sorry for the nose

I can’t remember the girls name but she’s the one Rory is currently crushing on. She doesn’t seem to be as into him as he is into her. 

Girl: isn’t this move the best?

Rory: um it’s the best of something that’s for sure. (he kept his thoughts of the movie being the worst thing he’d ever seen to himself. Sorry baby but that lip curl and wrinkled nose already spoke for you)

I want to know what she thinks we’re going to do with her.

Because I’m going to do something worse.

sketch that i worked on more than i thought? i saw this and i just lloved it wow

ill probably be doing more screencaps because im just,, not motivated recently

no use


Sick Viktor pt. 7 | Yuuri’s funeral edition
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complete and utter fluff, post-canon Cardassia-style.

I think it was AuroraNova who came up with anshwar, resting foreheads together as a Cardassian gesture of intimacy. At least, I first encountered it in their post-canon fic and I loved it.

Bashir’s scarf is both a concession to the fact that post-Dominion-bombardment Cardassia is a giant dustbowl, and to modesty, since the lack of neckridges makes his outfits somewhat scandalously revealing (fancanon that Julian’s collarbones are the single greatest threat to Cardassian political stability is courtesy of thehoyden’s Letters from the Northern Continent)

Lena and Kara somehow end up babysitting Ruby for a night and at one point they’re sitting on the floor of Kara’s loft, eating ice cream and watching Netflix. Ruby says something that just hits Lena a certain kind of way and she ends up snort-laughing so hard a little ice cream comes out of her nose. And it’s truly a painful experience for her and she rushes to the bathroom - still laughing hysterically - but that’s the moment Kara truly realizes how in love she is with Lena. A feeling of calm understanding settles over her. For her, it’s Lena. It’s going to be Lena.