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need refs/inspo for period clothing?

here you go:

lots of periods in one spot/fashion through centuries:

Short disclaimer: Most pictures show clothes of royalty, aristocracy, and burgoisie as their clothes weren’t worn as much and especially not for labour, which is the issue with farmers/workers’ clothes, which also were reused quite often, whether to sew new clothes or have rags. So please keep this in mind!!

It really is very European-centric as I am European as well, and I apologise for it if you expected more from it. I definitely lack the knowledge to determine what are accurate portrayals of other cultures, and to find content for them is really difficult as well. This is why I would encourage you to submit any resources you have to my blog! If you have any book recs or know good pages, please let me know!

Another edit/note: Pinterest has changed a lot since I made the post, so you need to be signed in now to see more than the first row of the boards, I’m really sorry about that! (Also I tested all the links and on my original post they still work, if you’re having isues with that.)


i got some predictions!! woo!!!! ok here we go:

ozzie and eddie start out the episode by just having a freaking shouting match, complaining about how much they hate each other and how they wish the other one was dead probably. maybe we get an accidental admittance of like “i never wanted you to die but youve hurt me too much now and its unforgivable” bc you gotta love those spur of the moment ‘didnt mean to say that’ moments. 

so eventually after a whole bunch of shouting and pouting they finally decide to tolerate each other at the very least, since it seems like theyre in this for the long haul. they finally come to the decision that they cant get out on their own and grudgingly agree to work together to escape

eddie decides to do what he does best: be annoying. he gets the attention of the guards somehow, leading to figure A of him laughing here:

seems like hes hammin it up again, bein all dramatic as he’s so wont to do. 

but so…

im thinking, maybe he and ozzie are faking my wonderful penguins death? i mean, the guards can probably find out pretty easily that they want to freaking murder each other; it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for them to believe that eddie somehow killed oz when theyre 3 feet apart. 

and that leads to figure B:

one mr oswald cobblepot laying on the ground looking schemey or… something.

theory: ed pretends to kill oswald, gets the guards attention through being his awful over the top wonderful riddler self, and somehow manipulates them into opening the cage to check on ozzie - at which point our favorite bird probably rips their throat out or something.

so at this point ozzie’s free but you know who’s not? eddie boy of course. which means oz has to agree to let him out of his cage (and hes been doin just fine), because theyre definitely both out and about together later in the episode. so ed probably has to convince oz to open the door please. maybe he finally starts being nice to him again and promises not to try to kill him anymore. maybe theres a temporary cease fire, so they can both get out alive then kill each other on their own terms.

anyway, ozzie lets ed out and they go on a lowkey super sneaky rampage around the court of owls compound, killing whoever they find on the way (which will of course be tons of fun for the whole family). this might be where figure C comes in, but also who really knows:

then they probably get discovered and surrounded at this point, leading to….

figure D:

theyre obviously angry here, and definitely shouting at someone. whom, you might ask? no clue. my prediction is that the court finally realizes these two idiots are loose and they end up getting surrounded, leading to ozzie ranting to the entirety of the court of owls in great detail about just how hes going to make them pay. theyre probably in some amount of trouble, considering mister green flamingo man even looks pretty somber. ((note: where even is this. are they even on court territory anymore))

so how do they get out of this?? enter deus ex machina: fish mooney.

ok ok thats unlikely (but it’s my one wish that the queen returns to save both of their sorry behinds). either way, someone else probably shows up to save them (maybe ivy, maybe ozzies whole mini army, maybe jimbo and co. who knows. 

anyway, they most likely escape somehow and so begins the plot of literally every single character in gotham vs the court of owls.

also anyway, im probably completely wrong! but this is my best guess as of right now so i guess we’ll see next monday 🐧❔

Unlike Him: Part 3

You finally find out the results of the test. Upon finding out so does your brother, Archie. And he is not please when he finds out who the father is.

Part 1

Part 2

Warning: Teen Pregnancy

I’m sorry this is so much shorter than the other parts, and that it took me so long to post it. I will be posting a part 4


“Yes,” I said looking up at Veronica.

She took a deep breathing, looking into my eyes, before speaking, “I think you should get Jughead”.

I knew it, I just knew it was going to be positive. Growing up I always imagined one day marrying Jugheadd and having kids, but that day was not today.

Both Betty and Veronica were looking at me as I sat there in shock. I could not formulate words, or even cry. I was just trying to accept it. But once Veronica, came and sat down on the other side of me, leaning into hug met, just as Betty was, the tears began to fall. How could I ever tell him, or even my dad and brother for that matter?

Suddenly we were interrupted, as the locker room door swung open. It was my brother standing there with a worried look on his face.

“Where have you been?” He asked. “ I have been looking for you ever since lunch. None of you have been in your classes. What is going on?”

I could not even look him in the eyes. What would he think of me?

No one spoke, so he talked again, “Seriously, if something is wrong you can tell me, you know that right?”

Leaning down to my ear, Betty spoke softly, “(Y/N) I think you should tell him. He will find out sooner or later”.

“Find out what?” Archie questioned. “Would someone please tell me what is going on!”

Veronica looked down before looking back up at Archie. She seemed to know the I had no intentions of doing anything and she figured he would find out anyway.  So she stood up, walking over to the counter and grabbed one of the tests. Walking over to Archie, she set it in his hand.

He stood there, silently, just staring down at it. I could see his mouth moving. Like he was trying to figure out what to say, but every time he almost said something, it just was not right.

Finally I had enough, I stood up and walked over to him, “It’s mine Arch. I’m pregnant”.

I could see a range of emotions going through his face; anger, sadness, concern. It was killing me, waiting for him to say something, anything. Tears began rolling down my face once again. Once my brother looked up and saw this he pulled me into a hug. Patting my head and I cried into his chest he whispered that it would all be ok. After a few minutes we finally broke away. I knew he was going to ask the question soon enough.

“So, would you mind telling me what idiot is the dad? ” Archie asked.

I stood there quietly, not  commenting. How could I tell him that it was his best friend. This could ruin their friendship.  

“Come on (Y/N). He will find out sooner or later,” Betty said, getting up off the bench.

“(Y/N), who is it?” Archie asked, starting to look a little mad and suspicious that I was hiding it from him.

“I-it’s Jughead,” I quietly told him.

“Did you just say it was Jughead?” Archie yelled. “My best friend? How could you guys do this! I told him you were off limits, he knew this!”

“You told him what?” I yelled back. “I am a big girl. You had no business telling him that he couldn’t be with me.”

“I am you brother! Your twin. I know whats best for you when it comes to guys,” he responded. “So are you two secretly going out? Does he even know?”

I looked up, not wanting to tell him that Jughead did not even want to be with me.

“No, we’re not together. As soon as we hooked up, he told me it was a mistake,” I mumbled to my brother.

“He what?!” Archie exploded. “I am going to make him regret ever saying that.”

With that he turned around and stormed out of the locker room.


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My Masterlist

How to study

A spiritual continuation to this post

Okay, so Studying is supposed to be easy and everyone’s been doing it forever but like honestly it’s hard to do so correctly. So, maybe I’m not an expert, but I just survived 4 years of college and I wanna share whatever shit I’ve learnt so far: 

  • IF YOU’RE VISUAL: Bulletpoints!!
    • You’re gonna love bulletpoints. They are life savers for big complicated themes. 
    • So next time you get a BIG test, you sit down and break it down in the big main topics. Then subtopics. Then only one or two code words.
      • MAIN TOPIC 1.
        • subtopic a: code word. 
        • subtopic b: codeword. maybe a sentence?
      • MAIN TOPIC 2… ETC
    • color code each level (MAINS BLUE/SUB PINK/ETC)
    • highlight DATES in one color and NAMES in another, since those are the kinda stuff you need to learn by heart as opposed to understanding. 
    • All this should give you visual cues to remember most of the info in each big topic. Write it by hand in a separate piece of paper that you can later bring with you to study. 
    • Hand writing them will help you learn them, and then one quick look right before the exam will freshen it all up. 
    • Honestly I’ve resumed whole semesters word of classes in two pages of bulletpoints. 
    • Study groups are your new best friend. 
    • “But I don’t understand the topics that well yet!”
    • It really doesn’t matter. 
    • Take turns to explain the stuff to each other. 
    • You’ll be surprised. In my experience, some times you don’t need to remember stuff by heart, you need to understand it. And there’s no better way to find the logic behind weird shit than when you explain it to someone else. 
    • You’ll find connections that you hadn’t seen before, and when you see the question in the exam you’ll remember how you’ll explained it!
    • History or shit? Story time! Narrate it to your study mates! Find the interesting stuff in it! Find the ridiculous stuff! It’s just a story! We all remember the stories we love!
    • Some people totally get distracted, and I get it, but if you can focus through it, this is a great tip
    • Small playlist on repeat. 
    • It gets repetitive. 
    • Yes!! That’s the point!!
    • You know how some earworms you just can’t get out of your head. That’s what you’re getting. 
    • And you’re gonna remember what you were studying while you listened. 
    • Listen to the playlist on your way to the exam. 
    • Hum while you answer. 
    • Got stuck? What song where you listening to while you studied this topic? La, la, oh my fuck that’s the answer! 
    • It works. Promise. 
  • Other things to do: 
    • Eat. Carbs and protein, get your energy up. 
    • Coffee!!!! Sorry if it’s not considered “healthy” but like, that’s how I survived. 
    • Take breaks. Ten minutes breaks. No more. 
    • Rewards! Little rewards in between finished topics. One chocolate. One short episode of a light hearted series. Texting a friend. 
    • Drink water!! 
    • Give your notes one quick check right before the exam. It’s a life saver.
  • Things not to do:
    • All nighters. I talked about it in this other college survival post. Just. Don’t. 
    • Overstudying: in my experience your brain over heats, you end up freaking out and go blank as soon as you see the exam.
    • Junk food. Sorry, gonna be the healthy voice of reason here. Sugar up. Sugar down. All your motivation dies. 
    • Cry. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry :( It’s gonna be fine. 
  • Finally, most important tip I can give you: enter the exam and tell yourself “This shit is to test how much I learnt and how well my teachers did at actually teaching me.” So like, you do your best, show what you know and that’s what the result will show. The number only defines how much you learnt. Not you.
Runaway : Jason Blossom Pt. 2

Part One  Part Three  Part Four

request: Omg I just read your jughead imagine and it haves me thinking, can you do a one shot thing of Jason Blossom not really being dead and sneaks into the reader’s bedroom in the middle of the night or something too explain to her why he faked his death (you can make up the reason because I’m not that clever) but yeah it’s just really sad and full of fluff idk I’m weird.

requested by: anonymous

A/N: Can you believe part 2 is finally here??? I can’t, but I am ecstatic to be posting this!! I loved writing the first part, but this part is going to be a little different. It is going to be written in first person!! Hopefully it is loved like the other one. okay, carry on. love you guys. xx, aubree (p.s. part three??)

warnings: fluffy as hell (I am not sorry.) 

word count: 1,802

(gif not mine) gif credit: x


The next morning was, well, quite easy. I had made sure Jason was hidden before I made my way to my father’s work. I needed to tell him that I was going to be testing out of school and then promptly leaving Riverdale, for good. 

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Originally posted by 13reasons-13truths

Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “44 – Justin Foley”


44. “I’m just stating the truth.”

Word count: 1.230

Posted: 23rd of May 2017

A/N: I wrote another Justin imagine! I seriously wrote this during my Maths class and I hope that you like it. I know that I said that I might’ve posted two imagines tonight, but I remembered that I had a test and a homework for tomorrow, so I will be posting the Zach imagine some other time. I am sorry, guys, but I am really trying my best to post something.
Anyways, being serious now, I heard the horrible things that happened today and I am really praying for the world. What the hell is happening in this place that we’re living in? Like for real? Keep safe, guys. Please take care, okay?

P.S.: I know that it’s been a millionth time that I am saying this, but I still don’t accept part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I want to finish my requests first. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name and use of some bad words

“Hey beautiful!” You heard a very familiar and vexing voice as you were getting some of your notebooks from your locker. You were throwing them carelessly in your backpack, since you were already late for your History class.

“Foley!” You were in a hurry, even though your best friend, Kat, was covering you up from Coach Patrick. “Are you skipping your classes again?” You harshly stuffed the last books in your bag and you slammed your locker door loudly, causing an echo to be heard along the empty and quiet hallway.

“Well,” He flashed you his cheekiest grin and you rolled your eyes before starting to walk towards your classroom. “why should I arrive in time when I can go to class with a pretty lady?”

You found his behaviour miffing and disturbing. Maybe because you weren’t that close, but he was acting as if you were, or maybe because he was a jock and you hated jocks. There weren’t any real reasons why, jocks were just automatically assholes and bastards.

“Shut your damn fake compliments off,” You snapped at him, completely not minding his real intentions. “we’re not even close.”

“Period week?” He teased you as he noticed your cynical and indescribable mood.

“No, Foley!” You nudged him sharply, making him whine for the pain a little bit. “It’s like nine in the morning and you would sweet talk to me as if it was not a big deal.”

“Damn it!” He exclaimed, still bearing with the pain that you caused him. “Your ex-boyfriend, Montgomery, was right. You are hard to get,” He blurted out, revealing his real intentions. He was trying to have a date night with you. “but, don’t worry, I am adventurous and I can bear with it.”

“Foley, what’s your damn point here?” You suddenly stopped on walking, taking your conversation with the guy seriously. You glanced at the wall clock that was hung near the department’s office to check the time. You were beyond late, but you just shook everything off.

“First of all, I want to let you know that you are beautiful.” He complimented you, while he caressed your soft and smooth cheek. He smiled widely at you and you couldn’t deny that Justin was a good-looking guy too. “And, second, I wou-”

He was cute, but it didn’t mean that you would let yourself in his sycophant attitude. “You would like to get in my pants.” You stated, obnoxiously underestimating the kindness that he was showing to you. You didn’t know him and you were surely judging him.

“Huh? What the hell are you talking about?” His smile dropped and his eyes widened. He showed, via his emotions, that you obviously mistook his intentions. “I just wanted a simple movie date tonight.”

“Jocks are all the same, my dear Justin. They play with your feelings as if love is a sort of a game, just like basketball or baseball,” You proudly stated your opinion as you thought of your ex-boyfriend. “it doesn’t matter.”

Montgomery surely traumatized you with your previous relationship. He was your everything, the knight in shining armour, the perfect one, until someone told you that you were just a bet and he just wanted to have sex with you. He never confirmed it, but he never denied it either. He was an asshole for making you cry and, since then, your thoughts about jocks has changed, obviously not for the better, but for the latter: the worse.

“Not me, (Y/N)!” Justin slightly shouted and you gave him another nudge, a little bit gentler this time. “I am different.” You rolled your eyes as you looked into his greenish blue orbs. You tried to search for the lies that sailed across his gloomy eyes by observing them.

“Foley, just fuck off!” You pushed him away and you started to walk towards your classroom once again. You hurt him, his feelings, and you somehow felt guilty, because he wasn’t doing anything wrong to you, but you had to shield and protect your heart this time.

“C’mon, please give me a chance.” He desperately pleaded as he tried to catch your feet’s rhythm. He carefully grabbed your forearm to stop you from walking and he gently let you face him. “I am not an asshole jock, the stereotypical jock. I will show you the real Justin Foley and there won’t be any asshole friends between us.” He explained seriously as if it was his last chance to convince you. You looked at him with pity in your eyes and you could tell that he was afraid to be rejected.

“You were already being a kiss-ass, Mr. Foley.” You annoyingly said to him, still not letting your heart in. You observed Justin’s desperate facial expression and you questioned yourself if he was really saying the truth or he was just a great actor: you would’ve surely chose the second choice.

“I wasn’t, Ms. (Y/L/N). You are really beautiful, an angel sent from above and that explains your angelic smile and voice.” The hallway was flooded by his praises and you drowned in his compliments. This time, you couldn’t help but hide a little smile. You were absolutely flattered that someone considered you in that way.

“Fine, fine!” You sighed as you finally let yourself in. You wanted to test him and he had to prove that he was really worth your time and love. After all, you just had to swallow the pride that Montgomery taught you to have when you left him. “I am going on a movie night with you and I am giving you a chance.”

“Jesus Christ, really?” His dilated eyes widened in excitement and he couldn’t believe that you finally confirmed the date that he was asking for. You decided to give him a chance and you secretly wished that he wouldn’t waste it.

“Oh, shut up!” You softly giggled as you shook your head in disbelief. He didn’t win the lottery, did he? You didn’t think so, but his joy and happiness was overflowing. Did he really care that much for you?

“Sorry, I’m just excited.” He excused himself and he kept his wide smile, still showing his spilling over excitement. “So, it’s a yes?”

“Yes, Justin!” You smiled at him and you had to admit that he was adorable and cute. “Just stop being an apple-polisher and don’t mess everything up.”

“I wasn’t being an apple-polisher,” He playfully pouted, pretending to be offended. You somehow built a certain atmosphere between the two of you and you honestly loved it. “I’m just stating the truth.

“Of course, you are,” You said sarcastically while rolling your eyes and you dishevelled his hair by running your hands through it. “flatterer!” You both let out some soft chuckles as you both noticed the calm relationship that you were creating.

You still hated the jocks and Justin was still a flatterer, but it was surely nice and pleasant to hear some compliments from other people. You also enjoyed his company during the movie night at Crestmont’s movie theatre, but you enjoyed his company even more by doing the extra homework that Coach Patrick assigned to you as you both arrived late in one of his most important lessons.

Sorry to Coach Patrick, but you and Justin weren’t really sorry for arriving late and for missing half of his boring explanations.


I went through the sorting hat quiz as LANCE and tried to answer all the questions as accurately to him as possible, and this is what I got. Let the fighting cease, this boy is DEFINITELY a Gryffindor.

questions/answers and explanations below the cut. (warning: it’s long.)

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Baby Blue

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: When the reader discovers they’re pregnant, they worry about how Ethan will take it.

Pairing(s): Ethan x Reader

Warnings: Probably some swears.

A/N: This is my first post with a specific gender, so I apologise to all my male and non-binary readers. Also, I am not familiar/keen on the idea of pregnancy so if I get some facts wrong then I’m sorry. I REALLY ran away with this one, it was supposed to be about 500 words tops. Oops!

Originally posted by etan-nestor

“Shit,” you hissed, staring down at the plastic stick in your hands. “Shit, shit, shit, shit.”

“Y/N, you almost done in there?” Amy called from the other side of the bathroom door.

“I-I’ll be right out.” You hid the pregnancy test behind your back and opened the door, revealing your best friend.

“Hey, you okay?” She asked, grabbing your arm as you tried to escape. “You don’t look too hot.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired, it’s been a long day,” you lied, edging further away from her as she scrutinised you.

Amy crossed her arms and glared at you, her eyes flicking over your form before frowning. “What are you hiding?”

“Nothing, I’m not hiding anything,” you said a little too quickly.

“Bull crap,” Amy snapped. “Tell me what’s going on.”

You sighed in defeat and held out the pregnancy test for her to see. “It’s positive. About three weeks now.”

“Woah,” she breathed. “That’s not what I was expecting.”

“ Me neither. I just- I don’t know what to do.” You fiddled with the white plastic and chewed your lip nervously.

Amy draped an arm around your shoulders gently. “Come on,” she said. “We have a lot to talk about.”

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Oops - J. M.

Y/N: Hi friends, it is I, the flop. I’m sorry for not posting as often as usual. I seriously had no time to write whatsoever. School is pretty stressful, homework, tests, blah blah blah
This one’s a little shorter than my normal stuff but I still hope you like it. Also, I suck at titles but it’s alright, we’re just gonna roll with it :)
Requested: yes

You were sitting in the backyard of the WDW house, watching the boys mess around with each other. Daniel and Corbyn were playing with Corbyn’s newest purchase – a boomerang – while Jack, Jonah and Zach were skateboarding around the pool. Well, in Zach’s case trying to. The only reason you weren’t out there making fun of Zach was that you had started a live stream on YouNow while the boys had been recording still. Currently, you and over 10,000 other people were looking at Jack in anticipation while he tried out a new trick. Not a second later he was lying face first on the grass with the other boys laughing at him. You glanced at the laptop screen and shouted “Yo Jack, you ready for the captured moments?” You heard him groan loudly and giggled, turning the laptop so the camera was facing you again. Just like you had thought you saw everyone capturing the moment, the comments flying. You read some out loud and smiled when you saw all the fans thanking you for going live. It wasn’t a secret that the boys had been slacking when it came to broadcasting, all thanks to their busy schedule. You knew how much the fans missed them so you always tried to include them in your lives, even if it was just for a few minutes. The Limelights loved it and your fans enjoyed the boys’ presence as well.

You had a pretty big fan base seeing as you had been on YouNow for almost three years now. You even met Jonah through the app. You were at the start of your career while Jonah already had lots of fans. The two of you eventually “met” when he asked you to broadcast with him. He had never laughed as much as he did then so after ending the livestream he sent you a message asking for your contact details. The two of you got close in a short amount of time and two years later, when it was time for the band to move to L.A., you moved with them. You had met the boys a few times already and you were excited to finally be able to see your best friends all the time. You loved living with them, there was never a dull moment. Being together constantly only strengthened your friendship. In yours and Jonah’s case, it did even more.

You continued to answer questions, some about the boys and some about the most random things, laughing at how funny all of them were. After some time, the door behind you slid open and August walked out, shouting loudly “Diiiinneeeeer!!” It was as if lighting had struck. All the boys released a war cry, dropping everything they had been doing and came running past you, disappearing into the house. The door closed with a loud bang, leaving you perplexed “What just happened?” You couldn’t help laughing when you saw how many fans had once again captured the moment. Suddenly, you felt someone plop down in the seat next to you and you turned your head to see Jonah smiling at you. Furrowing your eyebrows, you were just about to ask him why he was here but he beat you to it “I’m not hungry” You just nodded your head, focusing your attention on the screen again “Looks like Jonah is joining us, guys. You better come up with some good questions, we gotta expose his deepest and darkest secrets” Jonah rolled his eyes at you but chuckled “How about we play Truth or Dare?”

You tried to stop laughing but when you looked up at Jonah dancing to “Hit Me Baby One More Time” you were back to square one. So far, the two of you had answered a few Truths and completed some Dares but when the question came up about who the better dancer was, Jonah wasn’t too content with your answer. After you had claimed that you were way better than him he all but jumped out of his seat “Excuse me? I beg to differ. Everyone knows I’m the better dancer. And that’s a fact sister!” The mini rant ended with him snapping his fingers sassily while you just smirked at him. “Prove it” you replied cockily. You thought he would just give up but he took out his phone, blasting Britney Spears on full volume and started to show off his dance moves. By the time the song was finished you were on the floor trying to catch your breath while the tears from all the laughing were streaming down your face. Jonah pulled you up, sitting down again. You spent the next minutes just throwing questions at each other when a comment caught Jonah’s eye. He smirked, getting an idea before reading the comment for everyone to hear “I dare you to kiss” It took your mind a second to register what the boy next to you had said but when it finally did you turned to him with a horrified expression on your face. He just winked at you and leaned in. It seemed as if time had stilled. You were holding your breath, not believing what was about to happen but the second his lips touched yours you forgot about the camera in front of you and the thousands of people watching. The only thing you could think about was the feeling of your boyfriend’s lips on yours, sending chills down your body. No matter how often he kissed you, the butterflies just wouldn’t go away.

Before Jonah could deepen the kiss, you remembered that the livestream was still going and you pulled away with a final peck on the lips. Jonah turned to the camera, a sheepish smile on his lips “We may or may not have forgotten to tell you we were dating” You just laughed “Oops?”


i raise you: overwatch park rangers au!!

lately I’ve been absolutely obsessed with park ranger horror stories, from search and rescue operations to tales of creepy encounters with cryptids in the woods. this takes place in yosemite, or somewhere in the pacific northwest, idk. here goes:

-tracer is the educational ranger! she’s a rookie, but a talented one, and has already proven herself to be a skilled naturalist. a jack of all trades, she’s usually the one who leads the hikers and campers on tours throughout the park. all the kids love her, but the adults are sometimes exasperated with her because she can’t go 5 minutes without mentioning bigfoot at least once. she swears up and down that she saw him once, even talked to him! lúcio is the only one who believes her. she’s also adamant that their gps system, bastion, is sentient, and even lùcio is reluctant to believe her there. tracer is always the one who tells scary stories at the campfires. only ones with happy endings, of course.

-lúcio is tracer’s partner ranger, and an expert on the history of the area. he’s also fascinated by cryptids & the paranormal, and has had more than a few weird experiences since he joined the rangers, which he always writes campfire songs about. granted, he makes these songs using an app on his ipad, and they don’t have actual lyrics. they sound more like they belong at a party than around a campfire in the woods, but he claims the beats and tones of each song tell a story about the goings on of the forest. tracer is the only one who can interpret these songs.

-captain morrison, also known as 76, is the quiet & intimidating head ranger of the park. he’s ex-military, and he mostly stays behind at headquarters to do paperwork and deal with department heads. no one really knows what he was like back when he worked the forests with everyone else. everyone calls him 76 because apparently when he was a rookie, he was separated from his squad in the dead of winter during a rescue operation and had to survive 76 days on his own, living off berries/raw meat and fighting off bears and mountain lions. mccree says he killed a grizzly with his bare hands once when it tried to take the fish he caught, but 76 has yet to confirm this.

-hanzo is the head of the search and rescue division. he’s a skilled archer and horseman, and perfectly at home on dangerous mountain slopes that many of the others won’t even attempt to climb. he’s the only one who can get more than a few sentences out of 76, and probably the most practical member of the squad– he doesn’t believe in bigfoot or ghosts or the monster tracer says lives in the park’s biggest lake, but something obviously happened to him at one point because there’s a huge stone monolith in the middle of the forest that he gets nervous when he’s around. no one knows how it got there or what it’s for, but hanzo is deadly serious when he demands that no one is to approach it–EVER. don’t touch it, don’t look at it, just keep walking and pretend like it’s not there. sometimes it appears in different spots, sometimes you can hear soft noises emanating from it, but under no circumstances are you to acknowledge its existence. hanzo is usually the one who scares off the new rookies.

-mccree is a law enforcement ranger, and a bit of a vigilante; he’s not averse to breaking a rule or five if it means catching a dangerous squatter or putting down a rabid puma, but 76 can’t fire him because, in all seriousness, the man has a near-100% success rate in his missions at the end of the day. he can often be heard flirting with hanzo over the group’s radio system, much to everyone’s chagrin. mercy says that sometimes, if you’re on the night shift and the stars are perfectly aligned, you can hear hanzo flirt back–but you can’t be listening for it, or it won’t happen.

-genji is hanzo’s younger brother and technically not employed as a ranger, but he sticks around the park regardless to hang out with his brother over ramen and video games and because the local hippie, zenyatta, lives in a cabin just outside the park borders; he and genji are roommates, and apparently have some kind of spiritual master/apprentice relationship going on. mccree thinks it’s a little kinky, but hanzo is adamant that there’s nothing going on between them. tracer thinks they’re cute together. genji will neither confirm nor deny any accusations.

-dr. “mercy” zeigler works as an emergency responder with hanzo on the search and rescue team. she always looks perfect somehow, even after hours of hiking in the woods looking for lost campers, and is basically everyone’s mom, having a seemingly infinite supply of water bottles, bandages, and antiseptic ointment. she has saved both hanzo’s and genji’s asses from dehydration on multiple occasions.

-pharah is mercy’s fiancé, and the best damn firefighter the park has ever seen–she can spot even the tiniest smoke column from miles away. the running joke among the rangers is that if you see a particularly big tree or beautiful deer, you have to shout “thank you pharah!” because most of the park would have burnt down to ashes long ago if not for her. junkrat and roadhog, forest squatters and serial arsonists, are the bane of her existence. lúcio thinks they probably run around the parks all day setting fires just to test her abilities.

-winston is bigfoot, obviously.

I’ll do some of the other characters later lol

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Hello, I just wanted to ask a question about two of the Velouria edits. In all of your Selkie edits and the Camilla!Velouria edit, Selkie and Velouria have solid colored fur. However, in the Rinkah!Velouria edit, you added the black streak and in the Selena!Velouria edit, she looks just like the in-game Selena!Velouria, except with her hair pulled back in pigtails. I like it, I was just wondering what was the reason for those two edits not being solid-colored like the others. Sorry this was long

Hey there,

Actually there’s not much else of a reason other than I think it looks better.

For all of my edits, I test the waters and see what looks best(for Velouria and Selkie, this usually just means hair colour). I compare and decide which one I want to publish. Recently I’ve had a harder time deciding, proof with Azura!Nina and Azura!Forrest where I posted more than one version. If I don’t like them, I delete them, but I have various versions of edits swimming through my files I did like.
Here were Velouria’s:

This was an example where a streak would work well either way. It doesn’t always work like that. I’ve never found a combination that looked horrible, but if it looked a little off, then I made sure to go with the one that, of course, looked better.

The only one I think I outright disliked completely was putting a streak on Camilla!Velouria, and the reason why is because it really didn’t make much of a change.

I’m not opposed to posting all the versions I make if I kept them, I didn’t really think people would be interested in the ones I deemed not as good as the ones I decided to post though. Let me know if you want to see them; they’re usually not drastic in change, though.


St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church is a community lot built on a 50 x 50 lot in Willow Creek on the Oakenstead Lot.

Value $422214

It has
4 Bathrooms,
Children’s Play Room,
Seating area.

Outside there is a
Children’s play area,
Chess Tables,
BBQ area,
Cafe area,

Contains NO Custom Content.

Hope you all like.

Download @ TSR

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All right my wonderful people, these two gorgeous babes desperately need our help.
These are the two from a reblog the other day located in Leesburg, Fl 34748. They are in need of homes!

Some background information about them that we’ve seen so far:

Ruby (black) :
This once mother is a very sweet girl who can’t be much more than 5 years old at the very most. (based solely on my own personal experience with pits and dogs in general.) She’s eager to learn and please and has a thing for toys. She can be a little rowdy once you first get home, but soon settles and is happy to just lay next to you and sleep.
With the right amount of love and dedication to training she could make an amazing family member.

Delilah (brindle) :
This little girl seems to be a few years younger than Ruby, possibly in the 1-2 year range but is just as eager to please and learn. She doesn’t jump like Ruby does but does have some shyness and skiddish tendencies from what we assume was physical abuse.
She is an adorable sweetheart who just wants to love and be loved. She also seems to be the quieter of the two.

Ideally we’d hate to see this pair separated because they’ve so clearly bonded and are showing some separation anxiety from one another, but if the right homes for both of them are with two different families then arrangements can be made.

I’m sorry this post is so long but please, if you’ve made it this far share this with everyone and let’s get these two their furever homes.
Also, if you’re in the area and would like to meet them or know of someone who would take good care of them give a shout to myself or @promisesofamazing and we’ll make things happen!

I will be sharing updates as the pair gets checked out by a vet and temperaments are tested.
As of right now we see potential for them to be good with children and potential to be good with other dogs given the right introductions and handling, as Ruby has shown what could be aggression to at least one of the smaller dogs in the home.
Updates will happen hopefully every two/three days.

Thank you! 💛

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Anon said: If you make a shop I will buy things. I would kill for stickers of some of your art

Anon said: I would give you all my money for any of your doodles tbh

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you hOLY HECK part of what I meant was that I draw stuff with a too low resolution for most things that aren’t phonecases or stickers or mugs but I can!! Sort through my stuff and see what has a usable shape??? <3<3 please don’t kill anyone tho

Anon said: your bakugou squad art: everything and more!!i really love it


Anon said: that one art you did with kuroiro and monoma low key made me ship them and im Suffering

*light yagami voice* just according to keikaku - JK! I accidentally made myself ship it too so we’re on the same boat, I might doodle something for it in the future *wiggle eyebrows*

Anon said: Hi!! I’m not sure if you’ve answered this before (so I apologize if you have), I’m new to the bnha fandom, I’m in LOVE with bakushima, and I was wondering if there were any good fics you would recommend please for that ship???

I think I have a fic recs tag!! but more specifically if you scroll down here there’s a bunch of fics I really really love a lot, most of them are bakushima! Also this is the one that slayed me a couple of days ago, pls read it, and this one and this one too and hooooooly shit this one and UH this one I read a lot of bakushima okay I have no life please don’t judge me

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blairaptor  asked:

Oh dear, I'm not good at art suggestions but maybe more role reversal stuff, for TM anything with Mel and stickynotes would be cute in your style, and I love Blue Sky but uhhh I guess for specific scenes anything with Wheatley and Ellie gets me lol Sorry I can barely think of stuff I wanna draw so unless you wanna draw my JP/Portal ideas I'm coming up short X'D

Sorry about this taking so long! My computer’s charger broke and Tumblr mobile is uncooperative. I tried doing a more Blue Sky style Wheatley in the second one, and I think I’ve gotten better at drawing @wheaterz‘s Virgil :)


New CC eyes.

I actually quite like how these turned out in comparison to my others! (They look semi-decent in game unlike my others which were just awful.)

In other news, I finally got a SFS account! Yay

Anyways, onto the boring TOU and about the download.


Do not upload to other sites

If you want to link this in a lookbook or post, link back to this POST! Not direct download

And finally-not required, but I’d love if it you tagged me or used #supernalsims if you use it! I’d love to see your sims wearing it!

- All genders

- Custom icon

- IDK about ages… didn’t test with children SORRY!

Download Here

In case you’re interested in MBTI typology...

Hello! :)
I know this is random and all, but I wanted to share if someone’s interested ^^ Now that boys mentioned MBTI personalities, I think some people might be interested in this typology.

I, personally, fell in love with MBTI some years ago - I always loved finding more about how my mind/soul works, and from all those typologies that tried to describe or classify people, I feel like this is the most fitting one for me. It really gets how I am not only in general, but also how I tend to deal with things, feel things, connect to people, etc.

It can be just a funny way to pass time, to read about different types and do quizzes. For me, it really helped me to find out it’s okay to feel certain way, it’s not weird to feel certain way, and that I’m not alone who feels/thinks like this. Finding my MBTI type helped me to embrace myself as a person in a way :) To stop struggling with what others wanted for me and start listen to what my own feelings and thoughts are telling me.
Also there’s plenty articles and books with nice advices to help all types to deal with things they may have struggles with. It’s just very interesting, helpful and fascinating all at once. At least for me.

I wanted to say in many cases taking one quiz is not enough. You may not feel like it’s very accurate (that happened when I took the quiz on the, probably most known site, 16personalities), so I advice you to take more quizzes to be sure and/or if you’re interested, read about types closest to your results.

For example, when I took this quiz for the first time, it wasn’t definitely clear if I’m an INFP or an INFJ. So I read more about these types and after some time it was clear that I’m a “P” not a “J”. I think this could be the reason for Kook to give the description just 3*, and Yoongi just 0,5* :D

Ok, I probably said too much while nobody even asked :D, I’m sorry - I’m kinda passionate about this ♥

My all time favorite, very useful sites are:
Introvert, Dear - for all Introverted types (you can find here some advices, differences between certain types and other wholesome articles)
& Thought Catalog (there’s lots of different things on this site, but when you put MBTI in search it will find you more than 300 articles - not only about Introverted types, but also Extroverted :)) )

If you want to take a test, here’s the link to the most popular site, 16personalities ^^
+ link to one more site where you can do the quiz.

I hope at least one person will find this typology/sites I linked here useful. Have a beautiful day/night! ♥

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

(PS: sorry for re-posting it and not putting in real links, but once again this not only did not appear in tags, but not even my dash -.- And it wasn’t even posted privately :< Tumblr, you’re mean.)

Unlikely Meeting

I’m sorry you guys haven’t gotten anything knew from me lately (aside from the Feyrhys Secret Santa, and even that’s been a while). I just finished testing this week and when I saw  this headcanon by @denielapple for a crossover with Rowaelin’s and Feysand’s children I couldn’t resist. I have to admit it’s been on my writing list for a while, but now it’s finally here! I seriously love crossovers so I goes my interpretation of it.

I hope you guys enjoy!

 Part II   Part III


Part I

Being the youngest sibling was never easy. But being the younger brother to the two most powerful magic-wielders in all of Erilea, who were in addition to that also Princesses, was something Rhoe Whitethorn Galathynius wouldn’t wish on anyone. His two older sisters were driving him out of his mind.

“Come on Rhoe, can’t you hurry up?” Nikea called back to where he was riding. “If it were only us we’d already be done with this mission,” she quietly muttered to Mia - not quietly enough to escape Rhoe’s sharp ears though. Mia sighed dramatically in response and nodded.

Rhoe’s hands clenched into fists. 

He had no idea why his parents had thought this trip was a good idea. Only him and the twins.

They were supposed to bring a witch-mirror from the Wastes to Adarlan. For some reason the Crochan Queen Manon Blackbeak, one of their parents’ friends and allies back in the war, and who now ruled over the witches, wanted to give it to Dorian, King of Adarlan, who also happened to be one of the best friends of his parents. Which was why he and his sisters had gotten the job of transporting that thing. Which was just great.

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Our little Family. Part 3

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Sammy (8), Charlotte (4), Sophia (4) Winchester (kids), Amy Martin (14)

Length: ~ 3500 words

Warnings: angst, teenage rebellion, tiny bit of fluff, cliffghanger (sorry)

Summary: You and the Winchesters got out of the hunting life a few years ago when your first son Sammy was born. You and Dean got married and bought a house in Kansas, leaving the bunker behind. Your little family expanded when your twins Sophia and Charlotte were born. What happens when a mysterious girl knocks on your door one night and demands Dean Winchester?

A/N: So, this is part three of my little series. Hope you enjoy reading it. As you can see, English is not my native language. So please forgive me my grammar and spelling mistakes. Critique is always welcome though. Sorry for posting so late. I hope you like it. <3. Enjoy!

Heres Part one and Part two 

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“I’m sorry Y/N. My friend who works at the pathological institute said they’ll try to do the test faster but the police showers them with DNA tests. He told me 6 months is a short time. Others have to wait more than a year until they’ll get their results.” Sam tried to defend his friend, sipping on his kale smoothie. It was already 7 am and you had to prepare breakfast before the little grasshoppers were awake.

“But we can’t wait 6 months for the paternity test results. What should we do until then? What if she’s not his daughter? What if this is just a big mistake? She doesn’t even look like him.” You thought about her dark black hair, her tanned skin and her blue eyes.

Sam just rolled his eyes. “You know how genetics work Y/N. Don’t be irrational now.” You knew you were defeated, but you couldn’t help yourself, but think about the consequences of this situation

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