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Vkook / Taekook skype call // Moans 18+

Skip to 1:43 if you just wanna hear the moans you horny bastards ;)

Jungkook and Taehyung are separated, tae gets turned on and starts to touch himself to Jungkooks dirty words. They both ending up masturbating over each other.

low quality WIP of my new work! it’s almost done, only some touch ups left haha!

I am sososososo unactive here sorry for that! In fact I’m mostly on my personal twitter account, spamming people with my Izaya feels, sketches and wips :v

but I decided to put a little wip here as well

the full illustration will come with a colouring tutorial (yaaayyyy finally hahaha! I am terribe at explaining but whatever

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JinKook Wallpapers💛💚

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Note: sorry the quality isn’t that great for this one :/ it was the only pic I found that would work for this and it was in one horizontal pic originally so I had to zoom in to get it the right size. I hope this still works tho! ❤❤

-Come on, you know I’m way cooler than this Agreste boy

-You’re cool alright, I’ll give you that, but cooler than Adrien? Pffft, you wish!

dumb dialog is dumb but anywho!!!!! We’re getting!!! and actual!!! balcony scene!!! with marichat!!!!!! I’ve been thinking about this nonstop and i’m so excited for s2 asfdasgdfad

and if you’ve ever wondered why i don’t draw backgrounds, this is why… sorry for the low quality btw, it got too big for tumblr so i had to re-size it ://

sorry i literally had to upload this with a bunch of empty space around it cause tumblr wanted to resize it rly big and low quality. s i g h

but so uh,, i guess this could be classed as a doodle that went further than expected? lmao its still not like super detailed tho, i didnt bother with a dynamic pose and heck where even are his shoes but. i like it??

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☆ 18/05/2017

Assorted Seiaki headcanons
  • When Seidou Takizawa first saw Akira Mado it was the first time he had thought a girl was pretty. And not pretty like his mother or sister, but like…pretty. Of course, that had to be ruined the moment he found out how utterly annoying Akira really was but he still thinks she’s super pretty so shhh
  • After joining the CCG Academy Seidou had to learn how to do many things by himself. One of those things being: learning how to cut his hair, which he could never do very well. He reluctantly would go enlist the help of Akira, who had to hide her snickers when she saw his uneven and messy hair, that was longer in some places and much shorter in others.
  • Sometimes when Seidou would come to Akira for haircuts when his hair got too long she’d braid his hair, much to the irritation of Seidou, and Akira would just say that “she liked to practice”. She never told him that she took pictures of the braids, nor that she still has the pictures to this day.
  • Akira thinks Seidou looks hot extremely attractive when he wears suits. Especially when the sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and she can see his muscles. End of story.
  • Even though Seidou desperately wants to beat Akira as #1 in their class, when he sees for the first time that she’s struggling with a subject, he does his best to try and help her out with it. Receiving a rare smile from her was all the compensation that Seidou needed, really.
  • When Seidou learned that a group of kids had been cornering Akira because she got higher grades than them he was enraged. He knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself, but that didn’t stop him from going up to each and every one of those kids and telling them he’d mess them up in they kept messing with her. Sometimes being #2 in the class had it’s perks and the kids would scatter.
  • Akira overheard Seidou threatening the kids, and although she had already dealt with them, she never brought it up to him or let him know that she knew. She appreciated the thought more than Seidou would ever know, though.