepared himself for a sarcastic comment but was surprised when Stiles put his hand out to invite him into a man hug. He smiled and accepted. Malia and Lydia shortly followed and joined your little huddle. “Glad to see you two finally getting along” Lydia noted. “Is that a tear Isaac?” Malia joked, smelling how happy he was to finally be accepted by Stiles. “What? Pftt No” he brushed off, letting go of him. You shook your head and sniggered as he put his arm around you. You glanced across the pitch to see Brett, he was with a girl from his school. He looked really happy with her. He glanced over to you all, you smiled and waved at him, he appreciated that and did the same before you both returned to your friends. “Still think you made the right decision?” Isaac asked quietly. “I know I did” you returned, squeezing the hand that he was resting on your shoulder. “I love you” he said with a wide smile. “I love you more” you returned as he pulled you in to a kiss.

Sorry if you wished the reader ended up with Brett, but the majority of voters wanted it to be Isaac. Requests are closed. I hope you enjoyed this series, I’m going to miss writing for it x

Baby Spinach, chapter 6

Summary: a month in vignettes.

Word count: 4388

Authorโ€™s Note: Warning you guys here that this isnโ€™t my best work, but it is TIME TO POST. Also warning that Iโ€™ve been re-reading homestuck and it may have colored my word choices.

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Using you. (Rogue One :: RebelCaptain)

@rebelcaptainprompts :: Prompt 8 ::  “agony”; “fingers”; and “shiver”


‘Meet me at my place’

Jyn pressed her fingers against the parchment as she stared down at the words. Bodhi had given her this note, saying it was from Cassian. She felt her stomach tense. A hand instinctively rested on it, hoping to calm her senses as she let out a breath. She was in her apartment, sitting cross-legged on her bed.

She placed the note to the side, still staring at it intently. Lately she’d felt their relationship seemed to escalate… She wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing yet, and if this was a potential ‘bad situation’ as K2 would put it, It was probably the best idea to stay put. But she was never one for following rules, and she certainly didn’t want to deny Cassian her company. Being away from him was a kind of agony at times, and she couldn’t seem to last longer than a few hours without returning to his side.

She paced to the door, shoving the note deep in her pocket as she exited the room, quickly making her way down the hall. She passed a few rebels on the way, giving them smiles to make her look ‘unsuspicious’.  

The last thing she wanted was more rumors.

She stopped at Cassians door, knocking instead of inviting herself in like she usually did. She was greeted with the door opening quickly, and Cassian standing casually in front of her. She awkwardly waved, unsure of what was expected of her. He stepped forward, grabbing her arm and pulling her inside.

“I needed to see you.” He swiftly, but firmly stated. He pulled her closer to him. She hesitated, shifting away.

“Why?” She questioned, stepping back.

“Well-“ he cut himself off, running a hand through his hair. It trailed down to rub the back of his neck as he stared at her. She pursed her lips.

“I understand, Cassian…” She said his name softly, stepping forward to take his hand. She felt him almost flinchfrom her touch, and she looked concerned.

“No you don’t…” He breathed, pulling away. “There’s something that …I know has been bothering you.”

Jyn tried to look less confused then she felt. She tilted her head at him. This certainly wasn’t what she expected this to be about.

“What is it?”

“Bodhi told me what you said.”

She tensed, rubbing her hands together. A few days earlier, she had opened up to Bodhi over a drink in the bar. She had told him she was afraid. Afraid that her relationship with Cassian was only because he was scared of being lonely. She feared that the only reason they wanted to be together was because they were both too frightened of being alone. She longed to know if they were just seeking comfort from each other, or if it really was something more.


“I’m not finished.” Cassian cut her off firmly, stepping forward. He furrowed his brow. Jyn felt herself almost shiver from his behavior, and stepped away from him.

“Do you really think so low of me?” He injected in a low tone, his dark eyes narrowed. “That I would use you for my own comfort?”

Jyn felt an urge rise into her mind. An instinct to fight him, right here and now. To tell him exactly what she thought, and to fight as if she might be the person in the right here. But she hesitated, her mouth not allowing her to release her breath.

“You don’t understand, I was just concerned-”

“You have no reason to be!” Cassian waved a hand sideways, moving again closer to Jyn. She stared at his chest, avoiding eye contact. “I have given you no reason to think that I would use you, Jyn.”

She stepped back again, looking up at him now.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” She rose her voice, placing her hands on her hips. “I was just-“

She cut herself off, letting out a breath she wasn’t aware she was holding back. Cassian hesitated before taking a step closer. He looked a bit concerned now, and softened his tone;

“Jyn…” He paused. “I’m not using you.”

She shifted, only nodding slightly in response. Cassian hesitated again, reaching to grab her arm. She moved away, turning from him.

“Jyn, I didn’t want to-“

“Stop.” She stated coldly, moving away again as he reached for her hand.


“I said stop.” She repeated, looking at him now. “You don’t get to ‘kiss and make up’.”

Cassian looked taken a back, literally moving backwards from the remark.

“I  told Bodhi my insecurity-“ She stopped, taking a deep breath. She tried to control her emotions as best she could. “And you turned it into an argument.”


I’m not finished.” She repeated Cassians former words coldly, staring at him with a black expression. His eyes looked pained, but he didn’t interrupt.

“This was something I did not intend for you to hear.” She stated, crossing her arms over her chest as she continued; “And I wasn’t worried about you using me.

Cassian looked confused now, searching her eyes for an answer. He for a moment, wondered if she would leave it at that. Unexplained. But she again continued;

“I was scared that I-“ She again took a breath, her voice slightly quivering. “Was using you.”

The silence weighed down on Jyns shoulders as she awaited Cassians response. He stood, frozen in place from her words. He stared at her, his face guilty. He moved to grab her hand again, but stopped himself.

“Jyn…” He whispered her name, still unsure if he was allowed to speak. She met his eyes, biting her lip to maintain her composure. The tears begged to escape her, but she didn’t give into them. She stood bravely in front of Cassian. Ready for whatever outcome.

“I’m sorry.” He said after a few moments, boldly stepping forward to place a hand on her face. She again took a deep breath, her heart begging to let itself break.

“I’m so sorry Jyn…“ He pulled her closer and hugged her tight. She buried her head in his chest, returning the hug. She mumbled something that Cassian didn’t understand. He slightly chuckled, moving back to grab her shoulders.

“I should’ve-“

“Don’t apologize.” She looked away. “I understand.”

“Understand what?”

“I understand if you… feel different towards me because of this.” She sounded cold. She desperately tried to hide what she was feeling by making an effort to sound emotionless. Cassian took her hands in his, looking genuinely concerned.

“Jyn- no…” He let one of her hands fall, and returned his to her face. “This changes nothing.”


“Really.” Cassian made a small smile, pushing her bangs out of her face gently. “You okay?”

She only nodded before wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a hug.

“I’m okay…”

He sighed, putting a hand on her head and running his fingers across her hair.

“It means a lot that you would worry about this Jyn…” He spoke quietly, still seeming unsure if she wanted to hear it. “It means you care.”

She nodded, and hugged him tighter.

“I thought that-“ Her tears almost escaped, and she held her breath for a moment.

“You don’t have to explain.” Cassian interrupted. “It’s over now.”