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Mr. Steal your lil’ sis

Eirika pls come home

She’s white, medium size, and has brown circles around her eyes.


so i’ve been reading @decembercamiecherries’ fic, Words That Water Flowers, and I really really loved chapter 7!! There were a bunch of really great moments and nice visuals that made me really want to draw… (that underwater scene???? just??? it was so nice in my head omg)

And this one isn’t necessarily chapter 7 specific like the others, but i wanted to throw it in bc how can i post fanart for a hanahaki au and not include any flowers?


CHAPTER 1: The kid who fell of the tree

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Wiishu: @wiishu

• Can you please tell me what do you think of this first chapter? In notes or reblogs or asks, do whatever you want. I really wanna improve and do better! Advice and review are useful :3

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Waiting for someone

Flemeth once told me that temptation lies in the forbidden. 

“You… You set this aside for me?”

The Dolphin Paradox by @nekosmuse