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Hey guys! General update because it’s been literal months: with a ton of free time this summer approaching, I’m hoping to get active on here once more! (At the very least because I have 4k words just sitting in a folder of a fic from last year I’m still proud of and want to finish.)

Hope to finally catch up on any awesome fic and art I may have missed (or have read and squealed over and just not reblogged yet *cough*anythingbytheragingthespian*cough*) and maybe fill out some of those prompts in my inbox from, you know, a year ago.

And as always: ships on my blog will be tagged, and Danvers sisters is forever most important. Glad to be back! (And don’t be afraid to hold me to this)

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Do you know what colors Marilyn Monroe painted her nails?

Hi! How are you? I don’t know anyone who knew her personally and I don’t recall ever reading anything that mentioned all the nail polish colors she wore or if she had a favorite color to wear so I don’t know for certain, I’m so sorry. But, I have seen many photographs of Marilyn Monroe, and I have noticed that she stuck to four looks - RED (sometimes very red, sometimes more of an orange red - I think red was a signature color for her), ORANGE, WHITE (a light white say something along the lines of Marshmallow from the brand Essie, not a white-out type of white) and nothing at all (just a manicure with either a clear top coat or just nothing on). I tried my best to put together a little post where her nails are visible so you could visually see for yourself! I’m sorry if it’s horrible - I had to make it quickly on my commute home from work! I hope very much that you enjoy it!!! (It will be posted to my Tumblr right after I post this message)! Thank you so much for the question and I hope that my answer helped even just a little bit (I apologize if it didn’t at all haha)!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!!! Hope everything is amazing with you and you’re having an incredible day (or night depending on where you are)!!!!! ❤️😘💋

Hello everyone! Last month marked the end of my second year here on tumblr and the beginning of my third year! Also, it has been a year since I made the transition to blogging Asian photography. I’m so glad to have made that change because there are so many beautiful photos taken by talented photographers! And finally, thank you to all of the blogs here, your blogs are fabulous because they’re run by even more fabulous people that have made my tumblr experience wonderful c: I look forward to another amazing year of photography! ^^

irl friends: bubbletexo // k0gitsunemaru // love-cows // mutsunokamii

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We had Vriskan photoshoot at yukicon and omg. These photos are so cute! Too bad some of them had bad lighting. I try to save them later on this week (when I got them from our photographer). Sorry, I forgot roll up my T-shirt’s sleeve.

Kanaya (many dokis for her) // Vriska // photographer

Falling in love with the iPhone 5s

Gab was lucky enough to have received his on MY birthday. Ironic, right? He deserves it though, because he’s been putting up with his sad old 3GS for 4 years now. So upon his receiving it, of course I was quick to fill up his camera roll with photos and then editing them on VSCOcam… Sorry not sorry! The quality for photos is superb, and it’s no wonder so many mobile photographers have upgraded to the 5s. It’s absolutely great!

I’ve been eyeing a gold 5S for a few months now and have been saving up to get a new plan under Globe for it. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for about 2 years, I think. It was originally my mom’s, actually, so you can only imagine how old and outdated it is for me now. It works completely fine, though. I just mean I need an upgraded phone to fit my “lifestyle” as a blogger… I actually don’t even own my own digital camera or any device for video recording (if I want to do video blogs), I always borrowed from either Gab (which was a dSLR, which I hated using) or from my sister (also a dSLR). 

So the 5s fits perfectly for me – it will serve as my phone, as a faster internet connection under LTE (I don’t have wifi at my place so I use my hotspot to do anything internet related), as my camera/video for personal photos, blog photos, product shoots, and even future video blogs (more makeup tutorials maybe?!)

I’m actually not very keen on updating my phone yearly, unlike some people… I’m easily content as long as my phone can call/text/take photos but I’ve come to realize that an upgrade has been much deserved and needed – not to mention this will probably be my first “big purchase” without any help from any adult… Wee, I’m growing up! Haha

I’m hoping to get my 5s sometime this month or the next. I won’t even bother waiting for the iPhone 6. I’m pretty sure it won’t be that much different from the 5s because when does Apple ever release a phone with drastic changes from the last version? Never. 

I’m excited! :-)


If you’re interested in commissioning me, please send me an e-mail at Please do not send me an ask here on tumblr, because tumblr tends to eat those in my case.

I only accept payment through paypal at this time, and generally accept payment before beginning a piece.

  • References of some kind are a requirement. I’m sorry! It’s fine if they’re photographic or drawn, though! I can work with many photos and a description, for example.

I will not draw:
Graphic NSFW (nudity is fine, however)

  • While the time I spend on a piece varies, I usually complete a piece within a week or even earlier, with rare exceptions.
  • If there’s a certain piece you like of mine in particular (a particular brush I’ve drawn with, for example) please let me know and I will do my best to emulate that feeling with your commission.

Reblogs are of course appreciated even if you cannot afford or do not want to commission me yourself. Feel free to cut out some of this text if you reblog it. Thank you very much!