sorry for the lousy translation

“I have a proposal I would like you to hear.”

“Ah, of course. What is it?”

“If we keep walking scattered like this, it is inevitable that we will stray away from each other. I was thinking now of a method to avoid that situation.”

“Yes. What method is it?”

“… First of all, I insist that this is so that we do not get lost. I absolutely do not say this with any ulterior motives.”

“Yes, I understand that. So, what is the way you say…?“

“… … Your hand.”


Hoya the gagman in action feat. statue Dongwoo


Animation amateur inspirée du chapître “Chasses” du volume II de “l'Assassin Royal” de Robin Hobb.

Animation inspired by a chapter in Royal Assassin.


With a lot of vigor,  I took a photo of the scene where I can’t help smirking♪ Lines in the scenario were using bold fonts too :)

from Movic Media Team twitter 29 Oct 2014, retweeted by Yoneda Sensei


My attempt to replicate the photo of the scenario for the “thumb’s up” scene, one of the favorite scenes according to Yoneda Sensei.  Bold round fonts were used for the lines where the actor needs to raise their voices.

The scenario looks like it was dog-eared, showing the CD cover underneath, so the picture wasn’t printed on the corner, but I thought it was cute and imitated it anyway. Also please note the translation is mine, and sorry if it’s lousy.

For those of you who have the drama CD, check the scenario while listening to it. Their first love making scene, where Deguchi asks Onoda “What got you in the mood?” in part 2 track 3 starts around 7:15 in my counter. Then the “thumbs’s up”, and “I’m not passive like that” ends around 10:00. The juicy part starts from there onwards, continues to the bathing together up to the end of this track.

In the last part, Deguchi uttering in relief that their first time went well, in a soft shaking voice was so adorable, I wanted to hug him! 

I liked Onoda ever since Doushitemo, and still is my favorite character, but after listening to the drama CD, I like Deguchi much more than before! They’re really a great couple and very glad Sensei completed their story which started as a spin-off Doujishi into a Tankobon, and now a drama CD!

I highly recommend buying this to Onoda X Deguchi fans, even to those of you who own the Doushitemo drama CD. ;)