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just an omake this week! next week should be a regular chapter installment. thanks @femoralynn as always for typesetting. you can post this to manga sites if you can figure out how to number it, and you can download the images from this post– they’re already in full resolution. if you need a name for the scanlation group, we are Uranucleus Scans.

mike picking up guitar in high school bc suddenly he’s into rock and being SO BAD, ted is ready to kick him out of the house, karen forbids playing after 5pm. so he has to take the guitar to school so EVERYONE knows how much he sucks. but of course, will byers, actual angel always encourages him (“practice makes perfect!” will consoles mike while lucas and dustin roll their eyes in the background) and mike swears when he makes it big, he’s gonna make will the happiest guy in the world

(and well, if will turns bright red like a tomato at his words, looks to the side and mutters “you already do that, though” mike is none the wiser)


character aesthetic: Lance McClain

“I know we’re supposed to be brave paladins and defenders of the universe, or whatever. But honestly, I just wanna go home.”

Remember, JSE fandom! We may have made Anti strong, but we can make him weak too! It’s never to late to join the fight against him! Tag your art/edits of Jack, Chase, Dr. Schneeplestein, etc. with #SepticSave to defend them from Anti. Together, we’ll do what this fandom is known for…

Handsome Jack: A Collection, a playlist by ivanobraun on Spotify
just a playlist of handsome jack-related music

um hey so I made a collaborative playlist on spotify!! There’s 11 songs so far from me but I think if u click my link you can then go to the playlist/add more songs (feel free to!) I just thought it’d be a fun idea