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a blessed fancam.


got bored at work so i tried my hand at trad art again after i saw a meme… and MAN WOW OH WOW, am i rusty af! :D thankfully, after a lot of unspeakable “maneuvers”, I managed. i think. haha

ps angelface au Smith is my favorite Smith to draw :)  ::  ||twitter||

How I Made This Sonic Animation!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional animator. This is just a rundown of how I made this particular animation, and does not reflect how the animation process is typically done.  

Step 1: Model Sheet

I got some references together and used them to make a basic character model. After that, I wanted to make sure the colors of both Sonic and the background looked good to together while still somewhat matching the colors used in the cut-scenes of Sonic CD.

Step 2: Rough Draft

I broke down Sonic’s design to make a quick rough draft of what the animation was going to look like. I also added a grid with a vanishing point to get a better idea of where to position him. 

Step 3: Filling Things In

After the rough draft was finished, I started working on filling everything in. You can see how some parts of Sonic start to disappear as the animation plays out, since I was still working on them.

I was also testing to see how the rocks and dirt patches were going to look like in the shot. 

The Finished Animation

I later added an outline to the horizon to help the rocks and dirt patches fade into the background better. But there you have it!

In retrospect, I’m not happy with the gradients that I used for the background. I should’ve put more effort into making it look more believable. Furthermore, I should’ve added more rocks and dirt patches farther off to the sides to make the background less empty. 

I also wish I could’ve added smear frames to Sonic to help give him a better sense of speed. In some frames, his legs look like they’re over-extending. Probably because I animated the feet and legs separately…

Despite all that, I’m happy I was able to do this much. And I look forward to doing more in the future! 

Anyway, I hope this was insightful in some way. And sorry if there’s any issues viewing these gifs, I’ve never uploaded multiple gifs before. 

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I think the 'testing out new pens' post is posted multiple times?

WHOOPS, you’re right! Sorry about that, I uploaded it from my phone and something must’ve gone wonky :0c I’ve fixed it up now! (I hope???? fingers crossed it doesnt continue posting over and over that would be creepy) Thanks for pointing it out, kind anon, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it till a lot later if you hadn’t said anything! :’))

A super beautiful character that thinks they are hideous OR a super hideous character that believes they are beautiful.

Bonus: The beautiful character is chaotic evil and literally kills everything.

Bonus 2: The ugly character is an actual angel. Like saving trapped animals and giving to the homeless levels of angel.

#5 Lucaya  “Wait are you jealous?”

Sorry it took so long to upload this, and this prompt was requested multiple times. I will try and get to the rest as soon as I can, but I also want to make sure I am offering the best quality that I can. But here goes nothing.

Context: no ships have sailed yet

Riley had invited Maya, Lucas, and Farkle to their holiday meal, which had been an effective tradition since seventh grade.

Most families would never want to have friends over for Thanksgiving, seeing as it is a strictly family-oriented holiday, but Cory and Topanga valued their children’s friendships.

After the meal, Cory, Topanga, their parents, Shawn, and Auggie decided to go on one of their last autumnal walks of the season.

“Thanks for leaving us with all the dishes,” Josh called at them jokingly.

“I’ll help you with the dishes.” Maya chimed, running to the sink next to Josh.

Lucas’ eyes immediately darted towards Josh and Maya.

“We never expected those words to come out of your mouth Maya,” Riley commented.

Josh just chuckled, “Sure Maya, help me out,” he passed her a dish.

Maya grabbed it and started scrubbing it, but her eyes remained on Josh. Because of her disfocus, she dropped the plate, and it shattered on the floor.

“oh my gosh Maya, are you okay?” Josh immediately knelt down to pick up the shards, making sure they hadn’t cut her.

“ah” she murmured, biting her tongue. Blood spilled from her ankle by a small cut. “yeah, i’m ok.”

Lucas ran over, “Look Josh, I can take care of her.”

“Honestly, it’s fine Lucas. I am a little more experienced with this, you know?” Josh countered.

Maya glanced between the two; she did not expect this, but she certainly did not object to it.

“Josh, really, I think I know Maya better than you do.”

“Yeah well I’ve known Maya since she was little.”

“Since when was this a contest?”

“Since  you made it one!”

Wait a minute, are you jealous?” Maya intervened, looking at Lucas, then at Josh.

A murmur of no’s from both boys followed her question.

“Really? Because I think you are.” Riley mentioned, her face a bit confused. Her eyes drifted towards Lucas’ with concern.

“Okay, well, I’m just gonna go fix this myself, alright?” Maya’s voice cracked, she seemed a little disappointed by their responses. She hopped on one leg and wobbled over towards Riley’s room.

“Wait, Maya, at least let me help get you seated,” Lucas offered. He ran over to her, and wrapped her arm around his shoulders for support.

Josh immediately went to her other side.

“Guys, I can do this on my own. I always have and I always will. I don’t need this right now.”

“But Maya, if you’re really hurt, I need to be here for you,” Lucas protested.

“This is serious; what if you get infected?!” Josh mentioned.

“Look, if you’re just jealous of each other, please just be tough enough to admit it, okay?! I’m sick of being treated like some doll that you can tug at! If you think that you guys can keep playing with me like this, well, you’re wrong." 

Maya pulled away from them and ran into Riley’s room, leaving Josh and Lucas to realize for themselves what was really happening. They were in love with her, and they knew neither of them could help it.


Gary Ridgway (shown left) crying after father of victim forgives him. 
Edmund Kemper (shown right) crying as he explains murdering his mother. 

I’m so sorry guys for uploading this and deleting multiple times! I decided to google the problem and the file for one of the gifs was too big so I had to edit both to match. 

If you’ve ever wondered what a snake looks like drinking– Spectre is happy to sate your curiosity!  :>

I always place my snakes’ feed boxes next to their water dish so once they’re done eating, they can get a nice big drink of clean water before they slink away to digest.

(I’m sorry if this uploads multiple times– my phone kept not sending it?  But it never told me it failed or was processing soooo)