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Do you have any oc's? If so would you like to share them? Also I love your art so much, you capture the spirit of the characters you draw so perfectly. Keep on being amazing! 💓💓💓💓

THANK YOU SO MUCH IAFSPJ; <333 and oh wow i didn’t expect anyone to ask about my OCs! :0  

I’ve… neglected my OCs for like a full year now (and haven’t drawn them for even longer ;^;), so revisiting them was fun! 

Okay so, being the space ho I am, most of my OCs are aliens, monsters, or alien monsters  _(:з」∠)_


Fledglings were light. They were Light, and gentle and soft.
You know how people talk about babies as blank slates? That, but blanker. More pure.
Of course fledglings are shaped by their environment, like everyone, everything.
But that first little while, when they are warmth and downy wings, soft hair and big smiles–fledglings are the most perfect life I have ever seen.
Nothing but sweetness. Nothing but all the good, all the light in the world–sunbeams given radiant smiles and perfect happiness. The softest skin, voices sweet as honey and clear as Truth.

I do miss them.

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archie giving hickies oml and making out please

Smoke filtered out of her raspberry lips, hiding her subdued eyes behind a translucent curtain. Archie’ eyes were now heavy, half hooded as he slowly looked over at her.

She laid there, slouched on his bed as she held the blunt loosely. She was barely clothed, clad only in her sports bra and a pair of his boxers. He licked his lips as he studied her.

As she brought it back to her lips, the violently amber tip illuminated as she inhaled. Archie leaned closer, slowly stalking over her until she was directly beneath him.

He leaned down and placed his lips so lightly atop hers that she felt the ghost of his skin. Taking the hint, she pressed her mouth closer to his, blowing the smoke into his mouth.

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Damn, I’m so sorry I neglected this blog so much 🙇‍♀️

Monster is now 1 and a half years old, lost is puppybelly and just consists of muscle and legs. His summer fur doesn’t help either 😅

And we adopted a new member of our pack, a black and tan German Shepherd Dog named Jule. She was dumped by her first owner, who wanted to breed with her. She does not have a complete set of teeth, so she is not allowed to be bred in the SV (Schäferhundverein, the german club for gsd.)

She’s a Monster Pt. 4

Choi Youngjae X Reader Ft. Im Jaebum/JB

Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 .

A/N - Sorry I’ve been neglecting this precious baby. It’s hard to move back and forth between the mindset of A&D’s and this one and this one definitely took the back burner between the two, however, if people are still interested in it, then I promise to do better.  Here is some Fluff N Smut to make up for it.

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Any chance of a sequel to that last Mike imagine? I'm curious as to what the parents would say when meeting Mike

Well, you did ask nicely…

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You were barely two steps inside your brothers’ place when your nephew came barreling toward you, wrapping his chubby arms around your legs.

“Hey, buddy!”

He looked up and gave you a big smile before turning his attention to Dodds.

“Who dat?”

“This is my friend, Mike.”

Dodds crouched down and held out his hand to the little boy.

“What’s your name?”

“Joe,” he answered, grabbing Mike’s hand with his sticky one.

“Nice to meet you, Joe.”

Joe ran off, yelling as he did. “Auntie’s here! She brought a tall man!”

“Tall man?”

You smiled as you fished a wipe from your purse, handing it to Mike.

“My family is on the short side. He probably thinks you’re a giant.”

“Hopefully your parents are as taken with my height as he is.”

Your brother came around the corner, your younger nephew in his arms.

“Hey sis. Dad’s out back at the grill and Mom is about to drive Tina crazy in the kitchen. Can you hold Jimmy while I wrangle everyone together to the dining room?”

Without waiting for an answer, he handed off the baby, pausing a moment to look at Mike.

“You must be the tall guy.”

“It would seem so.”

Your brother raised his eyebrows as he gave you a smile before heading off toward the kitchen. “Dinner should be interesting.”

“He seems nice,” Mike said, nodding toward your brother.

“Oh, he’s great,” you replied, walking to the dining room. “And his wife, Tina, is so sweet. I almost feel guilty that they’re the ones that have to put my parents up when they come to town. Now, where is your high chair, little man?”

The baby in your arms fussed as you balanced him on your hip, pulling the high chair out of the corner of the room.

“Here, let me help.”

To your surprise, Dodds reached for the baby rather than the chair, freeing you up to move it to the table. You couldn’t help but smile as you watched him try to make little Jimmy laugh.

“Well, you didn’t say you were bringing a friend. Who is this?”

You looked up to see your parents entering the dining room.

“Mike Dodds, ma’am.”

He set Jimmy in the high chair, extending his hand to your parents as your secured the baby in the chair.

“I’m sorry, our daughter neglected to mention you.”

Your brother and his wife came in the room and he shook his head.

“Probably because she wanted to avoid being interrogated, Ma.”

“We don’t interrogate, Joe. That’s your sister’s area of expertise, evidently.”

Everyone started to sit, and your father began.

“So what do you do, Mike Dodds?”

“I work with NYPD’s counterterrorism unit.”

You smiled behind your water glass. Dodds had done some work with them, so it wasn’t a total fabrication.

“That sounds interesting. Pays well?”


“I do just fine, sir.”

“Good, because I think this one here still thinks money grows on trees.”

“Really, Dad?”

“Oh, come on. You’ve never been good at budgeting.”

“Sis, did Joe Junior tell you he got to meet his teacher this week?”

You gave your brother a grateful look.

“No! That’s right, you’re starting pre-school this year.”

Joe Jr. nodded, his mouth full of macaroni and cheese. You grabbed for the casserole dish and your Mom leaned over and slapped at your hand.

“Sweetheart, we have some delicious grilled veggies you should try.”

Your mom started to reach for your plate, only to have Dodds grab it first and spoon a heap of mac and cheese in the center before setting it back down in front of you. He leaned back in his chair, draping his arm across the back of yours.

“Mike, you look like a very fit young man. Do you workout?”

“I try to stay healthy.”

“That’s so nice to hear. I think it’s important for people to take good care of themselves. We made the mistake of letting this one hear what a smart girl she is for so long that I think she gave up on everything else.”

You bit the inside of your cheek as you clutched your fork. Mike’s hand was on your shoulder now as he leaned closer, lowering his voice but keeping it loud enough that everyone could hear.

“If you’re what giving up looks like, remind me to cancel my gym membership tomorrow.” You couldn’t help but giggle, and caught your brother giving you a wide-eyed smile. Turning his attention back to the table, Mike continued. “Everything looks good, Tina. Thanks so much for having us.”

Tina exchanged looks with your brother and smiled.

“I’m so glad you could join us, Mike. We’ll have to do this more often.”

Your mother frowned, tossing some strips of zucchini on your plate. As you glanced over at Mike, you could see his jaw clench. He looked as though he might say something more, but instead, he reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone.

He stared at the screen for a moment then looked over at you.

“I’m sorry everyone, but it looks like we need to cut dinner short. Duty calls.”

“Well, we can get her home later,” your father replied.

“No, you misunderstood. It’s your daughter that’s needed. She’s an important part of the team, despite what you might think.”

You pushed away from the table and gave Tina and Joe an apologetic look.

“Sorry, guys.”

“No worries, sis. Let me walk you guys out.”

At the front door your brother gave your arm a squeeze. “Run while you can.”

Laughing, you hugged him tightly.

“Thanks. I owe you guys a night of babysitting or something. Tell Tina I mean it.”

“Of course. And Mike, hope to see you again, man. Next time without the folks.”

There was a momentary twinge of guilt seeing the look on your brother’s face as he shook Mike’s hand. He meant what he said – he liked Mike and seemed genuinely happy for you.

“Sounds great.”

You finished your goodbyes and made your way to the car, checking your phone as you got in.

“Man, I thought my Dad was rough, but your parents take the cake.”



“Did you really get a call? ‘Cause I didn’t tell anyone you were my date – pretend date – tonight.”

“Neither did I. I faked the call. Fin isn’t due to call for a while still so I just figured, the way things were going, there was no reason to wait around.”

He wasn’t wrong.

“Well, thanks.”

“I was thinking, since we ducked out early, wanna grab a bite before we head back for drinks with the squad?”

“That is not only a good idea, but necessary if you don’t want me passing out after my first glass.”

Mike grinned. “Where to?”

“There’s a place near here that has the messiest, most amazing burgers and the best fries in a hundred mile radius. No exaggeration.”

“You’re the boss.”

“Ha. Thanks, Sarge.”


“Oh, are you still my boyfriend?”

“For a little while longer at least.”

He looked over at you and winked before turning his attention back to the road and you felt your stomach do a little flip as you talked yourself down.

This is just pretend.

Isn’t it?

Dating Justin drabble #28

28. Neglect (full list)

“Babe!” Justin yelled, as you could hear his presence get closer to you. You scrolled through your phone ignoring him calling your name knowing that he’s just probably going to the studio or something. You two haven’t spent much time together recently and you’ve been pretty pissed about it. You haven’t brought the subject up because you know it would turn into an argument and he would be stubborn and ignore you for a week. “Y/N!” He started to whine, his body turning the corner to see you laid out on the leather couch. “Baby.” He smiled, plopping his tan body on-top of yours.

“What?” You asked, trying not to sound bitter but your attitude’s starting to show.

“Well I was going to tell you that I’m going to the studio but I can tell you’re pissed…so what’s wrong?” He asked in a soft tone, laying his head on your chest while looking up at you through his eyelashes.

“It’s nothing Justin, just go to the studio.” You breathed, motioning your finger upwards on the glass screen of you phone.

“Really Y/N? You’re going to do this right now?” He huffed, moving off you and standing up from the couch. “What’s wrong?” He repeated, rubbing his hand over his face in frustration.

“Nothing.” You answered again, turning your attention away from your phone to glance at him. Shaking his head, he kneeled down taking a seat on the brown coffee table, crossing his arms. You side eyed him, reaching for the remote to turn on the flat screen but his hand caught yours. “Justin, what?” You snapped, getting annoyed at him. He’s been at the studio all week but now he wants to talk to you.

“Why are you mad?” He questioned, gritting his teeth. You could already tell he was trying not to start a serious argument but his anger is getting to him.

“I’m not mad, go to the studio Justin.” You said, tossing you hair off your shoulder, grabbing the remote, his hand not stopping you this time. He shook his head at you, sighing then taking a seat on the couch. You ignored his presence once again, scrolling through the channels to look for something to watch.

“Did I do something?” He asked lowly, running his hand through his hair. I sighed, a wave of guilt rushing over me.

“No baby, I’m sorry it’s just….you’ve been at the studio so much and we haven’t spent any time together lately. You just come home and sleep the wake up and leave.” You admitted, setting the remote down beside your body. He stood up hovering over you on the couch, your eyes following his movements.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t realize I was neglecting you,” He cooed, kicking his shoes off to the side, he pulled the blanket up, sinking into the couch on top of you, his head laying on your chest. “Do you want to go out or stay here?” He posed, looking up at you through his long lashes.

“We can stay here,” You smiled, pushing his long blonde hair from out of his face.

Huge fight - Niall Imagine

Could you write a Niall imagine where Niall and the girl get into a big fight about something and he makes it up to her in some way at the end. Thank you xxx

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request here!

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this gif omg ♡

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Two days . Niall’s been home for two days and we’ve barely spoke two words .
So i decided to take matters into my own hands.
“What the hell was that” Niall growled as we walked into the house , but i ignored him , stumbling towards the kitchen to get something to eat.
“Y/N I’m talking to you!” Niall shouts and i roll my eyes .
“Oh finally?” I half mumble , half slur and i don’t even know if he understands .
“Do you know how embarresing it is to take your girlfriend out only for her to get shitfaced and grind on other guys?” He seethes , and i clasp my hands together.
“Oh because you’re soooo perfect and loving and you actually care about your girlfriend right?” I shoot back , only adding fuel to the fire .
“What the hell does that even mean?” He bellows , and I ignore him once more , grabbing a soda from the fridge and some left over food from lunch .
“I swear to god if you dont answer me-” Niall starts and i spin around , cutting him off.
“What? You’re gonna ignore me some more? You’re gonna make me feel like you didn’t miss me as much as i missed you? You’re gonna cry yourself to sleep at night and not have your boyfriend notice? You’re gonna not touch me and make me feel like shit the past two days you’ve been home? Well guess what Niall it’s already happening!” I shout , feeling myself sober up slightly .
I welcome the angry and sad tears that spill from my eyes , because frankly i dont care . He needs to feel bad .
I watch as his eyes soften as he watches me cry , and i turn around again , popping the plate in the microwave and letting my food heat up.
I let out a hiccup as the room is filled with awkward silence , and once my food is ready i sit on one of the stools .
“Y/N I-” Niall starts but i shake my head .
“Save it . We all know whats gonna happen. You’re gonna say you’re sorry and i’m going to forgive you because im so deeply and utterly in love with you and thats gonna be the end of it . So just save it” I croak , my head starting to pound slightly .
I hear him sigh and then leave while i continue to eat, willing myself not to cry anymore.
After i finished eating , really slow . I put my dish in the sink and walked up the stairs .
I could feel my head clearing up and i furrow my brows once i enter our bedroom , the room glittering with tiny candles , leading a trail into the bathroom .
I follow the trail into the bathroom to see Niall standing next to the tub , the aroma of the soap making  me close my eyes and sigh peacefully .
The bathroom also had candles littered around , making it a beautiful sight.
I look up at Niall and he smiles sheepishly , but i cross my arms .
“Do you think making me a bath is going to fix everything?” I snap , and he frowns.
“Of course not” He replys , walking closer to me .
“But its a start.”
“Start for what?” I mumble , looking away from him .
“For me to explain” He answers , and i face him again .
“Why haven’t you touched me?” I whimper , the tears building in my eyes .
“Y/N I-” He starts .
“No Niall , let me finish.” I say , and he shuts his mouth .
“You were gone for six months . Six . And in those six months i only got to see your three times. I’ve missed you so much , and you made it seem like you missed me too. But since you’ve been here you haven’t looked at me , or talked to me or anything . It really hurts my feelings” I quietly , looking down as the tears once again spill.
Niall grabs my face , forcing me to look up at him as i cry.
“Baby , i’m so sorry . I haven’t been myself . Six months touring straight is a lot of work and i’m just so tired . Of course i missed you. I missed you more than anything in the world . You mean everything to me baby and i’m sorry for neglecting you. Let me make it up to you.” He murmurs , and i feel my heart melt.
“How?” I whisper , and he gently wipes the tears from my cheeks .
“Well first , lets take a bath , you reek of alchocal” He jokes and i giggle .
“Then , i’m going to show you just how much i’ve missed you” He rasps , and my stomach churns excitedly .
“And after that , i’m going to spend every single day I have with you showing you how much I love you , and cherish you. Because I am nothing without you” He finishes , and i lose my breath .
“I love you Y/N” He says , pressing his lips to mine .


To the Anon who requested Daddy-Daughter teachings. Here’s the fourth one! Enjoy! <3 :)

“Niall, it’s huge, she’s going to trip and hurt herself,” you told him as you stood in the doorway of the bathroom watching him dress her.

He hushed you as took a hair elastic and balled up a significant portion of his old Derby jersey and wrapped the band around it. “What do you think princess?” He asked and held her in front of the mirror. “Ready to play some football with Dadda?” He asked and pecked her cheek. She was standing on the sink counter in the oversized jersey, little black pants that you said she could get dirty, and some baby sneakers that matched Niall’s Nike’s. “My little Princess Niamh,” he cooed and squeezed her tiny body to his chest. She giggled and smiled at her reflection reaching out for it.

“Me!” She said happily.

“Mmm, that is you, princess. Aren’t you beautiful?” He asked. She smiled at her reflection and Niall kissed the back of her brown hair. It was pulled back by a barrette that Niall told Niamh he liked and then she hadn’t stopped touching it. Her body was tiny and lathered in sunscreen that you ordered to put on her. She cried when you did it.

“She loves you more,” you said simply one day. “I get it,” you smiled. He chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Do you love Mumma?” He asked Niamh. He tickled her. “Do you?!” He snickered as she squealed with giggles.

“Mumma!” Niamh shouted and waddled over to you and put her arms around her legs in a big hug.You smiled down at your little angel with soft brown cowlicks. She was adorable and she had the biggest smile in the world and a tiny little nose just like Niall’s.

“Oh, Princess, I just want to eat you up!” You smiled and scooped her into your arms. She giggled.

“Can you give Mumma kisses?” Niall asked. She planted her lips on your cheek and smacked them together, big and bold.

“Mwah!” She cooed.

You giggled and kissed her forehead. “Thank you, baby,” you smiled. “How about Dadda? Does Dadda get kisses?” She squirmed in delight to be with Dadda and reached out for him. He stood up and lifted her from your arms. She placed a kiss on his cheek and he smiled happily.

“Thank you little princess,” he pulled you toward him. “Now a kiss for Mumma,” he said and his eyes held a wicked glint as he pressed his lips over yours and knocked the breath out of you. Niamh giggled and lightly smacked Niall’s cheek. He pulled away in shock. “Are you jealous of Mumma’s kiss?” He asked.

“Me!” She squealed with giggles. “Me!”

Oh,” you smiled. “You want kisses, don’t you princess?” You asked. She pursed her lips cutely and you giggled as you placed a kiss to her soft little lips. She blushed and looked to Niall and he winked at her and pressed his lips to hers.

“Sorry we neglected you, baby,” he chuckled and kissed her forehead. “Now, lets play,” he said setting her down and holding her hand to take her outside. You watched from the patio as Niall set the ball down on the ground. Niamh rolled her body on top of it. You giggled. Niall rolled his eyes.

“Niamh!” He said with a laugh. “That’s not how you do it! There’s no hands in football,” he told her and she looked up at him in confusion. His own eyes staring back up at him in the form of a little girl with soft brown hair. He smiled and squatted down beside her and placed the small ball in front of her. He stood back up with his own ball and stood in front of it. “Can you kick?” He asked. She looked at him and he showed her how he moved his foot back and then pushed the ball forward. “You try,” he said. She grabbed the ball again. You laughed and he rolled his eyes. “Niamh,” he chuckled. “Like this,” he scooped her up with one arm and lightly grabbed her leg and gently kicked the ball. She screamed delightedly and Niall laughed. “You try, princess,” he smiled at her and set her back on the ground. She stared at the ball in concentration, her little nose wrinkled like Niall’s did when he was concentrating. Her tiny pink tongue stuck out the side of her mouth and she wound her foot up and brought it forward so it hit the ball. “NIAMH!” Niall said proudly. He scared her a bit and he wrapped his arms around her body and snuggled her into his chest. She looked surprised. And Niall sprinkled her with kisses. “You’re such a good girl, you’re going to be the best football player. Better than Uncle Louis!” He promised and kissed her forehead. He set her back down. “Can you do it again?” He asked.

She looked at him curiously and then kicked the ball again. And again. You smiled as Niall scooped her back up. “You’re the best little girl in the world!” He promised her. “I’m so lucky you’re mine,” he sprinkled kisses on her chubby little cheek. She giggled.

“Mumma!” She said.

“Mumma’s too,” Niall said and looked over at you with the biggest smile on his face. “Mumma is the best girl in the world, Miss Niamh,” he said knowingly. “That’s why you’re so special,” he told Niamh and then looked at you. “Because you have the best mother in the world,” he promised with a gentle smile that made your stomach flip.

“And Dadda,” you said softly. “Dadda is pretty great too,” you told her and pressed your lips to his for a moment.

“Foot!” She said excitedly squirming around.

“You’ve created a monster,” you giggled to Niall as he kissed the top of her head and set her down.

She toddled to the ball and threw herself on top of it. Niall sighed and smirked. “Well, now I’ll have two cheerleaders to watch me play,” he said happily and kissed your forehead before heading to Niamh to kick the ball with her.

He get’s jealous - 2/4: Ashton and Luke Preference

He get’s jealous - 2/4: Ashton and Luke Preference

||The Michael and Calum verson|

Mr. Irwin: Ashton rarely ever jumped to conclusions. He knew assuming only made the person who made the assumption look like a fool. But he couldn’t help it when you started to pull extra hours at work. Was it something he was doing? Was he missing something? Did the spark in your relationship fade? Were you cheating on him?
    The poor male drummer didn’t know what to think. He loved you more than life itself and it would kill him to know you were cheating. So like any rational person would, he decided to ask you straight out.
    Ashton had made dinner one Thursday night, something he rarely ever did.
    “Ash, what is this?” You ask, walking into your shared apartments kitchen. You kicked off the heels that made you look professional, but killed your feet and you looked at Ashton questionably as he spooned some rice and pork chops onto your dish.
    “…Just thought I’d make you dinner babe,” he said, but it was hesitant. You looked at him with narrow eyes and you crossed your arms over your [b/s] breast.
    ‘What did you do?” You sighed and Ashton sighed. He had mentally prepared himself to ask you ‘[y/n] are you cheating on me’ and he was ready for the worst. But something broke inside of the man-child; knowing you might not be his physically hurt him.
    “Nothing!” He croaked, and your frowned deepened. You walk towards Ashton and he blinks tears away.
    “Ashton, baby, what’s wrong?” You pleaded. It hurt to know your strong, punk rock, drummer boy was hurting and he wouldn’t open up. He turned off the stove.
    “Are you cheating on me?” The question was blunt, but it had you reeling back like you’d been burnt.
    ‘What?” You asked him sharply. He was joking, he had to be!
    “Are you cheating on me?” He asked slowly, drawing out each word.
    “No, Ashton, never! What bloodily fucking hell gave you that idea?” You demanded, your chest felt like it was caving in at his lack of trust in you.
    “You’re always taking extra shifts, [y/n]! What am I suppose to think?” He shouted, rubbing his eyes so tears didn’t appear.
    “You’re suppose to think your beautifully talented girlfriend is taking those extra hours- working her ass off -so she could by you that drum set you really wanted,” you told him shaking your head and he looked at you.
    “You were getting me that drum set?” He asked ashamed.
    “Yes Ashton, I don’t have any extra money lying around for it, so I had to pick up all those extra hours. I was going to buy it next week when I had off,” you explain and Ashton rushed to you, gripping you tightly in a hug.
    “I’m sorry,” he said.
    “t’s fine. And Ashton?”
    “I love you, but if you ever cheat on me, I will rip your fucking balls off.” And he chuckled into your [h/c] hair.
    “I love you too, [y/n].”

Mr. Hemmings: You loved Luke with all your heart, and more. But while he was on tour he lost some of his baby fat and suddenly he was too boney to cuddle. So you decide to cuddle with a pillow. That didn’t go over too well with the penguin loving singer.
    “Luke, do you know where my red pillow is?” You asked. You were in a pair of your underwear and one of his shirts; the shirt hung down to you thighs since it was so big on you.
    “…No,” he responded, walking into the bedroom in only boxers. You looked at him with a motherly expression.
    “Luke, where is my pillow?” You repeated, speaking the same way you would to a misbehaving child.
    “Why do you need that pillow? Why can’t you just cuddle with me?” He huffed, sitting on your bed with a pout. You look at Luke and shake your [h/c] head.
    “Lukey, do you want to cuddle?” You ask him in a baby voice, plopping down on the bed and crawling over to him.
    “I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting your cuddling needs baby. Forgive me?” You played innocent, with those big [e/c] eyes, and your lip in a child like pout too. Luke’s blue eyes flickered to your face, and than the sheets, and than your face.
    “Alright, but only if you tell me why you haven’t been cuddling me!” He said. He was serious, he wanted to know.
    You sigh.
    “Okay, Luke, you’re skinny,” you said dramatically and he looks at you wildly.
    “I’m skinny. That’s why you’ve been cuddling that pillow and not me?”
    “No! It’s just, you’re so boney, and everything jabs me and… yeah,” you answer him, rubbing the back of your neck shamefully.
    ‘Yeah. I’m sorry Luke,” you apologize and he shakes his head, getting out of bed, your eyes following him.
    ‘Luke?” You call out as the blonde walks over to your closet and pulls out a sweatshirt. Luke puts the fluffy clothing item on and quickly crawls into bed with you again.
    “There,” he said proudly and you smile at him, shaking your head in amazement. You really did have an awesome boyfriend.

Please Talk to Me || Nate Maloley Imagine

||Y/N POV||
Another night. Another night that I have to stay up late waiting for Nate to come home. Another night that I have to spend alone. Another night feverishly wishing Nate would be here with me. Another night that I’m up worried about Nate’s safety.
Nate was out partying once again. That’s all he does now. He parties until the crack of dawn then he comes home sleeps through the day, goes to the studio and then returns to more parties afterwards. And to make matters worst, throughout the whole day he’s high!
He never has time for me anymore. I feel like I’m in a relationship with myself sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, Nate and I have a great sex life. But sometimes it feels like that’s all we’ve got. As amazing as the sex may be, I want more than just that from him. I want communication. I want more love not love making. I want more cuddling time. And I think today is the day that I give Nate that ultimatum. He either makes more time for us or I leave him. I just really hopes he chooses our relationship over partying and weed.
I went upstairs with a tray full of breakfast, orange juice, coffee and a Tylenol. I pushed through our bedroom door and found Nate sleeping on our bed. He looked so relaxed and at peace when he slept. As much as this boy hurts me, I still love him.
I push his back from his face and cooed at him “Nate, baby, time to wake up. You told me to wake you up early today because you have to go to the studio today” He groaned and flip himself over so now his face was against the pillow and he was sleeping on his stomach. “Nate, come on. You have to wake up now. I brought you breakfast and it’s getting cold” I say once again.
He finally pushes himself off his pillow and sits up. He rubs the sleep from his face before pecking my lips and saying “mornin, lil mama”
I watch as Nate swallows the Tylenol and then digs into the breakfast I prepared for him. “Damn, lil mama! This is really good! How’d I get so lucky?” He compliments me. Nate finished up his breakfast while I tidied up our room a bit. The ultimatum that I had set up for Nate has been burning through my head this whole morning. But I thought it would be best for Nate to finish his breakfast before confronting him.
Nate finally finished his breakfast and went downstairs. I finished cleaning our room and then joined Nate downstairs. He was preparing his bong for the morning. I think now would be the best time to confront him before he gets high.
“Nate, I have something to tell you” I say as I sit down on the small table across from him. “Can it wait after I hit my bong?” He asked me. I took his bong and set it to the side. Before Nate said anything I started “Nathan, I’m giving you an ultimatum. You’re always either out partying with your boys or in the studio or getting high. I feel like our relationship is your last priority. And it’s not fair to me because I feel like I’m the only one working for this relationship. I feel like you never talk to me anymore. All you want from me is sex. But I want more than just sex, Nate. I want love. I want passion. I want us to cuddle more. I want us to communicate. I feel like a stranger to you. I’m the last one to find out about things that are happening in your life. And things shouldn’t be like this, Nathan. So I’m giving you two options: 1) you can continue your lifestyle of partying and getting high all the time and I leave you or 2) you put forth more effort in our relationship and we move on from this.”
Nate stood there shocked at what I have just old him. “I can’t believe that you’re actually giving me an ultimatum right now?! I do so much shit for you! The fact that I come home should be enough for you! I swear you act like such a bitch sometimes! How do you think I feel knowing that you’re always nagging me and being bitch? That’s a lot for me to deal with! And it’s not like you’re the perfect girlfriend! You know what, I’m leaving! I’m getting the fuck out of here! I choose the first option! I’m getting all my shit and I’m leaving your ass!” He bellowed at me.
I was really shocked by what he said to me. I didn’t want this to turn out to be such a hug argument. I can’t believe I actually thought he would choose me. How stupid can I be?
I was so heart broken by Nate’s sudden words that I couldn’t move. All I could do was cry. My heart hurt so bad. My legs were shaky and couldn’t hold me up anymore. I fell to the floor sobbing. I looked up when I heard Nate walking downstairs with two large suitcases in each hand. He gave me one long look and then he left.
~That Night~
I didn’t know what to do after losing the love of my life. I felt sick, depressed and hopeless. I couldn’t allow Nate to just leave me like that.
So, I grabbed my keys and phone, hopped in my car and drove to Nate’s studio. I have to have him back.
On my drive there, I felt a sudden pressure to the left side of my body. Then I felt a burning sensation which then turned into pain. And all of a sudden, everything went black.
Nate’s POV
“I can’t believe you left. I thought you loved her, Nate” Johnson questioned me. All the guys were at the studio and they immediately noticed my depressed demeanor and they questioned me about what just happened. I told them everything. I just can’t believe I left her. The one person I lived for and let her out of my grasp.
Right before I walked out of the door I looked to see her. She looked broken. I just can’t believe that I was the one that broke her. I promised her so many times that I would never do that to her and I broke that promise.
“I have to win her back.” was all I said. They all agreed and I jumped up and ran to my car. Just as I was going to get in I received a phone call from an unknown number. I answered it.
~Phone Call~ (P: Person on phone & N: Nate)
P: hello, is this Nathan Montgomery Maloley?
N: yes…who is this?
P: this is a phone call from the local county hospital. Y/N Y/L/N is in the hospital right now because she was in a car accident and the only person that we can call on her record is you. So I’m notifying that she is currently in there.
N: oh my god! Is she alright?! What happened?!
P: she is unconscious right now. But there wasn’t a lot of physical injuries.
N: ok! I’ll be there!
~End of Phone Call~
I can’t believe she got in an accident! I could’ve avoided this! This is all my fault.
I felt tears fall down my cheeks as I turned on my car and drove to the hospital.
When I got there, I asked the nurse where y/n’s room was at. She looked her room up and told me which one it was and how to get there. I ran to the room.
When I got to the room I saw her body lying there. She had scratches and bruises all over her body. Her face was pale and she had scratches all around her beautiful face. She had an IV connected to her wrist along with many other wires. I went to her and held her hand. It was clammy and cold. I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore. I began bawling. I didn’t care how much noise I was making. I just can’t believe I did this to her.
I slowly opened my eyes and was immediately blinded by the bright light. I looked round the room I was in. It has white walls with charts and I was in the bed. There were wires connected to me. Then I noticed someone was leaning on my torso crying. This person was holding my hand as well. I didn’t have enough strength to start talking right away so I squeezed this persons hand to let them know I was awake. Then this person looked up.
“Nate?” I asked “what are you doing here? Where am I?”
“Y/n! You’re awake! I’m so glad you’re awake! I’m so sorry for leaving you, baby girl! I’m so sorry! I’m never doing that to you again! If you wanna talk, we’ll talk! If you wanna cuddle, we’ll cuddle! If you wanna have date nights where only you and I spend time together then we’ll do that! I’m so sorry for neglecting you, baby! You do so much for me the least I can do is return the favor. Just please give me another chance!” Nate cried to me.
He seemed sincere. “Nate, I love you. Of course I’ll give you another chance. I’m sorry for nagging you all the time. I can see how annoying that can be.” I weakly said at him.
“Baby, you’re not annoying! You’re far from that. I’m just an asshole that can’t control his mouth. I love you, baby, I’m never letting go.” Nate said.
He then leaned in and kissed me. This kiss was different than other kisses. It was filled with love and passion. I kissed him back.
Although being hooked up to wires in a hospital isn’t the ideal place to make out with Nate, I still love him and he’s worth it. I’m never letting go of him.