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Hey anon, I’m so sorry that Cole is more popular than you. So sorry that he’s an excellent photographer and is getting so many opportunities in the industry. I’m so sorry he hit 10M followers on Instagram and is the most followed riverdale cast member. I’m sorry he is the most popular actor on twitter. I’m sorry that we all love him and that bothers you. Anyways stay bitter. We all love our boy 😘😘

And that you can’t see that all of his achievements don’t actually take anything away from anyone else’s. But stay pressed if you want lmao. 

Hello everyone! Last month marked the end of my second year here on tumblr and the beginning of my third year! Also, it has been a year since I made the transition to blogging Asian photography. I’m so glad to have made that change because there are so many beautiful photos taken by talented photographers! And finally, thank you to all of the blogs here, your blogs are fabulous because they’re run by even more fabulous people that have made my tumblr experience wonderful c: I look forward to another amazing year of photography! ^^

irl friends: bubbletexo // k0gitsunemaru // love-cows // mutsunokamii

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We had Vriskan photoshoot at yukicon and omg. These photos are so cute! Too bad some of them had bad lighting. I try to save them later on this week (when I got them from our photographer). Sorry, I forgot roll up my T-shirt’s sleeve.

Kanaya (many dokis for her) // Vriska // photographer


If you’re interested in commissioning me, please send me an e-mail at Please do not send me an ask here on tumblr, because tumblr tends to eat those in my case.

I only accept payment through paypal at this time, and generally accept payment before beginning a piece.

  • References of some kind are a requirement. I’m sorry! It’s fine if they’re photographic or drawn, though! I can work with many photos and a description, for example.

I will not draw:
Graphic NSFW (nudity is fine, however)

  • While the time I spend on a piece varies, I usually complete a piece within a week or even earlier, with rare exceptions.
  • If there’s a certain piece you like of mine in particular (a particular brush I’ve drawn with, for example) please let me know and I will do my best to emulate that feeling with your commission.

Reblogs are of course appreciated even if you cannot afford or do not want to commission me yourself. Feel free to cut out some of this text if you reblog it. Thank you very much!