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You were Never Mine ( Pt.1)

A/n: Hola my dudes! this is the first ff ever written but I guess I’ve read so much that it’s about time I created my own? LOL so sorry for mistakes and I hope you enjoy and pt.2 will be updated pretty soon!!

Parings: Reader x Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst, smut (little not really tho)

Warning: Language and pain and tad bit of smut? (Part 2)

(Part 3)

Summary: Min Yoongi and Y/N was arranged to be married since birth but none of them knew until Min Yoongi’s grandfather; one of the most richest men in Korea finally suggested that the wedding should happen considering his old age and because he’s always wanted to see his grandson get married to his best friend’s daughter, Y/N. Y’all get married but only because of his love and loyalty to his grandfather and Min Yoongi only felt like he was doing the right thing because your grandfather saved his. Yoongi did not want to do anything with you, if anything he always reminded you that “you do not belong to him and nor does he to you.” He hated you, he wanted to make your life a living hell because he knew you loved him and he didn’t want that. But until one day after an incident he loses everything what would he do then? 

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Title: And the Library’s Wingmen

Fandom: The Librarians (TNT series)

Pairings: Jazekiel (Jacob Stone/Ezekiel Jones), mentions of Cassandra/Estrella

Description: I honestly don’t know why I wrote this. Maybe because I needed to quell my shipper heart and write some actual ship material for once. Maybe because I needed to write and this is what my brain gave me. Maybe because I felt the need to fill this entire show with queer characters. We’ll never know but please enjoy this unadulterated Jazekiel fluff. 

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to the one who smiles so brightly no matter what happens

happy birthday taehyung 

Bad Boy Turned Good

Summary: Dan is a teenager who’s a bad boy/trouble maker and doesn’t get along with his parents because of his behavior. They care about their reputation around town so the summer he does turns 16, they send him off to stay at the Lester’s (best friends of his parents) where he meets their teen son Phil, who is completely innocent. They don’t get along at first because they’re total opposites. Dan’s forced to spend time with Phil throughout the summer before school starts again and they eventually get along with each other and become best friends/lovers.

Genre: AU, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 8,014

Triggers/Warnings: alcohol/drinking, smoking, swearing, noncon kinda

A/N: This was meant to be my pbb for this year but i dropped out but since I had so much written, I decided to finish the fic. I’m sorry if it seemed rushed at the end, I just kinda wanted to finish it tbh lol. And this isn’t betad, sorry for any mistakes!

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nalufever  asked:

How about #26?

#26: “People are jerks, but not you.”

So I’m gonna assume you want Nalu so here you go!

101 Fluffy Prompts

Title: Jerk

It wasn’t fair, Lucy thought as she collapsed on her bed, face down and with a groan. 

All she wanted was for people to be nice. Was it really that hard? 

With a sigh she got up from her bed, throwing her hair into a ponytail and putting on her comfiest pair of pj’s. She didn’t care that it was only 4pm and she had a stack of homework in her bag, she just wanted a tub of ice cream and to watch the most cliche romance movie she could find. 

To be clear, Lucy had a very, very bad day. It started off alright, she had a good breakfast and actually had a relatively good conversation with her dad, and her morning at school was fine, she hung out with her friends and was pretty sure she aced her calculus quiz.

But then she had gym. 

She never hated gym, but she never really liked it, either.

“LUUUUUCY!!” she heard one of the reasons why she didn’t like it, yell from across the gym. With a little wave and the roll of her eyes, Lucy made her way over to him, with her best friend Levy beside her. 

“You know Lu, it’s not that bad. At least Natsu is pretty cute.” Levy said mockingly, knowing that Lucy had the tiniest crush on her pink haired best friend. 

“Sure, but I wish we didn’t have gym together. That way at least I could avoid embarrassing myself in front of him everyday.”

Levy just laughed, then went off to talk to Gajeel, her boyfriend. Lucy would never get over how strange they looked together, yet at the same time they were perfect for each other. 

“Hey Natsu,” she greeted, smiling at her friend, “hey Gray.” Gray just nodded with a smile, before continuing to talk to Loke about something. 

“Lucy!” Natsu grabbed her hands, and she couldn’t stop the small blush that formed on her cheeks. She should be used to Natsu by now, but she wasn’t. “We’re playing badminton today, partners?”

Lucy didn’t understand why he still asked her every time, even if she said no (which she never would) he would just drag her to his team anyways.

“Yeah sure.”  She said smiling. The teacher blew their whistle, calling everyone to the front, for which Natsu was grateful, because Lucy missed his blush and the way he stared at her beautiful smile and lips.

It was after gym class when Lucy’s day went down the drain and into the fire-y pits of hell.   

Someone had pulled the most childish prank and stole her regular clothes, forcing her to wear her sweaty gym clothes for the rest of the day. And while that normally wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, it was the fact that someone thought it’d be funny to also steal all her books and all her work from her locker, leaving a trail of pens and loose sheets on the floor. 

So, she was forced to endure the rest of the day sweaty, smelly, and book-less, making all the teachers to look at her with disproval or concern, and for the students to all whisper behind her back, wondering what happened, or to even insinuate that Lucy was going through some sort of mental breakdown. 

And, to be fair, with today’s events maybe they weren’t far off from the truth. 

Finally, at the end of the day she was called to the office since someone dropped off all of her belongings when no one was looking. At least she would be able to go home in clean clothes. 

And that was home she ended up curled up on her couch with a tub of strawberry ice cream while she watched a marathon of movies, currently watching 13 Going on 30.

So when she heard the door bell ring, she wanted to cry into her bucket of ice cream, not wanting to deal with anyone in her current state, but it just kept ringing so she had to answer it. 

Making her way to her door, hair a mess in her fluffy blue pyjamas, blanket wrapped around her shoulders, she opened it up and immediately wished she hadn’t.

Because there was Natsu, grin as apparent as ever on his tanned freckled face, holding a bag in his arms. “Hey Lucy!”

She groaned, hand slapping her forehead in  exasperation. She did not want to deal with this right now. “What are you doing here, Natsu?”

“Levy said you were feeling pretty bad about today and everything, so I decided to come cheer ya up!” He moved past her into the living room, making himself at home on her couch while she just stared at him in disbelief, momentarily making a mental note to yell at Levy. 

She shuffled her way to the couch, warily sitting beside him, watch as he pulled out two tubs of ice cream, strawberry, and a few chocolate bars. She hated but also loved how well he knew her. 

“Personally,” he started, “I don’t quite get what you’re upset about, but Levy said you were a mess so I couldn’t leave ya hanging.” 

“Did you completely miss the part  where someone stole all of my belongings today making me go to class with no books or work in my gym clothes while everyone talked about me behind my back?” Crush or not, Lucy had no problem venting to Natsu, or at him. Whatever. 

“No, but I just don’t think it was the worst thing to ever happen. You got your stuff back, the teachers gave you extensions, and you still have your friends.” Natsu just watched the tv as he talked, taking a bit out of his chocolate bar, only briefly glancing at Lucy.

Pouting, Lucy saw his point, but he didn’t experience what she had gone through, so it really made her angry that he didn’t understand, and talked down her experience.

Grabbing a chocolate bar, she glared at him. “I thought you were here to cheer me up.”

“Course I am,” he smiled softly at her, different from his usual grin. “Just cause I don’t understand why you’re upset doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be upset. People are jerks.” 

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something along the lines of, well don’t tell me it’s not the worst thing to happen, but she found she couldn’t. Even if he didn’t understand her, he still validated her feelings, and it was Natsu. She shouldn’t have expected him to understand why not having her books or wearing nice clothes was important to her. A lot of people wouldn’t have found it to be this horrible thing like she did. 

She smiled, because she knew that Natsu did somewhere, know and understand why she was upset. He just wanted to make a point that these things happen, and people will forget about it.

He was so much smarter than people gave him credit for.

“You know, people are jerks, but not you.” She poked his cheek, smiling.

He grinned, and grabbed her hand, surprising her. He moved it away from his face, and brought his own hand toward hers, placing it gently on her cheek. 

“But you are.” He said jokingly, causing her face to heat up in anger.

But before she could do anything, he leaned forward, placing his lips over hers in a gently kiss, before leaning towards her ear, face red but with a grin to whisper, “just kidding.”

“You JERK!” She whacked him with a pillow, causing a huge pillow fight to break out, and consequently Lucy forgot about the very bad day she had, focusing on the very good night Natsu was making it into.

Language Exchange

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Genre: Implied smut, fluff

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Words: 8.3k 

Synopsis: You were desperately in need to have someone that you could learn Korean with, and who would be better than Jeon fucking Jungkook


You were so fucked.

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