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I noticed that you are having trouble finding a publisher. How do you feel about self-publishing? Because I'm also an aspiring author-ish type, and I know that almost all publishers accept novels previously self-published. And it could be a way to get your book to a few more people while you continue your search. But yeah, there are a lot of ups and down, advantages and disadvantages, to self-publishing. Tell me your thoughts on it ^_^

While self-publishing is a nice sentiment, I don’t think I have the tenacity to be any good at it. (I figured other people might be curious on the subject too, so here we go.)

This is why I’m not planning on self-publishing:

1) It’s expensive AS HELL.

If I want my novel to be any good (I mean, come on, you know me), then I plan to have a professional editor review it. When getting published traditionally, the publishing company provides an editor free of charge. It kinda comes as a buying-bonus for whoever is going to print your book. They wanna make it the best they can, right? Because they’re the ones selling it, of course!

When you self-publish, you gotta front the bill for your own editor. I’ve seen the average cost going around 2,000 USD for a 65-95k manuscript. Do I have two grand sitting around? Nooooo. Sure, I could try to edit it myself and make it look all fancy, but I’m not a professional editor. No way am I trusting myself to review my own work with a clear and critical eye. I don’t even review my own chapters of fan fiction before posting them. I have my beta look it over and tell me if I’m being stupid (usually) or not.

I’ve seen many-a-people try to self-publish without having a professional editor and it makes me cringe just thinking about it. Typos galore~ I think it really gives self-publishing a bad rep. It proves that 1) the author was too impatient and 2) the mere idea would sell and 3) the author thinks this is acceptable. Let me be the first to say, iT IS NOOOOT It stigmatizes the rest of the community, invalidating other people who may have something worth reading.

2) Marketing is a nightmare.

When getting traditionally published, the publishing house has an entire marketing team dedicated to getting your book’s title out there. They are professionals. It’s what they do. They know which audiences will be drawn to it, what kind of cover to give it, what journals would write some positive reviews which would in turn lead to higher sales, etc…. It’s a full-time job.

I am not a marketing person. I hate talking about myself or trying to “sell myself.” I don’t even like talking about it with my parents. They’re like, “How’s the book?” and I just shrivel up and die like a slug on a salt lick. When you self-publish, you have to be prepared to sell your book 8 hours a day. You use social media and pay people to review your book and buy ad space any- and everywhere. That is not cheap. You also have to design your own cover. That can get pricey if you wanna make it look as un-shitty as possible. Plus, you have to be able to market it on your own time. Got a full-time job? Not anymore! Now you’re going to be working your butt off selling your own book. And after being on Twitter for a while, I can already tell you that gets old fast. I immediately unfollow anyone trying to sell me something every hour or so. No THANK YOU.  

3) It’s one path or the other. You can’t have both.

Whoever told you that publishers will take novels that have already been self-published was lying to you. Okay, they probably weren’t lying, but I have a sneaking suspicion they were either trying to sell you something, or they were terribly misinformed. Agents and publishers will not accept self-published manuscripts. There are some out there, but be careful. The majority of them do not. They don’t want you to fail at self-publishing and then try to get an agent to see if you can make more money off of it. It’s just in bad taste and shows how you don’t have faith in your own work.

Sometimes already established authors have enough of a fanbase to branch out on their own. They yearn to take more creative control over their work and reap more profits, but those are rare in most cases. Those authors had an agent first - guidance, practice. They know what they’re doing. 

The whole point of finding an agent is validation and help. The agent knows the market, knows what to look for, knows the pitfalls of contracts, and knows what publishers like. They can sell your product for you and say “Hey, I really like this and I think you’ll like it too” and encourage others to give it a shot. A good agent will be there every step of the way.

Now, let me be clear. I’m not totally against self-publishing. In fact, I think it’s one of the more inspiring avenues this industry has opened up to so many people. Voices that have previously gone unheard now have a chance to get out there. If it’s marketed well, written well, presented well, the sales can still fail, but the same thing can be said for traditional publishing. It is not a guarantee. None of it is. But self-publishing is one of those romantic, pioneering journeys, like explorers seeking new territories - sailing from the Old World toward the New, not quite sure what’s going to be waiting on the other shore. 

I just think there needs to be a certain type of person willing to self-publish and I am not one of those people. 

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you know, I love how netizens are so dedicated to their idols and give them all sorts of presents and promote them and all that stuff

but nothing pisses me more off than double-faced “fans”, who abandon their idols once they find out they’re in a relationship or they’re getting married or they’re gay or they’re bi or trans or whatever. Most netizens are so judgemental and it just makes me angry to see that those, presumed fans, call it quits once they find out smthg “scandalous” about their idols, who are just being HUMAN! 

I also hate it to see when idols are forced to give fanservice. It’s so weirdto say and i can’t believe it’s actually a thing, but fanservice is part of their job and that’s kinda sickening. Of course I love to see my idols interacting and showing some bromance, but all that means nothing if it ain’t sincere. i want you to have that kind of relationship becaus eyou WANT to, not because you’re bound to have it by contract or else you’ll be kicked out.

also, to all  the netizens who just LOVE to see their idols acting gay, but when one of em actually does come out as gay, they hate on them so hard, it’s unbelievable. fuck you. just fuck you. fuck yourself with a cactus up your anus. just do it. 

finally, quit asking amber about her gender/sexuality etc. It’s none of your goddamn business. what difference will it make if she tells you she’s trans. how will it affect YOUR life, if she comes out as lesbian, bi, pan or ace? let me answer that. IT WON’T! How will your life change if Key or Kevin or any other guy who has been accused of being gay (yes, accused) tell you that they are, in fact, gay individuals. What doe sit matte rto YOU? what people do in their bedroom is none of your fucking business. What people choose to wear or what they identify as, is also none of your fucking business.

That is all.


“Ever thought about putting flowers in your beard?”

Once upon a time, officialvarrictethras and gloriousandwild (the quote is hers) were talking in the tag of our beloved Ser Bara Warden about a modern AU where Blackwall and the Inquisitor were a tattoo artist and a florist with their shops one on top of the other and I had the intense urge to sketch something about it cause OMG TATTOOS AND FLOWERS.

Then I went crazy and the sketch ended up being the most finished thing I’ve done in months (fancy background included).

Shout out to momochanners who made me get back the hype to finish this thanks to her coffee shop AU.

PS: Ignore the tattoos they’re horrible. I wanted to make him a full sleeve with cool tattoos but I failed miserably.
PS2: I like the chalice one though.

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Do you think Honey is ok for vegans to eat and buy?

Oh boy gonna get some shit for this but I fucking love bees so here it goooeeesss~ this is also going to turn into a little bit of a rant and I am running on very little sleep so please be patient if I repeat information or get fiesty

Buying LOCAL honey is essential to keeping bees happy and healthy. [and to keep your produce healthy and yummy too! and lower cost]

Beekeepers give Bee’s a place to live that is safe from predators, diseases, and parasites, and in turn, we harvest some of their honey [read: some. not all like some vegans like to claim]. They are able to pollinate a huge amount of “vegan” product because of this. They do not struggle through harsh winter as they would in the wild, so there are more bees in the spring time! They are ready to go. 

A lot of local beekeepers are very good with their beechildren. They only take a little bit of honey, and there are new devices that help us gather honey without even disturbing the bees. It’s super cool! I’d link the post but I have no idea where it went off to in the sea of my dashboard and likes.

The local bees then help keep local produce prices lower, since there is more produce to go around. Keeping your wallet happy!

NOT supporting local beekeepers is just a horrible idea. They wouldn’t be able to take care of their bees anymore, then the bees would have no one to help keep them safe and happy and healthy and they could die during the harsh winter. Less bees = less produce = higher price of said produce or no produce at all.

A lot of “vegan” produce isn’t really even vegan? Natural animal habitats are cleared and destroyed to make room for fields to grow produce. Animals are displaced from their habitats and are forced to compete even more with other animals for food. A lot of animals are also killed during harvesting every year. It’s hardly “vegan” at all. Just because it’s not from a slaughterhouse doesn’t make the product you consume any more “cruelty free”.

If you really want to be a good vegan, buy local honey. Honey gives beekeepers money to take care of their families and their beechildren. Their beechildren pollinate and allow us to grow delicious veggies and fruits. We just harvest a little bit of their honey in exchange. Beekeepers are very careful not to kill any of their beechildren in the process because when a bee is angry, hurt, or killed, they send out pheromones that alert the other bees and trigger their “INTRUDER. MUST. DESTROY. FOR THE COLONY.” alarms and then other bees try to sting the beekeeper and die because bee’s don’t live long after they sting. Beekeepers are very careful. Bee’s don’t mind it either! Bee’s are just the coolest and sweetest animals and we need to do all we can to keep them safe. Bee’s die. We die.

Don’t buy the shit in walmart and stuff though. That stuff isn’t local and is really shitty. Go to a farmers market for the best stuff! I usually buy Colorado or Utah based honey products. [seriously if you want some local honey here, send me money and I will buy and send it to you]

Buy local, raw, unpasteurized honey. Make sure it says RAW HONEY on the back. Honey is SO good for you, and where it is harvested from can have different flavors! Like honey made from lavender has a nice lavender taste and can sometimes be fucking purple. Wildflower, orange tree, and clover honey is honestly my favorite. A local beekeeper here actually mixes in cinnamon with some of the honey he bottles and it makes it fucking amazing on some toast or in tea. Just make sure not to give honey to infant children. It has bacteria and stuff in it that can make tinyhumans very sick. Honey also lasts for fucking ever?? It’s literally the perfect food. Sure it crystallizes when it gets too cold, but just take off the top and put the container in some hot water and it’ll go back to normal.

HONEY CAN ALSO HELP WITH SUPPRESSING COUGHS OF YOUNG CHILDREN TOO?? WITHOUT MEDICATION?? Works for adults too! I know that when I’ve got a cold or a sore throat [or a friend does], I heat up some water, pour some of that delicious golden liquid in and drink it up. Warmth helps soothe the throat and honey will make it feel better and taste fucking amazing. I don’t use much water when doing this though. I only fill my mug up about half way and then add a huge spoonful of honey.

Also honeycomb? Best. Shit. Ever. I break off a piece and put that shit in my tea and I am in fucking heaven. The wax is also super fun to chew on. Sometimes I just break off some honeycomb and eat it just like that. And whipped raw honey? oh man just take me now.


Take a shallow dish and fill it with river rocks [not polished and shiny, the bees can’t grip these very well and will fall]. Fill the dish, but make sure not to cover the rocks completely, just fill in the “space” between the rocks. This allows bees to drink without the possibility of drowning and allows them to stay healthy and keep pollinating! Refill it a few times a day.

Planting bee-friendly plants can also help them, but be very careful that the plants you use are not coated in pesticides, this could kill the bees. Be sure not to use pesticides on your plants. Bees are more important than keeping your garden looking pretty.

this has been a long post about bees brought to you by Gears because she is very tired of vegans being angry about bees when they do nothing but help you. Also she got very little sleep last night and has no fucks left to give to people who will not support the precious children that are bees.


Okay so this is my experience at TRB! First off I just have to say today was probably the best day of my life. When I got there there were people dancing to ‘sick’ and they were dope af, shout out to you guys really. When they first came out the screams that came from the stadium were crazy omg you could probably hear us on the other side of Texas!

I just want to make one thing clear, unfortunately we did not bow like we had planned, which was very disappointing. Around ten minutes before people were saying we weren’t allowed to do it bc subkulture said so but who really knows. The point is we didn’t get to do it but I hope we got the point across with the intense energy throughout the stadium.

Okay but wow! I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say “engrish” because their English was amazing. (Especially Jhope!) I was just blown away with how great they spoke, even if there were a little bit of cute mess ups along the way :)

Now for every member:

First of all Kim Namjoon. Wow can I just say was a spitfire like he had so much energy it was crazy, especially during Cypher pt. 3! His English was perfect and he did amazing. Everything was on point and even with all the mess surrounding him lately, he still looked like he was having the time of his life

Okay so can I just talk about Kim Taehyung for a second because even if I was far away from the stage it felt like I was right next to him. Especially during 'Tomorrow’ it was insane! He was always asking if we liked it the whole time and he loved hearing the crowd scream. He also took every opportunity to change the lyrics to the songs to something to do with 'Dallas’.

Kim Seokjin is the most precious person in the world. I want to confirm the rumors right now. His voice is incredible, he hit every note perfectly and he was just amazing. When he brought out the flower during 'Just One Day’ I felt the walls shake from how loud people were cheering. He is just too great for this world.

Jeon Jungkook. This boy. I swear his bunny smile could melt everything. He was just perfect in ever sense of the word. His voice, his dance, it was all amazing. Also can I say the jikook was real today and it was all I ever wanted.

Speaking of Park Jimin. I saw that. I saw that tongue of yours. Ya know when people say that his laugh can cure and disease? It’s true. Hearing his little giggle was the most amazing thing in the world. He was just so beautiful and sweet. You can really tell all the members love him a lot. Also the Jinmin (Is that their ship name or am I so wrong) was so real tonight too. Jimin carried Jin on his back at one point and I died a bit inside. Also his aegyo on point.

Min Yoongi! He didn’t speak a lot but his stage presence completely made up for it. His voice is incredible and so is everything about him. He looked so passionate the whole time and his energy was so infectious. Whenever he came out the screams were amazing.

Jung Hoseok. Jung “Your hope” Hoseok. For me he stole the entire show. The way he used his voice was amazing. He had so much energy and his smile never left his face. He really is such an amazing person and he just had huge stage presence I was drowning in his good vibe. He’s not even my bias but I really couldn’t take my eyes off of him. His English was almost as good as Namjoons like no lie it was amazing.

I just want to say if you ever have the chance of seeing them live, you really won’t regret it. It was the most amazing day of my life and all I hope is that the rest of you can enjoy it too. Thanks if you read this far! And if you have any questions about ten concert or if you just want to talk my ask box is always open!

The flight and the four hour car drive was definitely worth it.

Some cat-callers just learned very early on what happens when you mess with women

I was going on a walk and there were these lads fishing, and when I walked past them the first time they were shouting stuff at me but I had my headphones in so couldn’t tell what it was, only that it definitely wasn’t pleasant.

Anyway I had a great walk but when I came back in this really good mood and walked past the same spot I heard the same lad who seemed to be like the boss of his mates shout “hey gorgeous” at me.

Bearing in mind that these kids looked about thirteen, fourteen at a push. And there was only about two of them on my side of the canal. This was pretty much the only time that I was ever going to be cat called in a situation where I didn’t have to genuinely fear for my safety. So naturally I took my opportunity…

I turned round to this one kid, and beamed at him. This big, angelic, sunshine and rainbows smile that I held for about three seconds. And he kind of sheepishly grinned back at me as if he thought he’d somehow seduced me with his charming words. And I leaned down just a little bit to be as condescending as I possibly could and went “do you think that ever actually works on anybody?”

Of course he got all defensive and his voice got deeper and he was like “yeah” scoffing at his mates and I had this whole routine prepared but then something better happened - the little bastard’s fishing wire got wrapped around my foot. His mates all stared laughing

“Arrr now you’re going to have to bend down to take it off”

So I just smiled sweetly and said “or, OR, I *could* just walk away :))))” and I turned right around and with about three strides of my best heeled boots I fucking snapped the bastard’s fishing rod. I turned the corner just in time to hear their cries of anger and dismay disappear behind me.

So now those lads are going to grow up with a subconscious ingrained fear that if you cat-call an angry woman, you get your fucking ‘rod’ snapped 🔪🍆

Redbubble Quality Warning

I’ve been using Redbubble for several years now for most of my non-paper products (basically everything except my charms and prints), but I was shocked when I received my latest order from them.

I wanted to test two of my newest designs on the tote bags so I added them to my order. When they arrived, they were absolutely nothing like the bags I had ordered before. The quality is appalling compared to the original bags, I mean we’re talking going from art canvas to free grocery store totes - AND THE PRICE IS THE SAME.

Of course I contacted their customer service reps first thing, these were the photos I sent them comparing one of my older bags with their new (again, same price) with added comments:

(sorry about my handwriting…)

Basically, as you can see the new bag is transparent even with the inner lining in place. The lining itself does not fit the bag, at least an inch short of the bottom, and it’s gossamer thin

My roommate mewmewmeansiloveyou and I have both used one of the previous bags as day to day, heavy use bags for over a year now and they’ve held up amazingly well. I can only laugh thinking about tossing my regular supplies into a bag like this, it wouldn’t last a DAY.

Their customer service had this to say along with a cut and paste quality assurance response, “-we’re please with the quality.”


I’m pissed, this is awful. Please do not waste your money on these awful bags, I will be looking for someone else to go through for these in the future. If you have already bought one and the quality was anything like mine, I am so SO sorry D:

Well it looks like you guys enjoy my Steven Universe headcanons so have some more!

So I was thinking about Pearl and the theory that she’s only one of many pearls and all that jazz. And then I was also thinking about Mother of Pearl (or Nacre as it’s otherwise called) and how that could fit with Pearl and this character is what I came up with.

Her name is Nacre and she served the Diamonds many, many ages ago as a powerful general. While she respected all three Diamonds (at the time there were only three) she held White Diamond in the highest regard and had the utmost respect for her. For unknown reasons, after a time, the Diamonds decided that they need a fourth Authority and began grooming Rose Quartz for the role. Nacre was appointed her chief tutor but Rose was an arrogant, spoiled, self entitled young Gem and refused to learn anything from Nacre. They quickly settled into hating one another. Years later, when asked by White Diamond for her recommendation regarding Rose, Nacre said that she doubted that Rose would ever be worthy of the title of Diamond. However, despite Nacre’s protests, Rose was made a Diamond. 

Her confidence in White Diamond’s wisdom now shattered, Nacre began to question other aspects of the Diamonds and whether or not they were still worthy of her respect. In the end she decided that they were not and began contemplating revolt. Unfortunately she shared her ideas with the wrong Gems and word made it back to the Diamonds. They had her assassinated for her treachery but it didn’t end there. They took her now shattered gem and ground it up then took each grain of it and coated it various gem-like substances until it was a new, complete gem, namely, a Pearl. 

Now, thousands of Pearls serve Homeworld by carrying out the humblest and often the most humiliating of tasks without question or protest, further compounding the punishment of the once proud and powerful Nacre. 

My interpretation of what happened today

Vanessa: Remember, the plan is to backdoor Austin so make sure to act like someone else is the target.


Others: :( :( :(

Shelli: Why are people upset that I got picked?

Becky: I really hate being on the block and I wish I had more people playing to save me, like Jackie.

John: Don’t worry Becky, I’ll use it on you if I win because we have each other’s back.

*One POV Comp Later*

Shelli: YAY!!!!! My precious son, Clay won!  

Becky: Now I’m stuck on the block and I’m upset because even though there is a backdoor plan in the works, things could screw up and I could go home. Being a nominee sucks.

John: I’m so pissed that I couldn’t win to save Becky. Now I’m worried about her.

Others: :( :( :(

Shelli: Why is everyone upset that my sweet, darling Clay has won POV?

Liz/Austin: Maybe they’re upset because there may or may not be a six person alliance that may or may not have been targeting Clay??? Maybe?  I dunno.


Vanessa: Seems legit. Let’s do it. Liz, are you ok with Austin staying an extra week even though you have stated multiple times how much you don’t like him?

Liz: He’s ok. I don’t mind.

Vanessa: Even though he’s said that once your sister enters the house, he’ll ignore her and only focus on you?

Liz: Yeah. He has my back and her’s too I guess.


Clay: This is getting out of hand. Maybe people acted like they were upset to make it look like Austin wasn’t the target. 


I wanted to make the chat post, but I also wanted to discuss it. So here I am. Just in advance: this is meant to be an educational post, not meant to attack any white people or such. 

This happens with a lot of characters –– not just Arabs. I was giving the example because I am an Arab and I can speak about this more clearly.

Whitewashing exists. It’s horrible, and it’s common. HOWEVER. Not everything is whitewashing. There’s more to it than just seeing any character that isn’t white and assuming they’re being whitewashed if they’re not tan or such.

Example of white-washing

  • Casting an all-white cast in Exodus: Gods and Kings. It’s meant to be in ancient Egypt. Aka Africa. All art and artifacts show us that Ancient Egyptians had darker skin, and more closely resembled modern-day Africans than white people.

However, let’s consider this

This character is supposed to be Arab but they cast a light skinned actor!!!

  1. Not all Arabs look the same (and not all Jews or Muslims look the same, and not all Asians look the same, and not all east asians look the same, and not all white people look the same. Surprise).
  2. If the character was meant to be darker skinned (in comics or book) and they made them lighter, this can be considered white washing. However, if the ONLY thing you’re told about them is that they’re Arab, and you assume they have to be dark-skinned, then you’re greatly generalizing.
  3. Have you seen Arabs? seriously. Here’s some Arab celebs to give you an idea of how diverse we look:

I think you get the point.

Basically, my main idea here is that by assuming that ALL characters of a given ethnicity or religion have to look the same, you’re playing a part in generalizing poc. It’s an idea that we learned in my Women’s Studies, about how some Western activists tend to categorize poc under one generalized category that they can speak about.

So just keep this in my mind when you wanna talk about whitewashing. It’s honestly amazing that you recognize whitewashing, and help us fight against it, but just be careful not to generalize when you’re speaking about it.

For example, I saw a post from a Jewish individual who said they think Wanda and Pietro look fine, because not all Jews look the same (if you can find the post please link me). 

That being said, I’m not supporting the casting of white actors for poc if it can be avoided