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Kol angsting over Davina’s picture


- The boy is dangerous, Derek. He is possessed. We have to kill him.
- Do not even think about it, Argent. I won’t let you hurt him.

Thanks to siny for this post that inspired me :)

Well… I’m terrible at finishin’ drawings, so i’m posting the sketch, but if i, for some reason, finish this, i will post later~

Anyway, This is the first post of my tumblr since i cleaned it, HOORAY!

And I decided to draw this because… I’m a big fan of Megane’s Art and I think Sam’s design from the Logo Family is just perfect; I was listenin’ to some songs that remind me of rainy scenes while I was lookin’ at some drawings about Logo Family, I got this random idea and I was just like, “Why not?

And there is! I hope it’s good lmao