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I told my manager that my grandad died and I'd need an afternoon off. He asked if we were close and said yes, even though our relationship was complicated sometimes, but I'm really going to miss him. Then he scheduled me in on the day of the funeral because according to the manager I said that I wasn't going to miss him and that we weren't close. I went to the funeral anyway and if he says anything I'm making an official complaint.

If he says anything I’ll come shove the schedule, pencil and all, up his nose! I’m sorry about your grandpa. Definitely stand up for yourself and report the jackass. Let us know what happens. I’d like to know if justice happened or if you need advice on what else to do to get it. -Abby

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What do you think each of the characters best physical features are?

Dallas: nothing if you ask him. His eyes if you ask me. (Malek spasming and trying to Not Be Gay and run his mouth about Dallas’ freckles cus’ he corny like that)
Poppy: her eyessss. They’re big and reflective and have long, long lashes.
Dev: if you were to ask him, he’d start flexing.
Paulina: her lips! Always pouty. She likes pink lipstick u3u
Malek: I, personally think Malek is perfect in every way, but his hair makes him handsome. It’s just so flippy. And his nose too. And his dimples. (Malek is written to be very attractive)
Tyler: (Blake screaming in the background: “a stunning ass? A fantastic personality? I am so gay dude. Wait, oh Ty, sorry, I was talking about myself lol” ) his nose. It’s just so nice. Boop-able.
Blake: if you ask him: everything. He is perfect. He really is cute though. (Gotta be fake cocky to hide that wrenching self doubt)
Parker: Parker has lips that curl like a cat’s naturally. It’s very cute. (I think it’s oft forgotten how.. tall.. Parker is. So I say his height too..)
Sara: her!! Eyes!! It has high creases. They are half moons. Her pupils are huge.
Ben: his eyebrows. Captain of the bushy brown crew.
Phoebus: He has a jaw that’s so sharp it could kill a man. His eyes are cornflowers.
His cheekbones could put Cara to shame. I’m kidding. What I’m trying to say is that Phoebus is also like Malek, who’s written to be attractive. Except he’s a dumbass so his attractiveness is often overlooked.
Ari: their chin. Ari also has eyes that look like the void. Better call Anish Kapoor.
Charlie: her. Hair. Look at it. It’s so red and big. She sometimes do Merida impressions for kids parties.

This screencap looks way less freaky when you actually give him irises and non-ghost skin


Growing up I had a lot of self esteem issues with my nose, (I have a jewish and french nose) and I have noticed that society really only considers women with button noses to be pretty (and don’t get me wrong, they are) but this puts a lot of pressure on those who don’t have tiny “perfect” noses. I want big noses to not be considered ugly or unfeminine anymore. I don’t want young girls (or anyone, really) thinking they need to change their faces to be pretty/loved. (Though if you have had/or are going to have plastic surgery that’s totally cool, and I respect that completely) but let’s destroy the idea that only small noses are pretty, all noses are beautiful!

Tim’s really gross though. Like he’s standing there waiting for a press conference or something, and his nose is a bit runny, so he just wipes it on the sleeve of his $2500 suit

And he wouldn’t even notice that Bruce is literally speechless with horror.

Why is it that every time a black woman is happy it has to be “Ghetto”. 

Like someone commented on a graduation photo of a bunch of black women taking fun pictures in their graduation robes and said they looked ghetto.

When a group of white teenagers is being loud they celebrating or playing around but when black teenagers are being loud its just ghetto. 

If a white woman says or does something rude then she is just rude but if a black woman does it its ghetto. 

everything that black women enjoy- our hair, our music, our dancing, our fashion, our cooking- is ghetto unless it is being done by a white person.